Growth And Change Management In Hyundai

One of South Korea's major conglomerates Hyundai group displayed extraordinary growth since it was founded in 1947. The region of growth protected car manufacturing, dispatch building, construction work, consumer electronics and finance related services. The expansion structure of Hyundai was immediately linked to the reconstruction programs of South Korea after World Battle II and the Korean Conflict and also the status led capitalism whose impact could be seen in the polarization of the organization culture in the united states and the upsurge in many more conglomerates.

One of the major company's of Hyundai is the Hyundai Engine Company and is also the fifth major auto maker as per the latest study. Its head office are in Seoul, South Korea (Kirk, 1994, pp213). Hyundai manages the world's major integrated automobile manufacturing facility in Ulsan which is with the capacity of producing 1. 6 million items annually. The amount of company employees is about 75, 000 individuals throughout the world. Hyundai vehicles can be purchased in 193 countries through around 6, 000 dealerships and showrooms all over the world. The Hyundai logo design, which really is a slanted and stylized 'H', symbolizes the company shaking hands with its customer. The term 'Hyundai' translates from the term "modernity", and is pronounced as "Hyon-dae" in Korean. The Hyundai Motor Company was founded by Chung Ju Yung.

The company perspective - 'Our team provides value for your future'

The company objective - 'To pursue brilliance and deliver vehicles that inspire, which means you can live your life'

In 1947 Chung Ju Yung founded the Hyundai Engineering and Structure Company. The entire year 1967 was the entire year where the Hyundai Motor unit Company was proven. The first style of the company was the Cortina, and it premiered jointly with Ford Engine Company in 1968. In 1975, the first Korean car 'Pony' was released. Its styling was by Giorgio Giugiaro of ItalDesign and possessed the 'powertrain' technology provided by Japan's Mitsubishi Motors. Exports started out the following time to Ecuador and soon thereafter to the Benelux countries. The year 1991 saw the business succeed in producing its first proprietary gasoline engine, the four-cylinder Alpha, and transmitting. This led to paving just how for technological self-reliance. In 1983, Hyundai exported the Pony to Canada. This is not done in the United States as it didn't go emissions criteria there. The Canadian sales statistics exceeded targets completely. This was evidently seen when it was at one point the very best selling car in the Canadian market. The Pony afforded a higher amount of quality and refinement in the cheapest price auto segment when compared to the Eastern-bloc imports of the period which were available at that point of your energy.

In 1986, Hyundai started out to sell vehicles in america, and the Excel was nominated as "Best Product 10 by the Lot of money magazine. This was largely because of its affordability. The company began to create models with its own technology in 1988. The beginning was with the midsize Sonata. In 1996, Hyundai Motors India Limited was started out with a production place in Irrungattukotai near Chennai in India. The entire year 1998 noticed major changes going on in Hyundai as began to change its image in an attempt to establish itself as a global course brand. Chung Ju Yung moved the reigns of Hyundai Motor to his child, Chung Mong Koo, this was in 1999. Hyundai's parent company, Hyundai Motor Group, invested intensely. This investment is at quality, design, production, and future research of its vehicles. The addition of the 10-time or 100, 000-mile warranty for automobiles sold in the United States showed an ambitious marketing related marketing campaign. In 2004 a survey by JD Power and Associates Hyundai was placed second in terms of initial quality. Presently, Hyundai is one of the top 100 most valuable brands worldwide. Hyundai in addition has been one of the official sponsors of the FIFA World Glass since 2002.

Organization Culture and Structure

The Hyundai Electric motor Company (HMC) was established under the command of Ju Young Chung supported by a unified and centralized management composition. He exercised the authoritarian style of leadership. The decision making process was completed by the Chung family. The positive out of this was that such an ownership and framework gave Hyundai Electric motor Company the power to pursue the external agencies and develop long-term marriage with them. This is seen when Hyundai Electric motor Company entered into an alliance with Ford. The chairman refused to transfer his expert to Ford at all (Russell, 2007, pp. 57). The entire financial and personnel support was from HMC's mom company, the Hyundai Executive & Development Company. This offered him the border as it was also possessed and been able by Ju Young Chung, and thus he could steer HMC in any way.

An staff who worked with HMC from the year 1985 to 1996 said that not absolutely all executives are associated with the Chung family. He mentioned that they had a few talented professional managers. However the only this is that they never objected to any guidelines distributed by the chairman. To become more specific it was hard to present any opinions in regards to to anything not the same as that of Chung's. Anyone who disagreed or even said a phrase against Chung's decisions would and should prepare yourself to be terminated the very following day. He even went on to say that Hyundai's access to U. S. market was Chairman Chung's personal ambition leading the way. However in retrospect he also decided that without Chung's drive, Hyundai's accessibility into the U. S. market would have been postponed until and unless its technology was comparable to japan or Western european automakers. Chung's function of bulldozer control was effective and was clearly seen also with Hyundai's success.

After successfully leading Hyundai Motor unit Company (HMC) to be able to gain entrance in the North American market, Ju Young Chung handed over the reigns of the Hyundai group and Hyundai Engine Company to his more youthful brother, Se Young Chung. This is in the entire year 1987. The brand new control of HMC implemented a very different organizational culture if compared to Ju Young Chung's time. The chairman made makes an attempt to motivate HMC with the new way of thinking. This is "harmonious human relations, autonomous management, responsibility management, and equal opportunity. " Thus it drove out the previous emperor leadership concept by the delegation of responsibility as well as power to the various professionals utilized by the business. This change resulted in a big change in focus with regard to strategy. 1987-1988 Se Young Chung redesigned the HMC and the primary aim was to improve the production efficiency that was done by shuffling or merging the many job related functions. One of the most recognized change in the organization chart was the transformation from an operating organization to a divisional company. This targeted at providing productive control and analysis, developed desire of the management, upgraded the capability to handle market diversification and reduced amount of the price. The democratization of Hyundai was influenced by the political democratization movements in Korean world in the late 80s. This resulted in a series of labor versus management disputes. HMC was definitely not an exception. In 1996, Se Young Chung offered his leadership to his son, Mong Kyu Chung. He inherited not only received the title but inherited the control style of his daddy. This allowed HMC to truly have a smooth changeover with very little turmoil. He had a broader eye-sight. He setup a brand new vision which was aimed at a position in the world top-10 automaker standing in the 21st century and this was possible by occupying four percent of the world auto market. Thus, the primary strategic target was placed on increasing of image of the brand and consumer satisfaction. This might be completed via more extreme product quality movements, value management, and market globalization.

Mong Kyu Chung was also accountable for presenting the team system into the organization, along with more importance to settlement that was performance based. The 1997 East Asian crisis dealt much blow to all the Korean conglomerates. In 1997 and 1998 50 % of the very best 30 of them, including Daewoo, proceeded to go into bankrupt. This problems was encountered by the Hyundai Group too. This relocated the Hyundai group into restructuring its businesses. Almost 70 of the Hyundai affiliate marketers were spun off between 1999 and 2000. The Hyundai group acquired a great deal of general population criticism because its restructuring plan was mainly concentrating on dividing the property among the family members and adopted no management related rationale. HMC was also the primary money way to obtain the Hyundai group and was presented with to MongKoo Chung who was simply the chairman from 1999 and was also the first living kid of JuYoung Chung. This view was that he was the image of his father and possessed led HMC to a far more hierarchical decision-making composition and he also revived the bulldozer type of management. However, his strategic direction and organizational composition were not completely different from the previous ones. While chasing the global top-five position this year 2010, he sustained to point out on the improvement of product quality, management transparency, and brand value. One rising obstacle to the new control was how to cope with the warlike labor-management disputes.

The current company chart is shown below -

External and internal environment

Hyundai is very dedicated towards providing great quality of service, support system and product. That is their policy whether it is their employees, sellers or customers. Starting from the very best all associates of the business is powered by quality as well as strive for the continuous improvement process all over the board. That is mainly true in the area of cost, technical advancement, and efficient functions. Their management is very firmly into executing business practices which are ethical and lead to creating permanent partnerships be it with suppliers, customers or employees. They will be the people who are the support system for reaching as well maintaining their competitive edge, cost savingpurpose and also keep up with the technological edge. All of this is performed while they remain sensitive and receptiveto the diverse communities they operate in. The purchase price overview of the stocks as well as the completely new and old customers leads them to believe that they can be doing a congrats with the current business strategies. Their stability, efficiency, and profitabilitygoes a long way inestablishing and possessing true their reliability to their shareholders and stakeholders. If they can continue being so responsive to their customers needs, progressive in their processes, services, and products they should have no foreseeable problems. Plainly, Hyundai has become a leader and innovator of quality affordable automobiles for a number of years. They have achieved this because these were nimble and adaptable enough to respond to changes in their industry and because they have got kept their eyes on quality, cost, and customer support. Since Hyundai is an internationally organization they also have had to help make the the majority of their diverse employees, as well as, overcome many regulatory, socio-cultural, and environmental parameters of doing business in a multicultural and multi-ethical environment.

The first Step would be to put together the Porter's five causes (William, 2003, pp. 126)which are brought up in the diagram below -

Competitive Rivalry in a industry

Bargaining vitality of Customers

Threat of new Entrants

Threat of replacement Products

Bargaining electricity of Suppliers

There is a new entrant danger which is out there from countries like China as well as Japan. They could work in that manner that they get majority share on the market. The potential buyers can bargain for much more. Price dissatisfaction is one of the key explanations why the transfer would happen on the part of the purchasers. Substitution risk is not too much as few substitutes are present in the market. The only real threat would be from methods of transport which can be for open public use. The level of competition is very high as many believe in growth through gaining on the competitions market share. The energy of the supplier to bargain is low even though everything is not made a few of the parts are sourced too. The companies have the independence to move to other suppliers also.

The environment should be constantly studied. The environment may be inner or could be exterior as well. The examination of the problem must also be completed so that everything is in accordance with the plan, strategy and the goals placed by the management for the business. The same way the examination of Hyundai is conducted which can only help to understand the chance, strengths, dangers and weaknesses which can be internal and external. Technically what we are talking about is SWOT of Hyundai. The competency which the company possesses which forms the central of its operation is assessed by making use of this and your choice related to results and performance can be taken. All examination techniques would be targeted at only one thing which is improvement of the quality of the service as well the product offered by the organization. The essential steps for the process would similar always only the application form collection would be organization sensitive. The procedure would help the business produce improvement related opportunities. The process which is followed in the present time should be documented so that future guide can be found (Goetsch, 2003, pp. 422). The process related to improvement requires a vision which helps. The improvement effort in this way is more channelized; the goals are clear and easily achieved. The leaders which would be the owners or the management need to support the process. The most notable to down strategy should be used. The main plan should be that all people involved whether it be top management or the lowest ranks must have clarity relate to aims and targets as it'll affect all. The level of self-assurance as well as communication ability is critical for this process to reach your goals. The final result would also be high quality.

The SWOT evaluation for Hyundai Motor Company is really as follows -





Availability/distribution channels


Questionable branding

Depreciation/trade in value

Lack of consumer information: especially on the web site


Green alternatives and hybrid cars

Technological enhancements/research/development of same

Better integration of website for customer product information and company profile information





Other regulatory constraints: especially those linked with environmental issuesand creation.

Change Management

Change stands in the centre of any command. Organizational culture is among the many situational variables that contain emerged as being pivotal while understanding the success of any leaders' efforts with regard to implementing any change initiatives. Within this sternly 'shark eat shark' business world, the main goal of almost all of the companies is to determine distinctive and unique features towards getting a competitive benefit available on the market while using the the majority of their key competencies. So it is important to comprehend what competencies are. Competencies make reference to the fundamental knowledge managed by the organization i. e. , knowledge, know-how, experience, advancement and unique information, also to be specific they aren't confined to useful domains only but lower across the organization and its own organizational boundaries (Lowson, 2002). In today's world, being it is merely the degree of dissimilarity from the 'beaten route' that delivers one with the cutting edge. If the goal is to deliver a distinctive mixture of the ideals, a gamut of activities need to followed keeping in mind the present market situation. Thus, one gets the capability which enables him to do specific activities, at the same occasion being able to work meaningfully between the activities and for that reason extending the 'lowering border). The all-important exercise now, would remain the introduction of a unique path in advance, utilizing all resources at one's service, yet mindful of environmentally friendly realities. It might be through the above mentioned unique functions that the outfit would better its likelihood of retaining the competitive benefit. The concept of competition everywhere, like the domestic as well as international situation has crossed into another realm of its. The focus on performance and the quality of product has surpassed the impediments that once existed to control the price tag on the product. Hence, energetic product management during the development process itself forms the backbone of the competitive edge accrued. Organizational culture governs the amount of success that can be brought about by any try to effect organizational behaviour. The very Conceptual model of change as well as the inherent process models used for organizational change have undergone a big change thereby highlighting the importance of culture in allowing entrepreneurs/ market leaders in their endeavors to enhance the norms, attitudes, and general disposition of the employees emulating them in their clothing.

Gagliardi's style of 1986 (Tim, 2003, pp. 53)for ethnic change explains the varying effects of change that happen to be incremental, noticeable and route breaking in comparison to the prevailing norms of culture. Tries to impact change, when exercised, keeping in mind the abovementioned strategic outlook effectively prolong, strengthen or even sometimes, weaken existing presumptions and specifications swept up by the steps to start the change. The bulwark of methodologies and market techniques are always the social aspects. It really is these aspects that decide if market leaders are to anticipate cultural adaptation, struggle or maybe even alterations because of their specialist. Gagliardi's Model also brings to ones notice the overbearing importance for any leader to note, the intense ethnical effects stemming from the techniques employed by them to bring about change initiatives in so doing effecting the organizational environment.

Hyundai Engine Company likes the position of the greatest auto-manufacturing setup in South Korea as well as the difference to be considered the fifth major industry on the world. It features of a capacity to manufacture 1. 6 million devices per annum. The strength of the Hyundai fraternity lies in their ability to lay down stress at every degree of its creation management system, thereby catapulting them to their present day position as also allowing the coveted competitive advantage that sorts any mediocre company's yearning (Worldwide Hyundai, 2008). The creation house has grown to pass on its branches the world over, particularly Europe, Asia & the united states. Wecan thus securely assume that the main element ingredients which allow a worldwide head the 'slicing edge' are the following:-

Explain, everything the business achieved which would lead to the attrition, steady dissipation and at a later level even complete failing of the competitive advantage that it loved?

Explain, all the the company must undertake to be able to permit it to maintain role in providing it the competitive gain?

In any company, it is the management which is entirely accountable for making certain the former stays ahead of its opponents in the industry. Acquired it not been the skilled and effective, the company would probably have lost its competitive advantage advantage (the company's standing on the market environment relative to other (competition) companies. Commensurate with all the leading market sectors, Hyundai too enjoys an enormous competitive advantage in comparison with its rival auto-manufacturing companies around the world. Also, Hyundai even risks hurting the erosion or eventual lack of its competitive benefit and position if the management will never be able to adapt to the changing market and customer need, specifically in car companies.

The society must also be regarded and their needs to be met. This might pave the street for the organization to become market leader. The pricing factor must also be constantly considered as the consumers are very price sensitive. This might work to their benefits as the autos would become more affordable as well as quality automobiles. The models related to the professional growth to become regular as well as have the advantage over the competition need to be flexible and progressive so that it can offer with the risks which the inside and the external environment would make the business face. Hyundai as a firm must also do that by causing its set up strong internally as well as externally such that it has an border over the competition and their growth is constant and consistent. That is also affected by the actual fact that Hyundai has a worldwide presence and also needs to expand through establishment of its developing facilities all over the world. The departments which need to look into the development of the company must follow tiered research and utilize impressive ways and plans so the high as well lower management is motivated for success as well concerning give Hyundai the competitive advantage over the competition. The growth in today's market and market demands products which are new and better and the costs as well as the market price is low. The Hyundai management and mangers have to be open to change as well as need to be creative in the process such that it can be turned for the advantage of the business. Hyundai has identified the sources for attaining the border over your competition by causing their center competencies strong and leading edge so that no person can touch them. The position which the company enjoys as being the market leader must be sustained and consistent so the long term goals are achieved and profitability grows. That is so in any way levels in the organization. The merger which happened between two companies Hyundai and Kia is a very clear example of this (Orcullo, 2007, pp. 48). The growth in the Korean car industry was constant in terms of sales up to 1996 but the next year observed a major slump in the economy which had an extremely negative impact on the company and its growth. They monitored and tackled this slump by increasing their facilities for production. During this time period Kia gone bankrupt. Kia as well as Asia Motors was merged with Hyundai. This also resulted in major reshuffling happening within the very best management and was relative to the plan created by the owners because of its success. Most the automobile companies were restructuring their devices as well as making go a whole lot of their employees to reduce costs and cope with this down move. Many companies that have been multinationals were acquiring the manufacturers for vehicle parts while this is going on.

This process related to the vehicle industry in Korea resulted in the market becoming very confrontational. This is the truth as the get-togethers involved were afflicted by all the decisions which were taken. These were the labour related unions, administration and its businesses as well as the business management. The merger in question had an extremely synergizing influence on the performance of the business of the auto manufacturers. The group on the whole were able to save costs as all businesses were integrated which was important for success. As the car parts which had to be used were being distributed it resulted in synergy occurring on leading of the suppliers too. The look and development as well as Research departments also confirmed an impact on the expenses as the platforms on which each operation was being carried out was integrated consequently of the merger. The power teach development and the posting of parts helped both the companies in getting down their costs and for his or her profitability to go up. Alignment of all business functions was required as soft integration was very important for future smooth businesses. The group which would be formed because of this of the merger would own specializations that have been coordinated and would work towards cost saving and profitability improvement. The design of management at Hyundai was extreme and the employee participation practice for working followed by Kia was creative. Both of these coming together resulted in a business culture which is competitive as well as successful be it while the monetary slow down had took place or even later after recovery. The upturn which took place 1999 to 2000 helped in the healing process of both automobile manufacturers. Kia because of this of the merger returned from the dead and its revival was extreme and dramatic. Some of Hyundai's strengths helped in this healing process for Kia. These talents were the automobile part posting as well as the use of the facilities for creation as well as the technology. Kia with the assistance from Hyundai increased their sales as well as the show in the market and began to make stable performance in terms of financing and started following Hyundai's trends. All these positives from the Kia Hyundai merger released them from the clutches of the courts in 2000. Now it was time to check out the long term growth programs and policies. The labour unions in the automobile industry help as a significant threat for the kids. They can resist any attempts related to integration of business and specialization of techniques. It is not that the labour unions have been resting quietly. They have been working towards greatly impacting the task and plans for the restructuring of the business enterprise as well as worker management. The unions of Hyundai and Kia took this settings of the business very positively and also have not posed any opposition on the resource sourcing, research and development which is required to be completed keeping the uncertain future at heart. In such a merger group the key matter is how to keep the union positive and cooperative in order that they are less immune to any change or decision which is critical for business. In 2001 the group made public their ideas world towards becoming the 5th auto group which is global. This is to be done by 210. The car group which is Korean came into the industry late and so it still must work towards bettering the image of the brand. Inside the home market both companies have only complimented the other person and the thing is that the growth is intense. Within the mid of 1999 the market in Korea related to automobiles opened up their gates to foreign designers too. This resulted in major competition increased and the boundaries were destroyed making the vehicle industry one. Now it was success of the fittest. Hyundai a company in order to survive possessed to improve their capacity technologically with the help of their research and development department and also their process for manufacturing. The products had a need to better quality than your competition as well more reliable. There's a dire need to constantly to make the brand appear superior and this can be done only with products that charm to bulk customers an they are really chosen on the competitions products. The two companies need to work towards enhancing the parts supplied and the financing related skills which is at this point of energy quite low when compared with other advanced countries of the world. The placement strategy is the next agenda which should be in your brain of the companies Kia and Hyundai. There needs to some kind of plan of how all the merchandise from both the companies would be put on the market as well pricing process must be clear. The strategy that they have been following is to position duplicates of each others car models. The management which is at a older level is insistent on keeping their business related structure as on night out and not own it changes courtesy the merger. This includes all car models. The permanent agenda is not similar. The plan would be that the areas related to various aspects of business be divided and the both the automobile manufacturers would work towards positioning their products in a variety of demand markets. This is actually the way of working accompanied by vehicle giants like General Motors. Rather than working towards coming up with a new framework for business regarding sales as well as making the management's matter shifted to the fact that how would they overcome the vested interest of the older management in the current business policies and practices of the two organizations independently somewhat than working as you entity.

Recommendations for Growth

The economy must be more well balanced as well needs to have a direction (Gaten, 2002, pp. 1). This would be true in many areas like syndication of health care products, standards which can be set with regard to environment and labour as well as trade. The Global Reporting Effort of 1997 proved helpful towards a system for accounting which would help calculate the amount of sustenance with the data which is social, economic and environmental. This would make the dimension system one for any aspects. The risks which are used need to be more informed ones and the importance of the same has been grasped. The vision, quest as well as the program to attain the companies' objectives needs to maintain sync with the objectives which have been set up in the long term agenda of the organization. The strategy needs to be absolutely clear and beliefs needs to be clearly defined. The worth of the business should be aligned with this of the stakeholders. The position would happen by integration of the procedure, techniques as well as plans and start success is inescapable. The objectives that are long term would be better achieved if indeed they match the perspective and the purpose of the individuals included. The decision making process must be consistent and would also work towards achievement of personal ambitions too along with the organizations. Talks should always be there between the management and the employees of Hyundai so that every matter and want is out on view and the training is collaborated and systems are there so that information sharing happens. The requirement for Hyundai was to provide some power to the employees in terms of the decisions that are made. The change management would achieve success as the management would supply the route as well as provide the vision and to top that have the power to implement the change. Management would need to provide the force factor for the change process which would likewise have an effect on the goals which are short-term in Hyundai which would be aspects like building of groups, posting of visions and defining the responsibilities amidst the employees. The task of Hyundai would be to stick to the targets of the management and the control and would move around in the right course for a very positive future. The strategies which would be setup to achieved the goals which are long term as well as brief terms would be predicated on the factors which have been discussed above. As per Ashkenas if there is a want on the part of the management to get improvement in the performance of the folks of the organization the best way would be to make and plan the steps for attainment of these goals that have been to be performed in less than an season i. e. short-term goals. Therefore the goals of Hyundai slipping in this category are-

Each employees being in charge enough to be answerable because of their own actions. This would be empowering for the individuals and would also push them to are team.

The labour that they hire is the best in the industry by being the most discovered in conditions of technology and expertise in their field.

Fight to create products which will be the best in the market as well as made following a best method but the expense of production being as low as possible.

The reviews which is received form the short-term goals would help the business to come up with the objectives which can be permanent in characteristics (Knicki, 2004, EResource). The SWOT Analysis, the opportunities which have to be targeted, the systems and would like of the market in question and the ideas in regards to to handling your competition will be the determining factors. This might help the management to make prepared decisions, help them get benefits out of opportunities as well improve profitability. The competition would also be managed in a far more structured manner as the influences due to laws, technology or economy related factors would be well completed and worked on in a way which would advantage Hyundai. The positioning strategy and the marketing plans would be based on the talents, weaknesses, opportunities and the risks.

Best Execution of the Hyundai Growth strategy

As per Goetsch quality improvement would actually happen only if all activities in the organization are involved in the decision making process. All aspects like cost, quality, process, eye-sight, objective, and sustainability works on the improvement process in an integrated manner. The main steps to be implemented in the execution process are (Goetsch, 2003) -

Set the goals which would be predicated on the vision and the mission statements of the business and the ways to accomplish them in a complete manner

The training and education of the employees to take care of their jobs well

The change management occurring in a well planned and widely satisfactory manner

See and estimate the effect of the change which has occurred

Action for corrective steps to handle the shortcoming and work towards improvement in the foreseeable future.

The assets that happen to be intangible would make a difference for the advantage that they need over their competition. These assets would work towards getting the business the competitive gain on the market (Kaplan, 2006, pp. 3). Globalization works towards getting higher control and management of the models which are relocated internally and externally. This helps for streamlining the operations. The strategy, money, budgeting, performance level and the improvement sheets are all predicated on the management of the systems and resources.

Many procedures are available to check on what the necessity of the folks in the organization is. In Hyundai quality must be well monitored in such a manner that the principles and the practices of the organizations are always considered. The traditions which have to be followed to make the business environment most reliable is the aim of the management. Continuous improvement of the techniques related to the people as well as the merchandise should be aptly streamlined. This would lead to a continuing improvement procedure which would help the business turn into a global leader on the market of automobile make.

Chakrabarti and Kessler in 1996 stated that to be always a leader or run in leading technology is not enough there is a need for impressive wondering and process to have a sustained and improved upon existence on the market. The need of your day for Hyundai is to truly have a plan which is tactical, well planned and should be done for everyone factors like creation, distribution and cycle time. The communication programs needs to be always open up and the benchmarks that happen to be set need to be achievable. These are the symptoms of a rival who's here to remain. The final results would be dependant on how well would Hyundai stick to the set programs and perform systems check time and agin to check if no faltering happens ever before. This would also make th company more appropriate to the consumers but also to the employees thus promoting devotion and support for all major decisions which need to be used for future growth.

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