IBM Employees Welfare

Changes which have taken place in the organization

IBM has been one of the firms which may have been making good progress in the business world. This has been enabled by the strategies that the company has been taking in an effort to create a niche in the market. Operating in one of the emerging areas in the wonderful world of ICT the company has been faced with competition on the market and for that reason in the five years it has been undertaking critical evaluation of its operation procedure in order to create a more acceptable mode of operation that will assist it to minimize a niche on the market. (Clegg, 1999)

As a result the business has employed on changes in the labor force relations in order to create a powerful working atmosphere for the employees. In this regard the company has came to the realization that the most effective way to make a competitive labor force only through significant investment in the employee. Employee can help a business to make a competitive advantage on the market which might become difficult for other organization to replicate. Therefore one of the main areas that the company has been spending on is at its employee.

External affect in the organization

In the last 10 years, there were a whole lot of changes which have occurred in the business which includes been influenced by exterior factors. There have been several factors that contain been influencing the changes in the organization which may have been beyond the control of the organization. These changes have been emanating from the changes in the operation environment.

One of the changes that contain got a great impact on the industry has been the changes in the external environment. The panorama of technology has been changing and the company is not left behind. The business has come up with several creativity that will probably position it on the market in line with other competitors once we joined the new millennium the business came up with a new technology of servers which are aimed at achieving the changing technology. This was also because of the changes in the demand for the root infrastructure that is supporting e-business which includes become the business model of your day. (IBM, 2008f)

In the future the change in technology will probably influence the operation of the business. Since it is working in a field led by technology, the business is likely to make several changes in its operation in the future in a move that will position it on the market. Change in technology is the most probable exterior factor that will impact the procedure of the organization.

The changing concept of corporate communal responsibility also got a direct effect on the company as it are more attentive to the needs of its consumers. As a result the company came up with various CSR activities which were aimed at increasing the relationship with its employees. It set up programs that could help it to respect it employees.

The politics environment was also changing and the company must change with it. In this regard there have been several rules and laws that were to arrive place which were not there before. Because of this the company were required to adjust its operation and its labor force relations. There were polices which may have been put in place in order to give employees more protection under the law and therefore the company has been compelled to rhyme with the changes. Political a and legal changes in the further are likely to impact on the procedures of the business in the foreseeable future as the globe moves to more converged world.

There have also been environmental factors that contain forced the company to enforce several changes in its procedure in this respect there's been increasing attention that is paid on the environment and then the company has been adjusting its operation as a way to create policies that are expected to give respect to the surroundings. The business has been implementing several eco programs that are targeted at going with the demands on the changes in the surroundings.

Internal influences

There are also several changes which may have been integrated in the business in the last 10 years that have all been influenced by inner factors. Changes in the management have been one of the main factors that contain influenced several changes that contain occurred in the company.

The calendar year 2000 marked a move in the leadership of the business and it noticed the coming of Samuel J Palmisano as the chief executive and the principle operating offices and after 2 yrs, he was known as the CEO of the business. This observed the exit of Lousi V. Gerstener who was simply the chairman of the company s up to 2002.

The approaching of the new CEO found increase respond to the environment factors in addition to a rise in the Corporate Public responsibility activities by the company. In 2003, the company also undertook a fitness to copy more the 1, 200 employee to IBM I a deal appreciated $1. 1 billion from ABB.

Human resources management factors has been another inside influences that is triggering a changing the in the organization. In this regard there were several changes in the real human reference management of the business which have resulted to other changes in its procedure. Human reference issues have been given a priority in the business good changing human resources landscape generally in most organizations. In the foreseeable future the human resources are expected to influence other changes in the business as well.

The course of the organization is the other factor that is influencing changes in the business. The company has come up with new growth strategies that will probably position it in the changing global business environment and for that reason it has carried out several other changes in its management and employee relationship. In next 10 years, the overall strategy of the business is likely to lead to other several changes in the operation of the business.

Employee romance in IBM

The company has think of a human resource plan which includes been included in it proper growth strategy which has given the affairs of the employees a central devote the procedure of the business. As a result the business has been undertaking several strategies which can be aimed at boosting a good working marriage. The business has set up several initiatives which are all aimed at ensuring that the employees receive their rights.

The employee relationship in addition has been completed as a part of the CSR activity of the organization. Which means company has setup human resource office that is concerned with the welfare of the staff. It has respected the protection under the law of the worker to organization and all the professionals have been given a notice upon this issue as the most important factor in the human learning resource management strategy of the business.

Therefore the business has been promoting an enabling environment for work in the company and has been pushing direct communication with the employees. It includes held a policy of promoting the welfare of the employees and preserving a confident working marriage with the employees. There are also work that are aimed at fostering the introduction of the employees as one of the main factor that will help the organization to come up with a competitive employees. (IBM, 2008d)

The changing legal environment has had results on the labor force relationship the organization. As the legal landscape changes, the business has been moving in lines with these changes and for that reason it has been investing in place methods that are aimed at ensuring that there is respect of the protection under the law of the employees. It's been complying with the changes that have been occurring in the legal requirements worldwide in regards to the employee and participation of a third party. (IBM, 2008e)

Therefore the company has been investing in place strategy that are aimed at ensuing that there surely is admiration of the legal change and the environmental changes that have been taking place in regard to treatment of its employees. At the end of the 1990s the company set up an insurance plan that scrutinized all it employees even those on the supply string with an aim of ensuring that there is certainly value of labor regulations on earth.

With his change there were several other changes which were made in the human reference department to be able to make sure that the business was based on the demand of the world labor laws and regulations. Including the company quit its supply string where there is suspicious useful of child labor and unfair treatment of employees.

The advancement in technology has not still left IBM employees in the cool. There were several initiative which have been targeted at ensuring that employee share this revolution. Which means company has produce portable computer systems like lap tops and other that happen to be part of the ergonomics program which is targeted at making sure the employees discovers comfort in their work. Therefore the company has provided its employees with such advanced laptops to be able to ensure that there surely is comfort and efficiency for the employees.

The company has been providing guidance which is targeted at aiding the employees to evaluate their work place and it has also been educating them how to use these devices. It's been presenting advanced training on its labor force on the utilization of these devices and giving them professional support to make it easier for these people. These attempts have been aimed towards ensuring employees have a good working environment.

The ergonomics program was initiated at the move of the millennium and was persisted in 2004 with an increase of focus on communication between employees. By using remote control and mobile gizmos, employees may also perform their normal office tasks at the comfort of their homes. The company has continued investing in technology to be able to improve its relationship with its employees and to be able to create a competent labor force. (IBM, 2008a)

In brand with the changing environment in political health care, the company has produce bonuses to health program which is targeted at ensuring the staff of the company have access to health facility. This is good changing legal requirement of the business to have a more positive role partnership with the government on the health of their employees. Which means company has come up with programs that are targeted at ensuring that you can find maximum observance of the health of the employees.

In the United States the business has been offering Health Living Discount program. It has additionally been carrying out several smoking cessation program that award employees who do not smoking with a $ 150 cash discount. This program has helped to improve the health of its workforce.

However the business has been criticized on it police to reduce pensions for the retirees. It has been shown the contribution of the business to the fitness of its retirees has been reducing recently. This practices the 2001 initiative which was targeted at lowering the pensions contribution of the business. (IBM, 2008b)

The company has given the employee their freedom of relationship therefore they may be allowed to become a member of any union that they want like This has been in sense of upholding the right of the individuals. It has been one of the main steps that contain helped to enhance the relationship between the company and the employees.

Currently the business relishes a warm relationship with the employees. There has been no occurrence of worker unrest in the business. However there have been issues that have been indicated by the recruiting section on the cutting of pension contribution by the company. But in general the relationship between the company and the employees is cordial. (IBM, 2008c)


There are several tips that the can be produced to the business in regards to its practice of individual resource management. These suggestions are meant to improve the marriage between the business and its own employees. That is in realization that disgruntled employees is one of the most severe arsenal that can affix the business from within and which is likely to lead to underperformance of the word force. Therefore there is need for the organizations to come force for he implementation of the above recommendations.

The most important the organist should take a look at now could be the thorniest problem of the pension that has been a reason behind dissatisfaction in the employees. Most employees & most workers union have indicated there matter about how the company has been dealing with the employees especially on issues concerning the workforce and their pensions.

Therefore the company should realize that one of the most crucial factors that it should currently check out is the way in which it will manage its employee's pension. The company has to carry out a review of computer policy on the pension and come for an contract with the requirements of the employees.

The problem of pension has been one of the thorniest issues in the world due to the response that way in which the government has been phoning for collaboration with the firms in meeting the medical cost of the retirees. It really is shameful for any multinational company to acquire disgruntled retirese as this is likely to have an impact on the culture of the business.

Once the retirees share their concerns on the way they have been treated by the company, there is probability of having other employee in the business who will also exhibit their concerns which may affect the complete labor force. (Taggart, 2001)

In its all branches on the planet, the company has also been faced by the thorny issue of resting off its employees. In 2007, the company laid off 1315 personnel in United States. There's been a problem with the way in which the company has been satisfying these employees for lack of their livelihood. Therefore there have been calls from the personnel union for the business to ensure that it compensates all those who lose the careers.

There were many complains from the employees who argued that they were given a short notice before their dismissal using their jobs. Therefore it is recommended that the company offers it employees enough time in order to prepare them for any impending place off. This would supply the company credibility on human tool management issue and it'll also help have satisfied employees even if they're let go.

There in addition has been an issue in the way the business has been carrying out its recruitment. Though it has been working on the idea of equity in recruitment there are concerns which may have been realized that there are usually disparity in the labor force in particular when it involves the problem of gender balance in the workplace. It's been shown that the recruitment process in the company in addition has not given the youths enough chance to take part in the workforce and for that reason there is a huge proportion of older people workforce in the business that the teenagers.

This is likely to have a poor impact not only on the world but also on the future of the company since there will always be a succession distance in the control and other sections of the company. Therefore it is recommended that the company should come up with a graduate recruitment process that gives teenagers more potential for participating in the introduction of the company. This might help the business to come up with a successive technology of workforces. (Hersh, 2000)

There in addition has been an issue of determination the labor force. Having motivated labor force is one of the most important factors that help a business to increase its output and at exactly the same time increase the production of the labor force. In this regard the company needs to come up with a clear program with gives ways that it will motivate its workforce. The business should think of a more defined procedure which will be use to motivate the staff and incentive them according to their performance. (Rupert, 2000)


Employee relation is an important aspect that helps an organization to make a competitive edge in the market. Most of the companies on the globe have embarked on programs that are targeted at empowering their employees in order to truly have a competent labor force. IBM has also produce several programs that are targeted at ensuring that the company cerates a competitive employees. In this respect it has used several steps that contain been targeted at addressing the welfare of the employees.

In the previous 10 years which have been many changes which have taken place in the organization which may have been inspired by exterior and inside factors. Exterior factors like the changes that have been taking place in technology have prompted the company to also integrate some technological aspect in the working process of its employees. Therefore it has come up with ergonomics to enhance the efficiency the employees.

The changes that contain been taking place in the legal and political factors have also helped the company to make changes in the management of its labor force. In respect of human protection under the law, the business has streamlined its operation to get rid of labor oppression like use of child labor, unfair working conditions among others not only in its plants but also in its resource chain. However there are a few areas of concern that the company still needs to address so far as its marriage with employees is concerned.

One of the most critical areas it need to handle is the region of pensions which as been one of the thorny issues in the company. There were complaints along the way the business has reduced its degree of contribution n to the welfare of the retirees. The company also needs to address the area of recruitment and rewarding of employees.


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