Nature of Organizational Culture

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"Relating to Banks, J. A. , Banks, & McGee, C. A. (1989). Culture is thought as values, symbols, interpretations, and perspectives that distinguish one individual from another in modernized societies; it isn't material items and other tangible aspects of human being societies. People within the culture usually interpret this is of symbols, artefacts, and behaviours in the same or in similar ways". Culture can also be defined as posting of beliefs, principles, behaviours and customs that the culture will handle and relates with each other which are moved from one technology to generation through teaching and learning.

Culture is one of those terms that are difficult to understand, but everyone knows it when they sense or observe it. For example, the culture of a big organisation to increase profit differs from government hospital to provide services to the public which is quite unique of that of a school or college which is to provide quality education to students.


"Atkinson identifies organisational culture as the assortment of traditions, values, guidelines and attitudes that constitutes a pervasive context for everything we do and think within an company". Organisational culture is the way work is been performed whether it is suitable or not appropriate and the behaviour or activities are motivated or discouraged. The culture of organisation is linked to the personality of an individual.


There are four models of organisational culture. They are:

Power culture: Electricity culture is mostly found in small entrepreneurial organisations and it depends on trust, and personal communication for efficiency. Control is exercised by collection of key individuals. It is a political organisation which decisions taking essentially on balance of effect. They are few rules and types of procedures and little bureaucracy.

Role culture: Role culture snooze on the strength of strong company pillar. They are the specialist of the business. Such as Financing, Production, Administration, Marketing, Purchasing etc. Their roles or job description will be more important than any individual in the company and their position is the key source of ability.

Task culture: Activity culture bring right resources and people into the company.

Person culture: Person culture is available when the staff think they are simply more superior or important than the organisation.


Organisations have group of principles and goals that help them to achieve their aims and objectives. Commercial culture is referred to as collection of values, systems, values, and processes that give the company its special frame of mind. Every organisation has a corporate culture and standard that oversees the procedure of the business. These expectations can be in form of rules, procedures and procedures that will determine the typical the company will operate.

Organisation Account of Avon UK

Avon is the business for girls, is a leading global beauty company, which make more than $10 billion income yearly. Avon is the first in the world's that has major direct advertising. Avon markets to women in more than 100 countries through about 6. 5 million effective unbiased Avon Sales Staff. Avon's products includes cosmetics, as well as fashion and home products, and features such well-recognized brands as Avon Color, Anew, Skin-So-Soft, Move forward Techniques, Avon Naturals, and tag. Find out about Avon and its own products.

Its provide good and innovative quality products to customers at realistic prices. Product lines include Avon make-up, Avon scent, ANEW skincare, Skin area So Soft and Move forward Techniques. Avon also markets different selection of wellbeing products, jewellery, nighties, accessories and gift items. More products hold the Avon name than other brand on earth.

Presently in the united kingdom, Avon now gets to one in three women, with six million women seeing an Avon brochure every three weeks through Avon sales reps.

As the business for females, Avon is focused on supporting the complexities that matter most to women - breast cancer and domestic violence. Globally, Avon has lifted over $800 million at this point as the world's major supporter of women's causes.

The mission of Avon is to be the company that best understands and satisfies the merchandise, service and self-fulfilment needs of female globally. The main five prices of Avon are Trust, Admiration, Perception, Humility and Integrity.

The Characteristics of Corporate Culture and exactly how it impacts the accomplishment of Organisational Goals of Avon UK.

The corporate and business culture of Avon UK have an effect on the organisational objectives in the sense that the corporate culture is very not the same as their organisational targets. Organisational goals of Avon UK is to make revenue by the end of the entire year and operation of the business must be effectively run. Area of the organisational culture of the company is to provide good and quality products and meet their customers. Additionally, the organisational culture is to place standards which need to be followed by the employees. Also, organisation culture of Avon is to possess direct sales and still have a friendly romance using their customers.

The corporate culture of Avon UK will be the responsibilities which the organisation is completed which not the same as their organisational culture. These are the organization culture which Avon is well known for. Avon is known for providing breasts cancer crusade for ladies. In the united kingdom Avon spent some time working in partnership with charities including Breakthrough Breast Tumors, Crazy Hats and Macmillan Tumors Support. Avon's activities have supported research, awareness raising, lobbying and treatment and support services. The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade was launched in the UK in 1992 to raise cash for and increase knowing of breast tumors. Today, the Crusade covers over 50 Avon countries across the world.

Corporate culture affect the organisation culture in the sense that their major goal of going into the business enterprise has been diversify into another form. Because of this the organisation culture will be infected, the operation of the organisation may also be affected. Their work to developed and presented the products to customers may be reduced due to the commercial culture activities.

Ways where Models of Company Culture Can Be Used to achieve organisational Targets.

There are ways where models of company culture can use to accomplish organisational aims. Four models will be used to attain organisational goals of Avon UK. Part of these is:

Role culture: Avon UK has been using role culture model in achieving their organisational aims. The goals and objectives of this organisation are set by their management. Also they centered on their customers and they're motivated over their success. They provide excellent customer service to their customers. Organisation culture of Avon is to give free Brochures to their customers with no cost involve. They also give free delivery services with their sales representatives. In addition they give free samples of their services to their customers to allow them to know what they are simply about to produce for his or her customers. Each one of these role culture will help Avon to attain organisational aims because they will upsurge in sales and income.

4. 1. 2 The difference between Organisational and National Culture

Organizational culture contains a business or interpersonal environment that support to make up initiatives and enhancements. A business with an organizational culture is more competitive and profitable. This sort of organization is thought to be more rewarding and motivate people to work with. An Organization with an organizational culture helps individual and people to have more challenges for his or her own welfare.

Features of organizational Culture

  • Organizational culture is very helpful for small businesses
  • It is composed with creating ideas, inventions, Creativity.
  • Organizational culture consists of independence, problem solving frame of mind, initiatives.
  • Organizational culture is idea in an environment where there level or hierarchy of management is not lively.

Notional Culture

The variations :

  • National culture has more impact with the employees' more than organisational culture.
  • National cultures want to work for foreign companies rather the neighborhood organisation in their environment.

The Corporate Cultural Account in an organisation. ( Avon UK)

Corporate Culture includes organization beliefs, ideals, procedures, in a huge business environment. Corporate and business culture is does mean just how things has been done within an environment. It includes principles, norms, and habits that end up being the natural way of doing things business. The most notable management comes with an important role to experience in the organization.

Part of commercial culture account of Avon UK is to provide direct selling or door to door marketing to their customers. In addition they hand out free catalogues to customers to assist them in promoting their products. Also they give free delivery services with their customers. And in addition give free websites, come back policy without the charges.

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