Models of Organizatonal Structure concentrating on Functional structure

Assuming that you would like to establish a meeting management company. Identify the form of organization structure that you'll apply for your brand-new company and justify your answers.


Organizational structure has activities such as coordination, guidance and activity allocation, which are aimed towards all achievement aimed by an organization. It can be regarded as the viewing glass or perspective by which individuals see their environment and the organization.

Most likely there a wide range of organizations which have graded structures, but not all companies do follow the grading steps. Most organizations are with variations of gathered entities. Different organizations have different variants of accumulated entities.

An organization can be organised in different other ways. It all will depend on their targets. The framework of the organization would determine the methods where it executes and operates. An organizational composition allows the portrayed distribution of duties for different processes and functions to various and different units including the office, workgroup, branch, and individual.

All organizational framework does have an effect on any organizational activities in mainly two big ways. Firstly, an organizational composition provides foundation which standard routines leftovers and operating procedures. Second, the organizational framework determines which individuals reach do which particular decision-making operations, and to extent their views in shaping the organizations work actions.

Types of Organizational Structure

1. 2. 1 Bureaucratic structure

Bureaucratic structures have their certain quality of standardization. They are really more fitted to larger scale or even more complex organizations. They usually employ a tall composition. Then pressure between non-bureaucratic and bureaucratic constructions is reverberated in Burns and Stalker difference between organic and mechanistic buildings. It isn't the complete thing about bureaucratic structure. It is very much sophisticated and ideal for graded structured organization, generally and mainly in high organizations. The other way of understanding the characteristics of bureaucracy structure are a ranked structure, a defined responsibilities and assignments, also a esteem for merit.

1. 2. 2 Useful structure

All employees within the efficient divisions of a business are often to perform a specified group of responsibilities, for example in the engineering department; there would be a specified group of engineers that might be staffed. For instance, they may be staffed with software designers. This could lead to too little communication between the functional groups within the business. This might make the business very inflexible and sluggish. A functional firm is best suited for developer of standardized services and goods at large volume at low cost. Expertise and coordination of tasks are usually centralized in the efficient structure, rendering it to produce a limited amount of services or products expectable and productive. Efficiencies can be recognized as practical organizations incorporate their activities vertically so that products those are sent out and sold quickly at low cost. Your small business could start making the mechanisms it needs for production of their products instead of just procuring the product from an exterior organization. It is not only good for an organization; it is also beneficial for the workers faiths

1. 2. 3 Divisional Structure

This is also called a "product structure", the divisional or product structure divides every organizational function into different division. Each and division within the divisional structure contain all the required functions resources and within it. Divisions are grouped in different points of view. One might create distinctions on something basis /service basis or on physical. Different products for different customers: homeowners or companies. Another good example can be an automobile company; they have different division like a section for the four heel drive, a division for sedan car, a department for compact vehicles and much more. Each division might have their own sales, marketing and anatomist departments.

1. 2. 4 Matrix structure

The matrix framework gathers employees by both product and function. This composition combines the best of both distinct buildings. A matrix business normally uses groups of employees to complete any work, this is to make up for the weaknesses, as well concerning take advantage of the talents, of the decentralized and efficient forms. For example a firm produces two products, "product A" and "product B". Product A could have different and different departments, product B could have the very same framework and departments as the product A. Matrix structure is the purest of all organizational structures, it is the most simple structure in emulating the companies demonstration.

1. 3 Kind of Company

This company organizes parties. It is a celebration planner company. This company plans all sorts of parties in virtually any celebration. For example the organization does indeed organise functions for wedding, birthdays, and many other functions in schools, companies and even more. The corporation provides wedding caterers service too. Cleaning service after any function or ceremony is provided if this company had managed the function.

Event management is the application of task management to the development and creation of events, conferences, and festivals. Event management includes studying the facts of the brand, discovering the aims of the audience, planning the concept of the event, planning the logistics and arranging the technological features before actually seeking to execute the modalities of the prepared event.

The events that company does are; making game titles in a party. For instance, for a childs party that is twelve years and below, we provide them with clowns, magicians, and simple occurrences such as musical chairs for the youngsters. For party of the individuals, sixteenth birthday will be a great example, this company provides disk jockey (DJ) to have some music, this company provides the high tech lighting service, and much more. For parties that company designs for a marriage is small games for the groom and the bridegroom. These games are chosen by our customers. The games that we provide are not limited to the groom and bride groom but additionally it is for individuals who attends the wedding ceremony.

1. 4 Functional Structure

The organizational framework that had been chosen because of this company is the divisional structure. It is because this structure gets the simplest form of arranging people into different departments to prepare the necessary needs in the business. The main reason of choosing this structure is that people could divide organizations of folks into department. For example; a group of men and women will be on the in the lighting department, a group of men and women will maintain the music division, a group of individuals will be in the cleaning department and so many more.

1. 4. 1 Advantages:

The advantage of having this framework would be that the administrator or the boss of this corporation can easily see the process of network of the individuals working under them. It is not hard to arrange people in this composition to make things happen. It is also easy to control the employees or personnel in this form.

1. 4. 2 Negatives:

The down sides are that if the business doesn't have enough workers the business must find for new fresh workers. The professionals cannot just move employees from section A into another team B. This is because section A would be missing of workers to end focus on time.

1. 5 Illustration of Functional Structure

Foreman (arrangement)

Foreman (cleaning team)

Foreman (music)

Foreman (light)

Site Agent

Material Buying

Work Arranging Office

Project Manager

Project Manager

Project Manager

Finance Director

Personnel Director

Site Operation Director

Marketing Director

Managing director

1. 6 Conclusion

This structure Is actually the best for all event managing companies. This framework helps a great deal in dividing organizations in various sorts of departments and making it so easy for the professionals to manage the progress very smoothly without the problem.

The fear of facing the weakness of the company may also be very terrifying and it could not be as terrifying sometimes. The terrifying point in time of weakness is when the company Is lack of workers at the last minute. that is very a bad information because of this kind of organizational structure.

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