People's thoughts, thoughts and general attitude towards their work

Essentially the inner environment can be interpreted as the tendencies of an company that effect the management, the employees and the entire culture of the business enterprise itself. These result people's thoughts, thoughts and general attitude towards their work. In the case of the restaurant this is fundamentally an integral part of a family-run chain and there will be the risk factor associated with family run businesses and the opportunity of internal feuding which could impact on the prevailing manager, Alex anytime. Functioning as a franchise the business will always be influenced and directed organisationally by a couple of objectives that are filtered down by way of a much bigger umbrella of management. Alex is employed to working in a Retail environment which automatically assumes that he will not have such a good knowledge of the wedding caterers trade. Furthermore, if his track record is common knowledge between workers generally they may have less esteem for the types of decisions he makes as they may consider them uninformed. This could have an effect on the way in which his team answer and react to him. This is not helped by the actual fact that there surely is distress over his role as Director. He is incapable of delegating the more basic and functional tasks down to his Deputy Director. Subsequently this will have a knock on approach to how both the Deputy Supervisor is looked at, as someone in the middle who has few tasks and a team of ground-level personnel who are expected to adopt their everyday domestic and operational issues to the Administrator rather than the Deputy Director. Leaving less leisure time to give attention to the marketing and staff training that are integral to running the business successfully. If the personnel are not acquiring adequate training and work only to an alternative handbook of instructions they might be working ineffectually. They will also without doubt be performing tasks without clear health and safety guidelines and for that reason could be more apt to be asking more questions, taking longer to do their jobs, putting themselves and the clients in danger and in the end be employed in a complicated environment which is bad for the business enterprise. Alex will be looking to respond to the demands of his hierarchical exterior managers, whilst dealing with your day to day problems of his own team and the issues arising from his inability to clarify jobs and obligations effectively.

With the NHS founded home services business, the inner environment will effect Rose greatly as she actually is overseeing a period of change, where the functions of her staff will be influenced and are threatened by the oncoming competition that the team must face through external contractors. Managing durations of change are always difficult and Rose should come up for criticism amidst all her associates regardless of whether she exacts a good job or not. The attitude of the personnel will be low, and irritated under the risk of redundancy. This can make a consolidated labor force difficult to keep up, particularly if there are regular union differences and career issues to deal with. Degrees of speculation and gossip will be influencing an already constantly interrupted negative approach to everyday tasks and duties.

Rose will also need to maintain connections with other medical center personnel to be able to preserve a profile and level of satisfaction amongst ward personnel. Her failure to liaise with nursing and medical staff may have negative implications on her behalf own team as they are the key personnel that they can need to impress in the face of decelerate competition. The amount of the organisation will also present added stresses to the existing uncertainty and staffing issues, making the internal environment a tense and unpredictable one for Rose to be operating effectively in as a Administrator.

1. 2 The Alternative Environment

The external environment where Alex is working in will effect and impact in a number of ways. Basically as the business enterprise is a franchise he'll have no control over if the decision to close the business enterprise or not is manufactured in the future and all major proper and financial decisions are made for him. As the catering business there could anytime be considered a significant change in consumer interest plus they could loose transferring trade, especially if a competitor chose to set up an identical restaurant along the same stretch out of highway. Alex could loose both his customers and personnel to a restaurant local offering better bonuses. This is a specific threat for the reason that nobody person currently seems to be taking responsibility for the Marketing and PR. The Supervisor should be leading this as it is essential for the

business is to remain popular and keep maintaining its local account and charm within its market. However the restaurant has a reputation to be value for money, it could be influenced by the economical situation of the business or even the locality in which it is situated at any time. That is even more reason to ensure a wide-spread marketing strategy is followed.

Rose's business must contend with the ever moving goal content of national Federal guidelines and the goals and budget allocations for the NHS.

In addition to this she has to manage the process by which she grips the inevitable and impending external competition which is about to come into procedure. This means that she will need to have a fully functional team of staff who are above average in their skills to fight off competition for agreements within the hospital.

Another ongoing exterior factor may well have to consider the behaviour of the patients themselves regarding health insurance and sanitation. The cleaning staff may come under the scrutiny of everyone and have to be prepared to react to public claims regarding general standards of hygiene etc.

Changes in Employment Law and how it pertains to the current transitional state that the service is operating in will come with an external impact on the business from the point of view of the prevailing and new protection under the law of Rose's staff members as will the role of the Trade Unions. She will need to answer and respond to these pushes quickly and with knowledge and confidence as to how she will take them forward and finally implements them.

2. 0 Explain the Resource-Based way in the framework of strategic analysis

Strategic business decisions are usually intricate. This complexity comes up because the decisions that need to be made tend to be speculative and involve doubt. They need to include a fully integrated procedure of all the elements of an organisation. Proper examination is therefore concerned with understanding the genuine proper position of the company and measuring its activities against its environment, including discovering the resources that are necessary in order to do this. The resource-based way takes into consideration the next factors in order to look for the level of relevance and importance each source of information has within the business. Once the key resources have been recognized, they then have to be evaluated in terms of whether they are valuable, exceptional, in-imitable and non-substitutable.

When defining what takes its reference a need to consider all the financial possessions, functions, information and degree of knowledge and skills which exist within an organisation need to be rationalised.

On this basis the resource-based procedure can be measured in the restaurant in terms of the building itself; which must carry an investment value, although this can be determinable by whether it's lease-hold or not. Other belongings might include its location. Situated right on the main road it is suitable for getting regular passing trade. The restaurant is managed by another company who has a account and reputation by means of their successful national chain. This in itself is a valuable resource. It possesses the capabilities and knowledge that are essential for running a wedding caterers business within its team of experienced personnel, as well as any profits it offers gained from its success. In addition the business has the skills and reputation behind it of its main backers and directors who've over two decades experience of working in this sector.

Comparatively the hospital domestic service has shifted from being an invaluable tool to a healthcare facility as the only provider of this type of service, to the one that can now probably be replicated by any number of competitors.

As a small business it can place value on its equipment that will include all of its industrial equipment. It is presently quite poor in conditions of its reference levels in an environment which is changing but may therefore enhance and improve in value by way of being forced to become more impartial in its overall structural organisation and thus more competitive. The amount of resources is likely to change with the new role of the business enterprise which might need to upgrade its equipment and recruit more experienced, better trained personnel, in addition to re-training the prevailing ones to up skill and increase their overall marketability.

3. 0 Identify the proper capabilities of every of the organisations in the event study, and discuss how they could be best used to attain and continually improve cost efficiency for them

A simplified meaning of strategic capacities lies in the amount of competencies, knowledge, and skills that an organization can make use of to be able to maintain and increase their level of success in a competitive market. It also includes the consequent need to adapt and change with the existing movements - be progressive and incorporate a unique feature that can be adaptable and reinvented appropriately.

The strengths of the restaurant are visible from the success of its reputable chain and that it offers a simple set-menu service for a wide audience, in particular families which has a low quality price but is also one step above cheap junk food as it provides a sit down waitress service.

Another novel aspect of the business would be that the large food and leisure company that own the franchise are a family group business, which makes the restaurant more appealing compared to that same family market and this will hold a amount of respect and consistency mounted on the name as a consequence.

The fact that there surely is also a small shop and playground facilities on site will improve the capabilities of the business enterprise. The shop might consider retailing local produce sourced from local providers like farmers and craftspeople. This would improve their wholesome image and may increase revenue as the acceptance for local, organically produced fare continues to increase. In addition it will reinforce their local account and build on local partnerships which can only benefit the business in the long-term future. If indeed they can maintain local support this may assist them in the foreseeable future if their current passing and road-side trade is jeopardized at all. Additionally it is helpful to consider that the existing Director Alex has a track record and managerial skills located in Retail, so his management skills in growing this area would be very helpful.

This organization may also want to check out benchmarking a few of their ideas against other successful models. For example the Marriot Hotel chain developed a recruitment marketing campaign targeted at retirees and other part-time employees which included a fresh system of managerial awards and incentives for their staff. So rather than trying to keep its level of competition through product and undercutting prices across all the other hotel chains, it determined instead to check out its organizational capacity. Because of this it became the company of choice and created a distinctive framework within its own competitive field.

The string of restaurants under debate here might consider adopting an identical model that it could roll-out across most of its restaurants only by using a scheme that looked at recruiting and training the long-term unemployed or as Jamie Oliver has done focusing on up-skilling disadvantaged teenagers.

In relation to the local services device their strategic functions are less noticeable. The main one being that they performed have the monopoly across the hospital for providing this type of work. Despite the change in hospital policy enabling external contracting and Rose's existing service needing to adapt to the need to become more competitive, the business she manages does still have the advantage of being the main one provider which is actually predicated on site and may be more financially and operationally in a more powerful position to gain the contracts they want across the clinic. Increasing the effectiveness of their interactions between personnel internally will help with their overall promotion. If they are seen to be accessible, contactable and having a noticeable profile within a healthcare facility they'll be more likely to gain the work they need in order to keep up their service.

In addition they could want to explore the probability of purchasing a new line of green cleaning products. This could promote them as a more eligible and honest option for thought. They could organise some awareness self-promotional times in a healthcare facility by inviting potential clients including medical and nursing personnel to come and test their new cleaning products range through presentations. This may help them achieve the presence they have to legitimise themselves within the hospital itself.

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