Interview of a Business Manager


People operate businesses with the aim of making profits. Enterprisers are business-oriented and dream of making the greatest profits using their company investments. Different business people will venture into different businesses depending on several factors: amount of capital to be spent, the location, availability of a ready market, opportunity of business progress, and risk rates (Parson, 1990). Before spending, you need to consider the business advantages and opportunities at disposal. This paper is a critical analysis of John and his business, after effectively interviewing him about his position gets the business supervisor, and about his investment.

Critical analysis of John business enterprise and his role has the business manager

Before engaging in any managerial responsibilities, it is necessary to consider the kind of organization one is set to control. John operates and manages a little bakery as its business administrator. His bakery idea was a combination of his wife's love of baking and the extended desire to possess and manage their own business. Some of the products stated in the business enterprise are muffins, pizza, Batters, Breadings and Coaters, Biscuits and Scone Mixes, Cookies, Cakes, Nice Dough, Creme and Pound Cake, and Donuts. Junk food such as potato chips and chicken are also popular in the business (Parson, 1990). The business name is Tasty Bites Bakers and he serves as the business enterprise manager of the establishment.

Tasty Bites Bakers competes mainly in the bakery and confectionery industry. This industry is one of the most contended ones numerous rivals trying to reproduce each others products. The opportunity of the business enterprise is local and manages only two branches in the neighborhood town. However, John thinks of expanding the business within the next five years.

After a very long time, John and his lovely partner had contemplated using their own business. His better half, Ruth, also enjoys baking. The combo of these two interests initiated this business idea. Also, the two wanted to earn a living from it after John lost his job following the 2008 economic turmoil. Going back a decade, John had been able to save a substantial amount of money positive that one day he would venture into business. After being retrenched, it was the correct time to proceed and begin his baking business. His wife's love for cooking also boosted this idea. He has been in a position to hire several employees to assist in baking and distribution of the merchandise to companies such as institutions and nursing homes and homes.

After conducting the interview, John said that his business was operated as a only proprietorship and his process became that of a business manager. This sort of business is run by a single person and never have to integrate other stakeholders. A lot of the common businesses in the United States are of the form (Parson, 1990). John also said that he could have chosen a relationship kind of business to increase on profits and market their products widely. You can find advantages normal with this form of business. Some of the excellent advantages are the following

The profits obtained from the business will never be shared hence which makes it easy to promote the business enterprise.

It takes small amount of time to make decisions. It is because there are no business lovers to be consulted. John is absolve to make the decisions he deems appropriate for his business.

It is super easy to begin this kind of business. This is because the person's idea is the only real needed thing plus investment capital.

Change and management are easily done by the business owner.

This form of business also has several drawbacks which can cause the business to collapse. These include

Losses are shared independently. These can cause the business to collapse.

Bad business decisions will impact negatively on the business enterprise.

There is not a writing of ideas available. An awful idea will cause the business enterprise to collapse.

It is hard to improve enough capital for the business.

Management of this kind of business is often preferred by people who want starting their own ventures. It can range between a small business to a major corporation but privately owned or operated by an individual specific (Parson, 1990). Should John experienced chosen a partnership kind of business he'd not enjoy fast decision making and taking the business enterprise credit by themselves. Business ideas would be distributed hence increasing likelihood of inability and disagreements. Additionally it is to note a relationship form of business would have significant advantages over the only real proprietorship as talked about above.

Any business corporation or company will have several weaknesses and rewards. The main goal behind any business idea is to increase on the rewards and reducing the threats, obstacles and weaknesses. After interviewing John about his business and his role as the business enterprise manager, he discussed several difficulties the bakery has been facing. Competition is a significant challenge because of this business. With over six similar bakeries in the area, John's business has been striving hard to come up with ways of increasing its performance and ensuring the greatest amount of customers has been come to. The other concern is at decision making. With this type of company, John seen that some decisions made may not benefit the bakery. Consumer movements are also unstable hence so that it is hard to when to improve the products and when to lessen (Parson, 1990). Another major obstacle is the current economic instability. It has resulted in a lesser number of customers willing to work with the bakery's products.

Despite the problems confronted in this business, there are rewards as well. As John said, he has been able to pay himself a better salary. Generally, the business has been a success and with it he has used his two children to school. Under his able strategies as the business manger, the business enterprise has also set up his competence and experience. In future he opts to develop the business enterprise by beginning new bakeries. This organization has transformed his life completely.

Has a company manager, ethical behavior and responsibility are important concepts which have to be implemented consistently. Matching to John, there is certainly nothing more rewarding running a business like being liable and moral when serving the customers and the environment. That is John's top priority, as an enterprise administrator. John his served with the responsibility of ensuring that quality products achieving the needs of the clients have been produced. The merchandise have to be healthy by making sure they have enough sugar levels, lack of cholesterol and also ensure they are simply properly stuffed. Proper handling and travelling are also seen to ensure the customer's health is never compromised. Another ethical habit practiced here is to be sure the client gets value for his cash (Parson, 1990). Proper customer handling is also a high priority under John's management concepts.

Major threats to the organization include the problem of Costly Circulation. This business has implemented improved packaging, and products supply chain operations which in future can too costly. As new restrictions usually takes into result for the bettering of the environment, the bakery might find themselves with lowers in their earnings because of their increase in recycleables and procedures. Another threat based on the macro environmental forces can be the risk of new rivals in the locality. This competition caused by access of new players can cause price wars between the main rivals and because of this cause the company to lessen prices. Such kind of competition can make other bakeries that have lower development costs to still enjoy profits. To John this becomes challenging to sustain a fortifying market share.

Though the business is sole managed, John utilizes few people who aid in other organization functions. Has the business manager, John's responsibilities include management of business procedures in Day-to-Day basis, monitoring of daily cash supervision and execution of measures and controls when required or necessary. His Supervisory obligations comprise of managing transport and distribution of bakery products to various clients. In discussion with his wife, John is also accountable for preparing, employing and studying accounts and finances for the business. Also he responds to various questions and resolves issues related to deals and operations managed by the bakery.

Caring for the environment is another important responsibility greatly seen by John (Tasty Bites Bakers business supervisor). Some of other major obligations seen by John entails the use of biodegradable packaging materials to safeguard the environment. He also ensure that the merchandise have been packed in recyclable materials. Removal of water and waste materials are done ethically with the aim of protecting the environment. Dirty drinking water is filtered and cared for before it is released. Hot water is cooled to conserve the ecology (Dale, 2003).

Has the business enterprise manager, John describes his advantages to be building blocks of his success. He views himself as a focused and an attentive person who considers each and every detail of the responsibility and process that he his in charge of. Through this, John as were able to reduce regrettable blunders which sometimes are usually too costly. It has created confidence and trust to people that he provide, and the value they get from his work is reliable.

He also details himself as a strong as well as a charismatic person, who acknowledge changes and prepared to embraces the change process itself. This sense of dynamism has prepared him to squeeze in a range of prevailing conditions or situation. Includes a business manager he embraces that there is nothing static and things retains on changing, and evolution of items is realizable. Another personal durability that makes him a superb business director is the factor of credibility and trustworthiness (Blanchard, 1982). This trait has strengthened his focus on various business and managerial jobs, as well to be a one who people can rely on. Notwithstanding his assorted strengths, John also posses some weaknesses. Some of them include concern with failure to achieve success, limited time management and the trend to perform large number of tasks at the same time.

Has a company manager, Johns outlines that we now have five major environmental factors which come into play during his managerial functions available organization. Included in these are economic situation, competition, scientific development, legal aspects and global factors. For example, there are financial situations that contain to be get over by any business. All legal aspects will impact on the business negatively such as taxes and business permits (Parson, 1990). Competition is also common in this business. Business operations are all about competition so that the best wins and makes the best profits. In order for this business to achieve success amidst these environmental influences, John makes certain that every part has been carefully considered and examined to place the business on the safe aspect. Each one of these aspects should be carefully examined if the business enterprise is to make it through in this competition entrepreneurial world (Charan, Drotter & Noel, 2001).

As the business administrator of Tasty Bites Bakers, John has analyzed his overall business technique to focus on product and service quality with process creativity of product development. The business enterprise strategy is reinforced by bakery current development focusing on slower enlargement. Tasty Bites Bakers strategy is facilitated through changes in the production chain process that ensure product availableness and lower creation and distribution costs.

Has the bakery business supervisor, John has been applying several approaches to gain and keep maintaining home based business opportunities. Included in these are exploration of new marketplaces, changes of products and improving their quality. Every time a new opportunity and business durability occurs, John makes sure he has implemented it for the welfare of the business. He has also been using business cost savings to increase the operations of the business and make a competitive benefits by using modern baking equipment (Parson, 1990). These strategies have played a significant role towards the improvement of his work has a company manager. John believes that he made a blunder and should have started a large business where his role as the business manager would be diverse and more challenging.

After interviewing John, he argued that really the only key to success to become a powerful business manager is to truly have a personal business school of thought. In this viewpoint, one has to convey the business goals, quest and eyesight. This becomes the business blueprint. He therefore thinks such a viewpoint has made the business he possesses and manages grow. As well, he proposed that an investor should make sure he considers all ethical behaviors and duties in the business he manages. If he were to start all over again, John said that he would spend all his personal savings at once to see his position and role has the business manager learn to grow immediately. It was after twelve months when he commenced to grow his business. He was uncertain about the future and therefore afraid to invest all his personal savings. Still John believes that he made a huge mistake and really should have controlled and managed a greater business immediately (Blanchard, 1982).


Business management is an essential approach which should be keenly considered by all businesses to be able to improve their performance by engaging all the individuals in the business in acting and employed in a manner which shall promise better performance with the business. This process is hence what contains the main element towards the future performance of the business or group and rendering it possible for it to achieve its goals within the explained time period. In that case, while adopting management habits in an enterprise, business managers should become aware of the functions and the tasks which have to done and achieved through the management process. In conclusion, the interview proven that John's position has a small business administrator in his business is his life.


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