Organizational Structure Review Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce Business Essay

"Our objective is to be the primary lender for our clients. Our success is determined by building strong relationships and on our ability to help clients achieve their financial goals" (www. cibc. com). Like other banks, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) has online banking, telephone banking, business banking and personal banking. One section that looks interesting is the region in which they call Personal Wealth.

The latter point that was made appears to be very strategic. It puts the customer in control of wealth or lack thereof. I am impressed start facet of their online marketing strategy. The jobs that can be secured at this level are sales associates to account managers. There's a lot of room for growing within CIBC.


The structure found within the financial facet of the business is that of Director of finance, senior financial analyst and financial analyst. "The Finance group provides financial services to CIBC's businesses through effective governance and decision support processes" (www. cibc. ca). The director and senior financial analysts have significantly more duties herein.

CIBC has obligations as a business. They have something of accountability that really helps to control what information is being used within the company. The Director probably has most duties of that control, within the organization and so far as customers are concerned, business or elsewhere.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department is not in a group of its own within CIBC. This structure falls under a much larger structure of Administration. "[Human Resources] develops and implements programs to attract, retain and support employees throughout their careers at CIBC" (www. cibc. ca). Part of this structure, not unlike other organizations, is responsible for training and equipping employees to build up their careers so that turn-over is minimal.


Operations' was somewhat ambiguous on the CIBC webpage. It fell under the group of technology and operations. I am not necessarily sure as to why they might lump those two together. From what I can see is CIBC runs like a well-oiled machine. They definitely have almost all their bases covered and it looks like there is a lot room for growth within the organization, and it looks a wholesome place where to create one's career.

Retrieved from: http://www. cibc. com/ca/personal. html

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of CIBC is of integrated type of governance which includes both flat (horizontal) and vertical kind of structures. Long-term success involves effective governance. CIBC has already been named a leader in this area, they endeavour each year for continuous improvements in their governance structure and processes.

Integrated governance model

CIBC's senior management team plays a very important role in the overall control of CIBC's businesses by giving well-timed and precise information to the Board to assist the directors in their misunderstanding tasks. Regular and sincere relations between your Board and management are another key aspect of a well-built governance to support the long-term interests of CIBC's investors. Another factor of good governance is the fact it likewise incorporate being a responsible corporate citizen. CIBC is renowned as a leader in ecological business practices and corporate social responsibility.

Retrieved from: http://www. cibc. com/ca/inside-cibc/governance. html

Board Responsibilities and Governance Structure

The Board is responsible to supervise the management of CIBC's business and associations. The Board provides direction to management, through the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to practise the best interests of CIBC. The Board's has a important role to be played in the duties that are outlined below.

Strategic planning

The Board supervises the development of CIBC's strategic direction, process, plan and priorities, reviews Management's intentional plan, approves the total annual strategic plan and considers management's overview of emerging trends, the competitive environment, risk issues and important business practices and products.

Risk management

The Board reviews management reports on material risks related with the CIBC's businesses and operations, the performance by management of systems to control these risks and material zero the function of these systems.

Corporate governance

The Board reviews CIBC's advance to corporate governance, director independence, the Code of moral principles for Directors and CIBC Code of Conduct for employees.

Financial information

The Board reviews CIBC's internal controls describing the financial information, management reports on material defects associated with those controls and the integrity of CIBC's financial information and systems


The Board reviews CIBC's as a whole communications approach, process for obtaining shareholder response, material changes to CIBC's disclosure guidelines and the communication structure between your Board and its stakeholders.

Board committees

The Board create committees and their mandates and requires committee chairs to provide a written report to the Board on material matters considered by the committee at another Board meeting.

Director development and evaluation

Each director participates in CIBC's director development program. The Board determine the performance of the Board, its committees and the, its committees and directors

Retrieved from: http://www. cibc. com/ca/pdf/about/corp-gov-practices. pdf

Organizational design

Geographic Design

It groups jobs based on territory or geography, here were discussing the CIBC, which is the leading bank in Canada and it handles the people of different geographical regions in Canada. More of the effective and the efficient handling of a specific geographic regional issues that generally arise within the geographic region and serve the needs of unique geographic markets better in this geographic region and the primary things in this kind of design are the duplication of functions of the branch and it can feel isolated from other organizational areas of the bank

Functional Design

A functional structure is a design that groups similar or related occupational specialties together. It's the functional method of the entire organization.

Customer based Design: Every organization would think it is very beneficial to organize in line with the types of customers it serves. CIBC is money lending n service distribution Company that lends money to customers, business clients, large businesses, and small businesses should base its primary divisions on these types of different markets. It is the personnel can then become experienced in the service, meeting the needs of the banks different customers. In this way, an organization that offers services like as banking or service may group its workers based on the types of customers of the lender.

Product Design

The product design is the design which groups the jobs by products in the machine. Each of the managers in the business is accountable for a location within the organizational limits depending on his/her specialization. This design allows specialization specifically products and services of the banking sector and this design even manages the machine by the way that managers can become experts in their industry and come closer to customers and the negative factor in this is actually the duplication of the system's employees functions with a limited view of the organizational goals

Service design

The CIBC is a person service dependent organization or the banking sector where the customers are respected quite definitely and are treated with respect and in this design the managers take care very much of the service wanted to the clients.

Hybrid design

The CIBC is this kind of the organization where the clients are most respected and the manager will look after the customer and the look will be intended to deal with each customer. Mainly the project manager will deal with the customer relation research and best customer support.

Matrix Design

CIBC organization finds that none of the mentioned structures meet their growing needs. The one approach that attempts to overcome inadequacies is the matrix structure, which is the combo of several different structures. Functional design commonly has been coupled with product groups on the project basis. For instance, a product or something group wants to build up a new addition to its line; because of this project, it will obtain personnel from functional departments such as research, engineering, production, and marketing. These personnel then work under the manager of the merchandise group for the duration of the project, which may differ greatly with reference to the completion of the project.

Marketing channels design

The marketing organization's design directly impacts ability to respond quickly to the initial dynamics of your industry, marketplace, and corporate objectives. Marketing organizations see themselves less effective because they are disconnected from business they can be supporting, these are structured to meet yesterday's demands, or have experienced a talent-decline. Over enough time, the function can get apart with the marketing knowledge of the industry and skill levels needed by the business, as becoming distanced from those driving business in sales, the marketplace and executive management.

Marketing organization assessment and design

Skill and knowledge assessments

Productivity evaluations

Job design/skills requirements

Marketing skills training

Capability building

Marketing executive coaching


The environment is complex and uncertain. Along with the lower-level managers are capable and experienced at making decisions for their participations in the systems discussions. Consequently they get a voice in decisions, their decisions are relatively minor. Within the organization culture, we see that it's open to managers, permitting them to have a say in what goes on in the system with their decisions. The business is geographically dispersed over this region with a typical. The effective implementation by the managers for the company's lead depends upon managers being involved and their flexibility to make decisions.

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