Feasibility of Venturing into Online Business (e-Business)

E-Business is about using the convenience, supply and internet reach to enhance existing businesses or creating new online business. E-business is what goes on when the business uses the sources of traditional information systems with the huge reach of the worldwide web (using internet) and attaches the business systems directly to critical business constituencies - customers, employees and suppliers via intranets, extranets via the Web.

An intranet is an exclusive network, controlled by a huge company or other organization, which uses internet technologies, but is protected from the global internet. An extranet can be an intranet that is obtainable to some people from outside the company, or possibly shared by more than one organization.

Gerbang Furniture(GF) will be looked at an e-business by attaching their traditional IT systems to the Web. Most companies deploy applications on the Internet making it much easier to do the items they already do; advertising their products.

Types of e-business

There are three kind of business available via the internet. Business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and finally consumer-to-consumer (C2C).

B2B are done via the extranet. It includes two intranets that is normally confidential to their own individual company but is currently shared between the two lovers online. Usually, not all information is available to be shared among the list of associates; only selective information is released and distributed. It really is considered a private network among these two partner. Online private network (VPN) are usually used in order to keep carefully the trades private.

B2C is widely used in the internet nowadays. A few examples would be Quelle, a German Fashion store, Discolandia, a web compact disk shop, and Megazine offer goods and services to anybody who comes to their sites. It interacts with the general public or consumers, who has the ability to connect to the business via internet.

Finally, C2C are businesses like e-bay or taobao. com which consumers sells and purchase products from other consumers over a public platform. The business thrives on advertising and other form of repayments to keep a profitable product.

As for GF, they can choose for B2B structured e-business or B2C as they are a creation company.


There a wide range of advantages venturing into the online business. Some of the most obvious ones include providing new ways to recognize and talk to customers. The web allows GF to interact with their clients in the most immediate way possible without the use of intermediaries and other form of programs. GF would also be able to reach out to new customer bases, as the Internet is not limited in terms of geographically. The price tag on internet marketing is much less major as marketing in true to life as the web reduces the number of advertising breaks that are necessary to move information online. By giving easier access to the latest information and placing a 24-hours online site, the business will improve the customer commitment. In terms of B2B, GF and their spouse can develop a close relationship among each other.

Venturing into e-business

Many businesses whom are trying into the e-business have managed to grow very fast in very small amount of time. A working Intranet predicated on the same key technology as the web (e. g. TCP/IP) are needed for the e-business to begin up. The business needs some good financial backing before starting in the e-business to avoid deficits in conditions of financially. For instance, Amazon. com had taken five years until it could reunite the opportunities it made up-front. In the event the e-business create is employed for cost-reduction, it's important to measure the costs for each single item up-front, which might cost more than utilising the web.

GF would need to face with some important management issues such as producing clear knowledge of it e-business aims and knowing how to choose the right technology to attain these objectives. Besides that, they'll need to develop an e-commerce existence map which the company must consider the four system and activities associated with the website, e-mail, public multimedia and offline advertising. To put all this in place, GF also needs to create a timeline to break the task into their respected phases to get ready itself appropriately to venture into the e-business.


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In this newspaper, the next has been discussed thus far in length; the importance of information system in Gerbang Furniture (GF), the features of an executive support system(ESS) and advantages, advise on venturing into e-business and finally the economical impact of the information system for GF.

It has been explained that GF needs to improve the management of its resources and streamline its business processes through the execution and use of information system (IS) which also allows those to create services, services and business model based on the info produced from IS, has the power and functions to bridge the demand and supply force and link nearer to both customer and provider and lastly improve decision making. Eventually, creating a competitive gain and higher survivability confidence.

ESS is a software which allows users to enhance venture data into quickly accessible and executive-level information. It is expected as a choice support tool for the older managers that provide insightful information of the company's performance also to assist the business's executive with decision making. E-Business is approximately using the convenience, availability and internet reach to improve existing businesses or creating new electronic business with a great deal of advantages.

GF has been advised to decide for B2B based e-business or B2C because they are a making company and steps to take before venturing into the e-business world. Information system technology will be able to reduce several costs burdened by the company such as capital and labor. It can also improve the company's efficiency and give views to the company's power and weaknesses to be amended consequently.

Implementing the IS system allows GF to grow as a firm and can benefits it in the long run. GF should consider investing on improving the ESS system as it offers key data information, which is vital for any company's progress, and venturing into the e-business world. In the end, GF should continue to look for ways to continuously improve themselves so they'll flourish further.

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