Junior Managers Program by Bosch

Junior Managers Program

The Junior Managers Program (JMP) is the most-prestigious program run by Bosch for mid-level professionals. It is targeted at nurturing MBAs from the Top 20 B-Schools who will tend to be tomorrow's Bosch professionals for accelerated international professions. Challenging projects, obligations, a global network as well as intense on- and off- the job training help the associates prepare for older management responsibilities early on in their career. This 24-month rotational program, modelled after an exercise program in Germany, has produced many top executives within the last 30 years. "The JMP is an outstanding program for those people who have a strong learning orientation and like new obstacles, Bosch being the huge MNC that it is, never does not keep elevating the pub for employees who want to keep growing and learning.

Technical Professionals Training

Technical Managers Training is especially targeted at associates employed from top standing engineering colleges. It is designed to reach right balance of theoretical and useful subject matter making sure ideal 'real world' software for various workshop needs. At Bosch, it is believed that a technician who has the capacity to diagnose problems quickly and accurately increases the efficiency of the workshop, gives greater customer satisfaction and in turn results in better profit. Appropriate the right person to the right job is the main element to success here. Expansion opportunities and the regular learning that such initiatives have to give you have helped Bosch Small build a reputation for talent management, aiding it attract the best applicants on campus aside from keeping and nurturing them. This culture prompts associates to provide beyond goals, by working and contributing to the best of their capacity.

Bosch Vocational Centre

By bridging the distance in the complex ability space, Bosch Small has managed to succeed where others are unsuccessful. The need for skilled manpower has given go up to the need for vocational training. To focus on this need, Bosch Small has a full-fledged training centre to bridge this difference and create a tank of skilled staff required to produce quality products on advanced machines. Apprentices direct out of matriculation are recruited and trained at this state-of- the-art vocational centre famously referred to as the Bosch Vocational Centre.

On the average Bosch in India hires around 150 graduate apprentices each year. These apprentices are given sufficient amount of training along with a stipend. At the end of the course they can be mostly absorbed on the payrolls of the company. By hiring them young, Bosch is able to mould them and infuse in them the Bosch culture as well as the habit of delivering and preserving high quality specifications.

At its training centres in Bangalore, Nashik, Naganathpura and Jaipur, Bosch provides practical training experience. These apprentices are guided by industry experts in the latest curriculum as per industry needs. Young anatomist graduates receive exposure to training programs that are in line with the requirements of the industry. At these facilities, training is also provided to existing associates and business companions on the latest in technology and Bosch benchmarks of production.

Talent Retention


An company that targets nurturing expertise also runs the chance of dropping it. Every time associates retire, the company loses valuable skills. Bosch wants to make use of the experience of retired executives and offer them the option of your "second profession. " Bosch Management Services employs the abilities of retired associates aged between 60 and 75.

These resources are paid a consultancy charge, which is leaner than what's paid to external consultants. Thus giving the business the advantages of getting usage of a ready and trained talent pool at brief notice. The knowledge bank that initiative provides Bosch usage of is phenomenal since each one of the consultants have 3 to 4 decades of work experience at Bosch and know the business thoroughly. This can help smoothen workload management and allows ex-employees to cope better with maturing and pension.

Total Rewards

Bosch has scaling system from 1-5 which rates performance - 1 being given for best performance and 5 for substandard performance. The rankings given to people is relative in a team. That is, a rating of 2 is given to not more than 2 people in the same team. The add-ons are mounted on this ranking and the employees are rewarded according with their salary group. The employees also get a percentage of the business's profit when the business performs really well.

Fair Compensation

At Bosch they conduct regularly market study to understand better, the incomes offered in the market. Salaries are compared against salaries in the industry and individual performance is assessed each year to offer reasonable and competitive incomes to all or any employees.

Our Employee Recommendation Scheme

Bosch welcomes employee ideas. Ideas that deliver results, such as optimized functions, waste elimination, improved upon product quality or associated with health safety and environment, are rewarded with bonuses as high as Rs. 60, 000. The success we've proven in gathering associates' ideas and adding them into practice has helped us reduce costs in a huge range of areas over time.

Support for Miscellaneous Jobs: at the workplace

We want to aid our affiliates also in their extra-work tasks. That's why in some sites we offer dedicated services such as laundry, home appliances repair, or tailoring at attractive low prices. Additionally, through this service our associates don't have to care any longer about obligations such as repayments of bills, plans and fines, courier, booking movie seat tickets or even searching for basic groceries.

Our benefits programs are versatile, competitive and extensive. They are set up so as to make the choices that make sense for you and your family at that point in time. Our detailed coverage includes deputation with family, medical coverage, and various types of life insurances that will profit your loved ones, along with all the current other standard compensations and benefits. The difference is that we care.

Talent Retention

http://www. hrmagazine. co. uk/hr/interviews/1014824/interview-andrew-castle-hr-director-bosch#sthash. 0lcqCmRr. dpuf

Business Verticals of Robert Bosch
  1. Mobility Solutions
  2. Consumer Goods
  3. Industrial Technology
  4. Energy and Building Technology
The company that people researched was Bosch India Pvt Ltd. , which includes the following structure
The HR vertical in Bosch has the following functions
  1. Communication
  2. Knowledge Management
  3. Organisational Development
  4. Manpower Inventory
  5. Training and Development
  6. Performance Management
  7. Employee Potential Development

One of the main functions in HR being recruiting, is done through the next process.

  • First, they place their long term strategies (say for 3-5 years)
  • They forecast the manpower needed to achieve the strategy
  • Then they check the real numbers and compare it with the forecast
  • These amounts are distributed based on lower, middle and higher management
  • The staffing need is then accounted for the headcount fluctuation, backfill, additional needs from M&A jobs etc.
  • Finally, the total number of men and women required for every level is ascertained

Then they go through the recruiting process which is typical recruiting process conducted for technicians which starts with an aptitude ensure that you then a technical test followed by an interview to check the candidate's technological and inter-personal skills.

This is a campus recruitment process; the process of recruiting midsection and higher-level management will be different though. For middle level management, there are different methods in which the candidates are picked that are reviewed in another section.

One interesting truth about Bosch is that they very hardly ever recruit for a higher-level management post; under inevitable circumstances. It is because, Bosch believes in long-term relationship with the employees and those who are in the bigger posts are generally the ones who acquired marketed. Bosch also believes that these employees are the ones that understand the company's position better and can take better decisions.

The career ladder in Bosch looks like this

Manager of Self

Manager of Others

Manager of mangers

Function Manager

Business Manager

Group Manager

Enterprise Manager

Bosch emphasizes on potential than on performance.

The explanation of "potential" in the Bosch group is

"Development probable is the ability of the administrator to successfully handle tasks which have not yet been designated to him/her"

They assume that a clear description of potential is essential to align the understanding between silos in the business. Performance is contextual and it is indicative of potential. High performance doesn't convert to leadership potential.

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