Human Resource Management at Mitchells and Butlers

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Table of context

Introduction of HRM, changing role of business

Environment. 1

How HRM assists with productivity. 1-3

Psychological contract3-4

HR planning and Strategy4-8


References. 10


Human resource management is about how to manage individuals and their activities, which really helps to mobilise the other resources like financial, social and technical etc.

"Human resource management can be an idiosyncratic come within reach of to employment management which seeks to perform bloodthirsty improvement through the strategic exploitation of an extremely unswerving and proficient employees using an incorporated selection of cultural, structural and personnel techniques. "(Storey, 1995)

Basically there are three models in the HRM. They are the following

According to hard model, HR policy should be linked or aligned with the organisational objectives or strategy. So to accomplish productivity of the business HR need to integrate with organisational objective. However, according to soft model productivity is not possible until and unless organisation gain commitment from the employee. But sometimes HR also consider about folks which mobilize the other resource so they have to develop their workers mind, skills and ability which is about the resource model of HRM. (Armstrong M, 2009)

The organization and staffing of the HR function obviously depends on how big is the business. Every company want to get more benefit from their investment so they have to use good hr strategy like out sourcing and bringing new technology available that ought to be faster and the least expensive for the company work, greater use of electronic HRM giving more responsibility to line managers, outsourcing transactional or routine activities and the evolution of employment regulations so that the HRM role is changing every day. (Camen-Muller M. et. al. 2008)

Role of HRM in organisational productivity

The primary goal of the company is optimized the maximum resources and have more profit so HRM policy need to be fit with company strategy. consequently HRM always want to work with new method in the organization which should be help in company growth. The main function of the HRM are the following


Staffing (recruitment and selection)

Training and development

Performance objective (appraisal and rewards)

Change management and administrative objectives.

Introduction about the Company

Mitchells and butlers is the uk's leading operator of managed pubs and pub restaurants. They provide food, drinks, entertainment and accommodation with their customer nationwide. It listed on the London Stock Exchange in April 2003 and is also an associate of the FTSE250. Mitchells & Butlers has a superior quality manor, decided on the long-standing enlargement in the informal eating dinner out market where MAB pubs are well positioned to detain an unbalanced share.

Every time they want to use new method and technology and they are also careful to the customer's satisfaction, permanent growth and the company brand. So they are using new HR function to their company. They are as follow

Function of HRM

Recruitment and selection: It is the process of getting the right person in the right place at the right time. It is vital presentation to organizational performance. It is an essential activity, not simply for the HR team also for line managers who are increasingly more concerned in the selection process. There may be some point which is the step of recruitment and selection these are;

Identify the role

Attracting applications

Application and selection process

Making the appointment

It is the main factor of HR function, Their target is choose the right people to the right position if indeed they choose right person they can help company productivity because they will do the nice job in a firm and company growth will be increase. Based on the Mitchell and Butlers they are employing interview method in their selection process. Most of the company are employing this technique because they would like to find out about the employee behave their activities, style, cultural. and they can certainly find out, these are fit in the company or not?


Training and development: Training and development strategy is intended to support the accomplishment of business goal promoting by human capital improvement. Additionally it is about the skill and knowledge about the employee, which kind of skill they need and which kind of training they need? They need to consider about their interest because of if employee does not pleased with their work it'll affect in the company aims. So training and development process supply the skeleton for individual and self directed learning, Because of this everyone in the business could be optimistic and given the occasion to learn to develop their skills and gen to the best of other ability.

Nowadays every company are using the new technology in their business concerning this training and development they started to give online training like video conference due to cost every company want to reduce their cost and they want to boost the company growth.

Appraisal and reward: It really is about the employee motivation like promotion staff facilities, free insurance, promotion etc. HR manager also consider relating to this thing because if employees are happy they can do the good job and their progress will be increase. According to the Mitchell and Butlers they are really providing them staff bonus every month if somebody did the good job they'll give them extra benefit like raise the pay and promotion.

Psychological contract

"The psychological contract is anxious with assumptions, exceptions, promises and joint responsibility. It creates stance and feelings which from and oversee deeds. It is also self-motivated it develops as time passes as understanding accumulates, member of staff circumstances change and employees re-evaluate their exceptions". (Guestetal 1996)

About the employer's point of view, it covers the employment relationship as an ability, endeavour, obedience, dedication and loyalty but about the employees viewpoint they need these thing

Protection of employment

Attachment and pressure

Trust the management of the business to keep their promises. 3

Opportunity to build up their skills

According to the Mitchell and butlers they had good relationship between management teams and employees. So the success of the company depends on individuals who work for the organization. They are really pleased with their staff and they would like to thank all their employees for their hard work and commitment. So that in this way all employees will be meet with the team work and they'll be motivated. As a result company will achieve the goal.

HR functions depend upon the HR strategy


Human resource planning at its essence is identifying the number of employees and skills necessary for the near future and ensuring they are available to the organization when required. (Lecture handouts)

Strategy human resource management is approximately scientifically linking people who have the organization. The strategic means company's long-term arrange for how it will balance its internal strengths and weakness using its external opportunity and threats to keep up an acceptable benefit.

"Strategic human resource management is largely about integration and adaptation. Its concern is to insure that

HR management is fully integrated with the strategy and strategic needs of the firm.

HR policies cohere both across policy areas and across hierarchies

HR practices are familiar, acknowledged and utilized by line managers and employees within their every day work". (Schuler 1992)

The major three generic strategic are

Innovative: High degree of inspired activities, long term focus, risky and a judicious degree of concern for value.

Quality: recurring and predicable behaviours, more permanent or transitional focus, low risk, high distress for method and worth.

Cost reduction: Short-term focus, feature output, low risk, and individual motion primary concern for result. 4

HR strategy also find out from these two analyses, these are

Internal analyses: Swot (strength and weakness) and gap analyses

External analyses: Pest analyses

Strength: Strength is the energy of the business but it depends upon their resources like human resource, financial resource, quality product, good customers service and team work. Every company desire to be strength on the market. So a company Strengths are its possessions and features that can be used as a basic for embryonic an aggressive improvement. Such as


Muscular brand names

Good character against customers

Approving access to allotment network

Weakness: Sometimes a weakness can be the flip side of strength. Some weaknesses are as follow

Lack of patent security

High cost constitution,

Lack of the access the best natural funds

Underprivileged reputation among clients

A weak product name,

Opportunity: The external environment analysis may reveal certain new changes for gain and growth, these are

Loosening of regulation,

Coming of new technology,

A discontented customers needs,

Removal of international trade barriers,


Threats: Changes in the external environment also may present threats to the company such as

New Regulations,

Changing customers behaviour or test,

Materialization of alternative product,

Increased trade barriers (www. quickmba. com)


It is approximately evaluate between the present and future situation what exactly are they doing now and what did they would like to change in another. A breach is occasionally called "the autonomy flanked by where we have been and where we want to be. " A gap investigation helps overpass that legroom by stress which requirements are being met and which is not. The tool provides a foundation for measuring the investment of the time, money and human resources that's necessary to accomplish a particular upshot. (Lecture handouts)

Desire future stages

. Purpose

. Vision

Current position



Organisation activities

Gap analysis


Political: It really is about the political situation about the company and how it affects in the organisation activities, when government change, they can bring the new rules, laws and regulation in the united states and atomically it changed everything such as tax and council tax, so HR manager need to be consider relating to this point

current legislation house promote 6

global legislation

government policies

government term and change

trading policies

funding, grants and initiatives

home market lobbying/anxiety groups

worldwide strain groups

Economic: Marketers require enabling the situation of an trading economic climate in the petite and intensive -terms. That is principally accurate when scheduling for worldwide advertising. That happen to be as follow?

Interest rates.

The degree of price raises Service level per capita.

taxation explicit to product/services

unambiguous industry factors

market routes and division trends

Social: The community and enlightening influences on trade fluctuate from nation to nation. It's very imperative that such factors are painstaking. Factors embrace

way of life trends


media views

law changes affecting social factors

brand, company, technology image

consumer buying patterns

fashion and role models

buying access and trends 7

ethnic/devout factors

Technology: Technology is fundamental for bloodthirsty improvement and is also a chief driver of globalization. Regard as the subsequent points

competing technology progress

investigate support

replacement technology/solutions

industrialized maturity and capacity

consumer buying mechanism/technology

familiarity legislation

innovation potential

expertise access, licensing, patents

rational property issues(www. businessballs. com/www. marketingteacher. com)



Mitchells & Butlers has a high eminence, well-located manor, focused on long-term expansion in the casual, value-for-money, eating and drinking-out markets. Their sales approach is dependant on four principal levers, providing their customers with: high-quality amenity; over and over great value; a wide choice of drink and food; and admirable service.

Their verified knowledge at every level, pooled with a pub estate of incomparable quality in prime locations, continues to mention on their scheme of pouring commercial quantity development and creating shareholder value.

As a summary the HR manager considers about these points, motivation (how to motivate the employee), performance management (increase personal development), recruitment and selection (choosing the right visitors to the right place), training and development (increase their capability with training). From then on organisation successfully achieve the business goals.


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