Organizational behavioral practice in nigerian breweries plc


According to newagepublishers Organizational behaviour is 'the review of human behavior at work, the relationship between people and the business with the objective to comprehend and predict human behaviour.

It is also a host that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and the whole team have on behavior within organizations, so that the knowledge achieved might be utilized to improve on the business enterprise goal and aims.

Organisation behaviour also can be categorised as the analysis of human behaviour, behaviour and performance in a organizational environment. '

(Reference point: The editor newagepublishers: http://www. newagepublishers. com/samplechapter/001673. pdf evaluated on the 22/12/10)


The objective of the project is to handle a research on the organisational behaviour practice existing within an organisation identifying important issues as they relate to

Leadership and Management style

Work mindset and Motivation

Job design and Job satisfaction

1. 2 The business in concentration is Nigerian Breweries Plc.

Nigerian Breweries Plc. , the pioneer and major brewing company in Nigeria, was incorporated in 1946 and noted a landmark when the first container of Celebrity Lager ale rolled from the bottling lines in its Lagos Brewery in June 1949. This is followed by Aba Brewery which was commissioned in 1957, Kaduna Brewery in 1963 and Ibadan Brewery in 1982. In September 1993, the business obtained its fifth brewery in Enugu while in October 2003, a 6th brewery, sited at Ama in Enugu status was commissioned.

(Guide: Public site of Nigerian breweries: http://www. nbplc. com/our_company. html, assessed on the 22/12/10. )


Nigerian Breweries adopts a form of leadership style that could allow for motivation of its staffers. The business adopts a mixed system of control where in fact the subordinates are also allowed to offer advices that are critical to the success of the company. According to the author of Leadership style verses drive entirely on http://www. motivation-tools. com/workplace/leadership_styles. htm (evaluated on 24/12/10) it is 'Leadership style influence level of motivation. However, within a lifetime, man's desire is influenced by changing ambitions and/or authority style he works under or socializes with. Command-and-control management drains off ambition while staff member responsibility increases ambition. '

Nigerian breweries Plc. can be an company that has high standard and group of leadership regulations which it adopts to ensure clean and work free environment within and beyond your company, managing group and team work. The business engage mostly in team work as a result of nature of its business as it needs a higher marketing drive to improve on its sales as the large of the brewery industry in Nigeria.

The company has used the following authority style

Mixed system approach

In this form of control and management style all employees and management make impact on the development of the products by NB PLC. Efforts are pleasant through the execution of feedbacks on the questionnaires directed at the employees by the HR development based mostly at the headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. This system allowed for decisions at the tactical, functional and tactical levels to be placed to check on to see that which would sustain the company and aid it to attain the desired consequence.

Open door system

This is a system fondly used by NB PLC as it is the best for a firm producing such goods like it. Its market is for everyone in the sensitive market environment and so allows for an open up door system that could accommodate every forms of questions, appraisals and rooms for positive criticism and normally.


Work psychology has been defined as 'the romantic relationship between two people, employee and workplace, of what their common commitments are towards one another and exactly how they both can work without hitches I the organisation. Some commitments may be observed as 'assurances' as well as others as 'targets'. The important thing is that they are assumed by the staff to be part of the relationship with the employer which satisfies the contract made.

The issues relating to work psychology and determination in NB PLC includes
The contract made through the work agreement which are being honored leads to inspiration of work employees. This occurs frequently in NB PLC especially with the operatives as they are the bedrock of the production cycle. I had fashioned worked there for approximately 2 years therefore understand the impact of drive on the staffers. Those elements that breed desire include

Increment in overtime pay.

Quarterly review of production bonus deals especially during overhauling.

Work satisfaction provisions for staffers each month.

Bonuses for employees of the month.

Promotion for successful staffers.

Training and development was never toiled with.


NB PLC performs both formal and informal management of its team of employees and categories in the company. Majorly the formal system is found in the business but it allows for the informal so as to enable the staffers have a ground/environment for easy social relationships. The reason behind managing organizations and teams in the company includes

For security

For easy circulation of information in the company.

NB PLC has various groupings and teams which may be labeled as the matured group due to the strength of the company itself. However, it has passed through various periods which include

Forming stage

Storming stage

Norming stage

Performing stage

Adjourning stage

This company operate a tall hierarchy system of organisation which accommodates different parts because of the various products of the business.


During the school presentation which my group centered on a company located in South London called International Tourist's Cottage founded in 1996. The business concentrates on boarding and lodging. It began expansion during the early part of the twenty first century which led to upsurge in sales and success. To the, there arouse some difficulties which different issues were deliberated after where my part of concentration was on the ORGANISATION AND MANGEMENT OF GROUPD AND Clubs. However, during this presentation I made evaluation on the next

Establishing performance goals

Evaluating performance, and

Rewarding performance.

For this part of the assignment, I am focussing on the establishment of performance goals.


As afore-mentioned there arouse some issues with the expansionary perspective as desired by company. The issues being confronted by the management include

High sickness degree of staffers

Poor skills of employees

High staff turnover

Management participation

Increasing degrees of misconduct

To analyse the problems confronted by ITC, the management theory that would be used to simply the concern is HRM theory on creating performance goals.


In order to find method for the recruiting problems experienced by International Vacationer Cottage, the management can also take up the following performance intervention structure

Sets challenging and attainable goals for employees predicated on program goals

The management of ITC have group of objectives with that your company structured its eyesight and objective, therefore, it is expected that the management with its new bet for growth should establish challenging and achievable anticipations for employees predicated on the goals attached to the extension required. Keeping the employees up to date with the goals of the company and setting a good monitoring measure to ensure that the goals and targets are well used and achieved.

Involve employees in placing program goals

This is something of methodology that the NB PLC which was found in the A part of this assignment used as this runs quite a distance to help enhance the performance of the human being force of the company and the swift accomplishment of the business's objectives. This will also help in using Porters' five causes which include

Bargaining electric power of suppliers

Bargaining vitality of buyers

Threat of new entrants

Rivalry ability of competitors


Involvement of employees in the placed program goals of the company would help the management navigate through the systemic way of making the business achieve it establish objectives with overall matter for success, increase shareholders prosperity and gratifying the pursuit of the employees.

Finds ways to assess achievement of program goals

To strategy performance goals, the company need to look at the '5 golden rules of calculating performance' as put up by the editor of goals and accomplishment on performance management.

(http://goalsandachievements. com/tag/measuring-performance Thursday, November 18th, 2009, evaluated on the 27/12/2010).

The golden guidelines are the following

Rule 1: Be clear on what you would like to achieve

The management of ITC should be clear of what they try to achieve moreover with expansion goal of the business. This would help reduce the issues facing the business.

Rule 2: Separate the items to do from the things that are critical

Training of the employees is very paramount especially in a time of extension, therefore, the management should put employees in training sections as this is critical to the success of the organisation and very obvious to the success of the business.

Rule 3: Look out for those who concentrate on the data

Focus on data is due to concentration on the available data which can help improve the talk about of things in the business and also increase the desired result.

Rule 4: Get rid of the "I thought" discussions

What do After all by the "I thought debate"? Quite simply it's when 6 folks have 4 different views on what a particular solution is showing them or how it is computed. To conquer this, make the foundation of calculation and scope of any dimension superior so that employees can understand the required job specification.

Rule 5: Focus on action

This is the essential recommendation for just about any process which is targeted to reaching success in an company. ITC should focus on set advice achieve from training, coaching, opinion pool as attained by the company to forge in advance.

Review progress toward goals with employees as needed.

The improvement achieved so far in the company regarding the performance of every worker should be reviewed in order to protect from communication difference as this can also help to decrease the problems encountered by the HRM staff of the company.

Gain employees' dedication to program goals

This is the key step to reaching success in the company. The management with a good HRM section should work to get the determination of the employees as this is the bedrock for a much better relationship in the business.

The suggested solution would lead to the following

High staff turnover - Prepare a good welfare package deal to entice staffers.

High sickness leaves - Good welfare package deal would catch the attention of the staffers.

Poor skills of people - Training required.

Low success in recruitment - Methods put in place should be adopted.


To achieve a much better performance which would lessen off the problems came across by ITC, the management should put in place all the afore-mentioned strategies which would improve the accomplishment of the desired goals of the company. This would help reduce drastically the problems confronted by ITC and at the long run help increase the company as a whole.

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