Ford Electric motor Business Analysis

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Ford Motor unit company is one at the world's greatest manufacturers of automobiles and the world's largest producer of vehicles. Under the management at the Henry ford, the business implemented the assemblage lime method of mass production and made the vehicles affordable for middle-class consumers. Ford is the second largest vehicle manufacturer in america based on overall sales, trading only standard motors' corporation. Ford's subsidiaries are the Hertz company, the world's largest car rental company, and the world's greatest provider at automotive financing. Ford markets vehicles under the brands of ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury and Volvo.

Ford introduces methods for large scale processing of vehicles and large-scale management of and individual workforce using elaborately engineering manufacturing collection typified by moving assembly lines. Ford happens to be the fourth major automaker on the planet based on number of vehicles sold each year. In addition to the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands, Ford also is the owner of Volvo autos of Sweden, small stake in Mazda of Japan and Aston Martin of Great britain. Ford's past U. K subsidiaries Jaguar and Land Rover were sold to Tata motors of India in March 2008.


  • Become the world's leading company in the auto products and services.
  • Production of the major numbers of automobiles with the easiest design and for lowest possible cost.


  • Production of affordable vehicles for public, with their objective, "put the world on wheels"
  • Commitment in providing outstanding product and service for a globally diverse family, with proud heritage.


  • Mass ingestion of products with mass development, by increasing efficiency.
  • Doing the right things for customers who are world, people and environment.

Five years strategy examination of Ford

There is a sales down

Ford electric motor company has applied different market technique to keep up with the position in new market for the existing product. Ford continues to plan the special model types of Mustang. Ford could put another technology Mustang on the earth market developed in Australia in around the 2012 or 2013. The fusion, which is currently rides improved Mazda 6 program, is likely to proceed to Fords global EUCD system throughout the 2018 or 218 modal yr.

Since a long, the Ford is concentrating on gaining and maintaining competitive advantages in this hyper competitive environment during the difficult economic environment. It had now confronted the downturn in its sales and lost in market shares in the global perspective market, comparing to ASIA Companies such as Hyundai. The strategies it's been persuading are;

I. Differentiation:

Differentiation is the offering the merchandise or services which are uniquely different from those of its competitors. The Ford is defining the new selection of products with differential quality of gas efficiency, technology and appearance. It is continuing to expose eco-boost motors for environment security, fuel cutting down technology, six rate transmissions across large selection of vehicles. They have used most top security features (spin steadiness, break support radar) for additional convenience in every of its brands (Flex, Escape, Lincon MKS and Mercury Mariner e. t. c). It has also evaded technology like Active park assistant, Navigator, sexy Body Style, Interior etc. Ford is still continuing to expose the move forward form of battery technology through vehicles electrification programs.

II. Cost Leadership:

This is a technique where the organisation permits itself to supply the product and services at a cost less than every other competition. Ford as the progressive company is persuading competitive charges ways of its products and services. Looking at to its major rival competition like Toyota and Hyundai, Fords costs strategies is competitive with regards to the new solutions that it features. However, the decline sales data and the lessening customer self-confidence have displayed the value of restructuring the costing strategy to gain competitive edge against challengers. Therefore Ford is moving on the virtual tie on costs level with high quality gain, superior style and interior, and energy economy solutions.

III. Target:

This is the strategy where the organisation targets its product and services at confirmed sector of market with great accuracy and reliability and with deft of functions and knowledge to support its position in the sector. Ford is establishing global marketing sales and service functions to combine and drive more constant and compelling reference to costumer about the world. It is employing the 'One Ford' marketing eye-sight to improve cost keeping and top quality communication. It is expanding the qualified merchandise round the world to improve the Ford brand image. Ford is focusing on new global small automobiles, Fiesta, Fusion, mid cars and resources to attain the more healthy global stock portfolio.

The Ansoff matrix:

Various tactical models may be employed to investigate and make marketing decisions. The Ansoff Matrix is well known common strategy building model produced by H. Igor Anssof. The goal of this model is to analyse the organization's method of its product and marketplaces. It plays an invaluable role in ascertaining whether an appropriate marketing strategy is being pursued and revels the possible, new opportunity.

i. Market penetration:

Ford with the wide selection of product collection can look further penetrating its market using its existing products. It really is persuading strategies like 'One Ford' and 'Global Marketing' vision to provide high quality communication about its product and services. Its can further develop cost efficiency with quality and innovations to penetrate market all around the world. Because of relatively low risk involve in this strategy, the Ford Company can anticipate increase the substantive market portfolio by bringing out new product features, competitive pricing and technology.

ii. Product development:

This strategy means absolutely services to make them more desirable to known market. Ford is buying new smaller gas efficiency vehicles to achieve more healthy global product market. It is making use of 'One Ford' marketing techniques to convey high level communication, and extending licensing merchandise all around the world to fully capture new markets. Therefore, it is very necessary to ford to enhance brand imaging to attain competitive success. This consists of integrating company's marketing associates, global businesses and suppliers.

iii. Market development:

This strategy focus on expanding marketplaces beyond those in which current products are sold. To enhance market development, Ford must understand the necessity and culture of the new market. The effective cost evaluation and perfect prices is necessary with regards to its opponents. Therefore primary emphasis is have to be given on the quality in the bare minimum cost, compared to the competitors, to fully capture newer market segments like China, India, Hongkong etc. The marketplace entrance risk is higher; it is therefore necessary to understand market behavior.

iv. Diversification:

This strategy means new product to the new market. Ford is presenting the new products in year ahead with global eye-sight of 'One Ford'. It really is introducing 'new small car', plug-in-hybrids, electric battery powered vehicles and so many more with smart systems, cost-effective and environmental friendly. So that it must consider on cost efficiency, dependability and its opponents activities. Due to high risk associated with this strategy, a great deal of market research is required to be completed before buying new marketplaces.

Above are the strategic options available to turnaround Ford into lasting proper options. The ford looking at to other competition, it lacks clear diagnosis in its rates strategies, despite of its quality and technology. With this current financial downturn, customers are lacking self-confidence, thus Ford need to take step to move forward using its smart systems, style and affordability.


The Ford electric motor company keeps growing profitable global automotive company. It is streamlining and globalizing functions, to expose more products that customer want and value. It offers aggressively restructured its operations to match production to demand, and it includes shifted to a far more balanced products up offering the best quality, safeness, and value and energy economy.

The effort global team as positioned Ford to endure the current tough economy, and succeed to earn good amount of profit in the third 1 / 4 of 2009. Ford is going through to most rapid and far varying transformation, so that it can lead into the future with great new products.

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