PepsiCo RECRUITING Strategy

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The Strategic Individual Source of information Model (SHRM)

Organizations are consistently faced with challenges from the legal, monetary, scientific, demographic and ethnic aspects today and recruiting practices have very strong influence and effects on each of these challenges.

The Strategic HR Model has an guide guide to organization's Individual Tool (HR) team to assist in the planning, expanding and putting into action of the HR strategies, guaranteeing the ultimate goal is to play a role in achieving the overall organization's goals. SHRM targets the business performance and also stresses the role of HR management systems as answers to business problems (Becker and Huselid, 2006). The complete model can be classified into three parts: examination, execution and follow-up.


This area centers mainly on defining and understanding the business all together. It is necessary to really know what are the external environmental factors and interior durability, weaknesses, goals, organizations strategies and directions to be able to ensure alignment of human source of information strategies to aid the organization to success.


Implementation focused on the planning, expanding and putting into action the HR strategies with research of the Assessment section in mind. The decision and execution of HR strategies should focus on the HR functions while tying in the correct systems and processes to ensure even and successful implementation of the HR strategies.


HR department must go through the performance on the strategies put in place thru evaluation. The decision and decision of evaluation process, types of procedures and method followed should not be based on popularity but suitability to the needs of the business. HR department must have in mind what's the area of emphasis and ensure that the evaluation method used must have the ability to satisfy the requirements. Evaluation process must be a continuous effort over a time frame and review of the functions and methods may change with regards to the need.

Pepsi Co International Pte Ltd

PepsiCo's Work Life Quality was launched in 2008 in organisation's best interest to enable talented employees to be effective in work and respecting their personal lives.

PepsiCo believes highly in engaging better versatility to be one of the most well-liked employers in attracting the best and brightest ability therefore doing their finest job possible to promote work/life balance and flexibility available.

Assessment Part

Environmental Analysis

The Pest Analysis identifies the politics, economic, interpersonal and technological affects on an organization.


PepsiCo products are subjected to various laws and regulations such as Food, Medication and Cosmetic Act, Occupational Protection and Health Function depending on the country that the merchandise will be launched. The international businesses are subjected to Government balance in the countries where PepsiCo is wanting to find yourself in and companies are expected to be subjected to taxation coverage in specific country where they are working including underdeveloped markets.

Taking into consideration that PepsiCo is wanting to present itself in underdeveloped marketplaces, they need to be cautious with the possible problems with the governments of this countries, and with the problems could rise from PepsiCo act with the folks of this countries.


PepsiCo companies are put through the harvest of recycleables that are used in their food and beverages. Due to the reliance of trucks to go and distribute a lot of their products, PepsiCo is subjected to fuel price fluctuation.

Operating in International Markets involves exposure to volatile motions in forex rates. The economical impact of forex rates movements in it is complicated because such changes are often linked to variability in real expansion, inflation, interest levels, governmental activities and other factors. - PepsiCo is also at the mercy of other economical factors like money resource, energy supply and cost, business cycles, etc.


Pepsi is subjected to lifestyle changes and for that reason, Pepsi's advertising campaigns is dependent in a concrete kind of people with special lifestyle and for that, PepsiCo is paying special attention on changes in lifestyle. In the United States, Pepsi drinkers are incredibly defined and there are people who drinks Coca-cola which is of great importance that PepsiCo compensates attention to consumer needs and not burning off a possible market.


PepsiCo used new techniques of processing in their business sectors; goodies, juices and carbonated drinks.



  • Creating a balance between work and personal lives.
  • Flexibility to make own arrangements


  • Errant employees may misuse the flexibility given to them.
  • Employees may neglect work resulting in inefficiency.


  • In creating a wholesome work life environment. Employees would be better encouraged to work harder rather than feel strained.
  • Company is able to retain and employ the service of valuable employees


  • With errant employees abusing the machine, this might lower their efficiency. The business will than suffer.


Creating a balance between work and personal lives.

  • PepsiCo is convinced in creating a balance between work and personal lives. As a result by creating an operating environment where the employees have the flexibility of working from home or office this might create

Flexibility to make own arrangements

  • PepsiCo adaptable working scheme allows employee to find the number of hours they work.

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Organizational Quest and Goals Analysis


Our mission is usually to be the world's premier consumer products company centered on convenient foods and drinks. We seek to create financial rewards to traders as we offer opportunities for progress and enrichment to our employees, our business companions and the areas where we operate. And in everything we do, we shoot for integrity, fairness and integrity.


"PepsiCo's responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate - environment, cultural, economical - creating a much better tomorrow than today. "

Our eyesight is apply through programs and a concentrate on environmental stewardship, activities to benefit society, and a committed action to create shareholder value by making PepsiCo a really lasting company.

Analysis of Organizational Strength and Culture


Analysis of Organizational Strategies

In conditions of Flexi Work time composition (Lead Lag? Lag Business lead? Match MARKET Practice?)


Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection can be a concern in a adaptable work environment. Staff will get faraway from the traditional way of thinking that they got to be at their table and being observed over the complete amount of time in the flexible workforce. Hiring the right person is important as it'll affect the business financial performance, output and staff turnover if candidate neglect to deliver. Finding the right person requires careful planning, organizing, directing and managing prior to the interviewing process.

Company must ensure that the individuals hired are trusted; have good proven keep track of files and good communication skills. Company have to have an efficient pre-interview screening process. Interviewer can carry out a mobile phone interview for brief listing prospect to see if candidate has good verbal communication. Interviewer would ask for clarification on the info in the job application to ensure that prospect has the relevant qualifications and experience before reaching the candidate personally.

Company can use certain diagnosis tools to help determine the candidate suitability before planning for interview as it can accurately predict the way the employee will behave calendar months or years later. A number of the techniques include ability/aptitude test, personality questionnaire and role play exercise. Company can also add in more testes (e. g: Computer knowledge, English test etc) to check worker competency.

During interview, company must asked various kind of interviewing questions in order to and offer information in order to see if Prospect should sound assured and build should be audible all the time. Candidates in the flexible labor force need to honour their commitments and not compromise business specifications and work performance. Those on overall flexibility programs are to remain contactable during core time with some forms of established program for a little check-and-balance within the flexibility. Company can asked applicant to post payslip and understand their success to their past employers.

It is important to execute reference check to gather factual facts from third people who have witnessed the candidate at the job. A diversity of track record information will lead to a more accurate assessment of the applicants. Requesting the right question and seeking facts is a good reference point checking. Besides looking into the employee tendencies, the recruiter should also check up on the employee's competency to satisfy on that which was told are correct. Questions like "does indeed the company practice flexi hours" or "is the employee allowed to work from home" can validate if employees have experience in a adaptable workforce.

The induction and orientation program are equally important as it offers the new staff a "jump start". Staff should only be able to benefit from the flexi work design after 3 months of service

Performance Management

Performance management is an essential tool for business success. As essential for productivity advancement, performance management is a continuing and on-going function in an company. Besides, performance management helps an organization to recognize the right competencies and wthhold the competitive knowledge to be able to have ecological future. With the goal of develop a powerful performance management in Pepsi Co, there are a few suggestions in each phases of performance management process in adaptable workforce. The first period is planning. (A guiding to Performance Management, 2008) Pepsi Co must have strategic plan in the flexible labor force. HR must evidently mention the job description, total time and energy to be work weekly or per month, and the personal or the group' s goals are related to the group' s goal.

The second period is developing. (A guiding to Performance Management, 2008) Pepsi Co should ensure the employees developing performance standard and meet up with the organization's expectation. Even in a adaptable workforce, as an ethic issue, Pepsi Co must advise to those new appointed employees how their careers to be performed and capability to meet organization's prospects will be evaluate as work performance later. The next stage is monitoring. (A guiding to Performance Management, 2008) Pepsi Co should screen the employees' job performance and give them a simple feedback. Pepsi Co can use observation and apparent actions, behavior, and leads to provide a opinions to the employees in order to improve and maintain their work performance standard.

The most important phase is score. (A guiding to Performance Management, 2008) In order to fairly assess employees' job performance in a adaptable labor force, Pepsi Co must carry out proper analysis. Pepsi Co can have a clear and balance report card for each flexible employees. (Smith et. al, 2002) The performance can be strategy by internal, external, and financial measurement or rather named as 360 level appraisal. (Johnston et. al, 2002) To avoid exist biases appraisal system, analysis not only done by supervisor, but also suppliers, customers, and colleagues. The employees who effectively completed assignments will be get a report for his or her performance if indeed they able to meet the deadline. Furthermore, performance appraisal which basic on outcome will help the organization assess their versatile employees with an increase of correct. Pepsi co can evaluate the performance rely upon the success and efficiency the employees handle and complete their responsibilities.

The final stage is developing planning. (A guiding to Performance Management, 2008) Pepsi Co need to establish plans for improve work related skills or knowledge for the employees. Furthermore, Pepsi Co can encourage employees increase their performance standard and quality of work to be able to meet organization's goals.

Pay Structure, bonuses and benefits - Cheryl

Reporting Composition - Elsie

Training and Profession Development

Currently, employees in Pepsi Co do not have a proper training and profession development system in place. There are programs on job development for employees, however, most of enough time its mainly thru verbal communication and there are no proper records to help employee know what they will need to attain or insufficient to close the space and progress the series.

It is highly recommended that


Recruitment & Selection

More than four in 10 job seekers falsify their curriculum vitae and candidates are more likely to exaggerate their expertise and remuneration as they seek to secure advertising to more senior jobs. Company can get candidate to certify that whatever information mentioned in their application and application form is true and company reserves the right to take disciplinary action or to terminate the contract. (Saifulbahri I, 2010)

Assessment middle can be relatively expensive thus screening process is necessary to recognize if people have relevant qualification, training, experience and skills to the work requirement.

The Company can set up an employee recommendation scheme where personnel can refer friends and family members for appropriate positions. This will allow employees to "screen" the candidate suitability and provide candidate with knowledge on company culture. This increases the chances of a good "job fit" between recruit and company. (Tommy N, 2010)

Performance Management

The implication for use performance management in adaptable workforce is there might existing free rider in the group assignments who take advantage for the performance report in the success completed assignments. Not all specific are contribute the same level of effort to the assignments had been done. (Performance Management) Hence, Pepsi Co must carefully evaluate each employee's contribution. Furthermore, it might be inaccurate if just give attention to specific projects which may have been done, whereby Pepsi Co should review the performance total of period where in fact the appraisal cover.

The supervisor might be evaluating an employee platform alone feeling, length of service, irrelevant standards to rate the employees' performance. (Performance Management) Furthermore, the administrator may dash through the appraisal process which might not be able to record the appropriate information that truly reflects the employee's performance. (Performance Management) Insufficient proper or appropriate appraisal system will mislead Pepsi Co planning and it is costly for the business. (Madar, 2007) This may also cause stumbling natural stone for the organization to reinforce its business competitiveness.

Follow-up Part

No matter how successful the existing HR strategies might be, its relevance and success can never be the same at the rate that change is taking place. HR Strategies should be reviewed and evaluate periodically to have the ability to ensure that the strategies remain relevance with the constantly changing external factors that has effect on inner factors. Pepsi Co must work towards an assessment and evaluation system plans which allows proactive HRM strategies to be able to have the ability to foresee any possible issues arising. This may be of great importance to help the organization to accomplish its goals.

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