Importance of human resources strategy

After the revolution of employees management into recruiting management now we are available to new theory "recruiting strategy". (Thomas, 1996). Today Human beings are the most important recourse for an organization and the existents of an organization are exclusively trustworthy on employees. Today the the majority of problems and issues in an business are all individuals related. Hr Manger is more concern with worker thoughts, development, arranged values, expectations, inspiration, and psychology wellbeing. Repeated and repeated development in global marketplaces and technology make it more challenging for higher professionals to develop HR strategies. To meet up the competitive requirement of market manger should acquire conceptual tactical skills and methods. That why HR director should adopt up to date training techniques so that low level employee's output can be elevate. Execution of advance technology at place of work enable staff to beat up rising problems from upcoming technology. Demographic resemblance is social context is important in which individual interacts (Riordan & Shore, 1997).

Another task face by HR manger is demographic diversity within the organization. Research signifies that the variety within the workgroup have a greater impact on worker turnover and performance. Whenever employees have to take shared decision, aftereffect of diversity is very obvious at that time on their cognitive result. Mangers have to understand why diversity builds up in workgroup and what exactly are their final results. So by downsizing these reason mangers can obtain maximum output from the employees. (Pelled, 1996).

HR manager have to perform various role in an organization. They can be responsible of company wellness and employee productivity. Creating cooperative and positive environment within firm is the work of HR manger because employees in an organization come with different and individual goals, which could harm the output of organization. Staff should perform their jobs such as a team; this can only be achieved when they reveal the same goal. Common goal within employees beneficial for reducing turmoil at work place and creates harmony in company. To do this executives have to determine strategy and procedures in line with the capacity for employees.

Importance & role of recruiting practices

Through practices executives can articulate corporation processes, function procedures and culture. HR routines are supportive in increase worker output, performance and augmentation of organization learning. High performance human resource routines have a confident effect on organizational learning, which has a confident effect on business performance. (LOPEZ, PEON, & ORDAS, 2005). If HR procedures aren't accordance to staff capability and prospects than HR management will fail to achieve desire goals which finally submit low performance. In general if HRM Techniques fail to match the employee goals then its impact on HRM performance is very obvious. (Nath, 2010). To attain the desire goals of HRM and improvement in performance in human being learning resource practice. HR practice should be worker focused "Do investment in employees". In following areas RH practice can improve HRM performance.

Recruitment practices

Benefits and rewards

Employee performance evaluation

Employee responses system

Constructive organizational culture

Employee loyalty

Employee productivity

Strategies for Changes

It is necessary for organization to improve. According to change in global market, technology, developments, and customer test. To enhance the employee capacity and capacity to preserve maximum productivity group should adopt the new tearing tool and tetchiness. In future success for organization is merely possible if they line up with changing economical environment nationally and internally. Organizations need comparative advantage so they can draw in more customers and provide better customer services. In this respect HR can educated and coach employees to meet each one of these challenges.

Organization needs different thought process and innovative ideas which totally change the shape of organization. Professionals are always prepared to acquire such structure and police force which totally change the organizational culture into learning, cooperative and constructive. HRM helpful in develop organizational in such way that this can change itself with accordance to any change in global market by staying in local market. HRM should develop eloquent practices that worker should willingly and pleasantly recognize the change.

Developing a strategy

Whenever business want to develop its strategy many questions goes up such as: where we stand now? Where we what we want to achieve? How we get our goals? Who to choose which tactics is transformational? Twenty- five years of progress allows us to check out HR strategy and likely to see where's it's been, where it's at and where it may be heading. (Gubman, 2004)

First step is run an examination to determine where organization stands and what HR related problems are. This may resolve the problem regarding what future improvement required and what is upcoming market challenges. After organization really know what future problems are and their current position, now planning can be produced for augmentation of performance and meet challenges. To develop the strategic construction two analyses tools are very helpful.

SWOT (talents, weaknesses, oppor-tunities, threats)

PESTLIED(political, economic, interpersonal, technical, legal, international, environmental and demographic changes)

After strategic construction is develop now it's time to divide the duty into human resources. Responsibility should be broken down into four dimensions.





RHM have to allocate the duty and functions of every dimension according with their role and importance in reaching goals. Coordination of activities within organization by producing culture for worker and it is back by a system to attain. HR is the essential aspect of any group and the strong HR system of any group is considered as a competitive border on the market. Firm functions and system should organize with HR technique for better performance as well as for the success of strategy.

Due to rapid change in interior and exterior environment, organizations are thinking about their human resources as a unique asset which provides them competitive edge. HR strategy is a perfect tool for boosting employee capacities with accordance to organizational strategy. For strategic plans it is important that management of the recruiting should be aliens with management of the organization. (Seyedjavadin & Zadeh, 2009)

Strategies to enhance the performance of the organization

Functional strategies are basic on assortment of decision rules in each practical area of company. Capability strategies basic on creating organizational culture and examining new ideas. Result strategies are base on performance options and decrease in cost.

Human Source of information strategy and planning has shown it importance and significant during previous 25 years.

This progress can be locate development from 1980s practical strategies submit to 1980's functions strategies in the 1990's to results strategies today. (Gubman, 2004).

Functional strategies

Functional strategies bottom part on

HR procedures that typically equivalent with HR needs

Training plan

Compensation policy

Benefit tactic

Focus on particular HR plan

Focus on careful organizational issue

Capability strategies

Capability strategies platform on

Organizational culture



Establishment of business goals

Scheduling to accomplish goals

Experiment of new ideas

Results strategies

Result strategies base on

HRM influence on organization

Compliance with overall group strategies

Recruiting and hiring, regarding to need and right time

More concentrate on reducing cost

Development of specialize team

Performance measures

Reforms are needed in HR strategies

Continually change in market technology and inside environment HR strategies need reforms.

Reforms guarantee that organization goal can be achieve. Dealing with accordance due to improve in factor is essential for increase production or preserving the output level the purpose of reforms. Following reforms can be carried out in HR strategies.

HRM should analysis the condition reason end result and solutions.

HRM must evaluate polices end result.

HRM should develop such procedures which create value in the organization.

HRM motivate employees to achieve organizational.

HRM routines should be allied with HR strategy.

HRM should become victor in indentify worker needs and development.

HRM main concern should be staff development.

HRM should acquire such skill so that it can identify the change in politics and economical in countrywide as well international environment and forecast its effect on productivity.

HRM should plan effective training programs.

RH practices

On the base of above discussion it's been establish how HR tactics is very important to achieving strategy and increase creation. Through following practices organization can achieve HR strategy.

Recruit excellent staff

Accurate job description matching to role duties and duties.

Right selection standards and mechanisms

Hiring on right time

Benefits and compensation

Equally treatment for every one

Suitable from the market

Employee performance

Organizational is goal staff goal

Feedback and formal appraisal

job descriptions

stuff training and development

Positive workplace culture

Value define

Flexible culture

Excess of employee to information (polices, plan and rules )

Recognition and pay back systems

Management of major change procedures

Monitoring personnel satisfaction

Empowerment of employee

Empowerment in decision making

Opinion in planning

Q No 2 Internal and external environment aligned with business and specific employee's objectives offers focused towards performance however, not losing eyesight of Feminine managerial style. To accomplish these strategies, various tool based ideas needs alignment with implication of converging overall economy. Analyze aforesaid assertion in global dimension in order to synchronize standard source of information based ideas in SHR scenario.

Internal and exterior environment of business

Any organization working in some environment can benefit by inner and external factors. The element of internal and exterior environment includes technology physical cultural political and financial. These five elements of environment effect HR functions. Internal factors influence on HR functions performance and the on employees. The surroundings outside the corporation is called exterior environment its effect the employee attitude and behavior. The external environment can't be control.

Physical Elements

Physical component includes the physical attribute of the region where organizations can be found. Physical sounding can be helpful or can create problems.


The market has a substantial effect on the viability of the commercial strategy. I deprived economical conditions are not suitable for investment.


Political are also important for organization. Politics factors can be restrictive or beneficial.


Social responsibility responsibility to take activities that defends and improves both the welfare of society


Change in technology reshaping the work environment. It has positive and negative effect on employees.

Feminine managerial approach

The increasing range of women in authority positions within the organization is mostly changing the environment and culture of workplace and feminine worth start making it position.

Man manager frame of mind such as not agreeing to the loss their monopoly at workplace and inflexibly convert the workplace environment more complex. On other female style is more flexible and they have more ability to resolve the conflict men leaders action and managerial style will be more result focused while females act similar to a trainer with their employees. Woman are matter in communication beasucse they use their skills as compare to male that why feminine tend to be more better team market leaders. When it comes to communication, team innovator and handling the conflict girl are better choice as compare to male manager. Male administrator techniques are bottom on that they have to prove.

Some employee like guy and other like feminine management style.

Resource platform theory and combativeness strategy

Resource platform view focuses on that group by enhancing its internal features formulate a strategy. Thus giving comparative advantages to organization in the market as well in the business. By boosting its interior resources corporation creates external completive advantages and sometime this turn into new market and value add to customer.

Resource base theory and capability strategy

Production process end result is performance and its insight is capital and the skill of staff. Resources are tangible or intangible us as equipment money and mangers. By synergistic blend of resource competitive advantages can be achieve. Ability is the capacity of individuals to perform task. Augmentation in the ability helps it be more strong and hard for rivals to beat.

Global dimensions and resource basic strategy

Strategy which is base on source is very challenging goal. Every company wants to meet their customers this primary target. Resource-based strategy is implemented when firm want to make its own personality in industry. This creates completeness between firm and its rivals. By giving better outputs with original input resources make organization position strong.

Resource platform strategy is adopted when organization made a decision to global or boost its potential

Acquisition and merger

Entering joint ventures

Considering Make versus Buy alternatives

Inflowing in new markets

Adopting technologies

Disaster is at hand.

More competitive advantage

New goal

Enhancing the reference to attaining organizational goals

There is strong hyperlink between HR methods and firm performance as learning resource based view. This has been establishing that resources can institute the source which can create competitive gain. (Elliott)

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