George Fisher: The First Outsider Ever TO BE CEO Of Kodak

This case study aims at explaining the role of George Fisher is the first outsider ever before to be CEO of Kodak in 1993 to make the business successful. It further includes his management skills, his agendas and his work methods. His marketing plan, the technology he has taken, the way Kodak has transformed its culture. It recognizes different managerial jobs performed by Fisher. In addition, it discusses the work he has made. Fisher's all over contribution made the business successful.

Identify and clarify Fisher's activities based on the four functions of management; planning, arranging, leading, and managing. (20 marks)

Planning is specifying goals to be achieved and deciding, in advance, the appropriate activities had a need to achieve those goals.

In turning around Kodak, Fisher has discovered areas that Kodak is suffering in specifically declining earnings, sluggish growth, heavy credit debt and a demoralized workforce. From here, Fisher organized a technique to overcome the trouble experienced by Kodak. Here, Fisher has identified the problems to be overcome which is his goals. Furthermore, Fisher also offered a eyesight of the business to be a global digital imaging innovator. Fisher also spent time to review, understand and analyze all of Kodak's business. He investigated the process of image finishing, competitor's product, Kodak's dysfunctional culture, non-performing business, market growth, the rigid bureaucracy and performance reward.

Fisher then set out objectives and performance concentrate on for departments with all the information available and analyzed. For instance, to improve the dysfunctional culture, he established rough goals and let his managers decide how better to achieve them. Fisher explored on available alternatives to current process to increase Kodak's performance.


Organizing is based on arranging the actions of an enterprise in such a way that they systematically contribute to the goals of that enterprise.

Fisher ready to meet his planning target by first organizing and changing the dysfunctional culture. Knowing on the importance and probable of digital imaging, he set up a new digital division composed of various digital resources that is spread throughout the company. He has also hired an exec from Digital Equipment Corporation to lead it.


Leading is motivating employees enthusiasm to accomplish a target, by setting short and long term goals and to be able to deliver these goals to them.

As a leader, Fisher has made himself more accessible than Kodak's CEOs of the recent past to help break through the rigid bureaucracy and express his communication throughout the organization

He frequently trips the offices of experts and has daily contact with employees to obtain information. Fisher talks with employees in the cafeteria where he has breakfast every morning. This gives him the ability to provide course to individuals as well as within groups, departments, and divisions. He invites employees to send him email messages and usually answers them within the day. He does not behave as the most notable level person but as less level person and males himself accessible. In this manner, Fisher will gain more rely upon his employees that may, in turn, give the employees more desire to check out in their market leaders footsteps. Compensation systems are being tweaked to reward those who are displaying a good performance.


Control is the procedure of monitoring activities to ensure that they are being completed as prepared and corrected without significant deviations.

Fisher often puts up a slip with an individual word: accountability in conferences, Fisher has setup natural goals and expects his managers to cope up with them. He tracks their progress in achieving their goals and inspections to see whether they are achieving the right criterion.

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Which of Mintzberg's managerial functions are most significant in Fisher's activities? (10 marks)

Fisher is playing three types of assignments:

Interpersonal roles


Fisher fosters a proper work atmosphere and motivates and develops subordinates. He has regular daily connection with employees by using all available communication tools. Thus giving him the ability to provide way to individuals as well as within teams, departments, and divisions. He induces employees to send him electronic mails to ask him questions and he usually answers them within a day. Fisher also retains meeting with them in order to steer his employees.


In the role of the liaison, Fisher produces and retains a network of exterior contacts to gather information. He has kept the work relationships with the outsider to help out carry his jobs. It has sites of romantic relationships with companies like International Business Machines (IBM), Microsoft and Sprint. The company has several trade agreements with these companies.

Informational roles


Fisher gathers internal and external information highly relevant to the organization. He will shop around from many resources about conditions that can affect Kodak Company. These issues include declining profits, slow expansion, heavy debt and a demoralized workforce. When he became the CEO of the business, these issues were prevailing and impacting on the company to a great extent.

Decisional roles


Fisher believes in enhancements and taking chances. He designs and initiates change in the business. From photographic imaging, he blueprints to package in digital imaging. He thinks in swapping old techniques and implementing the new ones.

Disturbance Handler

Fisher deals with unexpected events and functional breakdowns when he required over Kodak. He has taken up the right decisions when the company was in unpleasant condition. Heavy lending options, less net income, non enthusiastic employees. We were holding the difficulties being faced by Kodak. Fisher tried to solve each one of these problems by prioritizing them and then resolving them.

Resource Allocator

Fisher settings and authorizes the use of organizational resources. He has employed an exec from Digital Equipment Organization to be the unit head of the new digital section, which includes different digital resources.

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Do you consider Fisher as an effective manager or a highly effective leader? (10 markings)

As being the principle Executive officer of Kodak, he is considered as a powerful director. Fisher has all three types of essential managerial skills.

Technical skills

Fisher has the capacity to apply expertise and perform a particular task with skills. He knows the value of photographic business in the forthcoming years. He's well alert to the fact that industry will flourish a lot in the coming years. He conducts an 18 time study to see how to develop a much better version of the technology. He is using his complex skills to beat the company's competitors. He considers the business's extension in international markets as well, from a marketing expert perspective. He spends his time daily in learning each segment of the Kodak business.

Human skills

Fisher can work well in cooperation with other folks. He will not behave like a top person. He maintains himself kept up to date about the latest issues and concerns. He loves to build a romance with his employees and juniors. He motivates them by giving excellent performers rewards. He stimulates their ideas and has maintained a decentralized culture at the company. He holds conferences with them to guide his employees.

Conceptual skills

Fisher also has the ability to think analytically and achieve integrative problem handling. Fisher has a long-term goal of changing the photographic technology to an electronic one. He wishes his company to be always a top notch performer in digital imaging. He has arranged certain goals and desires his managers to accomplish them. His programs also include taking the business out of trouble. Fisher is concerned with such issues as the CEO's are not that much concerned with. His efforts will endure in the super fruit in the future. But it might take a long time.

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