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We need to clear about the form of a business composition if we establish a meeting management company. What's organization structure? The business structure supplies the construction that use to set up the lines of marketing communications, duties, power and allocates protection under the law. Besides that, the organizational composition determines the manner and extent them to which power, tasks, and responsibility are manipulated, coordinated, delegated and the way the information flows between the degrees of management. A business can be organised in several ways, it be dependent entirely on the organization's strategy and the target. For instance, in the centralized structure, all the energy of decision making are focused on the top layer of the management and the limited control are exercise over the departments and the divisions. In the decentralized structure, your choice making vitality are proceed to the lower degree of the organization, such as the branches, subsidiaries, departments or divisions. Besides that, in the decentralization framework, the data, idea and the information are streaming from underneath to the most notable layer.

There a wide range of organization composition that use to control the company. Having an effective organizational composition can always plays a part in effective management. A proper organizational structure can provide a clear group of the steps to make process advancements and should accomplish communication between the people in the business. Besides that, having an effective organizational structure can help the business optimize when deal with the resources and manpower.

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Our company - W&D Pvt. Ltd is a leading Event Management Company in Malaysia. As an event management company, our company is specializes in to the wedding planning & corporate entertainment. We provide creative talents such as emcees (MC's), music performance, DJ, comedy shows, powerful shows, wu shu, Chinese orchestra, various boogie shows and etc. Besides that, our company is provide the lamps system, audio system, shooter and videographer. We are always presenting the best service to your clients because our business futures truly be based upon the satisfaction of the clients.

An event management is a process by which an event is prepared, organized and produces. It includes analysis the intricacy of the brand, coordinating the complex aspects, devising the event idea, planning the logistics and figuring out the mark audience before actually performing the modality of the suggested event. The event management company service many kind of areas, such as marketing programs, corporate and business event and special corporate hospitality happenings like film premieres, award ceremonies, concerts, start party, commercial situations, fashion show and other private situations like the wedding.

Next, there are four functions that can help our company function, the first function is to plan, in the case management, planning can be an unending span of the action. Some time there could be immediate strategies where we have to face. We need to plan everything we desires to do when the disaster problem is occur and we also need to plan how do end up being the best and run the procedure smoothly. The next function that can help our company function is planned. Be an event management, we have to getting sorted out and getting well prepared. We must to organize all the resources with very well before we plan what we do. This function is mainly to establish and maintain the relationships looked after can assign required the resources. The third function is directing, this function can help our event management company to control and supervise the actions of all the personnel. This function can help them to aid the other staff before they attaining the goals. The final function that helps our company function is control, it is include establishing the performance criteria on the business's goals. Control can help the business can always maintain their current standard or they also can adjustment the standard of the business. A company that have fully control are always can perform the goal easily.

Next, there are numerous type of the organization buildings. The four common structures will be the entrepreneurial structure, practical structure, divisional framework and the matrix composition. First, about the functional framework, this function is to divide the activities of the organization into different efficient areas. Second is the entrepreneurial composition, in this structure, the chief professional keeps control over large or important ventures of the organization and there are other managers o perform their roles in relation to the principle. Besides that, this framework has clearly defined lines of expert for all degrees of management and has a higher bureaucratic procedure. Another is the divisional structure, this framework is target around a product or a physical area. This composition are always utilize in the best company or the conglomerates. After that is the matrix framework, this structure is a complex structure which involve multiple lines of authority, somewhat than hierarchal lines of command word. They combining a functional based structure and a project-based structure and in this structure the employees will are accountable to more than one boss. Aside from the four common structures, there have other firm structures, which are the centralization, decentralization, differentiation, and integration.

To form a meeting management company we need to choose the suitable organizational structure to manage our company, in the four common set ups, the functional structured is suited to the small to medium-sized businesses which don't have wide range of the merchandise or production requirements. Second, the section structure in use more in the top company and the huge geographical area. Next is the matrix framework, this structure are always utilize in the large multinational company. Last is the entrepreneurial composition, this framework are always use the general relationship, sole proprietorship, corporation and limited liability company. A couple of four common composition, the structure our company use is efficient structure.

Managing Director In efficient structure, they will divide all the actions of the organization into different efficient are and in each practical area, they will have their own management composition, so this composition is combines both hierarchical composition and the centralized composition. The reason why we use the functional structure is because our company in not a major company and we only provides few goods and services. The diagram below is show that the practical structure in our company.

Finance Director

Personal Director

Site Procedures Director

Marketing Director

Project Manager

Project Manager

Project Manager





Makeup Artist


Work Arranging Officer

Plant & Materials Buyer

Site Agent

This diagram is show that the efficient structure, the good thing about the functional composition is this framework can help our company decrease the duplication and clear cut the career paths within functions. This task in this structure consistent with technological training and also have high quality in technological problem handling. About the negatives of the efficient structure, the one of all serious cons is this will make the members of the practical departments become an excessive amount of specialization, thin viewpoints, lose the total system point of view and develop self-centered. Besides that, the other disadvantage of the useful composition is poor communication one of the division, coordination across functions, gradual creativity in the respond to environmental changes, a loss of clear responsibility for the merchandise or the service delivery and having way too many decisions referred upwards in the hierarchy.

1. 3 Conclusion

The functional framework is use to divided the business into different sections predicated on the functions when managing, this is allow the organization to improve the efficiency of these functional groupings. For an example, in our company, the makeup artist is only help to make-up the groom and bride. Therefore the management of this practical group will becomes easy and effective. This structure can also help our company produces high level of the merchandise with the reduced costs. Low priced can be achieve by such company credited to efficiency within useful teams. Although this structure is the well suited for our company, but it still involve some disadvantage such as poor communication and the staff could become isolated. So for my suggestion, we can creating a annual supper or having a party and ask all the customers, so this can help all the customers can communicate with each other and promote the good feeling with other group members.

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