Performance appraisals of Employees are necessary to comprehend each employee's abilities


Performance appraisals of Employees are essential to understand each employee's expertise, competencies and relative merit and well worth for the business. Performance appraisal rates the employees in conditions with their performance.

Performance appraisal is necessary to gauge the performance of the employees and the organization to check the improvement towards the desired goals and goals.

Appraisal was used to choose whether or not the salary or wage of an individual staff was justified The process was firmly associated with material benefits. If an employee's performance was found to be significantly less than ideal, a lower in pay would follow. Alternatively, if their performance was much better than the supervisor expected, a pay surge was to be able. In Dabur there are different methods to encourage and encourage employees who gain imminsely off their work. The individual resource division in the company takes a lot of time and effort to find new and innovative ways to stimulate its employees. The employees at lower level or at useful level get more satisfaction from the monetory rewards so they are given more rewards in monetory conditions alternatively than awarding them with other mental reasonable rewards.


Performance system is fundamentally, a supply again process, which require sustained commitment. The expense of failing to provide such opinions may lead to a lack of key professional employees, the extended poor performance of employees who aren't meeting performance standards and a lack of dedication by employees, in total, the myth that the employee know what. they are really doing without satisfactory reviews from management can be an expensive illusion.


In standard the appraisal systems serve a two parts purpose

To enhance the work performance of employees by assisting them realize and use their full potential in carrying out their firm's quest.

To provide information to employees and managersfor use to make, work related decisions.

More specifically appraisals provide the next purposes.

Appraisals provide feedback to employees and help the. "' management identify the areas where development initiatives are "' needed to bridge the gaps thereby serving as vehiclesfor personal " and job development. It helps management spot people who have specific skills so that their promotions/transfer are consistent with organizational requirements.

Appraisal assists as an integral inputfor administering a formal organisation reward and consequence system

The performance system can be utilized as a criterion against which selection devices and development programs are validated.


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Goals & Objectives

Objectives of the study includes:

To know today's system of performance appraisal.

To know the degree of success of the appraisal system

To identify and know the area for improvement system

Future Challenges

Forward Integration of SAP with Distributors and Stockiest. Backward Integration of SAP with Suppliers.

Implementation of new POS system at Stockiest point and integration with SAP-ERP. Implementation of SAP HR and payroll. SAP Rollout to DNPL and other new businesses.

Sample of the study

The population covered for today's study contains employee owned by supervisory and the particular level above. For the intended purpose of this study, survey covered the worker of DABUR INDIA LTD. dropping under supervisor and the level above.

The study covered a sample of 100 employees.

Methodology of the project

The project work has been carried out in three phases, a organised questionnaire with objective and question was communicated tested and finalize. During the second stage, the questionnaire was administered to the employees at Dabur India Ltd. by contacting them. The task associated with data accessibility compilation, data examination and report writing constituted the 3rd stage. Interview index was also used at some places to get information on the job subject.

The information on the methodology followed are provided below

The Questionnaire

Keeping in view the objective of the analysis, questionnaire was designed and analyzed on few employees. After getting the correct response and sanction from the worried section the questionnaire was finalized.

Response to Questionnaire

In all 96 questionnaires were given to employees slipping in the category of supervisors and above. Out which 48 could be accumulated back duly completed. The researcher individually approached the employees to get response on the questionnaire.


Many employees offered guarded answers to some important questions.

Some of them did not fill up the questionnaire anticipated to insufficient time

Response could not be accumulated from the total sample picked.

Some of the questionnaire cannot be completed due to reasons other than

time factor.

The confidentiality of the system created some problem in getting information.


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The appraisal process commences with the establishment of performance requirements. These must have improved out of job analysis and the work description reviewed under human tool planning. These performance expectations should also be clear and objective enough to be realized and measured. All too often, these benchmarks are articulated in a few such word as "afull day's work" or "a good job".

One of the very most challenging responsibilities facing professionals is to present and appropriate appraisal to the subordinate and then has the subordinate accept the appraisal in a constructive manner. Appraising performance touches on one of the most emotionally billed activities the diagnosis of another individual's contribution and capability. The impression that subordinates get about their analysis has a solid effect on their self-esteem and, very important, on the succeeding performance.

The final part of the appraisal is the initiation of corrective action when necessary. Corrective action can, be of two types. You are immediate and bargains mainly with symptoms. The other is basic and delves into causes. Immediate corrective action often described as "putting out fires, " whereas basic corrective action gets to the foundation of deviation and looks for to change the difference permanently


In Dabur India Small they have the system of performance appraisal of their workers. The main aim of the performance appraisal system is to evaluate the performance, promote their employees and to arrange for their various training programs if indeed they require for enhancing their skills in their particular areas and in contribution augmentation. .

Employees are assessed by how well they complete a specific group of objectives that contain been decided to be critical in the successful conclusion of their job. This process is frequently known as Management by objectives. Management by goals is a process that converts corporation~l aims into individual goals. It could be regarded as consisting of four steps: goal setting, action planning, home- control, and periodic reviews. In goal setting techniques, the organization's overall objectives are being used as guidelines from which departmental and individual objectives are placed. In action planing, the means are established for reaching the ends founded in goal setting. That is, reasonable plans are developed to achieve the objectives. Self-control refers to the organized monitoring andmeasuring of performance. Finally, with regular improvement reviews, corrective action is set up when behavior deviates from the expectations established in the goal-setting stage. Dabur uses very constructiveperformance appraisal process while analyzing its employees. Its analysis is based on quantitativewise and objectivewise.

Company place goals to its worker by properly reporting with its employees and then analyzing them upto what magnitude it's been achieved and when there is failure in reaching the target what are the complexities or reasons behind it.

Outcome of Performance Appraisal

As way as Dabur Company is concerned, there are four results possible

Outstanding -If the performance examined by the management turns out to be outstanding. When the employee performs in such a way as to collect 3 consecutive spectacular shows into his/her credit) they gets marketed.

Good -If the performance evaluated by the management turns out to be good. The management sends the staff to working out programme to boost his/. her skill to perform form

Below average -If the performance examined by the management actually is substandard. And, if the employee collects 3 below average to his/her credit, then he/she dismissed.



The period of experience required for filling a higher post departmentally differs from 3-5 years. 5 years experience for promotion to managerial personnel and 3 years experience for advertising to Junior Management staff is needed. Depending on the guidelines from the personnel department employees should be promoted appropriately. However there exists confusion among the list of staff as these guidelines are not being explained time to time, most are unaware of the prevailing promotion insurance policy in the company.

30% concur that advertising is well identified in the company. However 54% were not in a position to say it as there may be insufficient information about the campaign policy. Every worker have to be communicated about the existing policy

Majority suggested for no change in the insurance policy. It seems they may be satisfied with

the current policy

Aligning goal

Respondent were asked about the present system, can it assist in aligning individual goal with those of the organisation.

Here the response from the supervisor were 45. 83% for the factor which it help

in aligning their goal with those of company.

Career Progress

Career improvement is also the responsibility of the workplace to help him/her to recognize the profession opportunity, make selections and develop his/her career and provide opportunities for job planning and succession planning Question asked was as follows

Are the problems like job planning and succession planning for a part of Company's policy?

Here only 46% of the respondent offered response that it generally does not while 38% offered response that there is no career development plan at all.


The process of performance appraisal implemented in Dabur India Ltd. at the supervisory and above level IS to say not good but of acceptable level. The employees do not rate it very good. The appraisal results should be used frequently for the purpose of reward on accomplishing well alongside the feedback on the performance. Also when performance falls employee must be given feedback and encouraged to do better.

Performance appraisal in Dabur India Ltd is done on an annual basis.

More focus on training and job rotation as remedial procedures.


Recommendations &


Through the analysis and reviews of the employees of dabur about the performance apparasial format and methodology which Dabur has it is strongly recommended that

Remedial measure

Based on the performance the remedial actions are taken to do away with weakness if any and build on the strength and add to the existing capability

Here the responses were both for job rotation and training program.


Feedback offers the area of improvement. Respondent were asked about the rate of recurrence of feedback predicated on their performance. 41 percent responded that reviews is provided though on a few occasion. The occurrence must increase both from the individual and organisation perspective to keep carefully the individual determined for work based on the organisational expectation.

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