Leadership Trait Study Essay

Leadership is the ability of a person to influence a group toward the achievements of a eye-sight (Robbins & Judge, 2009). Market leaders play an essential role in every organization. Every business requires strong command and strong management for excellent performance in the business. Leadership is a quality that comes within us and also that we see from others and learn. Market leaders have personal attributes and characteristics that differentiate them from non market leaders. Most the leaders have superb risk taking skills that are very not the same as a non head. If they believe in some job they work towards it no matter the difficulties encountered they make an effort to overcome it for doing that vision. effort pays for itself therefore I really believe anything is possible with hard work.

Here in this record I've made a command trait analysis of two people from two different organizations. Both of these leaders are from the retailing industry. They are mentioned below

Sam Walton : creator of Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is an American public firm that has a chain of discount departmental stores looked after has amount of warehouse stores. Wal-Mart corresponding to Forbes global 2010 was ranked has the world's largest public firm by its income. Wal-Mart has been publicly traded on NYSE since 1972. Wal-Mart is the largest private employer and it is the biggest grocery store retailer in United states. They have 8600 stores in fifteen countries and it is under 55 different names. Wal-Mart stores are there in fifty says and they're operated under its own name. The business brings earnings of vast amounts of dollars a year.

Kishore biyani : MD and CEO of future group

Pantaloons, big bazaar, food bazaar are all part of future group. A number of the regional brands of the business include depot, sneaker factory, brand factory, blue sky. Mind quartered in Mumbai has almost thousand stores in about seventy one areas in the country. It is also the country largest shop by its income. It employees almost thirty thousand people in the country.

Here in this article I am going to do a detailed study on the different kinds of management style and ideas that are related to this two leaders. These two leaders have enjoyed a significant role in starting their companies and making them just how there company is right now.


Here the focus of study is based on the different varieties of leadership ideas from the leaders who've contributed a lot to their companies. In this particular report the qualities of market leaders will be researched and the effect of these qualities on the companies will also be studied. In this particular report I will be also discussing how their leadership styles have afflicted the independent variables such as efficiency and turnover with their organizations. I will also be finding out what changes have to be used their authority style taking into consideration the future of the firms.


To understand the concept of leadership theory related to these market leaders.

To find out which kind of leaders they can be and also to find their authority characteristics and style.

How their management styles have contributed to the success of their company.


There are two ways of collecting data. They will be the principal data and the secondary data.

Here I have made my statement using extra data which contain established websites of companies, literature literature, and e-books to collect data to comprehend the leadership theories. I have taken data about the conceptual part from the books books. I've also examined about their authority qualities through the organization official websites. I have also read two books regarding these market leaders through which I've collected data as well. Data regarding these leaders are taken from published books which means details in the article are best to my knowledge.


Qualities of a good leader are shown below










Integrity: A leader who have integrity is one who is same on the outside as well as in the within. Such a person can be trusted because she or he won't deviate from his or her inner prices. Trust of the followers needs to be acquired from the fans and for that reason a leader should screen integrity. Perfect dealings, well controlled emotions and absence of sudden outburst are all an integral part of integrity. In case a innovator has good integrity he can be contacted by his enthusiasts more easily.

Dedication: It means supplying whatever energy or time that's needed is to complete the task accessible. He must do whatever needs doing in order to keep moving onward so as to reach that goal. A head has to be an example to their followers. Dedication from every employee takes on a essential role in very organizations success.

Humility: A innovator who have humility believes they are no better or worse than other members in their team. A good leader is one who does not entail in self-effacing but always tries to elevate everyone in the team. Mahatma Gandhi is an outstanding example of these.

Creative: It is ability of the first choice to think diversely. A good innovator should always think beyond your box. Imagination helps market leaders to see thing which others have not seen and hence leads their supporters in a new way. A good leader should think "what if?"

Openness: It's the ability of any leader to hear new ideas even if it's very different from the standard thought process. If they have confidence in a certain idea recommended by others then they is going with it even if it is out of the ordinary. Openness assists with creating trust and shared respect between leaders and their supporters. And it also assists with providing the organization with new ideas.

Assertiveness: A good leader should be assertive in aspect to be able to obtain desired results. It's the ability of any leader to clearly status what he expects such that there are no misunderstandings. Along with this the market leaders should exactly know what his followers are expecting from him. Predicated on a report in 2007 February problem of journal of personality and interpersonal mindset, that was shared by American internal relationship it was found out that assertiveness was the most common weakness among the majority of the market leaders.

Fairness: It is the ability of the leader to cope with others justly and regularly. A head should check the facts and then here to everyone before taking the wisdom. Based on incomplete evidence a innovator should never take a decision. When people feel the first choice is treating them pretty only then the employees become loyal and dedicated in what they can be doing. He should comprehend every ones point of view and evaluation and take a proper decision.

Intuition: A good leader should possess instinctive knowledge so as to make excellent decisions. Few people are gifted effortlessly with this and more have learned it or have developed it through experience. One thing is for certain for effective leadership intuition plays an essential role. A lot of the times good leader rely on intuition so as make excellent decision. It's not what you make others do its about who you are, how much you know and how you do it. Effective command is focused on finding skills and ability from many people and developing a cohesive unit. Intuition plays a very important role atlanta divorce attorneys innovator in these ways.


Outstanding leaders go out of their way to improve the self-esteem of their workers. If people have confidence in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish

The key to success is to get out in to the store and pay attention to what the affiliates have to state. It's terribly important for everyone to get involved. Our best ideas come from clerks and stock-boys

Individuals don't get, teams do

Money and possession alone aren't enough. Place high goals, encourage competition, and then keep score.

Appreciate everything your associates do for the business enterprise. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish

Commit to your business. Have confidence in it more than anybody else

I probably have journeyed and strolled into more variety stores than anybody in America. I am just trying to get ideas, any kind of ideas that will assist our company.

Leadership qualities of Sam Walton would include dedication, humility, creative, openness, fairness, intuition


We believe that in India we have the possibility to grow for the next two to three years. We consider at the moment consumers are sense psychologically more robust than they ever before were to invest.

"It's not a subject of can we undertake foreign suppliers, but how big a gorilla you are. "

Who have helped you, show your success with those people

Change your goal corresponding to situation or be flexible

Listen to others and learn from their ideas

Leadership features of kishore biyani would include openness, dedication, humility and creative.

Path-goal theory: this theory explains to that it is the job of any leader to assist his supporters for attaining their goal. The first choice should also provide the route and support to make certain the goals are compatible with the overall aims of the business. In the road goal theory the patterns of the first choice includes directive, participative, supportive and accomplishment oriented.

Trait theory: Characteristic theory gives a clear idea between the leaders from the non leaders through these big five personality framework-

Leadership traits: (Robbins & Judge, 2009)



Openness to experience

Emotional stability


Transformational Leadership: These leaders are those who increases trust and value and pass a sense of pride with their followers, in addition they give a perspective of the goals that should be achieved. They show admiration to their enthusiasts and also provide attention to their supporters. These leaders pass on an extraordinary influence on to their followers. They encourage their supporters to be more creative and impressive exactly like themselves

Transactional command: these leaders are those who motivates supporters so as proceed to in the right direction so as to reach the set in place goals. They help the fans by clarifying their tasks. they offer rewards when the enthusiasts gives powerful. If deviation occurs they take methods so as appropriate it. They only get into action when the benchmarks are not attained.

Authentic leaders: Here the leader is considered as an ethnical innovator by the enthusiasts. These leaders know who they are and they also know very well what they have confidence in and they value it. These leaders act on their values openly and candidly. The main quality of this type of leader is trust. These market leaders have confidence in their ideals and sticks to them. They also encourage open communication these are few characteristics of the type of management.



Sam Walton was a businessman from Oklahoma and he previously lots of problems in his college years. He had couple of careers like in restaurants, newspaper young man etc. . . With lot of problems he managed his way out of college with B. A in economics. He thought in the retailing industry and he highly believed America possessed lot to provide in the retail market. After giving the military services Walton needed his first job in management of the Ben Franklin store that is at Arkansas at age 26. This store was a franchisee of the butler brothers. It was very successful because he could provide good at a very low priced by firmly taking good from the lowest cost provider. By Walton's command the turnover had opted by 7 times each year. Within a short span of time Walton was able to build a retail empire. At the moment there is thousands of Wal-Mart all round America. His leadership played an essential role in the success of the company. He is known as the ruler of the retail industry. There are about 2. 1 million employees in the business. He always believed in the team and influenced his followers to believe big and create new ideas. If people have confidence in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish this was the idea he presumed in.

The big five personality structure work pertains to him because he's having characteristics like openness to experience, emotional balance, agreeableness, extroversion and conscientiousness. He looks into different ideas and doesn't stick to one he is very flexible if he believes within an idea he runs along with it to reach that goal he has arranged.

Based on his analysis Sam Walton is a transformational leader because he gives personal focus on his co employees and also explains to that few of the best ides in the company comes from clerk and stock children. He provides eyesight and also provides rewards for the task they actually. His management style has always experienced an extraordinary influence on his followers.

Traits of real market leaders are also seen in him because he understands who he's, and also have confidence in what he does indeed and he serves on his beliefs. If Sam believes in an idea that is superb and might be unusual if he feels in it, he works hard so as to achieve it no subject what


Kishore biyani can be an exceptional head and he's also called the Indian Sam Walton. After concluding his graduation in the commerce background. He went in to the readymade garment retailing field without subscribing to his family business. He believed in his own ideas while starting has a business owner. Today he has a retail space of 3 million rectangular feet and his future group is multiply about 25 towns in India. Bloomberg business week has rated him has top 50 most powerful people in India matching to 2009. There was an interview of in kishore biyani in CNBC-TV18. when the interviewer asked him while starting your first business in Calcutta, was it successful because of a 100 % pure gamble. To which he replied declaring it was never a gamble, he advised he recognized what he was doing and was sure it would work. He also advised that there have been no symptoms or number computation behind it. It was a gut and also an instinct that advised him which it work. And when the interviewer asked him what do you consider is the most required asset in company he replied expressing to get the right people on the market will be his biggest concern. Out of this it's clearly realized he's team player. He always believed in his team. kishore biyani is also known for diversifying from his field to different on the market. According to the Hindu business lines it was said that kishore biyani is going g to get started on their mobile services soon. Kishore biyani in addition has been chosen as the international retailer of the entire year by the nationwide retail federation in USA of America

Based on analysis on command I believe kishore biyani can be related to the road goal theory he facilitates and shows them just how in order to reach their way. He tells them the way the work needs to be done in their business and also ensures the overall objectives of the company are achieved. kishore biyani places a high standard and attempts to achieve that goal and he always wished to be the best not the largest, this shows us that he's achievement oriented and supportive with regard to the employees.

Based on the study I believe that kishore biyani is a transformational innovator and also features of authentic leadership can be seen in him. He is a transformational innovator because he has taken flexibility and creativity in to the company from the starting of the company till were it is today. kishore biyani has motivated many supporters and has remaining an extraordinary effect on his followers brain. This leaders have the ability to make their followers to look at old problems in new ways are created capable of making their followers to believe in a differ way so as to achieve their group goals. Traits of an genuine leader are also observed in kisore biyani. Kishore biyani sticks to the ideals which he thinks in and stimulates communication that is available. Authentic folks have the energy to make people to put their trust in the first choice.

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