Managing Corporate Reputation

Corporate reputation thought as "overall estimation in which a company is performed by its constituents. A corporate and business reputation represents the net affective or mental reaction - good bad, vulnerable or strong- of customers, traders, employees and general public to the business's name". (Fombrun, 1996, p. 9)

Also "corporate reputation is all encompassing term for what employees think about their workplace, what customers think about their supplier, what buyers think about their shareholding and so on" suggested by Varey (2002, p. 193)

Doorley & Garcia (2004, p. 4) executed the whole idea of corporate reputation directly into a tiny formula

Reputation = Amount of images = (Performance and Patterns) + Communication

World's leading companies such as Coca cola, Unilevers, Johnson & Johnson, Disney, etc possessed truly created their commercial identities that define their who they are and what they stand for. Those organizations have been gone through various phases and used technological methods to build their commercial identity.

The most important practice for just about any organization is not simply to produce their corporate and business reputation, but to support and increase their reputation to generates the confidence in today's as well as in the future.

Reputation can be either collapsed or increased in a micro second credited to a little incident made by any organization. Once a business has ruined their commercial reputation it is million times harder to restore that. Because there are uncountable people are affecting & influencing corporate and business trustworthiness of organizations. The methodical procedure is to reply & respect uncontrollable celebrations who influencing organizational reputation such as central federal, international organizations such as UN, World Bank, Trade unions, Advertising, etc and also effective management of controllable people who engaged & influencing organizational reputation.

Destroying English petroleum's reputation because of the engine oil spill is and also the way Chile has increase their reputation by effectively concluding mine operation are practical types of the type of corporate reputation.

The most important practice is to control corporate and business reputation effectively.

In this statement it will reviewed Managing corporate trustworthiness of Seylan Bank or investment company PLC.

Actively Taking care of Seylan Loan company PLC's commercial reputation

Organizational Reputation is build with the management methodology of inside & exterior activities. Based on company's activities the end result of the aforementioned formula will be change. In other words companies could achieve either positive or negative reputations.

Reputation = Amount of images = (Performance and Behavior) + Communication

Doorley & Garcia (2004, p. 4)

Actively managing corporate and business reputation is controlling corporate identification within internal forces & mange corporate image within external forces of the company.

Identity, Image, Performance, personality are the key term that the organizations needs to focus on when managing commercial reputation.

Organizations can be develop management of corporate and business reputation as a self-control of the organization over period of time.

Developments via public relations

Media is the primary interface of commercial image towards the city. It is therefore important to use of various mass media relationships to enhance the perception of the business held by various key stake holders such as authorities, pressure organizations, etc.

Developments via built-in corporate communications

Use of built-in corporate communications methods to develop organizations corporate and business reputation which is utilized by most of the organizations. Through integration of corporate and business communications organizations are communicating its corporate and business brand values, corporate and business image.

Contribution of other disciplines

There are number of disciplines which Fomburn & Van Riel (1997) research which have added to the principles & perspectives to the field of corporate reputation such as Mindset, Economics, Strategic management, organizational technology and accounting.

Seylan Bank or investment company as financial service group reputation is the main element factor to differentiate on the market place also important area of the value package. Taking care of Corporate reputation has to concentrate on employees, Buyers, Customers & other stakeholders

Arguments for positively managing Corporate and business Reputation

Actively managing corporate reputation brings positive value to organization in several ways.

Reference - Appendix 2 -Corporate and business reputation chain

As the record explained before Corporate reputation is building with bringing in internal & external parties of the organization. Employees, Customers, Shareholders and other stake holders are as gatherings who will involve in organizational reputation there are advantages of actively managing commercial reputation of the organization.


Employees are the major element of organizations corporate reputation where they can be stand as ambassadors of the organization.

Employees have to feel the behavior of the business and as a major part of the organizational corporate identity employee commitment is highly important in managing commercial reputation.

Therefore actively taking care of corporate and business reputation will helps to increase employee loyalty & as result the rest of the people including customers & shareholders increase their commitment as well.

Reference Appendix 2 - Commercial reputation chain


Existing customers can easy to maintain with effective commercial reputation where customers will understand trust & trustworthiness towards the organization. As a result customer loyalty increase. Customers will communicates good tactics of company action and that will helps organizations to build up good trust to the external makes.

Product expansion can be easily done through increasing commitment.

Also customer base of the company can be increase by taking care of corporate reputation in good way.

Community & other stake holders

Other than employees, customers, buyers there are so a great many other stakeholders such as government, community organizations, marketing, pressure groups, complete community, etc performs an enormous role in maintaining organizations commercial reputation.

Therefore actively controlling corporate reputation will escalates the corporate image of the business. As result firm will benefited with advantageous things such as positive pr, positive term 0f mouth area & word of web, etc.

Managing corporate reputation towards external stakeholders is highly critical because these get-togethers are highly energetic & responsiveness for organizational activities anytime.

For an example at the start of the crisis amount of seylan Bank Multimedia is highly lively and made an enormous impact on organizational activities.

Reference - Article 1 Daily reflection ( 2009) & Article 2 Sunday Times(2008)

1. 2. 4 Shareholders

As a result of actively managing commercial reputation finally shareholders are benefited by achiving higher shareholder value, sustainability of the industry.

Also managing corporate reputation towards shareholders organizations can hold on to their shareholders as well also can increase the talk about capital.

1. 2. 5 Positively managing corporate and business reputation in reality

Seylan Bank or investment company PLC was one of the highly damaged financial institutes in Sri Lanka during the global financial meltdown period. In Dec 2008 there is a unexpected risk arise to the complete Ceylinco Band of Companies including Seylan Bank. Former Chairman's relationship to the lender acquired a great image and id in the on the period of time as he was socially recognized as a great icon as well as well reputed personality towards the community.

After few press release published on magazines & Breaking information broadcasted on air about the liquidity issue of Goldern Key Credit Card Company, another subsidiary of the ceylinco Band of companies it was immediately damaged to Seylan Bank and Rs. 18 Billion withdrawals in very shorter period of time shows the reputation of the bank is at a danger and the lender is going to close down. Nevertheless the Sri Lankan Authorities took over the bank or investment company under Central Bank Supervision and appointed a new chairmen and board of directors by giving a huge objective of sustaining Seylan Loan provider.

Seylan Bank or investment company has taken so many activities to maintain their reputation to keep carefully the current deposits also to create a positive conception on all the Sri Lanka's brain about new Seylan Standard bank.

However Seylan Standard bank PLC has satisfied almost all of the above benefits of actively managing corporate and business reputation during the problems period.

There are so many short falls will arise when companies exercising Corporate reputation in possible.

Arguments against positively managing corporate reputation

To make positive reputation organizations must develop four key capabilities such as reliability, trustworthiness, trustworthiness & responsibility. (Fombrun, 1996. ) however if organizations cannot full load above key features those organizations will achieve negative commercial reputations automatically.

Following factors will be affects when actively handling corporate and business reputation in organizations.

Organizational culture is the key of controlling its corporate reputation. It offers Founder, history, management and management style, organizational environment etc. Mullins (1999) stated culture as "collection of traditions, values, policies, beliefs and attitudes that constitute a pervasive framework for everything we do and think within an organization"

Therefore there can be mismatches between organizational habit & corporate prices & personal prices & beliefs when organizations are controlling corporate and business reputation.

Also negative personal reputations of the company founders for a good example Dr. Lalith Kothalawala's connection to Seylan Standard bank & other Ceylinco subsidiary companies in Sri Lanka.

Organizational framework & hierarchy is also involved with managing commercial reputations.

There are so many source involvements in handling corporate reputation with respect to the organization.

Negative Associations such as star Endorsements', Cooperative Strategies, etc might not exactly be sutable for the organizational commercial reputation.

Seylan Bank has truly gone through all the above troubles when actively taking care of their commercial reputation through the crisis period as well as constantly periods. To get a example through the crisis period the largest challenge to the lender was to sustain their current employees and communicate them the current situation of the lender and to make sure that their employment is not in a menace. At a crisis period such as this it is very important to control the inner pressure from unions, pressure from customers & talk about holders, other stakeholders such as advertising, also the external causes such as PESTEEL environment as well.

During the turmoil period biggest concern for Seylan Standard bank was to take out the complete image which associated with Dr. Lalith Kothalawala & Ceylinco group for earlier 20 years from Seylan Bank or investment company.

Over a time period past chairman Dr. Lalith Kothalawala has endorse Seylan Loan company as "My Loan provider" and as a result Seylan Loan provider has situated as Dr. Lalith Kothalawala' s Loan company in customers head.

2. 0 Key pushes impacting on the reputation

There are so many forcers makes impact on company's corporate reputation. Nelson & Kanso (2008) shown that there are many internal & exterior factors are influencing company's corporate and business reputation.

Reference - Appendix 1 Internal & Exterior influences on corporate reputation

2. 1 Internal Makes which creates effect on company's reputation

Internal causes are making the impact on corporate reputation is based on the images created on company's corporate behavior, Images predicated on company's symbolism & images based on company's marketing communications. These factors can be controllable.

Activities of the following forces create effect on company's reputation in conditions of patterns, symbolism & communications.

Internal pushes include top management, employees, Shareholders, Customers, Suppliers, Stake holders, etc.

2. 1. 1 You will find three main areas internally which makes impact on corporate trustworthiness of the company

Corporate resources

Corporate resources are one of the main element elements such as physical assets, human resources, network resources, strategic intelligence assets, main competencies. These resources making impact on corporate identification of the business.

Vision, Objective & Strategy

In conditions of the corporate personality of the business is dependant on their vision, mission & strategies. Strategic aims of the business, corporate marketing communications strategies, Business strategies, strategy formulation is making a effect on organizational corporate tendencies as well as the personality.

Organizational composition & culture

This is also another important component which makes impact on corporate reputation. Reference point - Appendix 5.

Geysey (1999) recommended following will be the key motorists of corporate and business reputation.

2. 1. 2 Key drivers of commercial reputation

Competitive effectiveness

Seylan Lender PLC has discovered the financial needs of customers in early stages when you are the first mover for various banking improvements in Sri Lanka. Eg - Island Wide ATM Network, Largest issuer of VISA credit cards in Sri Lanka, etc.

Impact to the corporate reputation : In conditions of Personal information, Personality & image of the organization competitive effectiveness is an integral factor to attract resources. (Employees, Shareholders, customers & other stakeholders), for a example competitive edge of any company makes a direct effect on commercial reputation. .

Market Leadership

Market leadership provides a tale to every corporation when they getting the marketplace grounds with opponents.

Eg - Seylan Loan company is the 5th Largest Standard bank & another major Financial Institute in Sri Lanka.

Customer Focus

Customer focus is crucial in principals of marketing, the way organizations exercising customer focus is the factor which brings a edge in commercial reputations.

In the framework of Seylan Bank or investment company, they are discovered the value of customer at the start plus they offered various ground breaking servicers to Sri Lankan Bank industry such as extended banking hours, Evening Bank, Week End Bank, offering various products to different customer segments, etc.

Impact to the corporate reputation : Reputation may develop with the sum of images of the business. HSBC could be the best exemplory case of developing corporate reputation through customer concentrate.

Also there are three degrees of information processing that makes effect on people's impressions on a business.

Primary Level information proceeding- Direct personal connection with banking services. That is the most important level which the organization proves as soon as of real truth.

Specially in Seylan lender all the lender branches, customer service hotline, Online Cooking internet site, ATM network has to ensure the service levels.

Secondary Level information proceeding- reference groups such as friends, schools, etc must say about the business. Specially in the turmoil situation of Seylan loan company this level was highly important to minimize the consequences to Seylan Loan provider corporate reputation.

Tertiary Level of Information Proceeding - Information predicated on activities on mass media such as highlighted in information, commercial advertising, etc.

Suggested by Bromley (2000)

However the forcers makes impact to commercial reputation is not only from the inner environment, there are external makes as well which make effect on company's reputation

2. 2 Exterior Forcers which creates impact on Company's Reputation

These are the factors that are outside the business also these factors are difficult to regulate by organizations.

Factors such as PESTEEL, Country of origin, Industry wise factors, community established factors are impacting the business's reputation as external factors.

2. 2. 1 PESTEEL Factors.

Political Factors

Government Plan decisions

Central bank involvements

Different Perceptions of the political parties

Eg - In '09 2009 Sri Lakan federal has took over Seylan Bank or investment company under the management of Central Loan company because of the problems situation of the bank. However because of this of government cover it is favorably effects to Seylan Bank's reputation.

Economical Factors

Economical situation of the current economic climate globally & locally.

Economical systems, lifecycles, etc.

Economical factors are influencing company's reputation by the business behavior in relation to the global or local cost-effective sitiation.

Eg -The global financial crisis has directly & indirectly damaged to the Sri Lankan financial industry and as a result all the illegitimate financial institutes such as " Sakvithi" has forbidden by the central government. Also "Golden Key" one of the entity of Ceylinco Group also banded due to the issues increased on liquidity. Finally government needed over Seylan Bank under the management of Central Loan provider of Sri Lanka to guard the liquidity.

Socio social & ethical factors

People factors which includes customers,

Demogrophic charactoristics

Norms, values & customes of the culture

Life styles, tendencies, attitudes, etc

These factors are influencing to organisations based on intigration of these beheviours, Image & identity towards employees, customers & entire community.

Corporate Scoial Responsibility plays a majore role in maintating the effects of social ethnic & ethical factors.

Eg - Seylan Bank PLC did varios CSR campaigns focusing on the truly poor people of the world over the time period to maintain the organization individuality of "the bank with a heart".

Technological factors

Developments in the technical environment such as

Virtual Banking

ATM technologies

SMS banking, etc

Legal Factors.

Environmental factors such as green issues.

The above inner & external pushes are developing a effect on organization's corporate reputation in conditions of organizations behavior, image & individuality.

Also there are some other external factors such as Country of origin, Industry extensive factors, community structured factors also influencing organizations reputation in generally.

2. 2. 3 Relational Influences on Corporate reputation

Relational influences to the organization reputation in lots of ways.

There are factors such as organization's corporate reputation within the relationship.

Perception and evaluation of other get-togethers to the relationship based on their specific knowledge & connection with the organization.

The way that organizations persuaded and conducts its interactions.

Organizational connection with another party.

Competitive and collaborative strategies, mergers and acquisitions, Re placement, Brand placement, Strategic setting are few instances for rational influences to the organization reputation.

3. 0 Development of a formal commercial reputation management process

Managing corporate reputation as a remains process it's important to have a formal process in order to assure taking care of corporate reputation is doing on right way.

Seylan Lender has experienced the extreme of detrimental corporate reputation during the turmoil period which influenced not only Seylan Loan company the majority of the other subsidiaries of Ceylinco Group has influenced their corporate and business reputation throughout that period because of the bad financial ways of trading money.

However Seylan Loan provider to conquer from the crisis & to preserve their business corporate and business reputation process was performed a major role.

Development of corporate and business reputation process is important anticipated to various factors.

Identifying the reputation gaps between corporate and business personality, corporate and business strategy, corporate personality &commercial culture and also to do relevant activities to minimize those spaces.

Reference - Appendix 3 Reputation as corporate and business self expression

3. 1 Current Situation

3. 1. 1. After the Turmoil situation of Seylan Bank, the id of spaces between Seylan Bank's corporate identity & corporate image has brings a fresh vision & mission to the organization.




Be the most caring &respected bank

To be the best financial service provider that offers exceptional value to stakeholders.


Be the best standard bank in customer service

To surpass customer expectations by giving competitively superior services through rapid &multiple delivery channels, whilst satisfying the personnel through acknowledgement and empowerment; being a responsible corporate resident; adopting green routines and adding superior value to shareholders.

With this dramatically change of its corporate vision & mission Seylan Lender has set a whole new course with a theme of "the bank with a heart"

3. 1. 2 Symbolism of Seylan Standard bank which includes their corporate logo design, symbols, corporate colorings, etc.

3. 1. 3 Commercial marketing communications is the other major part of Seylan Bank's current corporate reputation process.

Corporate communication is a umbrella term for all your ways in which the organization talks itself & beyond your organization.

Corporate marketing communications includes 3 levels of communications.

Management marketing communications which is communication between your representatives between your management degrees of the organization & stakeholders.

Organizational communications for certain activities such as communications agency briefings for commercial campaigns, PR, Mass media Relations, CSR tasks, Employee communications, etc there are representative from the business management levels will get involved. (Eg - Basic Manager, Brand Director, etc)

Integrated corporate marketing communications which includes rules & guidelines, sequencing & process design, organizational regimens, Group problem solving suggested by offer (1996)

3. 1. 4 Commercial tendencies of Seylan Bank is made up with various CSR activities they have done in the past & just how they respond during & after the crisis.

Based on above 4 areas that discussed corporate personal information will be created. Commercial personal information is a view that the organization itself is rolling out. And exactly how organizations understand their self applied.

Also there may be gaps created between internally. Because of this organization's perceived personality may be differs from the actual identity. Balmer & Soenen 1999 recommended AC2ID test to discover the gaps between identity.

Developing the organization identity is the most important thing in terms of developing the organization reputation.

Service quality is also going for a part in commercial behavior.

3. 1. 4 Expanding corporate image is based on organizational identity, organizational strategy, personality.

Corporate image is where how organization's customers and other stake holders understand the organization.

To develop the corporate image organization is required to do necessary activities such as corporate and business communications, build relationships activities which can be consistent with organizational quest & strategy.

Doing CSR is one of the main element things to develop commercial image. But CSR has to address triple bottom line in today's contest.

Also the imagery predicated on organization's corporate symbols, communication materials (emotions based on creativity), responding to the social dialogue is vital to boost the corporate and business image.

Corporate reputation is based on corporate identity, corporate image & commercial personality of the business.

Therefore to build up the corporate reputation management process organizations have to control those areas effectively.

3. 2 Advancements in Seylan Bank's corporate and business reputation process

Developments of the formal corporate and business reputation process focus the following areas in development.

Employees, Customers, Other stakeholders & shareholders are the 4 areas which seylan bank or investment company needs to focus on making trends to corporate reputation process.

To develop employee satisfaction, interest towards the bank it's important to recognize the social iceberg of the organization. Predicated on their interest & devotion towards the bank corporate personal information can be created.

3. 2. 1 Areas to be developed

There are 4 main areas to be develop in Seylan Bank's current corporate and business reputation management process which include Employees, Customers, Shareholders & other stakeholders.


Developing continues method of maintain staff satiation to build a bond with company & its employees. Also identifying spaces or mismatches of organizational culture, constructions are essential to make long listed human relationships with employees.


4. 0 Recommendation

4. 1. 1 Using corporate and business reputation value string as a framework to increase corporate and business reputation of the business.

Reference Appendix 4

Reputation value chain is illustrating four areas which the organization's reputation can be increased through investment of commercial reputation building activities such as Corporate communications, CSR, general population associations, sponsorships, etc.

Then as commercial reputation is stand for the whole community there are supportive endorsements are anticipated from advertising, pressure groups, interpersonal groups, term of web, etc.

Customer retention may increase as a result of supportive endorsements from other stake holders. And customer commitment will increased

Finally shareholder value will be increased due to the ethical, community, reputable activities which the organization has invested.

4. 1. 2 Corporate and business reputation as a self manifestation model can be use as an activity of producing reputation through id of spaces between corporate identity & corporate image

Reference - Appendix 3

Gaps between commercial identity & corporate and business image is arising based on organization's commercial personality, corporate and business strategy, corporate individuality & corporate and business culture.

It is required to maintain KPIs to each of these elements and to do certain change at necessary cycles.

Advantage of the model use to raise the corporate reputation of the organization through this Seylan Standard bank can identify the personal information that they identified predicated on their personality, culture, and commercial communications is the actual identity.

4. 1. 2. 1 Using AC2ID test & REDS2

AC2ID test is invented by Balmar & Soenen in 1999 as a model to discover the relationship between deferent kind of identities of the organizations commercial reputation.

Actual personality is the true identity of the business which is based on organizations performance, behavior & financial activities, etc.

Communication individuality is the personal information which organizations are communicated.

Also there are other identities such as conceived personality, ideal individuality & desired personal information as well.

Balmer & Greyser in 2003 made advanced items to analyze identity

Reveal the 5 identities and compare the program of each personal information, then diagnose the problem and then choose the interface for attention and lastly to do the tactical choose.

The next level of reputation self appearance is to identify the spaces between corporate individuality & commercial image.

4. 1. 3 Workplace branding is preferred to make superior customer value.

Reference - Appendix 7

Employer branding can be use as a system of increasing superior value to the clients by increasing devotion of employees& shareholders.

5. 0 Conclution

TASK 4 - Journal Article

Journal -

Justification of the targeted industry journal -

Sri Lankan Business Journal

How never to be threatened with a crisis

Any event or group of occurrences that can imminently and significantly affect a company's reputation may be considered a crisis for any organization.

Fink (1986, p. 15) suggested that from a useful, business oriented point of view an emergency is any situation that operates the chance of escalating in power, falling under close advertising or government scrutiny, interfering with normal procedures of business, Jeopardizing the positive people image presently enjoyed by a company or its officials, Damaging a company's bottom line at all.

When looking at the above classification and also the common understanding of a crisis is it can be happen at any given time whether we forecast or not.

Crisis & Communications

Communications plays a significant role during turmoil periods. The most important inter-relationship between communications and crisis is "Communications can use to conquer the turmoil" or "crisis can be created through communication" therefore communication may be the most crucial function of a organization throughout a crisis.

British petroleum is one of the organizations who confronted the biggest crisis situation of the world in the near history. International advertising has made that situation as their headline & CNN talks about the situation on breaking media therefore many live endorsements on advertising may affect BP's corporate and business reputation for certain level. However BP's turmoil marketing communications process has minimized the effects from international goods.

Phases of problems communications

Hainsworth & Meng (1996) recognized following stages which a crisis is pass. Which means interface of turmoil communications may differ from each stage.

First scanning the surroundings to determine the signs of a tragedy and making contingency plans, recovery programs & communications programs for the discovered risk.

Secondly pre impact is where organizations prepares specific problems management plans, creating crisis management groups & educated key stake holders about the turmoil.

Then the impact, turmoil management plan is carried out, and close contact is maintained with the

media and key stakeholder teams. The aim is to neutralize and localize (contain) the turmoil,

without covering or diminishing its significance to stakeholders

And finally Readjustment the company implements approaches for reputational repair, and remains

consistent, positive and concerned through investigations, compensation boasts (where relevant)

and other post-crisis jobs.

Characteristics of crisis communications

There are various characteristics of turmoil marketing communications which is common on the majority of the turmoil communication situations.

Well ready for crisis marketing communications where organizations must ensure what they communicates as turmoil communications and the impact to the organizations reputation after the crisis communication.

Crisis communications are very straight forward and the target is only about how to preventing the crisis.

The most important characteristic in turmoil communications is its centralized.

Only the allocated people can make claims or address to mass media on crisis communications.

Most of the turmoil communications tend to be more into functional communications somewhat being creative.

Higher degree of credibility is required in these type of communications.

Another characteristic of turmoil communication is accelerate to response for the problems arisen.

How to control crisis communications

Managing crisis communications is quite element of crisis communications. Augustine (2000) has introduce a model six stages of problems management

Stage 1 : Prevent the crisis

Avoiding problems is minimal costly, simplistic way to avoid the turmoil.

Analyzing of the surroundings to discover the risk which may be attracted to the organization and the results & analyze the price tag on prevention.

Searching for things which is beyond organization's control & make contingency planning for these things, and yes it is important to setting up clear guidelines & anticipations to employee habit in order to avoiding problems.

Stage 2 : Prepare to manage the crisis

Preparation for problems which includes creating contingency & problems management plan which must be upgrade at least by on a yearly basis. Also as a preparation forming cross efficient crisis management teams and test contingency plan & groups by doing activates such as drafting press releases, developing dark sites, etc.

Stage 3 : Identify the crisis

At these level organizations has to understand how others will perceive an issue & task organizations belief.

Monitor inside & exterior stakeholders' criticisms, concerns & Questions.

Use independent researchers, as well as outsiders, to assist in understanding the situation.

Stage 4 : Contain the crisis

This is the crucial situation of crisis communications management. At this stage Organizational must take fast decisions and to allocated a team which is positively working 24 hours for the crisis management. Also to allocated an individual as company spokesmen who makes all the comments in public. And yes it is important not to leave stakeholders to get information from marketing regarding the issue.

Stage 5 : Resolving the crisis

At this stage organization has to respond fast to get out from the crisis situation, Company has take the facts direct to public, and also demonstrate responsibility, willingness and transparency in looking into the problem and placing it right, Promote resolutions and advancements, and add bonuses to keep or win back stakeholders.

Stage 6 : Profiting from the crisis

This is the final stage of Augustines' turmoil management model. At this time organizations have to experience the great things about increased stakeholders trust consequently of positive, honest, considerate handling of the problems. Also it is very important to learn from the errors for enhanced problems management in the foreseeable future.

How Crisis communications make Effect on corporate reputation

Organizational commercial reputation is the first thing which will be affecting as a result of an emergency situation. Therefore turmoil communications will there be for guard organizational reputation as well as overcome the turmoil.

As crisis marketing communications straight influencing organizational personality & personality also the patterns of the organization you can find closer hyperlink between crisis marketing communications & corporate reputation.

Crisis communications are make a impact on organizational reputation in various ways. Initially internal planning to the problems, building up turmoil management teams, inside crisis marketing communications will enhances the trust of the employees towards the business. And therefore employees will no leaves the business also they'll not make any negative assertions about the business during problems period.

Effective crisis marketing communications will improve the customers trust towards the organization & its behavior. And they will retain as devoted customers even at crisis situation.

Through effective turmoil communication to the entire community, stakeholders such as advertising, government, pressure categories, etc organizations are making a impact on their reputation.

Seylan Bank anticipated & designed a crisis

Crisis can be happen in any given time unpredictably. But if organizations can check out the surroundings & looking for signs about growing issues, turmoil can be identify easily.

Seylan Bank has recently affected by an enormous crisis in 2008/09 period and retrieved strongly because of the problems management process & procedures they employed.

But if Seylan Lender identified the future crisis in first stages they had the chance to avoid the turmoil.

As learning from the flaws of the crisis period Seylan Bank or investment company has scanned the surroundings and figured out the future issues of the surroundings which might have advantageous potentials to entice by Seylan Bank.

One of the interesting & unstable turmoil is System frailer. quite simply if there is something frailer occurs for Seylan Bank or investment company what will occur to the organization reputation ?

Focusing on these anticipated problems situation Seylan Loan company has made primary steps to enough time crisis, but if the crisis has occurs they are now getting ready to face the crisis.

Planning for a crisis

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