Ockham technologies case

The case ends as Adam Triandiflou, the founder of Ockham Technology, describes the business's early expansion in launching a massive deal with IBM and overcome financing their business procedures since it received funding offers from successful buyers and venture capital businesses. However, Ockham continues to face operational problems from assembling its individuals recourses to creating outsourcing relationships for its on-going success.

Rationale for problem selection
  1. James Triandiflou's encountered problems with assembling his executive team. Though Ockham Solutions set up its founding team, numerous problems arose: (1) there is "friction" between co-founders Triandiflou and Meisenheimer as they distributed different potential on company's control issue leading one to make decisions minus the participation of the other (p 12). (2) Building the business's plank of directors was also a concern. Triandiflou had issues with having two participants from one venture organization because he wished to keep his mother board small. If Ockham does not bring together the right people, it may risk falling apart and thus jeopardizing the growth of the company.

  1. Ockham's founding team was inexperienced. Triandiflou was aware that he needed wide range of skills. Alternatively, his team was missing experience on the market. The situation mentions, that he was looking to find "the best sportsmen by employing the "best people. " (p. 4). When it came down to developing their real product, his team didn't have the data, so they relied on outsourcing their software development to Ron Hardin from Flex Solutions. These were extremely lucky to land the $100K IBM package considering their software prototype demonstration with IBM was not well prepared (pp. 6-7). Judging on the PowerPoint slides from Exhibit 5, not much thought was put into their presentations (p. 18). One indicate note is the fact working with a huge company like IBM can also cause high dangers. If Ockham fails to perform relating to IBM's expectation, gossips will propagate, and customers would lose self-assurance. Therefore, Ockham may never succeed another package again.

  1. Trouble deciding to outsource their system development work. Ockham's dilemma was deciding either to outsource their product development or operating in-house. To begin with, the team was not satisfied with the product quality and progress of the improvement with Flex Solutions (pg. 6). Their insecurities led Ockham to reconsider their equity package with Flex Solutions, which they had previously reviewed. Ockham decided to pay cash for their work rather than using a stake in Ockham Solutions (p. 7). Second of all, Triandiflou lacked functional skills for a software startup if he makes a decision to hire its own developers. Ockham's realized that the deadline to deliver the product was restricted. If Ockham does not make a decision quickly, it can risk burning off their biggest customer.

Action Plan
  1. Enhance communication and build boundaries to reduce employee conflicts. Issues at work arise because of this of numerous factors. In the case, tension between the co-founders was scheduled to worth and goal differences in the company (p. 12). Jim Triandiflou and Mike Meisenheimer need to establish healthy restrictions and available communication in company engagement for smoother procedures of the business. "Divide and overcome" as stated in the solid, is a powerful strategy. When resources are limited (such as this case), it is essential to ensure tasks are segregated. In this manner, restrictions are manufactured, and nobody person would have complete control over a process, and all would be partially involved. This might help reduce some control conditions that currently are present with the business.

  1. Ockham Technology should obtain financing from Noro-Moseley. While comparing the alternative financiers, Noro-Moseley is best suited for Ockham for just two reasons: (i) they will be the biggest and well-known venture capital company in Atlanta, and (ii) two of its basic partners have direct work experience in sale force management and information technology. Although Triandiflou will be quitting some control insurance agencies two board associates from one business firm (2 out of 5 or 40% as opposed to 2 out of 3 or 67% control), Ockham will benefit from having experienced people who can provide valuable resources and competence to the business. Seeking advice from an inexperienced table member such as Bobby Crews would be less valuable to Ockham's functions and expansion.

  1. Ockham Systems should outsource their product development to NIIT, company based in India. The company's standards in outsourcing are: (i) meet ambitious deadlines (ii) reuse 80% if the merchandise for future customers (iii) meet specs and quality criteria and (iv) forge a fruitful romance and (v) keep the costs low (pp. 8-9).

  2. The company best suited is NIIT because the company focuses primarily on software development. Ockham would be evenly price sensitive between NIIT and Thoughtmill because of equal fixed cost. However, NIIT's formalized development process and strong qualifications seems to be the best fit to meet Ockham's quality constraints. Outsourcing to Hotshot Coders seems sketchy because having less information provided in the ensemble. Their physical location is not talked about in the event, and their fixed costs seem extremely optimistic. Ockham will need to carry out further research if they choose Hotshot Coders.

  1. Ockham should evaluate is worker performance and operational processes frequently. As the business enters the expansion phase, the skills necessary for success evolves. Some types of these additional skills would be employing an accounting firm to control their performance financially, or an advertising company to advertise their product. Ockham Technologies can also use various rates constructions to broaden its products. In any case, the overall purpose for executives must have the ability to control their company in ways to generate value that provides a positive go back to their buyers, and expand their businesses.

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