Technology Management (RESEARCH STUDY)


Case Analysis 1:

Q. 1: How do you think the changes that LEGO made will reshape the firm for the long term?

Q. 2: What recommendations would you have for LEGO's opponents in the declining toy industry? What should they be viewing for?

Case Analysis 3:

Q. 1: How performed Corning address the issues shown in this chapter?

Q. 2: What advice will you give to Corning about planning for innovation?

Q. 3: If you were a Corning competition, what would fret you most? How can you compete with them?

Case Research 6:

Q. 1: Do you think United Solutions was smart to target only on subcontractors in India and the United States?

Q. 2: The Otis product of United Technology illustrates differences that occur in an internationally company as it manages alliances. What exactly are some of the other distinctions illustrated? How many other issues is highly recommended?

Case Research 7:

Q. 1: What do the thing is as the primary integration issues facing the new bought units? How does IBM address the problems? What as long as they do next?

Q. 2: This Global Systems unit is the greatest in the business. How does the expectation for the machine influence the management of the machine? What possible problems emerge as a result of expectations? What possible advantages?

Case Analysis 1:

Q. 1: How will you think the changes that LEGO made will reshape the company for the future?

Answer: After LEGO met with inability in its progressive toys and diversification into the areas like theme parks, action figures like 'Galidor' and art sets known as 'Clikits', it possessed to come up with an innovative strategy that will assist the company to rise from the abyss.

The company developed a new creative structure for its businesses. A cross-functional team was being engaged to be able to bring control and coordination in the impressive activities. The team divided the development steps into eight categories the following
  • Core Processes- they contain the operations, financial planning and the sales and marketing.
  • Offerings- they contain the display of the merchandise and the product packaging.
  • Messaging- These processes include the growing of the web site and the advertising.
  • Enabling Methods- These contain the market forecasting and planning.
  • Interaction with customers- services to customers, linkages with customers.
  • Platforms- here the design and the consumption of the inspiration have been altered.
  • Model of Business- it deals with the costs and the revenues.
  • Channel of distribution- it includes the several distributing stations like the immediate marketers, retailers while others.

LEGO innovation is a new type of product known as the 'LEGO Panel Game titles' by employing the new construction of creativity. This game permits the players to make new structures each time they play the overall game. It was launched in '09 2009 in the united kingdom and Germany and this year 2010 it was launched all across the planet.

It is expected that the new technology strategy applied by the business and with the manufacturing of new products like the board game, LEGO will achieve success to gain back its prominent position in the toy market and you will be able to expand and attain sustainability in the global toy industry.

Q. 2: What ideas can you have for LEGO's opponents in the declining toy industry? What should they be enjoying for?

Answer: The suggestions to the competition of LEGO in the declining toy industry can be enumerated the following
  • In this extremely competitive toy industry in the world, there is dependence on constant advancement to compete with one another. LEGO is the leading toy brand and the rivals need to bring in innovative ways of bring change in the toy market.
  • The other step which the competitors should take is to generate diversification in the toy products to suit the different age groups of the children.
  • Keeping the costs competitive is another major step which the rivals should try compete with LEGO. If the prices are too much then the rivals will face even more difficulty to battle with LEGO.

The opponents should take a cue from the progressive Change Management Strategies that LEGO has performed to go up to the top once again, after it fulfilled with a huge failing in the toy market. They must emulate the several steps which the company has effectively taken by making use of a very reliable management at the helm of the business.

Case Review 3:

Q. 1: How does Corning address the problems shown in this chapter?

Answer: Corning has applied an innovative technique to generate diversification in the merchandise lines apart from manufacturing glass. The business comes with an extremely competent R&D Department who are engaged in comprehensive research work how to bring in invention and diversification to sustain and grow in the industry. The company holds offsite conferences with the top level and the technological managers regularly at intervals of four to six weeks.

It also feels in taking customer feedbacks and recommendations regularly in order to create products and services as per their likes and choices. Corning in addition has a cross-functional team which includes associates from different departments like businesses, technical engineers, sales and marketing specialists and researchers who work together in making the innovative techniques for the company.

This is the process by which the business handles the several issues related to innovation in services.

Q. 2: What advice might you share with Corning about planning innovation?

Answer: Corning has an effective cross-functional team which takes care of the creativity strategies by employed in coordination with one another. This is the reason why the company has been effectively working for more than 150 years. But, it is seen that the company sometimes plan way too many innovative things which might not be ideal for the business at the current moment. This calls for some outflow of money also, as extensive research work comes at a significant cost. This is actually the area that i would suggest the business to take care of, never to overdo the impressive research. It ought to be done at some intervals and after enjoying the customer responses to a newly launched product. But, it cannot be denied that the business has attained more than 50% of its earnings over the last a decade from offering products that are not even 5 yrs. old.

Q. 3: In the event that you were a Corning competition, what would get worried you most? How do you compete with them?

Answer: EASILY was a competitor of Corning, I would be extremely concerned about the fast changes in products that the business is making which is rendering it difficult for the rivals to sustain in the industry.

As a rival company the key work will be into developing a sound and efficient system of R&D that will enable the company to foresee a great deal of events associated with the industry. An considerable research will ensure that the business has realized the tastes, tastes and the needs of the customers. The most emphasis will go in to the product diversification that will enable the company to capture the changing requirements of the clients and to increase the diversity of products and services.

Case Review 6:

Q. 1: Do you think United Technologies was wise to target only on subcontractors in India and the United States?

Answer: It could be said that your choice considered by United Systems to subcontract the info Systems process to India and US was the correct one. This is because in both countries there exists cheap option of subcontractors who already are proven and there is enough of support system available, which has helped the company to attain reduced costs of transaction. Also, the company had made twelve-monthly cost savings of $50 million by subcontracting the techniques to India and US.

Q. 2: The Otis product of United Systems illustrates variations that occur in a worldwide organization as it manages alliances. What exactly are some of the other distinctions illustrated? How many other issues should be considered?

Answer: In case of OTIS, one of the subsidiaries of United Systems, it was seen that the move by United Solutions to subcontract the process to India experienced some initial problems although the project was successful. The subcontract helped bring thirty applications to India. OTIS kept around $5, 00, 000. However the company was facing trouble in coordinating the different projects in different locations. Hence, OTIS opened up a dedicated center which was run by Wipro in Bangalore. This helped the business to bring back uniformity of services and coordination in the different OTIS projects which were then under once middle.

It has been seen that we now have certain inherent down sides which a corporation faces when it subcontracts its process to a different country. The major problem arises when the company is into multiple assignments. This creates too little coordination and control in the foreign country, It is best in such cases for the business to hand in the services to an individual organization who will be operating all the projects with respect to the company. These issues should be considered by any company who is endeavoring to subcontract to some other country.

Case Review 7:

Q. 1: What do you observe as the primary integration issues facing the new obtained units? How does IBM address the issues? What as long as they do next?

Answer: In 2002 IBM got over PwC as a merger. IBM is a scientific organization whereas PwC is a consulting company. Hence, the merger created some primary troubles for the employees of both organizations. IBM was looking to adopt the consulting services of PwC on how to put into action different systems like ERP, CRM and SCM services. The merger put together 30, 000 employees from talking to device of PwC with 50, 000 employees from the IBM consulting unit. IBM was working as a specific firm whereas PwC is a collaboration firm. Hence, it was a location of matter. IBM was working with the issues related to infrastructure and PwC handled providing consulting services and answers to the customers. The civilizations were also different. It just happened that the clients of PwC were starting to feel worried that they might be forced to get the IBM products as the result of the merger. They were the major issues.

IBM developed a three stage process to cope with the issues. First of all, it cancelled the deal, and gave back the initial operating model to the unit. It declared the Chief executive for the unit. IBM offered rewarding incentive packages to wthhold the employees. In the next stage, a new operating model was made to incorporate several main factors of the business enterprise. These took place in 2002. The past phase happened in 2003. Within this stage the IT functions and systems of both companies were included and the true integration of the companies occurred. IBM also laid-off 5, 000 of its employees in order to make way for PwC employees.

In the end, the IBM Global Systems device was made and the company should manage the beliefs of the employees from both the companies and to care for their interests and understand the difference in civilizations and provide a chance to them to mix with the other person and choose the IBM culture.

Q. 2: This Global Systems device is the largest in the company. How does the expectation for the unit influence the management of the machine? What possible problems emerge as a result of goals? What possible advantages?

Answer: The IBM Global Systems is the most significant IT services company in the world. There exists huge expectation of the customers on the merger of the two global giants. The management of the unit has to look after their responsibilities in order to surpass the anticipations of the customers. The objective should be to provide the highest quality from it and consulting services to the customers all across the globe.

There could be few problems which can emerge because of the high expectations. This can be in the form that the customers all across the globe can think of or expect of services which can sometimes be illogical or unprofitable for the organization. They will think that the company will be providing the products and services of the highest quality but with the lowest price. This isn't possible as the business has to experience huge purchases at every level in order to keep alive its brand image and the quality of services.

The advantages can be many. The clients will trust quality of products and services as a result of big brand. This will help the company to automatically retain the goodwill formed from the two of the very most renowned brands of the globe. The company will not find it hard to promote the products and services to be able to get competitive edge, as the clients are already alert to the products and services of both the companies that happen to be built-into one. This is a huge edge for the company as it has already been provided with a pool of happy and dedicated customers.


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