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Preston Motors LTD

Introduction - Preston motors is a newly started small company positioned in South Auckland serving motorist with the assistance like testing vehicles, issuing warrant of fitness and vehicle modest servicing. The best is owned or operated by an Islander as per the requirement goes in the unit standard. Majorly personnel of 3 is employed in the workshop to do the careers.

Summary - In the unit standard I have will be describing about the type of influences impacting on the Preston motors presently and in the future and its impacts.

Influences affecting the organisation -

  • Skills - Skill is an essential factor when it comes to mechanics. To get certified WOF supplier as a workshop will need skilled labour which must be trained if needed.
  • Staff - Staff of three works at the workshop which is very successful for a small Car workshop. Staff's friendly attitude and mechanical competence make customers visit again and again.
  • Structure -As a little company the composition of Preston motors is simple. Management is in the hands of the dog owner and three employs work under him do the careers as allotted by the owner.
  • Shared Prices - Shared value of Preston motors is to provide best and expert service to careers coming in and do them justice without tempering any guidelines and expand the business slowly and gradually.
  • Political - Being truly a really small project Preston motors has really less to with the political influences. Yes! In case of doing WOF employs have to operate by the rules formed by government for the clearance of any vehicle on its fitness. If the rules change they need to work accordingly.
  • Economic- Economic influences such as upsurge in the fuel prices an change in the prices of WOF may have an impact on Preston motors.
  • Social - Workshop personnel being reliable about their careers and are friendly that will obviously makes the clients coming to Preston happy and they will visit again and even they'll recommend Preston Motors to others as well.
  • Technological- Preston Motors is a little workshop but nonetheless it is well equipped for such size and have the right latest machinery to complete the careers that can come to them.
  • Legal- Being a small workshop it doesn't give leverage to Preston Motors to consider legal laws related to employs, health and security and taxation in its hands. Preston employs all the laws which they are must follow.
  • Environmental- Preston Motors is situated in South Auckland. The geographical located area of the workshop is as in a way that there aren't many workshops around it. So it has kind of your monopoly in the area for doing the WOFs of vehicles.

Current relevance and Impact -

  • Skills -

Present - Personnel dealing with Preston has the expertise in mechanics and it is must stay like this because as it is a workshop issuing Warrant of Fitness to the vehicles.

Future - In future if same situation prevails Preston may need to increase the personnel because as the time will pass the number motorist coming in for WOF will be increasing.

  • Staff -

Present - Relating to present situation work shop has only staff of 3 because of it sometimes it certainly gets busy and they're totally booked for weekends. It becomes kind of hectic which sometimes shows on the grade of are well.

Future - As Preston is the new workshop which is growing in future it will have more rush time at work which too on daily basis that workshop should put together itself to hire more staff to look after the other careers which will be pouring in.

  • Structure -

Present - Present composition of the company is very basic as owner by himself is handling the complete business and there are only 3 workers.

Future - As we see presently the business enterprise for Preston Motors is increasing very and in future the composition might get bit complex as the owner will be hiring new employs the assist the present ones and old uses will be supervising them as well they would work.

  • Shared Ideals -

Present - Present share value of the business is to provide best services to the client and grow. Honest work atmosphere is a must.

Future - Future shared value should growing business by increasing it with other workshops around Auckland and providing more service options.

  • Political -

Present - As the workshop issues WOFs for vehicles only changes in the WOF guidelines might influence Prestons. Other than that fuel prices may affect somewhat.

Future - As the Preston will cultivated more political bondages will be levied on Preston in terms of carbon emission, noise air pollution and etc.

  • Economic-

Present - Economic influences have a direct impact on the workshop. Being in Automobile industry raise in gasoline price is the most crucial point. Issuing of WOF is performed so prices of that too and even import obligations on car parts and machinery as well.

Future - For future Preston must think about expanding with purchases for greater profits.

  • Social -

Present - Being a fresh workshop Preston motors is wanting as much customers they can to produce a network of customers. They try their best to provide them ace services. This is done which means this network remains and from term to mouth marketing they shall get more customers put into their network.

Future - Preston motors in future should make an effort to invest some to make an appearance at situations like car rallies or bicycle rallies and meet as many folks they can and try to make more customers and themselves known to people.

  • Technological-

Present -Preston being a small start up workshop has good enough new technology and equipment to fulfil its present tasks towards motorist. But yes to some extent it restricts them from providing more assistants when needed.

Future - In future through the span of enlargement Preston motors should up grade itself with new machineries that will makes staff's job very easier and moreover faster so that they can start aiding other motorist. Eventually this can help the workshop to make good revenue and more customers.

  • Legal-

Present - Workshop follows all the legal laws and regulations and owners also displays there is absolutely no glitch the services and WOFs they are simply providing to the motorist and even the income movement is taken good care of.

Future - In future also Preston motors will be following all the regulations like Health safety, employment rules and taxation to maintain on the market.

  • Environmental- Environmental factors may have results depends the way the surrounding of the workshop changes in future. It might face much competition but yes if we start to see the exclusiveness of it's in location will help. As this workshop is really the only WOF professional in the Place.

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