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Management Information System

Management Information Systems (MIS) provides information to managers and help them in decision-making based on databases. Data evaluation plays vital role in determining which resources to utilize in order to achieve the mission of an organization. The globe is developing an increasingly global market and current economic climate.

The basic management information system actions inputs and/or outputs, allowing managers to analyse the relationship between them and make decisions based on the outcomes they desire. Day to day example can be a speedometer, a speed-measuring system

Types of Management Information Systems


The different kinds of MIS can be categorized into the pursuing

Transaction-Processing Systems:

With the development of mainframe pcs, Transaction-processing systems were unveiled in the 1960s. These are suitable for the banks to handle a huge volume of routine, recurring ventures. They record debris and payments in to the accounts, record sales and keep tabs on inventory. .

Operations Information Systems

After transaction-processing systems, businesses Information Systems came into existence. It gathers information, organises and summarises it in a good form. It access data from TPS and moulds it into suitable form. You can obtain sales article or inventory etc from this.

Decision Support Systems (DSS)

DSS can be an interactive computer system. It hasthree fundamental components

database management system (DBMS), model-based management system (MBMS) and dialog technology and management system (DGMS) which is often used for decision making.

Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence

ESAI use human knowledge encapsulated in a computer to solve various problems that always requires human expertise. Computer identifies, formulates and then solves issues. It also talks about the perfect solution is and learns from its experience as well.

Introduction to Jet Airways

Jet Airways is a leading Indian airline using its head quarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It's the second largest airline in India and the marketplace head in the domestic sector. It includes over 400 plane tickets daily to 67 destinations worldwide.

Main home hubs: Mumbai and Delhi.

International hubs: Brussels Air-port, Belgium.

It is held by the London-based businessman, Mr. NareshGoyal.


Jet Airways surfaced using its first air travel in 1993. It really is one of the fastest expanding airlines on earth, and in future will become the most preferred airline making your voyage enjoyable. Plane Airways offers flights to 24 international destinations and 43 locations in India.


Jet Airways was included as an air service operator on 1 April 1992. It commenced Indian commercial air line functions on 5 May 1993. On 4th January 1995, Plane Airways was granted a scheduled air travel status. The company is listed on the Bombay STOCK MARKET. Although, a major portion (80% of its stock) is controlled by Naresh Goyal.

It has over 10, 017 employees (March 2007). Plane Airways currently manages a fleet of 90 aeroplanes. With an average fleet get older of 4. 99 years, the air travel has one of the youngest aircraft fleets on the globe. Flights to 65 locations span the distance and breadth of India and beyond.


Jet Airways can be the most preferred domestic air travel in India. Jet Airways will achieve this spectacular position by offering a high quality of service and reliable, comfortable and successful operations. Jet Airways will uplift the concept of domestic flight travel -to be considered a world class airline.

It will accomplish that objective whilst ensuring steady profitability, attaining long-term returns because of its investors and providing its employees with an environment for excellence and development.

Information Systems in Airlines

Airlines are present to connect visitors to distant locations very proficiently and properly while making income for the shareholders. . There has to be a trade-off between your three aspects.

Thus, the planning of information system is very essential and its own management helps them reach the organization's goal.

Key indicators in general management must guide the working of the process and making changes in reference allocation. A management information system regularly provides information about the successful working and function of the business.

The ultimate goal of the flight industry is to make the passengers' quest comfortable and convenient. The various steps in the airport and aircraft should be simplified and highest amount of customers' satisfaction have to retained in order to achieve today's competitive world.

The Current Scenario

The air travel industry is continually evolving and making use of the latest enhancements and technologies all with a standard try to make the trip of the travellers more and more comfortable and convenient.

All different procedures that the traveler undergoes in the airport and airplane need to be simplified and finest quality of satisfaction for customers have to retained by airlines in order to achieve today's competitive circumstance.

Flying is now-a-days one of the most effective and easiest way to protect large ranges. It will save you a great deal of traveling time compared to other method of transportation. For employees this is a huge bonus offer as business can be carried out at a faster speed as they can reach their places in a matter of time. The 4 basic factors that the airline industry has to carefully take on are the following





Every year increasing numbers of people are resorting to airlines as a mode of transportation and hence constant technology and establishing a distinctive relationship with the individuals is the necessity of the hour. Hence, the value of the technology of integrated systems has become clearer and unavoidable in the airlines for future years as well.

Improving Air Travel Information Systems

It has been seen that many merchant companies are doing frequent research and development in the systems that have a prime aim to improve customer satisfaction and offer better services to the client. Huge opportunities are also being made in this area that includes a lot of scope of improvement.

Example of such service can be self- checking kiosks, in-flight entertainment and connectivity, check-in via cell phones, international airport and baggage management services.

Currently what can be seen as the perfect target of the airlines is: Optimizing profits while increasing customer interactions.

Management Information system in Plane Airlines


Jet Airways, , one of India's premier international airline, and IBM (NYSE: IBM) have declared that the firms have signed a strategic business change for ten years and information technology (IT) services contract. Respected at 62 million US dollars, the agreement is a significant step towards Jet Airways' voyage of technology led business transformation, which will help the airline to attain significant expansion by implementing the company's IT with business strategies.

Jet Airways seeks to use IBM's domain understanding of the global air travel industry and its own command in technology to meet up with the group's business change objectives. Within the deal, IBM will provide with the latest technological solutions to enhance the airline's various business areas such as airport operations, direct syndication and recurrent flier programs. This proposal will help Jet Airways to improve and integrate its IT systems to deliver an extremely differentiated customer support and to enhance the efficiency of its various functions.

"Constant innovation to remain before industry progress has been Jet Airways' working philosophy since it started its operations in 1993, " said Nikos Kardassis, Chief Executive Officer, Jet Airways (India) Ltd. "Our company is delighted to spouse with IBM, the world's leading IT services company, and find out this as a thrilling chance to use IBM's technology to lead business transformation in the Indian aviation sector and augment expansion. This association will enable us to give attention to our central business and improve our functional efficiencies, besides providing a seamless customer experience. India, as a country, will need a leading edge position in delivering innovative ideas and solutions in the Global Aviation ground, " remarked Mr. Kardassis.

IBM has provided Jet Airways with cutting edge IT Infrastructure and software to aid services including worker change, data centre procedures, helpdesk support and safe-keeping procedures, internet security services, network management, SAP and different other operating systems.

Commenting on the growing marriage with Jet Airways, Ashish Kumar, Basic Manager, Global Technology Services, IBM India/South Asia, said, "This tactical services package with Jet Airways will start a a new era in the Indian aviation industry. It'll enable the airline to provide and improve its business value and gain competitive benefits through progressive use of technology. IBM will bring its global experience and skills in this industry to provide services and solutions to help Jet Airways achieve its objective to innovate and lead as it is growing and expand internationally. "

The contract was signed in June 2010.

Customer Romance Management

CRM stands for Customer Marriage Management. It is strategy used to learn more about customers' needs in order to develop more powerful relationships with them. CRM has always been a matter of great concern for airlines aspiring to improve relationships with the clients.

Airlines that can effectively aim for, attract, provide and contain the best customers will definitely experience significant benefits. The better the bonding the airline retains with these customers, a lot more opportunities will be open for offering additional products and services.

However, as the 'e-business' is developing, the hurdles of creating customer relationships have become even greater. Airlines must be completely in charge of a customer's satisfaction whilst the "want to buy, buy it and utilize it" experience.

Advantage of CRM In Sales and Marketing

CRM defines marketing procedures and satisfy customer requirements using efficiency to improve management of resources, segments and lists, campaigns, trade special offers, and marketing analytics. In addition, it enables management of accounts, product configuration, opportunities, quotations, requests, contacts, activities charges, billing, and agreements.

Make smart business decisions with better customer relationships.

Speedy access to directories so faster marketing.

Improve presence of your entire marketing process

Increase comes back on investment funds.

Grow profitable relationships

Maintain give attention to productive activity

Eliminate barriers to productivity

Improve sales efficiency Service

Transform service into a profitable line of business

Increase customer loyalty

Reduce costs of customer support and field service

CRM in Jet Airways

The amount 5 shows a few special offering from Jet Airlines

The special offerings from it are the following

It offers free tickets

Special rates for Students

Special Fares for corporate deals

Jetlite Surprises

The other Customer Romance Management activities also include

Rapid Rewards program for those passengers that produce almost all their reservations online.

Incentives include lower rates, share boarding moves, and in-flight bonus products like free appetizers & drinks.

Business Quick Rewards for Business travelers.

Special Benefits and services for Senior

Vendor For Jet Airways' CRM: EPSILON

The growing digital marketing company Epsilon's email solution will now provide customer and trade communication services to Jet Airways to be able to improve their marriage with customers. Jet Airways known for its in-flight services is trying hard to enhance its customer romantic relationship management and loyalty management. .

Various research were conducted and was discovered that customers favor email as the route for communication. Thus, to become forward it picked Epsilon's email marketing services. Epsilon is a pioneer in email sevices and exact view of all customers.

Such a synopsis allows the airways to design solutions for targeted customers which also increase its brand equity and nurtures great gains with commitment.

"To provide a world-class customer experience, we decided Epsilon because of their best-of-class email marketing solutions that allow us to stay near our customers throughout the relationship lifecycle and ensure that we are providing the most relevant information, optimised in a timely fashion as and when they want it, " said Rahul Kucheria, GM, Romantic relationship Marketing with Jet Airways.

Epsilon's email platform speeds up the email delivery. Ithas an extreme tracking and report building features as well as optimisation tools that permit Jet Airways to take pleasure from the benefits associated with relevancy in interacting with the customers.

It also allows Jet Airways to monitor and track the position and status of specific email communication all the way from arranging to enquiry deal. This allows the airline to boost its account and exchange behaviour data to eventually achieve one-to-one relationship with its customers.

Jet Airways presently publishes a every month email newsletter to Jet Privilege members, all the travel organization partners and corporate and business clients. The business is likely to add transactional e-mailing through the Epsilon system, such as sign up confirmation, welcome announcements and buy confirmations.


In general, the airlines have to ensure that they hit a proper balance between your customer services and working costs. Inside the aviation industry, your competition is ever increasing as more players enter in each year. Effective management of information systems can definitely assist in attaining these goals and also assist to incorporate the innovative alternatives as well.

In order to meet to meet these challenges, whole lot of companies and organization will work on different software and alternatives with a typical objective at heart to make travel both - easy and convenient

It is important to find the suitable information that will assist managers view their situation obviously. When airlines seen management information systems that included damage in the revenue due to not selling empty chairs or rooms, they supervised methods for getting some value from latecomers at deep discounts.

A good information system in practice can ensure that the procedure can run efficiently with clear focus on customers. By incorporating better and better technology systems, we can get in touch with needs of more customers and also reinforce essential features like security, staying away from delays, reducing the price of travel. The range of improvement is practically endless and the companies must keep on changing in order to survive in the future as well.

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