Human Reference Management in Pakistan

Pakistan is grouped in the list of producing countries. Many multinationals organizations are functional in Pakistan and along with these multinational organizations many large and small businesses are also functioning in Pakistan. Now a day there's a trend of doing business that is why both experienced and well informed business owners are staring their businesses which will a confident sign in the success of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, most of the organizations don't have a proper human being resource department to perform all the related activities of individual resource office. Organizations don't give importance to the individuals resource department and do not realize the potency of human resource department. They feel that hiring a person is the sole responsibility of individual resource department in virtually any organization and it could be done by other person of the business. But on the other hands, many multinational and nationwide organizations realize the value of human source department and they have an effective human resource office in their firm and they're achieving the results favorably. Organizations are actually considering and many organizations start building a proper human being resource department so that they meet the issues of the marketplace. So in near future, we will have that nearly every organization will need to have a proper real human resource department and human source of information managers are doing their responsibilities effectively.

PEST Analysis

A PEST evaluation is an evaluation of the exterior macro-environment that affects all companies. P. E. S. T. is an acronym for the Political, Economic, Public, and Technological factors of the external macro-environment [1]. Politics, economic, cultural and technological causes form the individual resource management insurance policies and activities. Local market in terms of end result and demand of labor is affected by the global overall economy influences.

Political Factor:

Political factor is more complex in our circumstance because Pakistan is facing political instability and its regards to the other factors which can be related to the individuals source management. As Pakistan is in the category of developing countries and political environment is constantly changing, mainly in the area of regulatory requirements. Employment legislation, human rights, pay equity, occupational health insurance and safety, industrial relationships legislation and pension all impose of all human reference management activities, including selection, training and rewards. Also, federal government can try the overall economy to influence financial activity and thus change labor market fads. In the in the meantime, government can effect on the task week and compulsory employee benefits which is directly related to the human being learning resource management [2].

Economical Factor:

A human learning resource management practices are strongly inspired by the current economic local climate of the united states. Level of skill of labor force and labor cost are main factors of individual resource management which are afflicted by the inexpensive factor of the country. As Pakistan is a developing country and do not have a solid economic conditions which also impact on the organizations plus they also don't have very much resources and on the other side those organizations who have resources only invest a certain level of amount which the organizations think they reunite with profit. Due to weak economical conditions, organizations lack in capable human resource because people don't have much resources to get visible employees. Due to economic condition, smaller businesses do not build a proper human reference department. They feel that this will be wastage of money but do not give importance to it.

Social Factor:

Social factor also affect the human source management practices of any country. Demographics, course framework, education, culture and entrepreneurial heart are some of the elements of interpersonal factor which immediately affect the individuals source of information management of any country. In Pakistan, this factor plays a very important role but regrettably plays a poor role to some extent. Some parts of this factor also play a positive role like education and entrepreneurial soul are the main ones. Alternatively, some organizations and federal sector organizations are ruled by the school structure and demographics politics.

Technological Factor:

Technological factor plays an essential and also positive role in the human being tool management. Those organizations which may have a proper individual resource department are now using most advanced technology and because of this employees confidence is made on the organization and they work better because they know they get what they deliver. Most of the human source departments are employing personalized software's because of which their efficiency and efficiency increased and they are delivering their finest to the organization. These software's help the individual resource team in enough time of recruitment and performance appraisals etc.

Areas of Human being Resource Management

There will vary areas of human learning resource management and here I choose two areas of human reference management that i think are the most important areas of real human source management. The decided on areas of individual reference management are "recruitment" and "selection". These both will be the important areas of human reference management because unless you decide on a right candidate for right position than you do not get the required results from that applicant. I am going to further high light the importance of these two areas by using an example of a company. The company which I choose for this evaluation is "wi-tribe Pakistan limited". I am going to discuss the way the internal and external factors of wi-tribe impact the recruitment and selection process.

Recruitment and Selection:

Recruitment refers to the procedure of attracting, screening, and selecting licensed people for a job [3]. Different organizations outsource a few of the recruitment process but there are organizations which perform the recruitment process itself. wi-tribe has its full-fledged human tool management section which performs the activities related to real human resource team. But there are few activities which wi-tribe outsource to different consulting organizations. wi-tribe outsource these activities to HRS global.

Internal and External Factors

The external factors [4] of a business include;

Economic forces

Social, ethnic, demographics and environmental forces

Political, legal and governmental forces

Technological forces

The inside factors of an organization include;




Economic Forces:

If the economic conditions of wi-tribe is not so good than they need to think about the cost incurred while conducting the recruitment and selection process. So due to this the organization attempts that way to obtain recruitment which will bear a lesser cost of recruitment for every single candidate and this will affect selecting the candidate and there are chances that the wi-tribe will not select the right candidate which will impact its functions and performance.

Social, Cultural, demographic and Environmental Makes:

These forces likewise have a strong influence on recruitment and selection process. If wi-tribe has a recruitment and selection process which is complete opposite to the communal and cultural movements than this will also impact the recruitment and selection of the right candidate. Social, ethnic, demographics and environmental causes affect the business which is the duty of the management to set the plans of the business in a way that they are not affected by these factors. Management has to handle these forces otherwise these are hurdles in the form of recruiting and selecting the right applicant for the right position.

Political, Legal and Governmental Pushes:

A variety of government legislation have direct impact on recruitment and selection process. Trade unions also play a essential role in recruitment and selection. But these unions and restrictions sometimes badly have an impact on the business and play a negative role. In wi-tribe there are no unions however they are damaged by the polices imposed by the government and also the Pakistan telecom specialist. Politics pressure is also used for any post which also influences the image of the organization among its employees and outsiders even the staff has the functions for a certain post.

Technological Makes:

Technology is also one factor which effects on the business but in the truth of wi-tibe it has more important role because wi-tribe is working in internet providing industry and providing cellular internet connections to its customers. wi-tribe must stay current in his technology so that he can remain competitive his competition in technology. The greater the most advanced technology the wi-tribe uses the greater the positive impact results on its customers wi-tribe impose. Now a day's wi-tribe is using the latest technology available and importing that technology from china. For the handling of that technology wi-tribe recruits and selects the most in a position candidates so that they deal with that technology with care and customers find the best services.


Employees will be the back again bone of any organization. Those organizations that are successful in the market are only because of their competitive employees. wi-tribe also have competitive employees which are capable of attaining their goals and because of these employees wi-tribe become the number 1 1 internet providing company in Pakistan within few years. This shows how effective the individuals resource department wi-tribe have because these employees are picked by the real human resource team.


Suppliers are also the essential aspect which affect the organization and play important role in the success of the business. Those organizations who have effective and best suppliers are leaders in the market segments and leading the marketplace because the service which you are offering to the marketplace is a quality product or not based on your suppliers because if your distributor supply you the best quality products than you can deliver the best product. With garbage event his top market leaders cannot produce the get better at piece.


Distributors are also the essential aspect and they're your front series army men. If you produce the best quality product and because of your vendors neglectfulness your product will be afflicted than you are unable to lead the market and get required effect. Some products are very sensitive and need a little extra care.


Every organization is looking for perfection in his every department. Below are a few advice related to human resource management team of wi-tribe in order to achieve their focuses on easily.

They give full protection under the law to their individuals resource division and also provided them the independence of recruiting and selecting the staff which they think is the most suitable for the given position.

Human resource department also include at least a single person from every department during the recruitment process of that department so that they can pick the best candidate.

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