Innovation in Unichem Pharmacy

My report is based on innovation aspects. Firstly, I had brought up the idea of innovations. I put worked upon the varieties and types of innovations. The Alternative and Internal factors that are helpful in foster inventions. I had also done a development into the future advancement strategy using those factors. And I used each one of these factors in Unichem pharmacy.

Unichem Pharmacy is a major player Pharmaceutical industry in New Zealand. It has more than 250 pharmacies in the various areas of the New Zealand. Unichem Pharmacy is working under Green Mix Health Limited. The Green Combination icon is our trust draw for the society to find better health insurance and care.


Unichem is under pharmaceutical industry grows, produces and trading markets drugs for the use medications. The Pharmaceuticals industry in New Zealand is having a great talk about on earth as they are Exporting to over 35 countries, for over 40 years, they pride on offering high quality products and service that are right first-time to the marketplace.


We will find competitors in every type of business. So are there also opponents of the pharmacy like Life pharmacy and other local pharmacies. But Life pharmacy is the key competitor which supplying the majority of the facilities within pharmacy.

Life Pharmacy

Auckland City Pharmacy

Unichem Pharmacy


Medicines, Beauty Products, Skin Care

Medicines, Beauty products

Medicines, Beauty Products, SKINCARE, Baby Products






Stores & online retail



Target Market

All parts of society

All sections of society

All sections of society

Market Share




PESTLE evaluation or PEST analysis is a marketing tool which is used by the companies to analyze the environment in which they are present or planning to launch themselves.


It is determined to the amount to which a authorities may effect the overall economy or a certain industry. In the case of Unichem, governments are focusing more on medical care. Therefore they must emphasize on charges of the drug, services provided and the types of drugs designed for to everyone.


Even though the global economy is still in crisis but the report shows expenditure on professional medical is increasing. Therefore Unichem should retain in mind the consumer disposable income and moreover analyzing the continuing future of the current medical care model.


It identifies the factors predicated on the age, love-making, group and social beliefs of the folks of a certain area. For instance, area with an increasing age population offers selection of opportunities and risks to Unichem. So, they need to examine them and capitalize on the opportunities. They have to catch the attention of certain people without stepping on the regulatory boundaries.


It is considered widely as the most important and dynamic element in the environment. An organization must be up to date in case there is technology for its existence. Technological improvement will create home based business potential customers for the Unichem for example: personalized treatments, social media for professional medical, better equipment, record maintenance etc.


The Pharmaceutical Industry has many regulatory and legislative limitations. Including the advancement of internet, patients expect more privileges in professional medical program. Unichem should adhere to all the legal requirements in order to can be found in long term. Consumer Promises Act 1993; Good Trading Act 1986; Hazardous Chemicals and New Organisms Function 1996; Health and Impairment Commissioner (Code of Health insurance and Impairment Services Consumers' Protection under the law), Regulations 1996; Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Protection under the law, available from the Health and Disability Commissioner's office; Health Information Privacy Code 1994, available from the Privateness Commissioner's office; Health (Retention of Health Information) Rules 1996; DOCTORS Competence Assurance Function 2003; Health (Needles and Syringes) Restrictions 1998; Health and Safety in Job Act 1992; Health insurance and Safety in Occupation Regulations 1995; Drugs Act 1981; Medicines Regulations 1984; Misuse of Drugs Act 1975; Misuse of Drugs Restrictions 1977; New Zealand Code of Good Creation Practice for Make and Distribution of Healing Goods, Part 3 (Compounding and Dispensing), available from Medsafe;



SWOT :-The SWOT evaluation shows all the exterior factors which can be helpful to increase our business in the market. These are Power, WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITIES AND Hazards (SWOT).

The focus on my SWOT analyses execution of new creativity for thecompany- online.


  • Experienced business unit
  • Barriers of Market Entry
  • High Earnings
  • Domestic Market


  • Tax Variations
  • Less availability of Parking
  • No idea for future Profit


  • Growing Demand
  • Growing Economy
  • Growth Rates And Profitabilty


  • Increasing Costs
  • Increasing Competition
  • War
  • Government regulations
  • Natural Disaster

Innovation strategies provide the structure for the company to make strategies and run the business smoothly. When the strategies are created properly plus they can easily understood by the manager then then business will have a proper growth. If indeed they don't use the resources properly they will face a deployment of the resources. The main goal of the strategies is to check the direction In which the activists will perform. They prepare the organizational goals very carefully and properly so they there wouldn't be any misuse of the resources. Strategy is the way which ensures the organizational efficiency & performance. Therefore, only effectiveness isn't only important to place it to the best of their efficiency, nonetheless they must be used by doing so which ensures the maximum contribution to the organizational objectives. Group achieves the performance when the strategies are created properly. In a very business where in fact the formal strategic management is implemented, employees are satisfied by their assignments. If the business is jogging systematized then everyone understands how to provide attention towards organizational goals, everyone knows how to do work and who has the right to make decisions then this type of system can help the organizational to accomplish effectiveness and success at the average person level.

As I am going to develop strength-opportunity strategy which centers is on the opportunities which I had analysed in my own SWOT and PESTLE evaluation.

As the Unichem pharmacy has many opportunities which can be purchased in the marketplace like growing current economic climate of the country. Due to upsurge in the economy immediately increase in the deal of products. Because of the progress rate in rising daily due good reputation and good services provided by the Unichem pharmacy.

According to my evaluation the new creativity of online sales of products and services will very helpful because of favourable opportunities on the market. As the demand for the cosmetic and products is increasing day by day. So, the business can sale online which is very useful in increasing business. The chance of order online and home delivery will entice more customer due savage of their own time.

As corresponding to my analysis advantages of Unichem pharmacy are experienced and graduated personnel, goodwill of the business enterprise, barriers of the accessibility of new comers and high earning pharmacy of all local pharmacies. Each one of these strengths of Unichem pharmacy are very helpful in new technology of online sale of product and services. The business must truned all staff how to use the new software.

In addition, pharmacy technicians must act within the legislative limits of these role as given by the Drugs Polices 1984 and should always respond under the immediate personal supervision of the pharmacist when dispensing or compounding.

Recommendation: - As Unichem pharmacy does very well in the market as compare with their competitors on the market. But I want to recommend some new more new creativity on the market like some innovations in the checkout techniques like accept apple will pay. As the pharmacy can increase the sale by providing deliveries to the rural areas where there is no store available.

Conclusion: - As the opportunities available in the market and advantages of Unichem pharmacy are extremely helpful in choose the changes by new inventions.


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