Leadership in Paramount Furniture

I am working in the paramount furniture and our organization working from 1989. We make a couch sets, bed, foundation couch with New Zealand products. The organization situated in 12 F&G Dalgety Drive, Wiri, Auckland, New Zealand. The email address is and our website is www. paramountfurniture. co. nz. I am the first choice of 1 team in paramount furniture. The eye-sight and value of paramount furniture are, we have been make sure we are one of the better furniture company in the New Zealand, making new and faithful customers with good quality of products, open new branches in out of the Auckland, the paramount furniture making a airplane dealing with international companies and making good quality of products for customers. My team members are apricate with visions and principles. They follow the all rules and regulations, all are honest, hard staff member and each is good communicator. I received feedbacks from customers about the products and i quickly held a meeting with my team member for revealing to their performance about their work. All customers are pleased with the paramount furniture's products so which means my team member understand the company's vision and principles.

I am the leader of the one team in paramount furniture and I applied time participative authority while working in a team. It really is good leadership style with working in the team on project. For instance, When I want some suggestion about the job work, I asked to my team member give their own views then after the team members review I put all member's views on the project and which idea is wonderful for project, so I choosing those ideas. In this way team member use me and they give tons of ideas about the job work.

Some time I dealing with autocratic leadership. For example, if any team member didn't follow the rules of company so I make their absent based on the company's handbook. Either if any team member come late daily I recognise their absent for first tea chance and said to him get out from here now. In this manner, all team member will follow the company's rules and they focus on the task work, if they concentrate on the task the task will be finish easily in handled time.

The work start in paramount furniture at 9o'clock and I reach there at 8:30 am and establish all the things about the work. I wear company's standard while working which is showing medical and safety and everything members come manufacturer come early on and wear proper even and all members find out about the eye-sight and ideals of paramount furniture so, each is spending so much time in factory and making a good products and clients also. when we start working on the task, my action for my team members is like a pal and a member of family nothing like a leader. In this manner, all team member feel free plus they work very well on the job. Good communication is the huge difference between a company with a perspective and values statement and an organization with an obvious sense of eye-sight is a company with a specific sense of perspective to his employees who have very strong positioning with the organization's center values.

According to the working style I have made the eye-sight airplane for my associates I know it will be good for obtaining goals and objectives. By using this course of action all team member can focus on the project plus they work according to the vision and prices of the company. Alternatively, in the paramount furniture there are different folks from different culture who will work and I must understand all the culture since it is important for me and for company's production. If I understand all people's culture they apricate with me at night and doing work properly. In this way, I can inspire the all member easily and conditions to achieve the company's goals and targets. Moving further, first I gave the coaching to all or any team member about the project and how we can make it without headaches and manage enough time.

If we work in a team our habit should be very friendly and we have to treat all team members like a family. I am the leader so I should know about which member's behavior is good or bad and when anybody have a bad tendencies it's my responsibility to instruct them about good behavior in team. For example- there may be 2 boys that happen to be in my own team they deal with every time as the working plus they didn't do work properly so 1 day I called those kids in reaching room and listen closely their problems. They didn't talk with each other after the meeting I fixed their problems. Then I called assembly of associates and ask everyone if anybody have any problem with anybody notify me and I also informed about the task in discipline with the associates.

Task 2

Section 1

  1. Behavioral expectation- I making a gathering getting together with of most my associates and give the info what will the perspective and values of our own company have and what they expected from you, the all perspective and values also related to the client's needs, I supply the all discussion that ought to be good at all time for the associates in the task working. I also advised about we rules to all or any members like-
  1. All members should be come manufacturer at a time.
  2. Good and good attitude with other associates.
  3. Hard working while work in a team or on a task.
  4. All employee should be wear proper even while working.
  5. No mobile phone using while working.

Performance agreements

After surface finish the task I made performance contracts for all the members. This agreement shows their Tasks, outcomes and Real performance.

Minutes of meeting

In the appointment, we decide the condition about the task with all team members and then supply the possible solutions for solving the condition also notify about the task process based on the time management.

Date- 7-03-2017

Time- 10:00 am to 10:30 am

Place- Paramount staff room

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