Organisational Behaviour of IKEA

What is company behaviour? It really is combo of two different words company and behaviour. At first look it seems that it is somehow the way by which organisation behave but it is very different from this. Organisation means different peoples, persons, individuals become a member of together for a specific goal or reason for a specific community. And behaviour means study of these aspects which effects these needs considering motion mindset action within the company is called behaviour.

George, M and R Jones, G Understanding and managing organisational behaviour ( 5TH. ED).

My case study is approximately IKEA a Swedish company established in 1943. Ikea's founder is INGVAR KAMPRAD the fourth richest man on the planet. Its owner is unfamiliar but it is presumed that he participate in Kampar family. Ikea's main products are household goods like furnature, kitchen goods, wardrobes and clothes. You will find 17 branches of Ikeas in Sweden and even more than 310 stores in more than 38 countries.

[http://ezinearticles. com/?billionaire-attiributes. . . . . modesty:-ingvar-kampard-ikeas-founder-and-owner&aid=274361, Thursday2nddec, 2010. ]


IKEA is a swiftly growing company. It is increasing the number of its franchise and store in every over the world. Its mission assertion is

Ikea's quest is to provide a wide range of home furnishing components of good design and function, excellent quality and strength, at prices so low that almost all of people can afford to get them.

[http://www. samples-help. org. uk/mission-statement/ikea-mission-statement. htm]

Concept of IKEA is

The IKEA concept is founded on a minimal price offer in home furnishing.

[http://franchisor. ikea. com/showcontent. asp?swid=concept1, Thursday 3rd Dec, 2010]

Now we will discuss that what's the role of our own subject organisational behaviour in the success of any organisation and factors that works behind the success of any company. Organisational behaviour are present in business and management course is due to the need of those charges with taking care of people and system at the job to see their thinking as they dwelling address the underlying communal and behavioural conditions that confront them.

Critical success factors will be the tips and elements which an company must look to be able to get success.


The steps for just about any organisation to check out because of its successful future.

Within organisation there are different areas where these critical factors works some of them are as below

Factors related to management.

Organisations goals, aims, objective, strategic successful factors.

Individual critical success factors.

Cultural critical success factors.

Not only they are the factors responsible for the success of organisation but there are a lot of other factor work behind the success of any company.

[http://rapidbi. com/created/criticalsuccessfactor. html, 5thDec, 2010, 11:00pm]

2. 1: There are a great number of factors, ways, key issues, steps that works for the success of any company. Just like human body as human body comprises of different cells same as organisation comprises of different type of individuals. More develop is the average person, more effective is the company. Team work also essential parts for the success of company. Not merely the team but affecting everyone in everything is also important. Communication between your team members and between specific and head is also very important. If we look toward any organisation by doing SWOT evaluation it will enable us to understand the factor of success. Be familiar with the strength and weakness of company if any organisation wants to gain success. Both of these are the inside resources and within the control of organisation. Alternatively also be aware of the opportunities and risks you are facing. Opportunties will permits us to know the ways of making our organisation more lucrative and thereat such as, risk of downsizing, bankcrupting, reduction enable us to adopt safety solution before time. But this experience can only just b profits by doing swot research.

C:\Users\Home\Desktop\swot-analysis-image. png

http://www. businessballs. com/swotanalysisfreetemplete. htm(electronically evaluated on 10th. dec, 2010. )

PESTAL examination is another factor for the way of measuring of any company success or one factor for the success of any organisation. To cope with the politics issues is very very difficult alternatively these issues may be inside the company or outside the company in your country. When the sociable environment of any country is not ideal for a successful company then how the company would be able to gain success for the reason that particular country. Environment also include much in the success of any company if you are unable to meet the unfriendly environment its indicate you are unable to gain success running a business. You ought to be technologically as advance as the other organisations are in the market segments so the you can meet competition in market. And being financially strong is another gain for successful organisation. There's a legal restrictions in any country according to their government which means you have to follow each one of these legal obligations for success for example in united kingdom you have to pay tax is a legal responsibility. many more based on the legislations of any country. PESTAL examination is also a best tool to get success for any organisation.

http://www. oup. com/uk/orc/bin(electrionaclly assessed on 11th. dec, 2010. )

After SWOT and PESTEL evaluation there are a great many other important factors which count up a whole lot toward the success of an company. First of all the goals quest vision of any company should be plainly described so that everyone may know the goal of that company like Ikeas have an obvious mission declaration and concept. Then these mission should be related to the framework of company neither the company is about car and mission statement is about clothes. It must b clearly related to the strategy and composition of company. The framework of organisation should be versatile so the to meet the changes easily and to fit in any circumstances easily. Recuritment is also a very fragile part of company that right person is doing the right job.

Next step is to recognize the root of problem. Where the condition is? 60 in the company or within personnel. Then gather the info about the situation and possible solution of this problem. After figuring out the problem making an idea for the solution of this particular problem that which we called implementation of plan.

2. 2: There are a great number of problems in the form of success of any organisation which are created by different means like

Competition among management is a major problem. If there is a discord between management then how would they be able to solve the discord in the company?

Conflict among the list of groups within an organisation. One group tries to take benefits of the weakness of the other group. Also to show their main concern over the others.

Then there is a conflict between your management and the group or the first choice of group. Due to the several issues like position, salaery.

Conflict between your group leaders. In order to show their efficiency in the other group matters a whole lot problem in the form of success of any organisation.

Absenteeism in another big hurdle in the form of successful full organisation. Once the works are not happy with their work this mistake occur at that time or when they aren't satisfied using their position within the company.

Competition among employees in another hurdle in the way of success of any company. Their competition cast a poor impact on the entire progress associated with an organisation.

Unclear and inadequate strategy not related to the entire company is also a major problem in the form of success of organisation. Because of this you are unaware of the real reason for your work weather the task you are doing is beneficial for company or not.

If the management struggles to control the complete organisation then it is also very bad for the health of company. Development can face a huge problem if the management is not able to control whole company. Or if the management is inadequate.

If the management is enough to meet the need of whole organisation then the other important factor is to recognize where the situation is to find the real area where the condition lies is also an extremely difficult. After identifying the basic source of problem next thing is to make possible steps in order to solve the situation. Look accurately which step to be taken in order to resolve that problem.

Lack of proper command or proper head ship is another major source of creating problem within the company. If the leader is not able to control his group then how he'll be able to prove batter for the whole organisation. In case the leader misguide his group from right toward incorrect way rather than utilize his own and his group capability in positive way then how the company can gain improvement.

Lack of communication between management and market leaders and worker is another major reason behind creating problem in the form of success of any company. Autocratic management where no one is allow to communicate with the manager straight. And there is a large gap between the management and staff. This type of management is really very damaging for the organisation

Hippocratic management.

If the organisation is unhappy with its administrator then there no opportunity for the development of any company. When somebody works within any organisation it is merely like their home their family because they spend additional time with that organisation then their family they develop a deep affection start organisation. And if indeed they got angry how the company can be happy. They will feel very unfit for the reason that environment their awareness will divert using their company work and it'll cast a really negative impact on the organisation.

Maslow full name is ANRAHAM HARLOD MASLOW. He is famous psychologist of America. He's famous for real human drive. C:\Users\Home\Desktop\maslow. jpg

Now by looking at Maslow's hierarchy of need concept of unsuccessful management can become more clear to us. Infact the management is not satisfying these need of staff which are the basic need of all humans that why the management is not effective.

http://www. businessballs. com/maslow. html(electronically evaluated on 11th. dec, 2010. )

Another huge problem in the form of success of any company is environmental impact which is a major hurdle in the way of any organisation. This isn't only the internal environment of company but the outside environment also creates a bad influence on the introduction of organisation. Within the organisation this is so because the employee struggles to fit themselves with the environment of that organisation. Different reasons are included in that environmental dissatisifaction. One main reason is the politics which doesn't allows the new employee to fit in the environment of that organisation because they're not willing to simply accept new access are due to some other reason maybe they feel that they are experiencing much more capacity as compare to that new person so they create problem to the new person which in the end create problem for the whole organisation.

Another principle about the turmoil within the organisation is of two types some may be efficient other dysfunctional. useful issues is positive type and even though there's a conflict but for this reason type of conflict there is no disturbance in the company n if this practical type of conflict or you can say this group of conflict face any issue they try to solve it in a good way obeying the rules and regulation of that organisation and finally solve their issue without creating any kind of disturbance. Then there is certainly a different type of conflict which is opposite to this conflict known as dysfunctional discord. In this kind of turmoil they use their vitality in negative way or you can say to be able to solve any problem. Not only dangerous for them but for the whole company and can cause huge devastation for progrees, profit, politics.

Buchannan and Huczynki, A. organisational behaviour a launch/text (5th. ed)

2. 3: the next step is how to handle these problems which creates hurdle in the way of success of an organisation there are different methods to handle these problems that happen to be as under

Stephen Robbins outlines the principles underpinning most organisation development effort as follows

The individual should be cared for with esteem and dignity or with trust and confident.

The organisation climate should be seen as a trust openness and support or we can say wide open communication and credibility.

Hierarchical authority and control and deemphasized or be careful about the feeling of others.

Problems and conflicts should be confronted, rather than disguised or prevented try to solve the issues do not avoid them.

(2001, P. 553)

Everyone within the company whatever she or he may be means that whatever may be his / her position in the organisation should feel free to communicate with the older management. And feel absolve to share their views also to describe their complains that they are having recover organisation. Due to this communication organisation maybe able to know that where the challenge is and how to solve it at the earliest opportunity before then this "p" become a full problem.

Employee will need to have this reassured that their judgment is vital for the company and management can pay attention toward what they said and what type of issues they face. Using this method we can also reduce the tension in company.

Friendly and good attitude toward employees if another source of reducing conflict. by doing this we are caring about employee personal respect and producing their confidence that will motivate then in the foreseeable future and then they will be very useful for the organisation.

Electronically resources such as mobile internet can be use for fast dialog it's not only join the whole organisation but also permit the management to know the conflict as soon as possible.

Then there must be proper technique to solve the problem. Never try to solve the challenge without strategy because it can create more problem and conflicts then to resolve the problems without proper strategy

http://www. merinews. com/articles/key-to-success-of-an-organisation (electronically evaluated on 2nd december, 2010)

Stress is some sort of burden anticipated to which human being mind work under great pressure. It really is mental operations which have an effect on our life to an enormous extent. Our head work under pressure and incorrect things occur for this reason stress. Because we are unaware of our action because of our own mental absence and this divert our attention. Our brain is somewhere else and our body is somewhere else. Our mind due to this stress is not use our body. That is a person activity but result whole company. Because if someone head is work under stress then the person can made errors and if person made mistakes it will disturb whole group if the group disturb the whole organisation will disturb automatically.

Luthons, F. organisational behaviour. (10th. ed). P376, P408

Working without stress in another factor to resolve the conflict if your mind is free from pressure at least if you are on work then you will b in a position to utilize your makes better for the success of organisation. Which you are not able to do when you work under stress.

Not everyone within the company can cope with the worse situation. That is an ability not comes through knowledge but from experience. More you proceed through this kind of situation like conflicts disturbances drop of organisation damage to take care of these situation it is necessary to obtain knowledge but how to experience this knowledge is more important than just to possess knowledge. You may say how you'd be able to implement your knowledge. Or put your knowledge into action.

Satisfaction of your customers from your service is also a very important thing which you must retain in your mind to be able to eliminate problem from your way of success. If your visitors are satisfied from your products than it is very very favourable to your company. At least you are carefree from that thing that you are not going to handle any type of difficult from them or we can say you are successful from this point of view. If you will provide good service to the customer's good response you will get from them.

There should be a give and take romance among employee and management if they are good using their employee the worker will be more motivated and can work better for the organisation. On the other hand if you provide good customers you will get good response and hence increase the market value of your organisation.

If someone has already been expert in controlling the problem then it is not hard for her or him to take a right action in any situation. If someone is not then he or she action be do the same thing but there is a need of inspiration though he/she have knowledge but not experience so it is problematic for them to regulate the worse situation but they act in a good way if the seniors motivate them. That is called expertises vs. motivation.

According to the contingency theory there is no specific method that explains to us how to behave in the right way in virtually any situation but within the limitation of company how to handle the problem and find best answer of that problem.

According to the machine theory all division of organisation should be interrelated to the other person so that people can find where the challenge is find the better solution of the problem.

These will be the key thing which an company should keep in mind to resolve the problems confronted by that company.

[http://www. cliveshaw. com/improve. html(electronically evaluated on1st. december, 2010. )

2:4Globlisation is another aspect which must take in to the consideration for a successful organisation. Whole the globe has changed into a global village due to which the whole ideas of business is changing and not just the business but also attitudes of different organisation toward one another is changing and fast multimedia is employed for business as well. Fast mass media like internet is widely used for this reason gobalisation. Every country has its website. Which not only provide us information about that particular company but also offer online shopping this is so because of globalisation and every organisation wants to conquer its competition as fast as possible. IKEA also offer online shopping to be able to meet its rival.

2:5. Managment usually worried about goal setting techniques resources deployment staff motivation teamwork command control and coordination and performance way of measuring. managment handles all the conditions speak about above. Managment has first to measure the productivity of organisation and then how to pay the personnel according to their job within the company. By doing this most attention is paid toward more active employee or employees and less attention toward less effective employees and this behaviour reduce their determination toward organisation because they are already slow-moving and need motivation and here instead of this more attention is being paid toward those who are already working effectively within the company so the management should be more concerned toward slow workers then toward fast work. Role of management is to control and arrange the people are such a means that they work more precisely toward the achievements of goals and aims of the company.

Setting goal and objective for an organisation is really very difficult. but more challenging than this is to arrange the whole company relating to these goals and goals which is the responsibility of manager. Inside the span of control of management is medical to some extent you can say because they have to experience all those tests which we called in the words of business goals and objectives of organisation and they have to execute these jobs successfully and consequence of their experiment should maintain positivity. For an effective management there are a lot of secrets or factors or ways some of them are as under

Clear vision administrator should have clear perspective of what took place before what is going on now and what will be happen in future by doing they'll not only have an obvious view of earlier present and future

Open communication is also necessary between management and personnel.

G a Cole, (1995). Organisational behaviour.

Management is a useful work you cannot learn it by reading books but functional work will help you to learn more about how to control thing same is the company books can only guide you but books cannot coach you. Nonetheless it is not enough that someone is retaining the post of director within any organisation it is not easy to understand this post but furthermore difficult is to meet those objectives which can be related to the management which is very a difficult job that's why management is a hard task. Manager must play different role simultaneously. he have to meet organisation's goals and goals he has to satisfied all the employees he has to go through the improvement of any firm in which he is working. He has to look too many thing or we can say to care for whole organisation that everything is focusing on right place in a right way that is why management is named a cornerstone of organisation that fills every facet of organisation.

2. 6: Alternatively not atlanta divorce attorneys part of life there may be the necessity of management or we can say in every field of life there is not any director post such as internal there is absolutely no manager but they still control house all family members work whatever the sort of work it be. Or in school teacher is no manager nevertheless they still manage the school there are numerous example which says us that the term manager is not essential for each and every field of life but management is essential.

The management process is also an extremely difficult function there isn't an office or a seat on which director have to sit and differ on all his activities but administrator have to go thorough out the organisation and look around all the experience within the organization however, not only within the organisation but also beyond your organisation by means of competition. Manager must look all these part very keenly so the organisation could work more effectively.

2. 7: The first and most important task of management is how they deal the issue in organisation and exactly how they beat the competitors in the market. Though managers want to do a great deal of alternative activities but their efficiency is examined by conquering these issues their ability to solve these problems along with the other problems within the organisation and in market. Another important task face by the management is to meet the changes. These changes may be credited to environment scheduled to culture credited to competition scheduled to grouping or any other reason. These obstacles will be the real test of any management how the management by which consists of available resources can beat these challenges. managment powers and control is examined by facing these issues and dealing with within the restriction.

2. 8: The essential value of management is to regulate. This control is of different kinds. To control all the areas within the company in such a way that organisation move toward success then failure. To control issues among the employee to regulate the politics within the organisation.

If there is absolutely no management within the company then you have the disturbance atlanta divorce attorneys part of company not only within the organisation but also in downsizes the total impact of organisation on the market. Everyone within the company will work matching no one will be here to regulate them to have a look on the work which is actually essential for the success of any company. Althoug the stress free environment is necessary for the success of organisation but sometime use of electricity of company is also essential for the betterment of company this is actually the value of management in the organisation.

Recruitment and collection of effective informed and experienced staff is also an extremely necessary part of management. To recruit the right person at right place is an essential decision. Not merely experience but understanding of management is also essential parts of company.

Lauri j Mullins management and organisational behavior ( 6th. ed. )

3: conclusion

From above debate it could be concluded that the required part of any organisation are people and without people it is impossible to make any company. For the success of any organisation management is essential and to be able to meet issues faced by the organisation. And due to globalisation whole the earth has changed into a global village and what we need is the average person and time. Management without doubt is a cornerstone for the success of any organisation.

In order to go efficiently in this competitive environment not only management necessary but to recognize the problem in the way of success of any organisation and the possible solution of that problem immediately so that the competitions might not exactly go ahead from your organisation and also took your situation on the market.

Management organisation behaviour problems people are interrelated to each other in this program work. We can not discuss only 1 and leave the rest each one of these aspects are necessary for the success of company. And we must have to study all these requirements for a report of organisational behavior of the coursework. And each one of these are also related to your case study of IKEA. IKEA must have passed through each one of these aspects to gain success as it is a growing company in these days.

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