Motivating Of Employees With Job Redesigning Business Essay

Plastco presentation has high turnover especially in the development department, which appears to be linked to the job design which is not motivating or providing their workers job satisfaction. High turnover at Plastco not only means that employees are unhappy with the task or payment, but it can also indicate unsafe or unhealthy conditions. High turnover is harmful for plastco's productivity as skilled workers are often leaving.

They have a high level of throw away relating to recycleables, waste incurs loss in raw materials & time used in production process. This is a hazard for environment too.

The quality of the product is very inconsistent which includes been taken to attention by customer grievances.

New competition may lead to loss of customers and future profits.


Plastco Packaging not only needs to deal with the root problem, but suffer from extra problems too, that happen to be due to the former.

It has become clear to supervisors that there surely is work environment stress at Plastco, few interpersonal romance issues among coworkers, in any situation questioned by supervisors regarding problems employees commence to accuse one another.

In the long run these issues will lead to possible lost of earnings, second-rate product quality, no team work results, and low inspiration. This would effect on business as poor customer support will probably lose plastco's customers and goodwill in market.

Management, HR Office and Supervisors need to focus on an action plan to solve the problems to prevent future loss.


Job research and redesign would provide essential information for management prior to making organizational decisions, show actual number and nature of careers within the company and determine relative worth of every position and its own appropriate class. It helps in retaining the competitiveness of the business in the market.

At Plastco job evaluation will examine and create appropriate degrees of compensation predicated on job value. Thus HR Division would develop compensation programmes based on different skill levels, this create an apparent impact in motivating employees.

Restructuring of compensation system and by incorporating compensation system such as pay-for- performance system Plastco ltd can motivate desired action, appeal to and keep achievement-oriented individuals. Pay-for-performance system can help to preserve good performers while discouraging the poor performers. Thus with the addition of intrinsic rewards Plastco ltd can boost job satisfaction, determination and output.

Eliminate Misuse - with eradicating misuse & recycling Plastco ltd. can move some steps towards 'go green'. Eliminating or reducing waste will take full advantage of product produce, providing superior quality product corresponding to customer's requirements, while aiding Plastco to be greener. This implies less waste will go to landfills and much more products made. Also, it saves the business money as typically, waste products accocunts for four percent of business turnover. This might create goodwill for company in market and among environmentalists.


Plastco ltd. by executing a training workshop can bring in to its employees how to foster a harmonious and peaceful place of work. Training will encourage wide open communication, dialogue; instruct management how to value your staff's welfare. With this staff & employees would learn how to respect one another as a person, communicate effectively which would reduce interpersonal issues.

Management at Plastco by realising the importance of these life outside of work, wanting to be flexible whenever we can regarding issues which could influence that, can bounce their employee's job satisfaction. This might create a more comfortable labor force and employees are more likely to remain loyal to the company, motivated while doing to the best of their capacity.

By reducing work place stress Plastco ltd would build-up their employee's morale high, promote worker involvement, reduce high turnover, increase job satisfaction, devotion, motivation as each one of these individual behaviours are interrelated.


These will be the suggestions for Plastco product packaging to make their machine operators careers more motivating & satisfying.

Keep the things because they are - don't do anything.

Job evaluation - Job analysis would facilitate accurate recruitment and selection methods at Plastco ltd, would established criteria for performance appraisals and invite appropriate classification/reclassification of positions. Thus management would be able to determine job obligations responsibilities and to establish performance expectations. This can identify health and safety dangers and working conditions that require special training.

Job design - Job design is the structuring of careers to enhance the efficiency of the business and improve worker satisfaction it would provide recommendations to help get appropriate fit between employees and their jobs. Job redesigning and delegating responsibility would enhance employee's involvement and will give a satisfied work place for employees at Plastco Presentation. HR's creativity and creativity applied to job design have the potential to yield impressive results. Job conditions and quality of product can be advanced by job redesigning at Plastco Packaging.

Restructure of the reward system and recognition - Employees at Plastco will probably appreciate employer's initiatives to make their careers as motivational and challenging as possible. Many employees will welcome the chance to assist in improving their jobs. They'll start to see the benefits for themselves and for the business. Intrinsic motivation originates from rewards inherent to an activity or activity itself and pay for performance would fulfill this patterns with improving job satisfaction too.

Workshops - Plastco ltd. by executing an exercise workshop can present to its employees how to foster a harmonious and peaceful work place. Workshop would emphasis about how to speak effectively, respect one another, training & development of employees, how to mould their inhospitable behavior. Will encourage available door policy; make clear work place harassment, its effects. Thus by zero work environment stress Plastco employees would feel morally high, dedicated, loyal to group. It would increase job satisfaction, security among employees.


Short Term Goals-To Be Achieved Within 90 Days

It is important at Plastco product packaging to carry out job analysis. It would take 20-40 times in analyzing the task duties, jobs, and responsibilities that need to be accomplished by the employee focusing on the position. HR needs to do related internet research. This would be the platform information for job making and prize system.

Harmony at work environment workshop should be conducted in 10-30 times and Recruiting department would monitor that workshop is attended by all the staff members and employees. This would help in building prosperous human relationships among worker.

Medium Term Goals-To Be Achieved Within three months to 2 Years

Job research would describe and coordinate Plastco's broader framework and goals, the duties and skills required to achieve those objectives, and the important grouping of responsibilities and skills into specific jobs. The process of Job redesigning, pay back system & acknowledgement system must be done in 4 - 8 a few months.

Follow up working out workshop by watching employees behaviour, having opinions from them. HR section can estimate workshop's success by analysing work environment, productivity, and good romantic relationships between employees.

Long Term Goals-To Be Achieved Within 2 Years

Auditing Job design and checking customers details are ongoing operations at Plastco Product packaging. Auditing to ensure employees are happy content with their careers and has motivation to do their job.

With inspecting customer's details Plastco presentation can look how many customers complaints are reduced, how many customers are lost and their opinions on our product.


This report provides Plastco Packaging course of action for creating job satisfaction among machine operators. Human Resources professionals rated these ten factors as most important in employee satisfaction

job security,

relationship with immediate supervisor,


communication between employees and senior management,

opportunities to work with skills and abilities,

management recognition of employee job performance,

job-specific training,

feeling safe in the task environment,

compensation/pay, and

Overall corporate and business culture.

All these factors can be fulfilled if Plastco product packaging follows the above mentioned recommendations.


CASE Examination

Background information or synopsis (use point form)

Select the most relevant facts from the situation which have a direct bearing on the problem at hand

Plastco Presentation Ltd. is a medium-sized manufacturer of plastics totes.

Located on the western coast.

The three main phases in production process are

Producing the clear plastic sheeting.

Printing the retailer's name on the tubing.

Passing the rolls through handbag machines that chop and seals the tubes.

In Development process, the handbag making section has 12 semi automatic bag making machines.

Machines need consistent servicing, that happen to be carried by mechanics from the maintenance department.

There are 16 employees working for the function of the tote making machines

6 operators (men)

6 inspectors/packers (female)

4 utility workers (men)

On the work training process: supervisor selects among the list of utility operators, than they experience a 6 month on-the-job training from an experienced operator.

It can be an Unionized environment

Experiencing high turnover, low job satisfaction and motivation.

Primary/Root Problem(s) - explain

(list from most to least severe)

High turnover, low job satisfaction and drive.

Compensation strategy is inadequately designed.

High level of waste.

New rival has exposed.

Who is engaged?

What is their role and responsibility in creating or resolving the issue?



Human resources department

Impact (s) of problem on costs, quality, customer support or invention?

High turnover is harmful for plastco's efficiency as skilled employees are often going out of.

High turnover means that employees aren't happy, satisfied or motivated by their careers and settlement.

Compensation strategy appears to differentiate between male &female employees.

Waste incurs loss in raw materials &time used in development process. This is a risk for environment too.

New competition may lead to lack of customers and future revenue.

Symptoms of or Supplementary Problem(s) - explain

(list from most severe to least severe)

Inconsistency of product quality

Employees accuse the other person when questioned by supervisor.

Workplace stress - poor social relationships

Complaints from customers: inconsistent quality in products they receive.

Who is involved?

What is their role and responsibility in creating or resolving issue?



Human resources department


Impact (s) of problem on costs, quality, customer service or development?

Plastco packaging would lose customer's trust.

Workplace harassment could be the underlying issue.

Poor team work, low development and product quality.

Poor customer service and probably lack of customers if situation is not resolved quickly.

Alternatives to solve main problems?

Job analysis and redesign: add more intrinsic rewards.

Restructure of compensation system, incorporate reward system.

Eliminate Throw away.

Upgrading the merchandise: by minimizing complaints and providing a high quality product.

Restructure of compensation system


Human resource section salaries.


Provides essential information for management prior to making organizational decisions

Show actual quantity and mother nature of jobs within the company

Maintain the competitiveness of the business in the market.

Create an obvious result in motivating employees

Bring the specifics of a position in focus

Determine relative well worth of each position and its appropriate school.

With eliminating misuse &recycling Plastco ltd. can move some steps towards 'gogreen'


Job design is a tool for assisting to motivate and struggle employee.

Alternatives to solve symptoms of problems?

Conducting a workshop -

'How to keep Harmony at Office'.


Rewards tend to be than workshop's cost.


This would produce a happier workforce and employees will remain dedicated to the business, while doing to the best of their potential.


This would save money on recruitment and training.

Reduce absenteeism, lower personnel turnover

Improve morale which can only be good for both personnel and employers as well.

Improve work romantic relationships.

Recommendation(s)?(choose two or three activities offering the best payback and that offer most bang for buck)

Keep the items as they are - don't do anything.

Job analysis

Job design

Restructure of the pay back system


Justification for choosing this step?

Job research would facilitate correct recruitment and selection procedures at Plastco ltd, would placed expectations for performance appraisals and invite appropriate classification/reclassification of positions.

Job redesigning and delegating responsibility would boost employee's involvement and will give a satisfied work environment for employees.

Intrinsic motivationcomes from rewards inherent to a task or activity itself, thus purchase performance would satisfy this behaviour.

Workshops will create harmony and would let employees to grasp the social level.

Implementation Plan

Describe Actions:


Timing? # Days and nights needed?

Resources Needed?

Short Term(<90 days and nights)

Preparing and collecting information for job examination.


HR, Management,

20 -50 days and nights.

Doing Internet research.

Board Room, videos, pamphlets,

Expert coaches.

Medium Term (3 Mons. - 2 years)

Job redesigning based on job research information

Follow up to ascertain effectiveness of workshop.

HR, Management,


Long Term (over 2 years)

Audit job redesign and advancements on product quality.

By reviewing the dealings with costumers, their grievances, amount of lost customer and value of market talk about.

HR, Management,

2 yrs Ongoing process.

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