Manchester united

Manchester United (ManU) is one of the leading football clubs on the planet. ManU has acquired many game titles in the sports competition making the membership to be the most successful football club in the world. The success of this club is contributed by the nice management of Sir Alex Ferguson who may have been the administrator since 1986 when Ron Atkinson remaining (Formal website, ManU).


The football industry in UK is becoming popular because of the first successes on the market, an feature that made it a viable business. The primary aim of this report is to investigate the SWOT and PEST examination of Manchester United. From this analysis, it will be possible to identify both internal and external strengths of the business.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis can be used to know the success factors of ManU as well as to identify the strategies to be conquer the club's weaknesses. In addition, SWOT analyses will permit the company to recognize the opportunities to boost performance. SWOT analysis of Manchester United is offered below


The key power of Manchester United is its well known brand all over the world. ManU has achieved such good brand by heavy advertising campaign through the internet, Television and magazines (Andrews, 2004). This considerable ad has made the team to get various sponsors. This means that whenever the company raises any products on the market, indicating their name and sign, it'll be determined by its funs all over the world.

Power of the club is the presence of a huge fan base which has improved the financial steadiness of the team. This big fan base has made a very high purchase amount whenever the tickets are being sold. Furthermore, Manchester United has various syndication channels which enable it to provide new products launched in to the market. Furthermore, these stations can be used by the Manchester United to obtained reviews from the marketplace concerning their products and performances.


From the web site of the company, it implies that the major weakness is the merchandise and product variety. It really is evident that the company has been introducing many diverse products at different situations. Each one of these diverse products have been created from the shirt to credit cards indicating that the company has exploited the available sources of income within the business. This action must be researched at the earliest opportunity in order to help the company to situate and review it products, adopt the utilization of effective devices including the Boston Matrix which can only help the company to identify that the merchandise are doing well in the market.

Finally, the team has been so affluent, which is still working on such a high level, there's a stressing within the management of the business that it will loose its source, which has a diverse focus of the membership from sports to the proceeds. Such movements might have a great impact to its enthusiasts because the fans come from all over the world.


Penetration of the Manchester United to the American market has been one of the major opportunities to the company. The company will in future framework its club by entering into coalition with the New York Yankees. THE BRAND NEW York Yankees is one of the well-off clubs in the world. This will help the business by making certain exclusive distribution stations are established in the United States of America. Through this the business will be in a position to enter into and present their products in a fresh market. Furthermore, the Manchester United will maintain a posture to lead all the basketball golf clubs in the America, though you will see superior elevation of risks concerned. The managers assume that by joining a coalition with the Yankees, this risk will be reduced (CNN, 2010).


Manchester United performs under a great hazard in this field because other big teams like Manchester City and Arsenal which are enhancing in their shows. These and other clubs have become very big opponents to the golf club. Furthermore, the Manchester United FC has been facing interior dangers to the team. There's a regular change of leadership in the business making the membership to be disunited. Nonetheless, this will have an impact on the sale of merchandise. Lastly, the membership is lacking enough funds for funding academies and junior football, in order to train the best footballers to ensure simple succession in the foreseeable future.

PEST Analysis of the Manchester United

The club's decision has been afflicted by macro-environmental factors like the changes in taxes, new laws and regulations, demographic changes and the changes in federal policy. The managers of Manchester United can classify these as the politics, economical, interpersonal and technical factors.

Political factors

This comprises of the laws which govern the issues affecting the actions of the team. The team is having a problem of spending its bills which total $1. 5 billion, a shape that was misappropriated by the greedy owners. The supporters of Manchester United from Britain are getting ready to join their initiatives to push legislators to consider pro-football legislation in parliament that will aim at fighting the total arrears which has not being paid because of corrupt owners who misuse the money of the team. This action has exploited the loyalties of followers of Manchester United.

Economical factors

The club has boosted the current economic climate through employment opportunities which have been created to the players and the officials. The positive effect of Manchester United FC is believed globally because they make use of the best players globally. Secondly, this sports club has been a catalyst in the local development due to positive financial moves which are produced by the supporters of the team across the world. Lastly, the team has a positive effect on the current economic climate because its representatives are thrown from all over the world. These representatives spend typically 15 on basic needs such as food, beverages etc. within a match. If the followers are from international countries they bring in foreign currencies which will eventually improves the Balance of Obligations in the country


Technology has contributed favorably to the foot ball games because the players are capable of playing at night because of the availability of electricity. Furthermore, technology has facilitated various folks from various areas of the world to watch soccer irregardless of there locations. Technology has facilitated fans of the team to obtain information from the web concerning the performances of the company. It has benefited those Manchester United lovers to get changes incase that they had missed to view the overall game.


Manchester United exactly like any other sports team has united many people especially the funs of football. People have interacted around the globe because of basketball. People from different age groups normally watch sports since it is either their favorite game or because they want to watch simply for leisure.

Football has become part of the society in today's world, everybody on earth talks of soccer, either English Top Little league or the world glass championships. This is very important since they have affected the culture in a confident way i. e. it can create employment in the region. For example, the earth cup will maintain South Africa this year. The South African authorities will gather a great deal of revue in conditions of taxation, sales of seat tickets and another taxable stuff. This will likely have close romantic relationship with the communal ethnical factors though indirectly (Masterman, 2009).

Manchester United has added a whole lot in the context of the communal ethnical factors as it uses players from various areas of the globe. They normal go for celebrities from different leagues and employ them. From a research done by Masterman, Manchester is the leading club in the repayment package they feature to its employees.

Business strategy

The team has carried research involving their product development in the market. That is very important as it can help the team to improve their performance in their product in today's market before strategizing on how to go into the new market.


Manchester United is the leading team in the soccer industry also to maintain this position, they need to focus on the market and the needs of its clients and supporters. The company has further upgraded on their product through carrying research; these advancements have helped bring success in the membership and improve the support of the team.

The plank of directors has also done their finest by using the best players to symbolize the team. This can make the team to perform well in the field whenever they have a casino game. Furthermore, these directors ensure that the willpower is well maintained in the business because the lovers and its opponents are closely seeing the proceedings in the company.


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