Hindustan Unilever Limited Human Reference Information System Business Essay

The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a software or online solution for the info entry, data traffic monitoring, and data information for the needs of the Human Resources, payroll, management, and accounting functions within the business. A real human tool information system is an organized, appropriate, relevant and appropriate approach to providing information about recruiting.

It is a prepared way of holding data and information for every individual worker in decision making, to help in planning of recruiting. It could be used to keep up details such as, employees absence reviews, salary administration, staff profiles and other various kinds of information.

Evolution of Individual Source of information Information System (HRIS)

In todays world where technology is progressively developed and touching all areas of today's business, the utilization of computer and information technology is increasing in companys HR section. Now HR professionals have realized that we now have vast scientific changes, with adoption of IT becoming a requirement for them. It really is playing an integral role in the HR departments of companies nowadays. Companies are trying to make the finest use with their systems for organizing and holding information of their workers.

In the entire year 1960's the HR professional and managers of the firms used to invest amount of time in gathering information by hand on paper, acquiring enquiries, and largely busy in wearisome and manual administrative work. Now as times have modified, systems are getting automated. The firms have started buying their HR department, expanding it by including real human reference information system. Human resource managers are actually giving up with costly, prolonged and outdated techniques and customizing for IT-enabled HR systems, which represents the beginning of a new era in the working of HR specialists.

Human Tool Information System (HRIS) provides-

An effective HRIS is used to provide information about anything the company needs to observe and review about its employees, former employees, and job seekers.

Managing information of all employees

Reporting and research of employee information

Benefit to administration including enrollment and personal information updating.

Applicants monitoring, resume management, interviewing, and selection.

Complete integration with company's financial and accounting system.

Model of a human learning resource information system


Input subsystem:-

It deals with gathering of data about various aspects of human resources.

HR research subsystem:

It gathers data such as job analysis, job evaluation, staff absenteeism, staff morale and employee turnover.

HR cleverness subsystem:

Information is collected from external environment officially and informally.

Output subsystem:

It includes five subsystem

HR acquisition subsystem

HR development subsystem

Appraisal and compensation

Maintenance subsystem

Industrial relationships subsystem

HR acquisition subsystem :- (planning, Recruitment, selection & positioning)

It entails functions like planning of recruiting i. e forecasting the need and offer of recruiting. Recruitment and selection requires the process of differentiating between candidates in order to recognize and select those with a greater odds of success in employment by conducting group conversations, interviews, etc.

HR Development System: (operative training, management development and company development)

HRD system requires information about the competencies that are to be developed among employees. It can help in knowing about the changes that are if you ask me manufactured in management system or the development to be made in the business, etc.

Appraisal and settlement system: (performance appraisal, financial compensation, incentives)

Appraisal management

Appraisal involves assessing an employee's value and performance for devising appropriate compensation deal, training, promotion, demotion etc. and payment involves identifying the incentives, benefits etc.

Compensation management:

It is concerned with making and putting into action total compensation package. Here compensation means providing money or other benefits to the worker like provident fund, bonus, insurance plan and other payment.

HR Maintenance system: (mobility, safety, health and stress management)

HRM system manages the maintenance of employees in the organization. It involves human resource mobility in the form of promotion, demotion, copy and separation. By firmly taking care and attention of employees by arranging stress management lectures that the employees may face during work. Also taking care of the basic safety and health of employees

Industrial Relation System: (discipline management, grievance handling, management of commercial disputes)

IRS is supports managing good relationships between management and operatives. This calls for managing employee discipline, managing industrial disputes, redressing staff grievances, etc.

Benefits of HRIS

Data can be prepared at high speed

Classifying of data becomes easy

Effective in decision making.

Higher correctness of report generated.

Quick reaction to answer queries.

Better work culture.

Establishing of streamlined and organized procedure.

More transparency in the system.

Employee - Self applied Management.


Hindustan unilever limited(HUL)- Successful by doing good.

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India's major FAST PACED Consumer Goods Company, coming in contact with the lives of two out of three Indians with over 20 specific categories in Home & Personal MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS and Foods & Drinks. The business's Turnover is Rs. 17, 523 crores (for the financial season 2009 - 2010)

HUL is a subsidiary of Unilever, one of the world's leading suppliers of fast paced consumer goods with having its strong keep over 100 countries on the entire world with gross annual sales around 40 billion in '09 2009.

Hindustan Unilever was just lately rated among the top four companies worldwide in the list of "Global Top Companies for Leaders" by a study sponsored by Hewitt Associates, in partnership with Fortune journal and the RBL Group. The business was ranked number 1 in the Asia-Pacific region and in India.

It is the objective of HUL that inspires more than 15, 000 employees, including over 1, 400 managers, is to help people feel good, look good and have more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others. This objective is shared by HUL using its parent or guardian company unilever which contains about 52 % of the equity.

Application of HRIS in Hindustan unilever limited


Hindustan unilever limited uses peoplesoft software to provide for human resource management and customer romantic relationship management

PeopleSoft, Inc. was a company that provided human being source management systems (HRMS) and customer romantic relationship management (CRM) software, as well as software solutions to large companies and organizations. It had been a self-governing firm until Oracle Organization took acquisition over it in 2005. The marketing of PeopleSoft name and products are actually done by Oracle.

HUL applied using peoplesoft since 2003 because of its human reference management, Peoplesoft, in those days, was an object of much speculation and suspicion with the owners ( HR Professionals ) and the end-users ( HR Officers ), But peoplesoft 7. 5 had stopped being utilized for a while in unilever scheduled to inappropriate working. After an effective exam it was found out that oracle database was the primary cause for the poor working of peoplesoft.

A "big 5" consultancy which was a peoplesoft support company possessed left the complete execution of peoplesoft within an unstable state and had to quit its operations from HUL.

This problem was further dealt with by CMSS pvt ltd who analyzed the database completely and restored the repository table by stand. They not only stabilized the machine and made it usable, but also included the system with a lot of their other HR applications.

Performance Appraisal and Competency Augmentation system (PACE)

Performance appraisals of Employees are necessary to comprehend each employee's ability, competencies and relative merit and worthwhile for the business. The employees are ranked in terms of these performances.

It is essential to measure the performance of the employees and the business, it can help in looking at the improvement towards the desired goals and goals and which further assists with improvement of the performance. Past shows of the employees are taken into account and are further it focuses on the improvement into the future performance of the employees.

Formal and properly organised performance appraisals help the employees to clearly understand their tasks and duties. This further gives direction to look after the individual's performance. It helps the individual performances in aligning with the organizational goals. In addition, it helps them to examine their own shows.

It was integrated since 2003 and is used till day. CMSS manages Development, Support, Search engine optimization, Improvement and Customization of Tempo. HUL needed a Performance Appraisal and Competency Augmentation system for its officers, based on the Performance Management Model adopted at HUL but the challenge that these were facing was, there have been no files of the facts of officials in a consolidated form. But CMSS could deal with it by getting all the repository by establishing helpdesks in 4 metro locations and could implement the working of system in three months.

Performance Development and Planning system (PDP)

It assists with monitoring the performance the employees. The procedure enables each staff person to understand their true value-added to the business. It can help them in establishing goals that which would increase their capability to contribute to the success of the business.

HUL sought a Performance Development and Planning system for its managers, predicated on the Performance Management Model accompanied by them.

A basic version of this system sent to India, that version was found to be highly lacking in certain features desired by HR in India.

The PDP software had to be developed such a way that maybe it's included with peoplesoft because it experienced all its employees details stored in it and with a feature for real-time data bridge between Peoplesoft and PDP it could be easily be configured and used as required.

PDP is till time being utilized by HUL to control the performance of its professionals.


Thus mastering of the survey helps in knowing the huge developments that has been occurring in the field of human resources. Not only in case of IT companies where employees are key belongings, even the non-IT sector in addition has realized the value and need to purchase technology to upscale their HR functions. It isn't only time and cost keeping but also offers the long-term benefit for retaining employees.


Fig-1: Style of human tool information system.

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