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General Motors was known as one of the world's best automotive, started in 1908 with 76 many years of management and leadership at its best. Its global headquarters found in Detroit, with employees of 204, 000 people all over the world and operates business in 140 countries. Basic Motors key business of producing vehicles operates in 34 countries and retailing and servicing these vehicles through the following brands: GMC, GM Daewoo, Holden, Buick, Cadillac, Opel, Vauxhall and Wuling. It gets the greatest market in United States accompanied by China, Brazil, Germany, U. K, Canada and Italy. GM's main component, where it is industry innovator, is its vehicle safe practices, security and information services. As of 2008, Standard Motors is the ninth most significant publicly exchanged company in the world. Recently the company has endured major financial dilemma, including a 38 billion dollars reduction in 2007. GM requires a sense of urgency regarding revising a strategic plan that includes the next generation of vehicles. In today's global current economic climate and highly competitive vehicle industry GM has no time for hold off.

Factors affecting Basic Motors and other car industry.

Industry involved in the design, development, produce, marketing and sale of automobiles are known as motor vehicle industry. A lot more than million of motor vehicles, including vehicles and commercial vehicles were produced worldwide in 2007. Statistics show that in 2007, around 71. 9 million new automobiles were sold worldwide in which 22. 9 m sold in European countries, 21. 4 m in Asia-Pacific, 19. 4 m in USA and Canada, 4. 4 m in Latin America, 2. 4 m in the centre East and 1. 4 m in Africa. Although markets in THE UNITED STATES and Japan were inactive but in South America and Asia marketplaces grew very strongly. Russia, Brazil and China were the one who showed rapid progress compare to others.

In 2008, motor vehicle industry were experiencing a combination of pricing stresses from raw materials cost and changes in consumer buying practices due to swift rise in the price of essential oil. G. M and other automotive market sectors were also facing external competition from the public travel sector, as consumers re-evaluate their private vehicle usage. U. S is the world's largest consumer market for light vehicles, passenger autos and light trucks that happen to be conquered by big three companies i. e. General Motors, Ford Motors and Daimler/Chrysler. But recently these three market sectors were started to lose their market share to other competitors within the industry. Basic Motors are facing huge competition by domestic company such as Ford Motors and Daimler/Chrysler and also by foreign companies such as Toyota Motors and Honda Motors who can produce car much cheaper cost than Basic Motors.

In 2006, Basic Motors has been bankrupted and has been keeping away from a filing for years. For years it has been using automobiles as razors to sell consumers a every month deal of razor blades- by means of highly profitable car loans. And the reason why for its bankruptcy are because these were focusing mostly on their finance division alternatively than it vehicle design procedure. GM autos were inadequately designed and build, got long time to make as compare to its toughest rival Toyota that has better designed and high quality and cheaper. In past GM controlled 50 % of THE UNITED STATES vehicle market but currently it has only 19 percent control as GM has been overlooking competition scheduled to which Toyota and other industry took over the market share.

Since Basic Motors were focusing on making profit from finance they did not value building better vehicles. It was controlling in bubble as GM rewarded those employees who followed the old way to do things and the ones who praises CEO wisdom and perform his purchases.

PEST Analysis


Since 1960, there were better and strict laws and regulations and Authorities intervention that has damaged GM and other car companies. Mostly, all legislation was related to consumer increasing concern for environment and matter for the safer cars.


Automobile Industries takes on an important role on every countries market. As Automotive industry are major individual of computer chips, aluminium, textiles, copper, metal, iron, lead, plastics, vinyl and plastic. Research and review had shown that for each autoworker there are seven other careers created in other industry which include aluminium to lead to vinyl.


Today's people are mostly matter about their position and culture judges on the basis of what type of car one drives. Manufacture takes good thing about this thought and target the market. Everyone want attractive and nice car which other folks admires. Consumers feel better when they driving a vehicle nice and new car.


Internet had performed a substantial role in automotive industry. A report exhibited that about 60 %60 % buyers described internet prior to making their purchase and out of that 60 ratio. 88 % buyer went to auto website prior to going and taking try.

Strength and Weakness of General Motors.


  1. Huge Market Talk about:
  2. Although Basic Motors market shares has fallen in United States but it still has quite definitely competitive at 26 percent. On the other hand, it is increasing its talk about in Chinese market and worldwide. They still thinks they have an possibility to become automotive head once again as it was before.

  3. Global Experience:
  4. Although Standard Motors show have decline recently nonetheless they have capacity for becoming leader once again due to great experience of almost 100 years. As GM current opportunity is to extend globally and it has got experience to do so.

  5. Variety of Brand names
  6. General Motors have been leaders in the past and reason behind that is wide selection of quality brand names that differentiate it from other motor vehicle producer. Its current brands include GMC, GM Daewoo, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer, Saab, Holden, Buick, Cadillac, Opel, Vauxhall and Wuling.

  7. GMAC Customer Fund Program
  8. Since, Standard Motors Acceptance Company establishment in 1919, it offers proven to be GM's most dependable source of revenue.

  9. On Celebrity Satellite technology
  10. Star Satellite technology originated in1996 with a customer of more than 3 million which is the standard of all GM vehicles. The benefit for this technology is the fact vehicle can be easily tracked at the time of emergency or fraud. On the other hand, it allows the drivers as well as travellers to talk to On star workers just in a single click of button.


  1. Behind on Choice Energy Movements:
  2. This is one of the biggest weaknesses of Basic Motors. The choice energy/cross technology has already occurred in the automotive industry and GM has been one step behind the competition in terms of different energy vehicles. As a result, GM faced a lot of problem including lack of market shares and show up in company revenue. Now days for just about any automotive company looking for success must be Cross types friendly and energy efficient.

  3. Poor Organizational Composition:
  4. This is the next and significant weaknesses of GM. Its organizational composition appears to be too vertically integrated. As a result, there is lack of communication between top level management and bottom level level management and could have played a part in GM dropping behind on the choice energy activity.

  5. Stagnant Success:
  6. General Motors income has been certainly falling and they're struggling with admiration to the size of their company. Standard Motors profit percentage was about 1. 5 % and the ROE has dramatically decreasing by shedding to ten percent10 % in 2004. As of this situation shareholders aren't happy and they are becoming less interested.

  7. Fully Predicated on US market:
  8. For any one who is concentrating on one particularr market can't be successful. This is what happened to GM's case, it fully reliant on the united states market. It must take benefit of the possibility to expand globally. Due to high competition, it is becoming too strong to concentrate on just one single country.

  9. Over Dependent on General Motors Approval Corporation (GMAC) Financing:
  10. The other important weakness of Standard Motors is that it is too dependent on its funding program. Although, it is accepted that it's a great durability for GM, nonetheless it will be a problem if it entirely rely on financing and can't flip profits, in order to compete with Honda and Toyota who are rapidly growing.

  11. Poor Credit Status:
  12. GM's credit score status is continuously declining identical to everything else. It is shedding credit in market and amidst the customer. Its current ratio is only above 1 and its own acid test is even lower.

  13. Poor strategies and insufficient Foresight:
  14. Due to increase in petrol prices, consumers started to turn away from SUV's, but still General Motors expected much of its functioning success on its ability to sell newly unpopular vehicles. While companies like Toyota, were focusing on light vehicle and in bettering efficiency where GM assumed sales would continue in future.


Organizational Development is something which is different from other systems of organizational change by placing stress/concentrating on process rather than problems. In fact, change system targets identifying problems in an corporation and then striving to alter the behaviour that creates the situation. OD is a methodology intended for utilization in intricate situations to provide intervention technique for change management. OD confirms the behavioural interactions and the routine that creates or preserve problem. In fact, OD will not change the behaviours, but they focus on creating a behaviourally healthy business that will automatically solve and helps prevent the issues. OD generally considered permanent effort that is of at least one to three years in most cases. In addition, it mostly targets merged management where supervisor and employees of different level communicate and unite to resolve the condition. OD understands the actual fact that all organization differs and same solution can't devote every company. The other feature of OD is the fact it gives importance to team work and small group.

The important top features of OD programs is the change agent, that is group or person which makes OD process easier. Almost all change agent are specialist from exterior who are experienced in managing OD programs but sometimes companies may utilize its inside professionals. The benefits associated with consultant from exterior are that they offer a different prospect and also have a less biased view of the organizations problems and needs. The drawback of outside the house change agents is that its lack a detailed of knowledge of main issues mainly one specific corporation.

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