KFC Customer Survey

The primary goal of this project is to handle a customer study both in the stores of the KFC and outside available food joints to discover whether the people are willing for the release of local flavored menu by KFC. Through this, to identify the effect of differences in the culture, on the success of the multinational food retailing. That is a process to investigate the social aspect of a particular country influencing the approval of the meals served by a retailing company from another cultural record.


  • This whole study is transported either to demonstrate or disprove that folks are willing to agree to local menu items along with the standard menu items being provided by KFC in its several restaurants throughout the world.
  • Based on the customer willingness to accept or to study their desire for food for local items in KFC and how these items may help out to entice many people and exactly how it'll support the upsurge in sales if accepted by the customers, and at the same how in any way if introduced these things are going to surrogate the main branded components of the KFC which already are doing good in its menu.
  • Identifying different variety of the local menu items being proposed by several similar type of quick offering restaurants, analyzing deeply the menu items and their elements, the customer fascinating value by those substances used there in. after an in depth analysis of these items and menu materials, seeking to do clinical tests, which ones to be used and that can be innovated, to build up a new product.

Research questions and justification

KFC inserted India in the entire year 1995, as Kentucky Fried Rooster, but because of the several agitations by the people from many industries against it saying that KFC is not adhereing to the food safety norms that were prevailing in India and the problems of ill treating the poultry in the farms which supply meats to KFC (ICMR, 2005)etc, this was also accompanied by the agitation from the farmer leaders stating that companies like kfc encourage farmers go away from farming the standard crops to rear chicken. Adding to this almost all of the vegetarians from Mumbai dealing with kfc help only non-vegetarian food plus they never resulted in in the restaurant. Because of all these reasons which overlooked to study the business enterprise, cultural influence on the meals consumption kfc were required to leave India and it reenterd India after chaning its name to the now KFC from its past Kentucky Fried Rooster. This shows the value of the analysis of cultural affects on the new market entry decisions.

There are several issues to be solved through this research questions.

First of decision should be made on if the people are willing to accept any such item which is local in taste. To identify this questionnaire is manufactured with a question,

Is that advisable to introduce local tastes in KFC?

This is done and also other questions which check into the positioning of the KFC in the imagination of the customers that they are perceiving its services and the atmosphere at the restaurants. That is also should be achieved along with the questions which make inquiries the acceptance of the present existing menu items.

Question also should be elevated, to recognize the flavor of the palettes of the target country which type of food they are really most interested or which type of recipe they had their heart throbs for. This should be done so as to enter place the menu item which is voted most by the overall people who eat outside the majority of the times.

Literature review

This is basically a comparative review which also should be take into consideration the strategies of similar restaurants like KFC. So similar type restaurants like McDonalds, Texas chicken, Burger king, Subway, which can be into similar format as KFC intro the quick serving restaurants, but nonetheless these form different menu items in each of them.

McDonalds sell burgers as its main item but at the same this is considered among the referral since it is the first restaurant which broke its standard standard item idea and introduced the neighborhood menu item in India which is named as "Aloo Tikki" this item is very much indeed popular in the outlets of McDonalds, India knowledge, 2009. Tx chicken is one particular restaurant which delas with only rooster snack items exactly similar to the KFC, hence if the items out of this restaturant is also examined which one has been liked most by the people from this restaurant.

Burger king is also one of the famous quick serving restaurant in India which totally depends on the burger menu items only. Arriving at the subway the food sold here is full of green in nature they provide for the gourmets who are calorie conscious also. Knowing the preferences of folks visiting such various restaurants can enhance the data of the flavor of the people. Combined with the consensus which famous item is well-liked by them it will also be known if they like the menu items which are local being proposed by them. This will likely once more reconfirms your choice of introductions of the neighborhood menu item into a marketplace by KFC.

Marie-Ccile Cervellon and Laurette Dube, 2005, made a study how different cultures affected the likes and dislikes in consuming a particular food. They talked about at length the theoretical and functional results on the dominance of the culture. This study was done in in essence to review the inter-influence of ethnicities on food between the French and the Chinese language cuisines.

American Heart Association, 2010, in their curriculum to teach their dietary experts, briefly clarify its the way the distinctions in the civilizations, dissimilarities in the ethnicity they belong to, distinctions in the family backgrounds, hinge upon the decision of diet by their patients. This may really help them in formulating the complete diet graph.

But there are very few studies which discuss on the affect of ethnicities for the success of multinational fast referred retailing giants. Though McDonald's has already been serving with different menu items in different countries. Originally it got its lessons from its failing in the Chinese language countries, where the eight first intervals and its own standard menu, which was not eventually accepted well by the Chinese people. Then it came out with a concept to add the blend menu with both local and standard menu variations.

Methodology and Data collection methods

The research is supposed to utilize two types of data to handle the research specifically, primary and supplementary data. Assessing the info that had been been utilized by the others that was collected through main sources for some other purpose is known as secondary data. Primary data is the most recent or new data that is gathered specifically for the reason intended e book will for the study.

Based on desire to and purpose of today's study, the data should be collected afresh to choose upon whether to create a new custom-made menu for India by KFC. This should be taken from the individuals who are designed to be the customers of KFC. The complete survey would be achieved in two levels where in the first level of the principal data collection is done at the retailers of the KFC only. This could be done through the reactions of the customers who walk in to KFC, from whom the principal data is gathered through a study questionnaire. Essentially this research is intended only to determine upon whether could it be advisable to expose a local menu item combined with the standard items that were present with the KFC. This survey process will be conducted by any study agencies using the review questions created by me and the company together, this can also be done through any free online survey website or by straight mailing the questionnaire to the people mail ids which were already present with the KFC which it sustains them within their promotional activity to email them for greeting them on their special occasions, or which were collected through many of their contact things.

The second level of the survey process is targeted at actual intro of the local menu item, this is to be carried out after the initial stage was complete as soon as such decision was taken to introduce the local menu item and then if it is now time to choose which menu item should be released, predicated on the style of the customers who regularly eat beyond their homes in quick portion restaurants like KFC. This survey could be achieved at other such outlet stores which act like KFC or those which have good appeal on the gourmets, and any other such hotels or restaurants that happen to be well-known for their exclusive or multi cuisine recipes. This survey also will be carried out online for a specific period of time till the intended test size of the objective is fulfilled. Real aiming test size for paid survey is 2000 people.

After concluding the two types of studies which will be done through different stations, the data collected here will be qualitatively analised using the statistical graphs. This will permit us to go through an easy process of decision making as the results here will disclose the objective of people who participated in the research. Predicated on these results the suggestion ot the business whether there's a necesiity for the release of the local item is essential or it is better to keep with the existing standard items with the KFC. Once it is set to introduce the local flavour or local menu item decision to zero down which type of item should be introduced should be produced. This is predicated on the second review, though there will be no concrete decision can be produced to day the items or the spices being found in the review list as is, KFC can get a clue which type of items can be well-liked by individuals who visit the restaurants of KFC.

For the next concern which is targeted at studying the mix cultural issues of launch of Indian food far away, and the mix social issues to be taken look after KFC. The complete data is accumulated through secondary source only which include internet, This complete study is based on the exploratory approach to research. Exploratory research frequently depends on secondary data for its research like critiquing the available literatures and/or data, also depends upon qualitative approaches which include data collected by other research workers through informal discussions with the people included or related to the fast food industry and the study of culture on the eating habits, employees, and the management or the competition who can show you different things which might be useful for carrying overall research successfully. Plus more such formal strategies of thorough in-depth interviews which were already available from the said focus groupings, using of different projective methods, can also rely upon the case studies or pilot studies which are already done by several intellectual individuals predicated on the principal information.

Ethical issues and strategies:

Fair tactics are followed through out the analysis process while collecting the info, analyzing the data. All such disclosures which are essential and important will be produced to satisfy the examination process. No data is suppressed or higher described through the process. No stereotypic examination will be produced predicated on the fraud created by Ramalinga raju and his supports who had still had scheduled respect till the situation is to be finalized. No data will be gathered or used which is copyright materials, without the agreement or only if it is free to use.

Data Analysis

both qualitative and quantitative to analysis of the data should our recommended category proposal to analyse the data in this research process. He grounded Theory way (Strauss and Corbin, 1998) which uses the available coding, axial coding and selective coding all the various tools which will be used to analyse the info from in-depth interviews and comprehensive participation of the survey participants. to appearance at a particular theory by way of a less formalised and with less procedurals while maintaining rigourous data in a organized way is merely possible with this grounded theory approach and the perceives its gain for the data analysis quicker.

Apart out of this as a part of the study process that data will be analysed by statistical deal for the cultural sciences (SPSS), which is a software package which he is being used for data management and statistical analysis. This can help in the research process to profile the respondents to the review.

Resource Requirement

The college catalogue facilities and the training support services are the best resources for the posting copies as well as the electronic copies of the mandatory a literature which will be useful for books review.

Usage of both phone and Internet facilities are extremely essential to carry on the fieldwork, study which he's intended to carry on at the the shops of the KFC. Continuous connections with the store managers and other professionals of the restaurant is very essential as there are fundamental contributors for the whole research process.

Frequent traveling is can also be expected to visit the place of fieldwork to negotiate and convened our research process with the help of the store administrator and other specialists of the KFC.

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