How To Draw in Customers Business Essay

Firstly, I think if ACER desires to catch the attention of customers, it requires to know very well what customers want. Why customers will purchase your products? Some individuals pay attentions to Computer Configuration, this part of the people have some computer knowledge. However, all women and children just pay attentions to Computer appearance. So ACER need to react to friends needs.

Secondly, How to decrease the cost? I've an idea that is part. ACER need to find the lowest-cost part suppliers.

Finally, ACER is building a good brand image. ACER has a whole lot of Environmental Sustainability in Australia. For instance, "Plant 1 Mil Trees ", "Take Back Program" and Carbon Offset Programs with education departments. Alternatively, ACER must know their Social Responsibility.

The scope of the review:

I search about information about ACER. There are a large volume of studies of Personal computer Company in the overall population. However, since the focus of this research is on ACER, these will never be reviewed in detail and can only be known as appropriate.

Main Body:

Change Construction then attract customers.

In 2003, ACER has released its second- era machine, the Travel Partner C110Tci. The configuration is the Intel Centrino deal of Pentium M cpu working at 1 gigahertz, 512 megabytes of RAM and 802. 11b Wi-Fi cellular technology. It weighs just 3. 2lb but still handles to provide about 2. 5 time of computing time. And it costs just $2000 online. So that it has high Cost Performance. Some individuals will be bringing in.

In 1995, in a major departure from the PC's boxy look, Acer's line of Aspire computers features the same curved curves as a television set in place or videocassette recorder. Experts say this is a discovery, because the PC has had essentially the same bland, commercial look for days gone by 15 years. Besides price, they state, the PC's appearance will soon turn into a key selling tool in the fast-growing home market. While using big Christmas buying season start soon, Acer will be facing stiff competition in retail stores by market head Packard Bell Consumer electronics Inc. and other big rivals, including Compaq Computer Corp. , International Business Machines Corp. and Apple Computer Inc. Packard Bell, located in Westlake Village, Calif. , last year broke some new ground in design with the addition of amenities such as ear-level audio speakers on the Personal computer, as well as color-coded cables to make it simpler to start up. Apple, based in Cupertino, Calif. , is known to be experimenting with new designs to its type of Macintoshes, which have been considered among the list of sleekest computers in the industry.

So ACER must design something of beautiful appearance and high-performance.

As CRN Senior Editor Joseph F. Kovar pointed out in the Nov. 8 concern, Shih and Acer Leader Rudi Schmidleithner have put their company in destination to drive completely of its sales through the channel. And in CRN's monthly polls, Acer has been named by a growing quantity of VARs as the supplier with their best-selling Personal computer.

When I found in the Laptop or computer battle for the throne of HewlettPackard between Dell and develop, it is becoming progressively more clear, and I think that the powerful 3 Acer orbit get. Over time, Acer may just set you back the Hewlett-Packard and Dell, the No. 2 point, finally, on the 1st.

When you peel off the production process, HP and Dell, Acer, the storyplot is completely different.

HP and Dell are reliant on the matrix contract manufacturers, suppliers and set up lines, spend a lot of effort to find the lowest-cost dealer of logistics. In the mean time, Acer is a vertically integrated manufacturer, the most basic components. Naturally, this can be an gain in its selling price of the entire system. This is, of course, unless HP or Dell are able to find lower-cost suppliers. But I bet there may very well be on the internal components of occasions Acer, Dell and HP Computer.

In any case, my point is the fact just twelve months ago, it looks like the PC challenge comes down to a tug of warfare the warfare between HP and Dell don't have another serious contender emerging.

Acer has a well balanced income. This appeared to have to take benefit of its vertical integration, is now focused on the indirect route.

ACER Friendly Responsibility: Business ethics is behind the organization, professional, institutional and public development of the procedure, is among the most major difficulties facing multinationals working school of thought, Acer, must be satisfied in the 21st century. This is a mixture of concepts and worth to guide management attempts for economical and sociable goals. The morality company came to the realization that it must bear all the financial, legal, cultural and charitable obligations.

One of the components of this management school of thought, is to reach a global balance, the prospective set by the company's corporate communal responsibility program integrates real human, environmental and interpersonal resources.

Corporate Community Responsibility is an enterprise issue and licensing business in the 21st century. Therefore, as the world's leading PC brand, Acer detailed corporate social responsibility strategy.

Since 2006, Acer has a thorough and in-depth overview of its actions to market sustainable development. By integrating and embedding commercial social responsibility to their business functions, and actively take part in global corporate sociable responsibility initiatives, Acer has shown its commitment to corporate sociable responsibility and determination. Try also continuing to contribute to global ecological development.

Acer Environmental Sustainability: Acer worldwide is fully aware our products may be due to the potential effect on the environment. Thus, considering our product design from the outset, production methods, to be able to reduce environmentally friendly load, as well as the users' needs, practical and value-added. Nowadays of limited natural resources, Acer attaches great importance to all or any the best use of material resources. One of our first concept to extend the life span of the product, and to optimize the use of our resources. To be able to ensure that all Acer products adhere to environmental laws require the customer's needs, our environmental product requirements, to ensure that designs are compliant energy conservation, low toxicity, ease of recycling and inexperienced label. In these standards, low toxicity standards restrict the use of hazardous substances, including batteries and product packaging materials. Green labeling benchmarks to ensure that tight standards, recycling brands and packaging materials, labels, materials label. Acer attaches great importance to its tasks for environmental security, and keen focus on international styles in this regard. Furthermore to positively keep speed with the international pattern of environmental safety, Acer every work to design environmentally friendly products, in line with relevant international and home regulations.

So we know ACER is creating a good brand image.


The first literature show ACER has good product and draw in customers.

The second books show is a vertically built-in manufacturer that develops most of the components itself. And it is better than HP and DELL's model.

The final literature show ACER is building a good brand by this means of Corporate Public Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability.

So we are going to search about ACER's concern and strategy at next weeks.

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