Features Of Controlling Function Business Essay

Management is a a general phenomenon which indicate a concept comprehended by everyone. Management permits to work with the available resources proficiently it is purposive activity that have an objective or a reason behind every single function.

In an effective management goals are pre-determined, which means the goals that ought to be performed by the organization is finalized before by the top level management

Management is important for a small business for the following reasons

To keep up with the internal environment of the company.

To get the task done effectively and efficiently

Basic supervision - things which are add up to each worker. Eg :check in/check out time, software for leave.

Equity - similar treatment in the management. should be cared for equally irrespective of gender, religion etc.

Espirit de corps - enjoy the working environment.

Nature of management is a serial process which means connection with the staffs or colleagues

Every day we must interact or consult with people we work with. natureof management permits to provide information in one person another, vertically or horizontally. Vertical communication occurs when information is moved from top level management to the lover level staffs or from the lower level staffs to the top level management

Horizontal communication will take places when an information is transferred with in the same level employees. For an example when a supervisor exchanges an information to some other supervisor, then it is known as horizontal communication.

This also known as decisional activity. it consists of ongoing decision making to take care of the problem and the challenge arised in the business. In order to put into action action decision needs to be studied first. This also known as interpersonal activity.

Management contain of for function these are



Leading and directing



The streaming is the process of the planning.

Classifying the challenge identifying the key task to be done.

Establishment of target.

Establishment of planning premises, they are the assumptions designed to solve the problem.

Choice of solution, if a plan fails can turn to the alternative plan.

Formulation of derivative plans, no need of changing the complete only some parts could be changed.

Arranging timing and series of the procedures.

Secures Co-Operation: Secures Relationship between the works and top level managements.

Follow -Up/appraisal of plan_ This implies Others are allowed give opinions regarding the plan. Planning permit stable working of the business and future development and success of the company (success). This also permits innovation & Creativity of new Ideas and can perform better co-ordination from the employees.


Organizing means placing the right things in the right place and right person in the right destination to get the task done properly.

Organizing is the first rung on the ladder of implementation.

It's because our company is actually grouping and dividing the work force.

Function of arranging

Act as a shape work within which people can work together effectively.

There are in fact three areas if targets or aims.

First is the Organizational goal - Planning emphasized in the whole lot.

Departmental objective- Different departments will have different objectives.

Individual objectives - each and every worker will have his/her own purpose of completing the duty given.

Finally all the objectives facilitated by the several departments enable to get the organizational objectives.

Organization is very important to a company for the following rescores.

Allows optimum we of rescores- Using the utmost rescores which is actually needed, Without losing the resource or using it less

Clarifies authority to execute managerial functions.

Managerial function means decision making and presenting orders and education to the sub ordinates and scalar chain refer to just how people are organized in an group.

Facilitates growth and diversification of business easily. It allows to learn how a lot of the resources would be needed.

Leading and directing

This identifies presenting instructions and recommendations to accomplish a pre established goal.

Leading and directing is an important managerial function.

Leading and directing helps the organization in the following ways.

Building a powerful working local climate.

Creating opportunity for motivation.

Supervising to ensure employees are behaving well.

Scheduling, tasks given to each worker are finished on confirmed time.

Disciplining, code of conduct/formal relationship

Directing is reported to be the heart of management process. directing is important to make sure that planes will work. Some characteristics of directing are as follows

Pervasive function

Required of all level of organization

Every manager provides rules and creativity to his sub ordinates however, there should be someone to steer even the supervisors similar to the subordinates

Continuous activity

Direction is a continuous activity as it continues through out the life span of the organization

Directing is needed till you achieve the target.

Creative activity

Directing really helps to convert plane directly into performance planes(written words ) are put in place (Physically) this implies words are converted into physical action during the process of directing. without this function people become inactive and resources are meaningless


Checking current performance and standard performance -goals are met and performance are satisfactory. Controlling is a continuous process which permits to discover how the employees perform. This is also used to be sure the top level management is also doing their job properly.

Establishment of standards

Measurement of performance

The working environment of the work place should be good

Communicating with the bigger level management

Extend of deviation

Taking corrective actions

Features of Controlling Function

Following will be the characteristics of controlling function of management-

Controlling can be an end function-

A function which comes after the performances are made in conformities with strategies.

Controlling is a pervasive function-

which means it is conducted by managers at all levels and in every type of concerns.

Controlling is onward looking

because effective control is extremely hard without recent being controlled. Managing always turn to future so that follow-up can be made whenever required.

Controlling is a vibrant process

since handling requires taking reviewal methods, changes have to be made wherever possible.

Controlling is related with planning

Planning and Controlling are two inseperable functions of management. Without planning, controlling is a controlling succeeds planning.

Q4) Planning process

Contains of the next points

Classifying the problem- identifying and defining the problem

Establishment of objectives- what would you like to achieve/creating aims

Establishment of planning premises- assumptions/strategies could be altered.

Choice of substitute course of action- become an alternative solution plan.

Formulation of derivation plan- no need of changing the whole plan, only some parts of the program could be modified.

Arranging timing and collection of operations

Securing cooperations- securing the relationships between your personnel and top level management.

Follow up / Appraisal of plan- allow others to give feedback.

Stability-stable functioning of the business. (governed by the management).

Prosperity-future development and success.

Innovation and ingenuity- new ideas

Better co ordination

Ensures commitment-giving your 100%

Acts as an aid to business system.

Q5) management gets things done by arranging things.

Warren Bannis said 'Professionals do things right, innovator do the right things.

Peter Ducker said, 'Management is doing thing right, control does the right things.

Management- making the most efficient use of individual, physical and money to attain given objectives, affecting and planning, monitoring, coordinating and critiquing activities.

Ian Smith, MD, Oracle 'Management is a technology which can be taught while authority cannot and authority is more vital in modern business.

Role of management

Setting targets and planning

Organizing resources to accomplish objectives

Communicating to and motivating staff

Coordinating activities

Measuring and managing performance

Leadership - influencing others to attaining desired seeks and objectives; leaders set the agenda that managers follow. Leadership depends on three things viz. individual, follower, condition.

Leadership chooses on the path of the company as per aims and motivating the staff to accomplish them. Leadership can be an important quality of a successful supervisor. Employees want good market leaders and will react positively with their direction. Some individuals believe that market leaders are born while some believe that authority can be developed through training.

Good leaders shall have the following characteristics

Natural assurance and need to succeed

Ability to think artistically and encourage others to take action.

Talented in multiple disciplines and cope with such discussions

Skill to recognize the key issue and isolate other issues

Q6) Corresponding to Herzberg, to be able o increase worker satisfaction level, there are two critical indicators which must be present.

They are desire factors and health factors

Hygiene factors

Factors that should be present as a short motivator for employees to accomplish objectives.

Motivation factor

Factors that can be applied or used to increase employee motivation level. these are the factors that can be practiced by the business.

Motivation - individuals

Facilitates goal achievement

Gets job satisfaction

Self-development; always want to confirm yourself

Creates a strong team

Motivation - business

creates empowered teams to; whatever the task is, employees are prepared to complete the duty.

Input distributed by each worker is increased

With high determination high challenges better performance level.

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