PepsiCo's Consumer Market Analysis

Buyer Behavior for Consumer Market


In the summer of 1898, In New Bern, NEW YORK, a pharmacist called Caleb Bradham started out experimenting with combinations of spices, juices and syrup trying to create stimulating new beverages to serve his customers. He succeeded beyond anticipations by inventing new drinks know as Pepsi-Cola. Nowadays, Pepsi is a favorite soft drink in all over the world.

From its humble beginnings over a hundred years ago, Pepsi-Cola is continuing to grow to be one of the best-known, most-loved products across the world. And the business behind it PepsiCo has grown as well, standing today as the leading internet entrepreneur of refreshment drinks, juices and snack foods. They have consumer in over 200 countries in the whole world. The business offers more than 500 beverages and snack that appeal to every age group of consumer age group and demographic category.

Today, PepsiCo is a $29 billion company, employing more than 150, 000 people speaking more than 40 dialects around the world. The business is consistently acknowledged for its corporate citizenship, philanthropic work and diversity programs.

It is the world's fourth-largest food and drink company which is staking its say as the global head in convenience foods and beverages. PepsiCo has a solid plan to continue to expand with a massive lineup of convenience foods and beverages offering great taste, nutrition and fun night and day.

Here is the list of Pepsi Co brands and products.

Mirinda, 7UP (International), Pepsi Limn, Kas, Teem, Pepsi Potential, Pepsi Light, Starbucks Doubleshot (Partnership), Starbucks Doubleshot, Energy (Collaboration) Starbucks Iced Coffee (Collaboration), Tropicana Twister, and Mountain Dew.

Model of Consumer Behavior

Consumer makes many buying decision every day. Many large companies do some research about consumer buying decision in great information to answer questions exactly what will customer buy, where they buy, how much they, when they buy and just why they will buy those product. Corresponding to Principles of Marketing, Kotler (2008) Consumer Buyer Behavior refers to the buying habit of final consumer that are individuals and homeowners who buy goods and services for personal consumptions. The complete final consumer combines to make a consumer market.

Many big companies does a whole lot of marketing work to attract the consumer to buy their product. For instance, Pepsi Company. The business did a whole lot of marketing effort to attract the consumer such as advertising, review, campaign and apply the 4 P's to help make the consumer aware about their product.

The question here is, how did the consumer respond to the many marketing effort that Pepsi company use? Style of buyer behavior contain Marketing and other stimuli, Buyer's black pack and Buyer Reactions. Marketing and other stimuli will go into the consumer's black box and produce certain reactions. So marketers need to figure out what's in the buyer's dark-colored box.

Marketing stimuli consist of the Four P's which can be Product, Price, Place and Campaigns. Other stimuli included major pushes and happenings in the buyer's environment such as economic, technological, political and cultural. All the inputs will enter into the buyer's black box, where they can be turned into a couple of observable buyer responses. Under buyer reactions there are product choice, brand choice, supplier choice, purchase timing and buy amount.

Consumers do not make their decisions in a void. Their buys are highly inspired by cultural sociable, personal, and emotional factors. Here a few of that impact the habit or the particular market

Cultural Factor

Cultural factor divided into three sub factors Culture, Sub Culture, Social Course. Culture is the set of basic ideals perceptions, would like, and behaviors learned by a member of contemporary society from family and other important companies.

Culture is the standard cause of someone's wants and tendencies. Every group or contemporary society has a culture, and ethnic affects on buying action can vary greatly greatly from country to country.

Based on the research study, we are doing a Pepsi brands in Malaysia. Malaysia has many races of people such as Malay, Chinese language, Indian and so many more. Now days many people choose to drink Pepsi since it is Halal and did not contain any alcohol. It is because most culture in Malaysia did not allowed those to consume alcohol. So for teen of adult who cannot drink an alcohol drink, they can make to drink Pepsi.

Other than that, now day culture in Malaysia more change towards greater matter about health and fitness. This had helped bring a great deal of huge industry for health fitness services, more natural foods and variety of diets. So for Pepsi company which serve soft drinks, that they had come with a new products known as Pepsi Max which has less sugars and gas to fulfill the new culture of Malaysian people.

Sub Culture is an organization of men and women with shared value systems based on common life experiences and situations. Each culture has smaller sub ethnicities a group of men and women with distributed value system based on common life experience and situations. Sub culture includes nationalities, religions, racial group and geographic regions.

Many sub culture constitute important market sections and marketers often design products. For Pepsi company, sub culture is very important in influencing the buyer to buy their products. They need to target consumer predicated on their nationalities, religions, racial group and geographic areas. For nationalities, Pepsi must aware of any country that didn't allowed their visitors to take carbonated drinks.

For example, India. That they had once ban Pepsi in their country because of the sweets contain in Pepsi. According to Marketing, Kotler (2008), Many subcultures make up important market segments, and marketers often design products and marketing programs designed to their needs. Pepsi shouldn't make an ad which can touch the sensitiveness of any religions, nationalities while others.

Social Class Almost every society has some form of social structure, public classes are society's relatively permanent and ordered divisions whose users share similar worth, interests and action. Social class did not determined by a single factors such as earnings, but it assessed as a combination of profession, income, education, prosperity, and other variables. Marketers are considering social category because people within given public class tend to show similar buying behavior.

Social Factors

A consumer's tendencies also is inspired by communal factors, such as the Groups, Family, Tasks and status. Organizations are two or more people who interact to accomplish individual or common goals. A person's behaviors are influenced by many small groupings. Groups which may have a direct effect and which a person belongs are called membership groups. Some are principal groupings includes family, friends, neighbours and coworkers. Some are secondary communities, which are more formal and have less regular connections.

These include organizations like spiritual groups, professional association and trade unions. For groups, it is much easier for Pepsi to draw in those to buy their products. Because a single member of the teams can influences virtually all the group member to follow them. For instance, a leader in one group can affected the people to buy Pepsi within the group activities.

Family people can strongly effect buyer behavior. The family is the most important consumer buying company society and it has been researched extensively. Marketers are interested in the assignments, and influence of the partner, partner and children on the purchase of different products and services. With this social school, Pepsi need to focus on the children because they are the people who'll consume more Pepsi. But of cause they will ask their parents to choose the products. So Parents is the client and Children is the buyer.

Roles and Position is a person belongs to many groups, family, night clubs, organizations. The individuals position in each group can be defined in terms of both role and status. For instance, Mdm Airis plays the role of Mom, in her family she plays the role of wife, and in her company, she performs the role of director. A Role contains the activities people are anticipated to perform based on the individuals around them.

Personal Factors

Personal factors includes Age group and life routine stage, Occupation, Economy, Life Style, and Personality and self concept.

Age and Life routine Stage is People changes the goods and services they buy over their lifetimes. Tastes in food, clothes, furniture, and entertainment are often era related. Buying is also shaped by the stage of the family life routine. Here Pepsi cannot concentrate on the all age group of folks to buy their products. They must target consumer from children, to teenagers and finally the men and women. Because nowdays many people concern about their health. So they'll stay away from any carbonated drinks that have a whole lot of sweets and gas. This may have an impact on their health.

Occupation is someone's occupation affects the goods and services bought. Blue collar personnel have a tendency to buy more tough work clothes, whereas white-collar staff buy more business suits. A Company may also specialize in making products needed by confirmed occupational group. Thus, computer software companies will design different products for brand managers, accountants, engineers, law firms, and doctors.

From here we can conclude that only working people can purchase Pepsi products. But not all of them will purchase Pepsi. So Pepsi need to find a thing or a person to effect them. For instance, advertisement is the better tools to impact them or for parents, children are their finest factors to effect them to buy Pepsi products.

Economic situation is someone's monetary situation will have an impact on product choice. LIFE-STYLE is someone's Pattern of living, understanding these causes involves calculating consumer's major AIO dimensions. For example, activities such as Work, hobbies and interests, shopping, support. Besides that interest, Food, fashion, family recreation and viewpoints about themselves, Business, Products

Personality and Self applied concept each person's specific personality influence his or her buying tendencies. Personality refers to the unique mental health characteristics that lead to relatively steady and lasting responses to one's own environment.

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors contain Motivation, Conception, Learning, Values and attitudes Inspiration.

Motive drives a need that is sufficiently pressing to escort the person to seek satisfaction of the necessity.

Perception, The procedure where people choose, Organize, and interpret information to form a meaningful picture of the world. Learning is Changes in an individual's behavior arising from experience.

Beliefs and attitudes. Idea is a descriptive thought a person keeps about something Attitude, a Person's constantly advantageous or unfavorable evaluations, feelings, and tendencies towards an thing or idea.

Marketing Research Technique


According to Malhotra (1996), Market Research can be explained as a key element within the full total field of marketing information. It's links the buyer, customer and public to the market through information which is to recognize and identify marketing opportunities and problems create, refine and evaluate marketing activities while better the understanding of marketing as an activity and of the ways that specific marketing activities can be produced more effective. This is for the reason that it's always contains some form of the info collection whether it's extra research (also known as desk research) or most important research which is gathered direct from a respondent.

While predicated on the case study we know that Pepsi Co is one of the most famous company that produce soda and some other product. Subsequently to get the info about Pepsi Co we need to do the marketplace research so that we will know how far the client or consumer is content with the Pepsi product as well. It is because without the marketplace research they could be troublesome for Pepsi Co to learn about the level of satisfaction with their customer towards their product that has been produce by them. As a result to get the work become more efficient we will observe the step on general market trends which is the first rung on the ladder is we will apply the web site method to find the first condition and perception about the Pepsi Co.

This is because through the internet site method we will get extra information like the impression, record, financial and so forth about the Pepsi Co. Next we will make some prep on setting up the questionnaire about Pepsi Co which is in the questionnaire include a few of the question about how exactly society get know about the Pepsi Co and how much they spend to buy Pepsi product.

On top of that the 20 sheet of questionnaire has been allocated for the people round the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) which is the trendiest place that people understood bout it. The info analysis will review by 20 people around there with the various age and occupation. Finally the data that is collected will prepare yourself and presented in the simplest way.

Primary data collection can be considered as one of the extra options because is needed whenever a researcher cannot find the info needed in supplementary sources. Market analysts are enthusiastic about major data about demographic, socioeconomic, characteristics, attitudes or thoughts or interests, understanding or knowledge, intentions, motivation, and behavior. Three basic method of obtain by primary data are observation, research, and experiments. The choice will be affected by the nature of the situation and by the option of time and money.


According to Business Dictionary. com (2009), Review can be defined as the assortment of data from a given population for the reason of evaluation of a specific issue. Data that frequently collected from a sample of a society, knows as an example of survey. As we already informed research is one of the ways that are used broadly in research, especially in market research to find some information or any opinions from others towards some product.

Besides that there have 4 types of review which is include personal interview, self-administrated research, phone interviews and immediate observation. In order to collect the info of Pepsi Co we were making use of 2 types of study which is personal interview and home administrated surveys which are made by us as well.

Personal Interview

According to Business Dictionary. com (2009), Personal Interview can be explained as market research way of gathering information through face-to-face while connection with individuals. Personal interviews take place in a variety of place like settings-in homes, at shopping malls, in a business office etc.

One of the non-public interviews is face-to face interviews which is this interview are conducted between a market researcher and a respondent. Then your data is accumulated on a study. Some surveys are incredibly rigid or 'structured' and use closed down questions. So the data is simple to compared with others. Further about face-to-face interviews is more 'in durability, ' and count upon more available kinds of questioning. The study will check out and develop points of interest.

While predicated on the research study, we were takes place in KLCC to do the study up about the Pepsi Co which is the trendiest area in the Kuala Lumpur. We chose this place because on a daily basis there is more people visit that place and the majority of them are from people round the Malaysia. Consequently we use the facial skin to face interview because easy to get responses from them and we can get the info on the spot. In addition Pepsi Co can get straight more reason from them because they can through out what they thought about the merchandise that is produced by Pepsi Co.

Self-Administrated Surveys

A self-administrated survey is one where the respondent completes the study on his or her. While as we realize Questionnaires are usually branded on paper, nonetheless they might be in different ways like programmed into computer and places on the internet and have for the respond. However, Self-administrated questionnaires present an effort to the marketing researcher because they really on the efficiency of the written phrase as opposed to the skills of the interviewer.

Self-administrated studies are attractive because they are lower in cost, and they avoid interviewer analysis apprehension or worry. While based on the case study, when we do the survey about Pepsi Co we'd just used pen and a newspaper to help make the survey complete. Instead of that the individuals who has been require complete the study questionnaire will straight answer on the questionnaire. Consequently we can get the consequence of the information immediately of the questionnaire which is has been complete by the respondent.

Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews can also be consider among the techniques that you can do to make our survey complete which is mobile phone interviews is also one of the key under the survey method. Telephone interview can be defined as an interview that gathers information through cell phone contact with individuals. This means that the interviewers will call their respondent to have the feedback or react from their customers. Because of this the info that gathers would help us as well to make changes towards our product that has been survey.

Direct Mail

While surveys also can be made by using the direct email which is the interviewers will send the questionnaire through the e-mail so that the respondent can provide the responses form there using the mail responded. Example like company A which is the interviewer and in order to evaluate their performance towards modern culture they will try to make and Immediate mail interview which is they will send some question which will be in questionnaire and may be might ask about their company services that is provided to culture and they will directed the questionnaire to Company B which the interviewee.

On this situations the business will receive the questionnaire form in immediate mail from the Company B. In order the respondent Company B will returning the answer also in mail form which is they will send back to Company A Through this technique its give tons of pros towards the business which is can save cost in order to well prepared the questionnaire because through the direct mail it's the company can save cost


The general market trends technique is not only only predicated on the review method, it is because Observation also one of the technique you can use to collect the info on the amount of satisfaction towards Pepsi product. Observation can be easily thought as the systematic procedure for saving the behavioral habits of people, object and occurrences without questioning or elsewhere interacting with them. Observations can be divide into two types which is having as human being observation and mechanised observation. Being a Marketing Research officer for Pepsi Co we were use both types of observation to know very well what behavior of men and women or society towards the Pepsi Product.

Observation as a methodical process of documenting the behavioral habits of people, items and event without questioning if not interacting with them. Observation can be divides into two types that happen to be as the graph show above two types of observation is Human observation and Mechanical observation which is can be putting into action by Pepsi Co in order to observe their customers.

Human Observation

Human observation can be defined as self applied explanatory, using individuals observers to gather data in the analysis. We are able to do the observation by individual observation. It means that people use human being as the observers which is we can just look and interpret what they do, what feeling are they, if not using their company body languages. We can know what their feel now such as happy, enjoy, bored to death etc towards the merchandise of Pepsi.

Other than that through the real human observation the best technique that can be put into action by the Pepsi Co to evaluate their customer emotions is through facial reaction of the customer which is can maintain their smiles, lifted eyebrows an mind nods as well. Because of this we can automatically evaluate how the customer sense towards the merchandise of the Pepsi. Besides that Pepsi Co also can used the immediate observation in order to observe the client of these product. That is they can straightly take notice of the customer behavior towards Pepsi product

Mechanical Observation

Mechanical observation requires using various types of machines to be able to gather the info, data, which is then interpreted by researchers. On a regular basis we are already know that with the continuing advancements in technology, there are several "mechanical" ways that can be utilized to be able to taking data in observation studies however, these new "gadgets" have a tendency to be extremely expensive. The most commonly used and least expensive method of mechanically gathering data within an observation study is a video camera. A video camera offers a more precise means of collecting data than what can simply be recorded by the human being observer.

Based on the case study we realize that in order to observe the client we can put into practice the different ways which is similar to Mechanical Observation as a Marketing Research Officer we make an effort to look forward on the means of implementing the mechanised observation it is because they will make our work become more easily with the observation for employees or customers of the Pepsi Co. Normally Pepsi Co can used the CCTV which is to get the info without knowing by other people. Example that can be stated at here is like Pepsi Company to be able to observe their employees in all departments like marketing office, chemical section which is this entire office were play and important role while producing and made the merchandise Pepsi.

Consequently we can easily see the action that shows by them is humble, sluggish, and friendly and so forth. Indirectly, Pepsi Co can control or take an action to the worker which is not executing effective and useful towards their work. Other than that we also can used the Video in order to observe the behavioral of the client while the choose the Pepsi product and we can see how they experienced either meet or not that your number of purchase.


While based on my perspective the conclusion that can be made at here's survey is a kind of research which is comparatively costly, because it requires a staff of interviewers, but it offers the best opportunity to obtain information through probing for clearer explanations. Therefore, we can know what people in KLCC experience the Pepsi product. It is because the respondent can reveal what they feel. Finally, we can know either they satisfy or not about the performance of the Pepsi product or not. Besides that the non-public style (modulation of voice, rewording of any question) and biases of every interviewer make a difference how the individuals respond and how the responses are recorded. As a result, we can get information from our registered such as from training video registered. While from mechanical observation, we must spend more time to get the information. At the same times, we can not observe the sense of men and women in this campus because we cannot ask then but simply take their picture or video. On the whole, for us, study is the foremost technique to use early on in the research process when the researcher is not yet sure which questions need to be asked, because new and better questions can come out of the dialogue.



According to Businessdictionary. com (2009), extra data can be an existing major data that was gathered by another person or for an objective other that the existing one. It depending on if the data come from outside and inside the organization having to research. In supplementary data, it split into two elements of resources such as inner and external supplementary data. Internal supplementary data are data that contain been accumulated and exits inside the business organization or other firm. External supplementary data is data from outside that firm.

According to Business Dictionary. com (2009) SWOT is an instrument that identifies the talents, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Hazards of an organization. Specifically, SWOT is a simple, simple model that assesses what an organization can and cannot do as well as its potential opportunities and hazards. The method of SWOT evaluation is to take the info from an environmental analysis and individual in into internal such as advantages and weaknesses and external issues such as opportunities and risks. Once this is completed, SWOT research establishes what may assist the firm in completing its aims, and what hurdles must be defeat or minimized to attain desire result.

Based on research study, to be comes a strong business strategy, Pepsi Co can used SWOT analysis that helped it become stronger rival in other way Pepsi Co must identify which is their strength, weakness, opportunity and danger?

SWOT Analysis of PEPSI Co

The Pepsi Company is a respected produce, distributor and professional of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, on the planet. Pepsi has a solid brand and brand portfolio. Business-week and Interbrain, a branding consultancy, recognize Pepsi as you the best brand in their top 100 global brand rank in 2006. The business enterprise week-interbrain value Pepsi $67, 000 million in 2006. Pepsi ranks well ahead of its close rival Coco-Cola which has a rank of 22 having brand value $12, 690 million the business's strong brand value facilitates customer recall and allows Pepsi to penetrate markets. On the other hand, the company is threatened by intense competition which could have a detrimental impact on the business market talk about.


Strong brands permit the company to bring in brand extension such as Pepsi potential, Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Diet, Pepsi Light over the year; the business has made large purchases in brand advertising. Subsequently, Pepsi is among the finest regarded global brands. The business's strong brand value facilitates customer recall and allows Pepsi to permeate new market and consolidate existing ones.

Pepsi is a intricate part of world culture for a very long time and they take a good qualities control of their product by take important on qualities procedures n also procedures to maintain their customer satisfaction. They have a distinctive product image and the product's image is packed with over-romanticizing and this can be an image many people have taken deeply to heart and soul. The Pepsi image is viewed on T-shirts, hats and collectible memorabilia and many more.

This extremely recognizable branding is one of Pepsi's very best talents. It allows those to perform business on a global scale while at exactly the same time maintain an area methodology. The bottling companies are locally managed and handled by independent people who are approved to market product of the Pepsi Company. Because Cola doesn't have outright ownership of its bottling network, its main source of earnings is the sale of focus to its bottlers.


Weaknesses for any business need to be both minimized and monitored to be able to effectively achieve productive and efficiency in their business activities, Pepsi have no exception. Even though local business as well as much international market are thriving volumes in Latin America were up 12%, Pepsi has reported some decliners in product case amounts in Indonesia and Thailand scheduled to reduce consumer purchasing electricity. According to articles in Fortune journal, in Japan, product case sales dropped 3% in the second 1 / 4 of 1998. As a result we can determine the Pepsi Weakness which is can be improve and can be ensure that in future they'll never occurred again.

Besides that, Pepsi on the other hand has results on one's teeth which can be an issue for health care. It also has got sugar where continuous drinking alcohol of Pepsi could cause medical condition. Being dependent on Pepsi is a medical condition, because taking in of Pepsi daily has an effect on your system after couple of years. Because its contain chemicals which could cause cancer, destruction the anxious and reproductive system and reduce bone nutrient thickness. Such negative publicity could adversely impact the business's brand image and the demand for Pepsi product. This could also have an adverse impact on the company's growth potential customers in the international market

Negative publicity

The company received negative publicity during Sept 2006. THE BUSINESS was accused by the guts for Science and Environment (CSE) of selling products comprising pesticide residues that contained a dangerous pesticide residue. These pesticides included chemicals that could cause cancers, harm the anxious and reproductive systems and reduce bone mineral denseness. Such negative promotion could adversely impact the company's brand image and the demand for Pepsi products. This could also have a detrimental impact on the company's growth prospects in the international marketplaces.


Brand acceptance is the significant factor impacting on Pepsi's competitive position. Pepsi's brand is known well throughout 94% of the world today. Its mean that the primary matter within the last couple of years has been to get this name brand to be better still known. Packaging changes have also affected sales and industry placement, but in basic, the general public has tended not to be damaged by new products. Pepsi bottling system also allows the company to take good thing about infinite development opportunities surrounding the world. This strategy offers Pepsi the opportunity to service a big geographic, diverse area.

Pepsi is such an experienced powerful global company, that includes a basic of a great account. So it has the capacity to place an idle sum of money to the promotion. We can see that the advert of Pepsi-Cola is so attractive. In addition, it invited the most notable famous people to advertise for this. The advertising campaign is so intricate and attractive so that Pepsi gained the special award of the ad Granny.


Currently the risk of new viable opponents in the carbonated soft drink industry is not very substantial. The risk of substitutes however is a very real menace. The soda industry is very strong, but individuals are not necessarily committed to it. Possible substitutes that consistently put pressure on both Pepsi and Coke include tea, coffee, juices, dairy, and hot delicious chocolate, even thought Coco-Cola and Pepsi control nearly 40% of the whole beverage market, the changing health-consciousness of the market could have a serious affect.

Of course, both Coke and Pepsi have already diversified into these marketplaces, allowing them to have further significant market shares and offset any losses incurred credited to fluctuations on the market. Consumer buying electricity also represents an integral threat in the industry. The rivalry between Pepsi and Coke has produce a very slow-moving moving industry in which management must continuously respond to the changing attitudes and demands of the consumer or face shedding market share to the competition. Furthermore, consumer may easily move to other beverages with little cost or outcome.

Intense competition

Pepsi competes in the nonalcoholic beverages segment of the commercial beverages industry. The business faces intense competition in various markets from regional as well as global players. As well, the company faces competition from various nonalcoholic sparkling drinks including juices and nectars and fruit refreshments. In lots of of the countries in which Pepsi operates, including the US, Pepsi is one of the company's primary rivals. Other significant rivals include Nestle, Cadbury Schweppes, and so forth. Therefore competitive factors impacting the business's business include costing, advertising, sales promotion programs, product advancement, and brand and hallmark development and coverage. Intense competition could impact Pepsi market talk about and revenue growth rates.

Dependence on bottling partners

Pepsi generates almost all of its revenues by offering concentrates and syrups to bottlers in whom it doesn't have any ownership interest or in which it does not have any controlling possession interest. That is show based on this article on Business Dictionary in 2006, approximately 83% of its worldwide device case quantities were produced and written by bottling partners in which the company didn't have any controlling interests. As self-employed companies, its bottling partners, some of whom are publicly bought and sold companies, make their own business decisions that may well not always be based on the company's interests. In addition, a lot of its bottling partners have the right to manufacture or deliver their own products or certain products of other beverage companies.

If Pepsi struggles to provide an appropriate mixture of bonuses to its bottling associates, then the partners may take actions that, while increasing their own short-term income, may be detrimental to Pepsi. These bottlers may devote more resources to business opportunities or products apart from those good for Pepsi. Such actions could, over time, have an adverse effect on Pepsi profitability. Furthermore, loss of one or more of its major customers by any one of its major bottling lovers could indirectly influence Pepsi's business results. Such dependence on third parties is a weak website link in Pepsi's operations and increases the company's business dangers.


While based on my point of view the conclusion that may be made at here's being in that tense competition, similar to the brand Pepsi, Pepsi should not take the direct and tough attack upon it. There is no good to either part. The best wad is to keep a peaceful marriage with it and always equate to others; we have to find their drawbacks and show our advantages on this aspect. Then by individuals would think Pepsi Co is betted of course the main rule is to improve ourselves to meet up with the consumers. Beside that the SWOT analysis is most significant thing toward the Pepsi Co in order to make an improvement with their organizations which is they have to make some changes on the weakness which is can make Pepsi Co become somewhat worse, consequently Pepsi Co should make some changes plus some improvement towards their product which is they must ensure that the product that is made by their company is save from any chemical ingredients not just only that the Pepsi Co also should

Marketing Research Plan


As a Marketing Research Officer of Pepsi Co here we will evaluate the GENERAL MARKET TRENDS about the Pepsi Co. Which is based on the review and observation that has been done by us at the area of Kuala Lumpur City Center(KLCC). Subsequently based on the study and observation that has been done there are a few other activities should be changes by the Pepsi Co which is all will be discuss in Study and Observation part below this.

On top of this Corresponding to Malhotra (1996) in Marketing Research E book, marketing research can be explained as the systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis and dissemination of information for the intended purpose of helping management in decision making related to the recognition and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing.

Based in case study we prepare the questionnaire which includes the promotion to help make the study and observation. We do the review and observation which is uses the people of survey and observation. That is example questionnaire that we prepare about the KLCC.


From the surveys that contain been done by used through the questionnaire that directed at people around the KLCC we received lots of information that may be utilized by Pepsi Co to be able to boost their performance in their producing with their product. According to this survey, the special offers that used by Pepsi Co is quite plenty and can be consider that a lot of the world was aware with the merchandise of Pepsi.

Its means that the Marketing Division of Pepsi was workout of this and gives a positive responses toward the Pepsi Co. The techniques or method that were applied by the department is three types of campaign which is advertising, personal offering and direct marketing. This study shows that almost all of society knew about Pepsi product is through the promotion that has been establish by them which's especially the advertising campaign were attract a lot of people as a way to purchase the products of Pepsi.

Second question is all respondent already understood about Pepsi Co was creating a numerous kinds of Pepsi product which is include Pepsi Maximum, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Blue, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Light and so forth Group. Among each questionnaire is about the likes of Pepsi and how was customer determine Pepsi either these are sweet bitter, tons of gas or only good. From the surveys the result that we get is almost all of Pepsi respondent was said that Pepsi was insufficient Gas and the majority of them was prefer Pepsi as their soft drink. Subsequently its means that the Pepsi product still received demanded from the entire consumer even a few of them said that Pepsi was sugary plus some respondent said that they don't like Pepsi.

Otherwise, the purchase price that place by Pepsi towards their product like Pepsi Potential, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Blue, Diet Pepsi, 7-up and Pepsi Light its really ideal can everyone is able to get on that. It is because if Pepsi arranged the bigger price towards their product they might be less obtain their customer and there will be no more repeat purchasing on the Pepsi product and Pepsi must follow their rival price as well as they can set a fresh price up.

According to the questionnaire, there should be an improvement that the customer would like from Pepsi. To be a Marketing Research Official after done the studies we get that more advancements that respondent needs from Pepsi Co which is can be like more other product that produce by Pepsi and the other preference if indeed they can put into practice and Pepsi also must do more advertising so that more people will find out about the Pepsi product in future. Besides that Pepsi also must place their price will keep maintain suitable so that they need not engaging in trouble which is should contend with their competitor as well.

Lastly, the respondent must rate for overall about the Pepsi Co in order for them to make some changes to the performance either fells satisfaction or opposite of this. The respondent must rate As a result based on the questionnaire question as a Marketing Research Officer we already analyze the satisfaction of respondent into three fine art which is satisfaction, dedicated, awareness of the Pepsi product for the kids. As a result Pepsi Co must need to think that which part they must improve so that the recovery of respondents can fulfill with them. Under this paragraph is the statistic, awareness and commitment from the review questionnaire that we made for Pepsi Co.

According to the graph above, the review that we execute at KLCC the consequence of 25 respondents that people interviews shown that virtually all respondents aware with the term of PEPSI. It shown that Pepsi is a favorite product on the market. Our respondents are consumers who are among teenager to adult.

All of these aware of Pepsi and possessed at least check it out once in their life. A lot of the respondents aware about Pepsi because the marketing strategy done by Pepsi Company had been successful establish to make the consumer aware of Pepsi products. The main deals that attract consumer to aware of Pepsi are the advertising strategy. A lot of the respondent is aware about Pepsi by seeing the company advertisements in the television.

Television and marketing electronic are a significant or main advertising strategy that can attract consumer easily. Because people watch television everyday. Despite the fact that television is a very expensive advertising strategy, it is more effective than other kind of advertising. Apart from media electronic, newspaper or magazine also are a very effective strategy.

Most people read papers everyday since it is simpler and cheaper to get it. Plus some newspaper publishers are given absolve to folks. So once they read the paper, they will get notice about the latest advertising done by Pepsi. Mainly men and women will read publication and young adults will choose more to learn magazine. That is why magazine is an essential in advertising tools.

As a results, Pepsi company should make some improvement with their Marketing Strategies on their product to become more amazing so that more variety of customer will aware with Pepsi products.

According to the graph above, we can conclude that individuals who drink Pepsi 1 to three times are 11 respondents, four to six 6 times are 11 respondents and much more than 10 times are 3 respondents. You will discover 11 respondents who drink Pepsi 1 to 3 times because they favor other soft drinks than Pepsi. There are many Pepsi rivals in the carbonated drinks market such as Coke, Mirinda, 7UP, 100 Plus and many more. Each respondent have different taste and demand.

We also can conclude that respondent who needs Pepsi 1 to 3 time, they didn't like a carbonated drinks but prefer more to drink or any healthy beverages. Because nowadays a lot of individuals try to maintain their health. This group didn't dedicated to Pepsi because they didn't use Pepsi regularly.

For respondent who needs Pepsi four to six 6 times, they like both Pepsi and other opponents. It shown that we now have 11 people who take Pepsi 4 to 6 6 times. They have a vary choice to drinks. They didn't only adhere to one product. Maybe they will have a different soft drinks when they feel thirsty.

For Pepsi company, they have to add more taste, or more advertising technique to attract this band of respondents to choose Pepsi more than other product. After they fulfill with the Pepsi product, they'll loyal and make a duplicate purchase of the merchandise.

Lastly, there are 3 respondents who take Pepsi more than 10 times. They are the Pepsi Followers. They prefer Pepsi more than other brands. On their behalf Pepsi provide better products than others and make them feel fulfill with the product.

From here we can see that few respondents often make Pepsi as their first selections. For them there are other better brands than Pepsi. Because Pepsi aren't a good beverage to adopt very often. Most of them prefer much healthier beverages such as juice and smoothie. Therefore Pepsi Co should came out with an increase of healthy product such as less sweets, less chemical materials and less acid to avoid any dangerous effect towards the customers. Because of this there will be more customer become dedicated with their brands.

Consumer satisfaction is vital in performing a business. For Pepsi company, they need to make the buyer feel very fulfill when they purchase Pepsi products. Based on the survey graph above, we can conclude that there are 17 respondents say that they very satisfy with Pepsi products.

For satisfaction level, we had conduced an experiment towards chosen respondents to try differentiating between Pepsi and Coke. We are employing Pepsi Original and Coke Original. The results say that more respondents say that Pepsi have less gas but sweeter than Coke.

The flavor is virtually identical. But almost all of them favor Pepsi since it has less gas. For respondents who want less glucose in the refreshments, they like more to choose Pepsi Utmost then Coke. We have one respondents who like Pepsi Max because it less sweets.

For consumer who provides good rate for Pepsi satisfying level, they prefer apart from Pepsi. They like to have Pepsi but like other drinks such as Juice, Coffee, among others. They want to maintain their healthy. For the reason that Pepsi product has more sugar than other drinks.

Intended for consumer who gives the average rate, these are individuals who are not really a Pepsi fan. Many of them think that Pepsi didn't serve good drinks towards their customers. Plus, might be almost all of them are Coke Enthusiast or some others soft drinks supporter like Mirinda, 7UP, Sprite etc.

Even thought Pepsi do a lot of promotions and other marketing strategies, they still cannot expend their products if indeed they did not collection using what customer demanded of. They have to make more research to make a product that can gratify their customer.


Based on my point of view the conclusion that may be made at this is actually the review and observation should be achieved is proper ways while in order to get the correct information. From our study and observation, we find out that the majority of the respondent was given an positive answer on the question that is ask but only some of them were said that not prefer Pepsi as their drink Consequently as a Marketing Research officer some method or ways should be put into action in order to make the Pepsi Product become most famous brand on the planet and known by everyone.

At the same times, they also have their idea or suggestion to make the Pepsi Co become stronger and excellent. An examples Pepsi Co have to be increasing their product which is the substances which is the Pepsi should produce other then their expansion product. When all the product head wear has been produce by the Pepsi has been updates or can be said that the advancements makes on the weakness or try to think seriously about the treat the Pepsi Co can absolutely entice their customer which is to buy their products instead which the cheaper price and good quality.


McDonald's restaurants are found in 199 countries and territories across the world and serve nearly 47 million customers each day. McDonald performs over 31, 000 restaurants worldwide, utilizing more that 1. 5 million people. For overall objective of McDonald is promote Diversity and Inclusion among our employees, Owner/Operators and Supplier who symbolize the diverse population McDonald's serves around the globe. The eyesight is the McDonald's system leverages the initial talents, strength and assets of your diversity around the globe in order to be our customers' favorite place and way to eat.

McD Malaysia

McDonald's first made its way to our shores in Dec 1980 when McDonald's Company, USA offered GOLDEN ARCHES RESTAURANTS SDN BHD the license to use McDonald's restaurants in Malaysia. We in Malaysia acquired our first flavour of McDonald's when McDonald's Malaysia opened its first restaurant at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur on 29 Apr 1982. Thus far, McDonald's Malaysia has 182 restaurants located countrywide and is currently broadening at about 10-15 restaurants annually. McDonald's has generated many job opportunities in Malaysia. McDonald's Malaysia utilizes more than 7, 000 residents with 120 support staff at its headquarters managing the day-to-day functions of the McDonald's business. Gleam local office in Penang and Johor Bahru.

This objective that condition by McDonald Malaysia is "We try to be the leader in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry by maximizing Income and through our Ideas of QSC & V (Quality, Service, and Sanitation & Value) regular with the needs of the Customers, Employees and Community. " The perspective is "To get our customers' favorites place and way to eat".

McDonald's Malaysia provided products and services; products they provided are McValue foods, Ala Carte items, Breakfast time Menu, Local Favourites: Porridge and Ayam Goreng, Happy Meals Menu, Desserts and Beverage. Services they provided are McDonald's Delivery Service, Birthday Gatherings, Large Order and Gift Certificates.

For McDonald's Malaysia employees at corporate section and region offices hour benefits are planned into four categories. Firstly is health and protection. For example are medical and dental. Subsequently is pay and rewards. Example is company car program. Finally is investing in the future. Example is McDirect talk about. Finally is helping balance they work and life. MC Donald crews are trained on food security matters.

In reality food protection training is part of the restaurant management modules. Also, they are trained to handle all food protection related issues by customer properly. In addition Restaurant crew must also seem healthy tidy and not suffering from any disease that may be handed down via food. Those with open slices or sores on their hands are designated other jobs for as soon as to prevent them being in touch with food or organizing food.

Corporate Image Brand Loyalty and Duplicate Purchasing

According to Business Dictionary. com (2009), Commercial Image can be explained as the perceptions and impressions of an organization by the public as a result of connections with the business and what sort of organization presents itself. This is because organizations have typically focused on the design of communication and advertising materials, using logos, symbols, content material, and color to make a beneficial impression on target groups, but a variety of additional activities plays a part in a positive corporate image.

These include PR programs such as community involvement, sponsorship, and environmental projects, involvement in quality improvement techniques, and good practice in industrial relationships. While besides that McDonald also one of the world's most well-known and valuable brands and retains a leading share in the globally brand quick service restaurant segment of the informal eating-out market in almost every country in which we conduct business.

Serves the planet some of its favorite foods - CELEBRATED French Fries, Big Mac pc, Quarter Pounder, Poultry McNuggets and Egg McMuffin. McDonald rich history began with their founder, Ray Kroc. The strong basis that he built continues today with McDonald's vision and the dedication of their skilled executives to keep carefully the glow on McDonald's arches for years to come.

According to Business Dictionary. com (2009) McDonald's unveiled its "Forever Young" brand by redesigning all their restaurants, the first major redesign since the 1970s. The new design for logo design will include the traditional McDonald's yellow and red colors, but the red will be muted to terra cotta, the yellow will transform golden for a far more "sunny" look and olive and sage green will be added.

It implies that McDonald's already can be found in fast food market for long time ago. In the long run, customers know their corporate image and brand emblem. So, McDonald have their own brand with is show how delightful their product. The brand that McDonald implements till now could be "I'm Caring It".

According to MarketingsDictionary. com (2008), Brand Devotion can be easily thought as the degree to which a consumer will regularly purchase a Brand. For marketers to accomplish their ultimate goal of brand devotion, the buyer must be identified that the brand offers the right combination of quality and price.

This is because there a wide range of factors that impact brand devotion, such as consumer behaviour, family or peer pressure, and companionship with the salesperson. While centered to the McDonald Company; they make an effort to obtain the brand devotion by uses types of promotion such as advertising, sales campaign and direct advertising to get customer devotion.

Based on these types of campaign, McDonald Company will try to turn out the interesting advertisements that can draw in customers to repeat their purchase. From time to time, customer attitude supply the impact for brand devotion. It is because McDonald always considering customers satisfactions with the products and services.

According to Business Dictionary. com (2009), Repeat purchase can be easily defined as consumer purchase of the same brand purchased on the prior purchase occasion. Its means that when customers felt satisfy with products and services that has been produce by McDonald, as a result they'll be repeat their purchase. This means that McDonald products and services were in good shape.

The ingredients that McDonald used for made the meals also fresh, Halal and good quality. With all the strategic place is also one of interest by McDonald for customers to make them duplicate purchase their product. For good examples, McDonald always opens their outlets that have more available people come and buy their products. At the same times, McDonald will keep their brand commitment and it makes McDonald Company can stand in fast food market over time.


Consumer is an asset to a McDonald company. We have to do a review among the consumer to obtain additional information about McDonald Company. To the purpose, we'd prepared the study questionnaires for consumer at a City Centre of Kuala Lumpur which is KLCC. We choose KLCC because it is where many consumers goes to get their meals. Plus KLCC is one of the very most popular and catch the attention of a lot of local guests and foreigner.

We concentrate on a consumer who works around that area and folks who come for windowpane shopping, eating, viewing movie and so many more. We choose them because they also the customers which will be purchase or not the McDonald products and services. At the bottom, we show the review questionnaire that people prepare the clients McDonald.

We already performed do the survey questionnaire by carrying it out throughout the KLCC area. Refer to survey questionnaire, all respondents aware about McDonald product. It shows that McDonald is the famous brand in the fast food industries. The very best McDonald menu that respondent like are Mc Poultry and Big Apple pc which it both have 10 out of 24 respondents and the remains are other menu.

From our survey, the respondents now notice about latest advertising that establish by McDonald Company. They aware about Mc Donald latest promotion which is Mc Value for Lunch time. They aware about the new promotion because most of them are having lunch surrounding the KLCC area. Consumer who is working around KLCC area are the primary target of Mc Donald to make their deals successful. It is because they are in a rush and desire a food can serve them quickly. So Mc Donald is the best option. The entire rates that give by respondents are good and excellent. It implies that they satisfy with McDonald products.

From our observation, the purchase price also fit for every single meals and customers get more value from the actual pay. An example, McDonald has "McDelivery". They offer this condition because they must give the easy ways for their customer buy their food. They just order what they need and staff member of restaurant deliver for the kids. So, customers feel their satisfaction is taking care and just wait around at home or office to get the food. They cannot waste time and money to visit buy McDonald. So, they pay a lttle bit but have more value. Predicated on this statement, immediately shows that customers already satisfy with McDonald products and services. For the reason that McDonald always fulfills customer's desire. So, that is why customers give the higher rate for products and services that provide by McDonald Company.

McD VIP Stickers is also one of the assistance offer by Mc Donald's. Most respondent aware of Mc Donald VIP sticker nevertheless they did not known what's the utilization of the sticker. Many of them said that the goal of VIP sticker is to obtain a discount from Mc Donald. Actually the goal of Mc Donald's VIP sticker is consumer will receive a free discount and some fries free provided for them.

Other than that, we discovered that McDonald always open a day for their customers. It demonstrates they have the devoted customer that always come and purchase McDonald products. In the weekend, the McDonald store always full with customers. It is because the McDonald products are satisfied the customer need and wants. The respondents also knew about warranty offering by McDonald such as customers can fill up water, if the meals that customers buy is not hot, they can change for the new one.

The employees also friendly with their customers and always help them when customers are having issues. Subsequently, it shows the good services that provide by workers. The surroundings in McDonald outlet is comfortable because they want their customers happy when come to their stores. When customers come to McDonald shops, they can search whatever they need because McDonald supplies the internet services. At the same times, McDonald can make their advantages from the services of internet because when customer emerged they can search and eat McDonald meals. Or else, get new customers also possible because they provide good services to customers.

Graph of Consciousness, Satisfaction and Loyalty.

We used the three types of graph to describe the awareness, devotion, and satisfaction of customer toward Mcd. We chose to made the graph because we wants shows our end result obviously and easy to comprehend.

Based on review, we discovered that all of respondents are aware about McDonald products and services. This means that McDonald is the famous junk food not only in Malaysia. The respondents are aware with McDonald Company because of advertising. When new products enter the market, McDonald uses the types of promotion tools to promote the products. They use the advertising, sales promotion, and direct offering to attract customers.

For good examples, the latest campaign do by McDonald which is Mc Value for Meal. The nearest place is one of part that affect respondents go to McDonald. For example more respondent go to McDonald in KLCC because this retailers are in the city middle of Kuala Lumpur nearest with them

Refer to the review we can merely say that a lot of customers are loyalty with McDonald products. It is because the products and services that provides by McDonald Company is good. For good examples, respondents say that the products are delicious, tasty and simple. Services that presents by employees are faster and customers can get the meals directly. Nowadays people always active and they do not have time to make at home and dished up with their children. Others alternate that is buy McDonald meals.

McDonald calls for this opportunities that make an effort to solve this problem that customers just come to our outlet stores to get the foodstuffs. McDonald produces many dishes for customer like Breakfast Meal, Happy Meal while others. All meals that provide by McDonald are healthy because McDonald do not desires their food gives effect to customers. So, that is why customer loyalty and do it again purchase for the products and services that provide by McDonald Company.

For overall study, 17 respondents that satisfy which is excellent and 3 respondents gratify which is good and 3 respondents just give average rate. It implies that respondents are very content with McDonald product and services. It is because the quality offering by McDonald are high. McDonald only uses the quality things that all ingredients must Halal and fresh. At the same times, they can attract the Muslim people because in Malaysia, they are the big human population.

If the McDonald is definitely offer a services, they can absolutely catch the attention of more customer to get their product. Nonetheless it will happen only if Mc Donald can serve a good quality products that can make customer feel fulfill when they are having their products. For instance, Mc Donald only provide a few products of fowl. If they produce more chicken breast products such as chicken breast chop, it can entice almost all of the KFC consumer to try them.


McDonald is the famous junk food in the world. To make McDonald to standing up for very long time, they must enhance their performance which is can control the junk food industry. From our advice or opinion, to be always a largest fast food, McDonald can have more local administrator to trained in oversea such as Sydney Australia. When they go to the training, they can review more about their education. When they have more knowledge and skill, they can provide new idea for firm. They also can provide training with their staff. When staffs know more about corporation, with this, company can run more influent and organized. So, it can increase performance firm to more good.

From menus aspect, McDonald can source new menus for customers or develop selections that all ready exist. They provide health, safe and halal menu with more. It is because in Malaysia have variety race specifically for Muslim people. McDonald also can develop success burger that just supply in Asia Pacific. McDonald can add more plans for services or products. Example, they can create deal for lunch few. When they supply the package, it can provide big impact for firm since it can get attractive excitement couple especially among teenagers to come McDonald. So, profit increase.

Lastly, our suggestion is give more scholarship or grant for community and employees. Example scholarship or grant to community is made for student. It can encourage pupil for study with an increase of good. With this, it can carry a fantastic and responsible college student. For employees, job's quality will increase. So the impact for the firm, it'll move developed and demand for products and services will increase.


Based on my perspective the conclusion that may be made at here is McDonald has the possible and potential to be able to organize the fast food industry. It is because McDonald has a solid supportive from their customers. Customers will usually think about the brand of McDonald Company which's the best qualities compare to their other competition such as KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. Beside that McDonald also illustrate the good commercial image and on a single time they hey can are a symbol of long times in junk food industry.

On top of that, based on study questionnaire, most of respondent were totally content with McDonald product and services that are provide them with more benefit and principles. Respondents also recognize for the purchase price that condition by McDonald products. The nearest and strategic place and good quality of products is one of effect that customers want to duplicate the purchases. From your observation that is done by us we can see that McDonald were procedure their outlets every day and night.

They contain the gracious personnel that always help their customers. McDonald also provide a free services that they offer internet to customers who wants searching. And on the same time they were attracting to obtain the new customers is possible. For the reason that based on their performance it implies that McDonald has opportunities to get more customer

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