Marketing strategies which can help Cadburys in introducing there new product



In 1824, John Cadbury commenced selling tea, coffee, and drinking delicious chocolate, which he produced himself, at Bull Block in Birmingham, Britain. John Cadbury later determined into the development of a number of Cocoas and Enjoying Chocolates being produced from a manufacturer in Bridge Block, delivering mainly to the rich due to the high cost of manufacture at this time. At this time the company was known as 'Cadbury Brothers of Birmingham'.

Cadbury is a respected global confectionery company with an outstanding collection of delicious chocolate, gum and chocolate brands. Cadbury make use of around 45, 000 people and has direct procedure in over 60 countries, offering its products in market segments everywhere surrounding the world. Cadbury is practically 200 yrs. old. In 1969 Cadbury merged with Schweppes to produce Cadbury Schweppes. In 2003, Adams Confectionery was attained including its Trident and Halls brands, now respectively the world's greatest gum and candy brands. On 7 May 2008, Cadbury demerged the Americas Beverages business and created Cadbury plc. In March 2009, they declared a definitive agreement to sell the Australia Drinks business for approximately 550 million.

The pursuing few webpages which follow help to show overall how and which types of strategies on various things based on Marketing strategies can help Cadburys in releasing there new product. Marketing strategy is an idea of action which is used by many businesses round the world, which helps the business enterprise meet its goals and objectives, it can also assist a company when launching a new product as it can help to identify which different strategies would be best to use. Marketing strategies can be put into two main categories that are
  • Short-Term
  • Long-Term

Short-term strategies help a company to focus mainly on the four Ps: Product, price, place and promotion which are essential to all businesses, as these four features are the main things that assist a business to accomplish objectives if indeed they are used accurately. On the other we've long-term strategies which are being used to plan the future actions of your business, this can include producing dining tables like a Ansoff matrix which helps a business to select a lot of things such as, whether to unveiling a new product or to improve prior products, overall making the right decisions on which type of way is essential, especially regarding Cadburys as it can help to choose how to establish a new cereal pub, to ensure that they reach maximum sales. Throughout the next few webpages I will discuss possible short-term and long-term strategies which Cadburys might use, indicating which kind of strategy in each circumstance could be the most useful to help them achieve success with there new product. Ansoff Matrix

An ansoff matrix can be used to identify and show various types of progress strategies, many firms such as Cadburys could take advantage of the use of the ansoff matrix as it helps to focus on the firm's present and possible products as well as the market segments. The main thing in ansoff matrix helps to identify can be done ways for a business to grow; this can include improving earlier products or producing new products.


Market Penetration: That is when a company tries to achieve progress using existing products in there current market section, to increase its market show.

Product Development: This is when a organization targets a new product at there current market segment.

Market Development: This is when a company seeks progress by targeting there existing products at a fresh market.

Diversification: This is when a company attempts to diversify into new businesses by producing services to target at a fresh market.

Best marketing strategy for Cadburys: The list following helps to show which online marketing strategy from the ansoff matrix would be best for Cadburys to utilize
  • If Cadburys was to use market penetration for there product, I feel this might not help at all as the current product they have got out on the market which is the Brunchbar, is not doing very well and people wouldn't normally buy it, therefore i feel this might be the worst option to choose.
  • If Cadburys was to use product development for there product, Personally i think this could possibly be successful, although after the inability of there prior product people may not buy there new product.
  • If Cadburys was to use market development, I feel that again there could possibly be a chance of success, as they may have aimed there prior product at the wrong market, although folks from the new market could also not be keen to buy there product.
  • It is clear that if Cadburys was to use diversification and target a fresh product at a fresh market, there would be a high chance of success as long as the new product was to meet customer needs, that can be done through intensive general market trends to help collect an idea of folks who would regularly purchase there product.

Marketing Targets

Before a company such as Cadburys can decide on which market strategy they'll be using, they must consider that appropriate and precise marketing aims are placed to help the business to be as successful as you can in the future. The best way for a small business to

ensure that they placed realistic and attainable objectives would be by following acronym of SMART, this can help identify details which have to be checked by the business to ensure high-quality objectives are being established to maintain high sales for the merchandise.

The acronym SMART is short for the following which all have to be checked over by businesses when preparing its marketing strategy:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timed

For an enterprise such as Cadburys to reach your goals within such a competitive market, good quality targets must be place.

The pursuing is a set of targets Cadburys could establish themselves to ensure they are successful with the release of there new product

Principles of Marketing

There are numerous different features to be looked at when marketing your product to ensure there are no hiccups when releasing a fresh product. Listed below are a set of different things which need to be looked at by businesses such as Cadburys to have success for the new product
  1. Understanding customer needs: This can be found through extensive market research to help the business enterprise determine the customers perspective on products as well as the new tendency within the marketplace. Through my market research that i have conducted, I've now found the right segment for me to aim my product at assisting to almost ensure success with the new product as I have covered the needs of my chosen portion.
  2. Understand and keep ahead of opponents: This again can be done through market research to help a business stay above opponents. I've used secondary research here to help me see the biggest rivalries within the marketplace, therefore permitting me to stay above them.
  3. Communicate effectively with customers: This can be done through varieties of places; the most affective would be through promotional techniques utilized by the business. To make sure I have done this, I stated the possible campaign techniques and chose the ones that i felt would be better to use.
  4. Organize functions to achieve objectives: To make sure correct objective have been arranged, a company must go through the four Ps around the product to ensure that the correct marketing aims have been established. To greatly help me do this I ran through the four Ps of my product, and then examined to note that I had stated almost all of the possible strategies for the product.
  5. Alert to constraints: All businesses should be aware of the constraints they face on the website marketing activities, to ensure they are then able to work there way around it. To ensure I was alert to the possible constraints from many different factors, I produced both a SWOT and Infestations evaluation to help me identify these.

The above principles of marketing must all be searched and analyzed by businesses, to ensure that the kick off of the new product operates as smooth as it can be.

Cadbury plan their development process by by using a time series method as this can help Cadbury to accurately produce the needed amount of chocolates at the right time frame. A time series shows historical data you can use and analyzed to forecast future trends. Holiday and Easter are peak selling times for all those chocolate makes including Cadbury; this is obviously because delicious chocolate products make good products for these events. The disadvantages of the type of forecast are

- Cadbury needs to have a lot of earlier data for enough time series solution to be used effectively to anticipate sales information.

- When the exterior environment doesn't stay stable then you will see problems with the forecast for example if the prices of the raw materials used to create Cadbury products increases then your price of the product has to upsurge in order for Cadbury to make a benefit from

the merchandise produced. This might affect the clients purchasing styles.

- The data may be biased or agent.

The benefits of this type of forecast are

- The data helps Cadbury to reduce wastage and produce the quantity of products that customers would purchase.

- The data is reliable if collected properly/accurately.

- The forecast helps Cadbury to make products successfully as it helps Cadbury to create a goal of the amount of products needed; there are always enough products to provide to customers.

However exact information about this is unavailable to the public. Therefore I am going to use the information that I've produced about an imaginary firm I have found in E4 of my assignment.

The most profitable product that the imaginary organization produces is the mugs, making a revenue of 10, 500 for the first quarter of the entire year. I feel that this is excellent as this company is selling the mugs well and making a reasonable amount of gains from them; the mugs are batch

produced and are everyday household items.

- The company will some research and discover what types of designs the customers are interested in purchasing. This would help to increase the sales, as customers like to have mugs with designs that they like and match with the rest of their kitchen accessories/items. If the

firm demonstrates they are considering giving the customers what they need then customers are extremely likely to acquire mugs from the firm. But a problem that would happen is that customers don't need too much mugs as they could be reused over and over so sooner or later the organization

will need to stop producing mugs and withdraw it from the marketplace as the demand will reduce.

- The firm could sell the mugs in multi packs as a collection as well as separately and this will help to boost the sales of the mugs because so many customers prefer to truly have a set of mugs the same design.

From results of wastage and creation I recommended that the saucer office of this firm should be closed down as it was charging the firm a great deal to continue to produce saucers to market to the clients as it was not making its potential profit. The department i suggested should have a rise in production was the teapot office this was because of the fact that it was the second most profitable product that this organization produced (combined with the saucers but I've discussed why it wasn't easy for the firm to keep to create them). I feel that if the firm improved the effectiveness of the teapots they would be more successful on the market as customers would realize this and want a teapot that is strong so that it lasts longer.

How the production process is supervised

The quality assurance system that Cadbury use is total quality management (TQM). For Cadbury's TQM is a method of ensuring that their products are of a higher standard of quality and a method to monitor the creation of products.

To monitor the development process Cadbury employs supervisors to check the merchandise at each level of production.

Marketing strategy

In order to increase sales Cadburys needs to undertake a variety of marketing activities before deciding upon the ultimate way to encourage the purchase of its product. When identifying the essential principals which Cadburys must connect with its marketing will be its basic aims because all business must have aims it allows them to increase sales and make income.

Corporate aims are the long term motives of a business, whereas commercial objectives are the specific targets required to achieve the seeks.

The common target and goals of the organization such as Cadbury includes the next
  1. Survival
  2. Income maximization- which is often taken up to be the key reason why firms exists also to be the primary objectives in techniques most firms have a hierarchy of targets when a firms success is threaten it could profit maximize to be able to revive its financial health.
  3. Growth- which include Cadbury selling services or expanding overseas.
  4. Diversification- which is the spreading of business risks by reducing reliance on one product.
  5. Sales maximization- which is the increasing of sales
  6. Improving the merchandise image-which includes creating a fresh logo or starting a new make of product and creating more attractive packaging. For instance, Cadbury set out two objectives for the introduction of their delicious chocolate, Fuse. They were:
  1. To increase the market for chocolate confectionery
  2. To increase Cadbury's share of the snacking sector when introducing a product the business Cadbury's had to make certain that any new product in the snaking sector must set up things of difference, creating a distinctive selling proposition (USP) i. e. something with unique charm which is not shared by any of its opponents. Referring back to the example of Fuse, Cadbury lost a lot of money trying out the combination of varied ingredients and even more than 250 were blended before the formula of the delicious chocolate was finalized. As the products are developed, Cadbury tests those to ensure that consumers are willing to get them. Cadbury then encourages its products in a variety of ways such as the use of above the series promotion, which is where a product is promoted through consumer press such as tv set, magazines, newspaper publishers and radio.



My product is a re-launch of Cadbury dairy milk. Cadbury dairy milk is manufactured out of real delicious chocolate. Its materials include cocoa butter and there's a glass and one half full cream dairy products milk in every 200 grams of Cadbury dairy milk delicious chocolate, Cadbury buys 65 million litres of fresh dairy each year to make Cadbury dairy products milk delicious chocolate.


Price is an important factor of the marketing combine. The price costed for a delicious chocolate bar can determine whether a consumer will buy it and the level of sales achieved can determine whether or not Cadbury Schweppes can make a income. Price is also affected by factors such as the talk about of the market, what competitors are charging, the level reached in the products life circuit and above all what price the market will bear. Through the marketing perspective this is what matters.


Cadbury dairy dairy is produced at the delicious chocolate manufacturing plant in Bourneville in Birmingham. Following the chocolate is produced and has been through all the quality checks it is transported to the stockrooms. After this Cadbury sells it products to shops

that deal with beverages and confectionery e. g. spot shops, excellent stores such as Iceland, Sainsbury, Kwik save, Tesco, Asda, Safeway and petrol train station. These lenders are usually went to by customers on a daily basis. They then sell it to the general public. Cadbury produces chocolates for more than 200 countries in order that they have an opportunity to appreciate it as well and make income.

This gives them an array of consumers round the world. Cadbury Schweppes therefore makes sure that the cultures of these differing people are kept. They can do this by producing products, which are eaten for the reason that particular country without upsetting religious or cultural procedures.


The purpose of promotion is to talk directly with probable or existing customers, to be able to encourage them to buy dairy dairy and recommend it to others. The main promotional tools are sales promotions, public relations and advertising.

Production representation

Cadbury screen the creation process by using total quality management to ensure that the chocolate/products that are produced are of a superior quality and meet up with the needs of the customers, this is vital for Cadbury because they produce chocolate products mainly which has a lot of substitutes, which means that customers could loose desire for Cadbury products if their demands are not met or thought about. To enforce total quality management Cadburys have supervisors that keep an eye on the machines, the other workers and the products that are made. Cadbury also keep an eye on the quality of their products by utilizing a quality guarantee system, (mentioned previously) total quality management TQM. TQM ensures that the merchandise that Cadbury produces preferences good to the customers, is attractive to the clients, customer claims are solved, hearing customers and Cadbury make constant improvements with their products. Those are all the benefits for Cadbury monitoring the grade of their products and utilizing a quality assurance method. At this time Cadburys use TQM to screen the quality of their products so that a quality assurance method. I feel that this could be

improved if other ways of quality guarantee and monitoring creation were used; I think that this would assist in improving them. An alternative quality guarantee method that Cadbury could use is benchmarking. Benchmarking is a method for looking at the performance of 1 business against another, this would of an advantage to Cadbury because they could compare their sales results, production results etc against a significant competitor (Nestle for example), the evaluations would help Cadbury to set goals and goals for the business itself and once the goals have been met it may almost be certain that Cadbury is outperforming its competition. However the competitor that Cadbury choose should be near enough the same size business as Cadbury, this is to make the benchmarking fair. Aswell as the above mentioned benchmarking can help Cadbury to do better than their competitor(s). To increase the monitoring method that Cadbury might use to keep an eye on their products, Cadburys could continue steadily to use total quality management ? TQM and also give the rest of the workers more responsibilities by enforcing self-checking and inspection on the products produced at Cadbury. Personal- checking is typically the main approach to a business to attain quality control, to ensure that the employees inspect the products professionally, effectively and properly Cadbury should make a list of things that the staff should check.

In 1895, an invention in the provision of model real estate by manufacturers occurred with the development by George Cadbury of Bournville Model Community. This is the first model pay out to provide low-density housing not limited to factory workers. This paper uses the Bournville archives to explore the accepted background of this pay out. It is argued that the accepted history is a specific reading of the planning experiment. The paper explores the development of the 'accepted record', identifies a few of the creators behind the annals and uses the minute literature and secretary studies of Bournville Town Trust to construct an alternative historical narrative. The alternative background is one in which Bournville starts as a building house rather than as a model town. The building real estate was given no community facilities, and the houses were targeted at the lower- and upper- middle classes. Cadbury repackaged the building real estate by appropriating your garden city movement; in exchange your garden city activity also appropriated Bournville by it as an operating example of a model garden town.

The paper makes a contribution to theoretical question by linking a books from organizational studies worried about story-telling and engineering to historical geography.

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