Problem Diagnosis Using Organisational Behaviour Ideas Business Essay

There are several significant concepts which are being used when taking care of the work environment in changing business environment. The work environment environment becomes more technical where the complexity of relationships, relationships and processes often makes difficult to comprehend. In the business, managers must be effective in managing, decisive, and keep maintaining good romance with employees (Kimball 1997).

According to the truth evaluation, practise of empowerment is utilized as the new tool by Becker for the hotel to be more effective and put into practice the capability of employees to make decisions also to be impressive in the working environment. On the other hand there are certain situations where employees weren't acquainted with change in the management. Targets problems and issues of applying empowerment within the business.

Motivation identifies the forces functioning on and coming from within somebody who account, in part, for the wilful route of one's efforts towards the accomplishment of specific goals (Dennis & Michael)

According to the situation, in the past Regency Grand Hotel was one of the very most exclusive hotels in Thailand and the employees enjoyed working.

Example: The hotel provided good welfare benefits and good salary rates to the employees. End of the entire year employees were given an income increment regardless of the hotels overall performance.

This could be scheduled to personal associations to build a more close romance with the employees. Employees were encouraged and they savored working with the existing general supervisor.

Motivation theories are very important in the organization world. Primarily determination theories are split into two types. (Dennis & Michael)

Theory 1: Content theory

This focuses on identifying the specific factors that motivate people internally which contributes to strengthen and point the behaviours of employees within the organization. (Dennis & Michael)

Content theories give attention to specific factors that motivate people. McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y and Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory will be talked about from the case.

3. 1 McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y

Douglas McGregor suggested two different motivational theories. Managers tend to consider one or the other and treat their workers accordingly.

Theory X suggests that employees dislike and try to avoid work, and must be coerced into carrying it out. Most employees lack ambition and value job security above all else.

According to the truth the employees were rewarded with a yearend bonus whatever the hotels efficiency, may be scheduled to lack of motivation that your manager saw in his subordinates to work within the business. Due to that people can identify that employees were satisfied and job security was ensured and also for this to become exclusive hotel the efficiency of the fellow employees is a reason.

3. 2 Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory

According to Herzberg, job satisfaction and dissatisfaction exist in the corporate world. Hygiene factors might lead to an employee to become unhappy with the job. Insufficient motivation could bring out job dissatisfaction such as pay, job security, and physical work environment.

On the other palm Inspiration can increase job satisfaction by giving recognition for their achievements and more responsibility's.


Internal and external factors affect the organization towards the complexness and changing situations.

Mostly, people do not recognize and understand the huge benefits in changing the management. Company must consider the inner and external factors in employing a new proper management. It's important to develop technique to help employees learning about the change (Cameron & Quinn)

Managers are also required to develop good communication within its employees since people may come from different social background, skills, age, and gender (Holden 2001).

These differences will create barriers in communication based on different ideals and perceptions. The effective management of work place in business requires an understanding of authority and drive in controlling the work area on performing the job and being motivated to take action. (Holden 2001)

In the truth with the change of ownership you will see a big change in the organizations business practises. It's important that the prevailing employees are aware of the change and that they should adopt according to the change. For that there must be trainings, workshops arranged by the management to make them understand about the change.

Without effective examination, managers may believe that the challenge is significantly unique of it is, and the change alternative may be ineffective in resolving the condition. (Dennis & Michael)

In organizational development you need to recognize;

The dependence on change

Diagnose problems

Develop change alternatives

Implementation of change

Reinforcement of change

Evaluation of change

Implementing further change actions

4. 1 Delegating authority

When delegating specialist Becker did not explain properly what exactly are the tasks of the employees. As mentioned in the case he did not give a criterion to differentiate minor and major issues which arose in the business. Proper organization framework was not executed.

5. Culture

According to the situation the Regency could merge with a big American string that was very keen on expanding its procedures into Thailand. While using new ownership the existing general manager made a decision to take early retirement life. There is little or nothing more valuable than local knowledge or understanding culture of a specific business when merging with an organization. It's important to understand the culture and business procedures particularly when changing ownership with another country.

Organizational culture is described, a code of behaviour, norms and principles and just how an individual feels. It determines how we see ourselves and how exactly we see the world. Culture can be either right or incorrect inherited about individual behaviour. Corporation culture affects the way strategy is set, how goals are founded and how the organization performs. (Marie & Roger, 2008)

With the retirement of the existing general manager a fresh basic manger from the united states was appointed to the Regency. Based on the circumstance, John Becker the recently appointed general administrator has a decade of management experience in the hotel industry and was picked because of his previous success. The situation declares that in his previous achievements he had taken over organizations with poor profitability and poor morale and managed to succeed in obtaining desired aims.

Organizational culture can be different from one country to another. The success of an organizational culture is due to external and inner factors (Marie & Roger, 2008). With the change of the ownership one should identify the social variations from one organization to some other or from country to country. Taking into consideration the culture in Thailand and in america the business procedures can be very different there may be a cross ethnical affect within the business. Cross culture points out the behaviour of folks in organizations surrounding the world and details and compares organizational behaviour across countries and cultures seeking to understand and increase the connection of its subordinates (Adler, 2002: 11).

Identifying organizational culture

6. 1 Corporate and business Culture in the US

The world's third major country both in size and population, the United States is a region moving forward quickly and successfully using its unique cultural diversity. Today, the united states is considered to really have the strongest and most technologically powerful current economic climate. (Communicaid Group Ltd. 2009)

In the united states people tend to be work oriented where individualism and equality are two main important aspects in america corporate culture that includes a significant influence on their business etiquettes (Cameron & Robert). In america performance is more important and people will be compensated according with their achievements this is why individualism is important in america. American business culture is process oriented. Paying attention to guidelines and rules dictated by business plans, laws and steps is important in america.

6. 2 Corporate and business Culture in Thailand

Thai people are mo re romance oriented when doing business. International business techniques are extensively accepted for Thai business person. In general, Thais are in a natural way friendly and open-minded; however, there are a few practices and beliefs to be considered (Thailand Business Guide, 2010)

Thai people can acknowledge new ideas quickly. Thai people are relaxed and quite. Thais take confrontation extremely critically. In the western you loosing temper may be acquainted and accepted where in Thailand it isn't accepted. You can find little or nothing worse than an upset, impatient employer who is making demand on Thais. Performing this way will provide no purpose other than alienate. (Thailand Business Guide, 2010)

6. 3 Cross Culture - (United States & Thailand)

According to the research completed it's clear that from one country to another their business practises diverge. Culture in one country can vary from one another. What is suitable in america will never be appropriate in Thailand. Certain practises used by Becker will not be relevant in Thailand. His success in past organizations can be a failing in the Regency. Understanding organizational culture by any means levels is important because the culture points out both appropriate and incorrect behaviours of the employees.

According to the truth Becker desired his employees to "think out of the field". He expected the employees to be creative, impressive and also to make judgments to satisfy visitor needs. Throughout my research I identified that being ground breaking and creative will achieve organizational goals. The culture Becker recently worked well is a culture based on innovation and creativeness. Along with his new placement in a different country (culture) he executed the same theory assuming he will be successful.

Contrary to the culture in Thailand and the united states, the existing employees were used to a different organizational culture from the culture Becker worked well previously.

According to the situation, under the previous management 'the obligations of the employees were to ensure that the instructions using their company managers are taken our diligently and conscientiously. Innovation and creativeness were discouraged. Indeed, employees were punished because of their errors and discouraged from checking out ideas that was not approved by management. As a result, employees were frightened to be innovative and take risks.

This can be because of the normal organizational culture completed on the market in Thailand. We believe that they were more task oriented. Team work was not encouraged and specific achievement was motivated. An organization's culture also can determine the way in which employees are compensated. (Business Management Group, Inc) But without considering the performance of the employees individuals were rewarded with a yearend bonus. Because of this there may be dissatisfaction and un-equality among employees.

Management will give attention to a dominant way to obtain drive, such as pay, status, or chance of personal growth and success. The ease of access of management and the ways that decisions are made are reflections associated with an organization's culture as well. (Business Management Group, Inc)


Empowerment can be defined as a term used expressing the ways that employees can make indie decisions without consulting their superiors. Employee empowerment can commence with training and converting a whole company to an empowerment model. Conversely it may merely mean offering employees the capability to make some decisions on their own (Murrell & Meredith)

According to the truth Becker is a solid believer in empowerment. He is convinced empowerment increases employee determination, performance and job satisfaction. He needs employees to go beyond suggestions and make work far better. Corresponding to Becker worker empowerment has always been a successful tool for him in the organization culture. He thinks that by introducing empowerment to the new corporation will replicate his earlier success on the market.

Implementing empowerment might not work in the new place where it'll be difficult to improve one's conception and employees will not like to deviate from his/her believes, attitudes and exercises. Since empowerment is new to the existing employees they could not understand what Becker is wanting unless he should provide certain trainings to teach his subordinates. Alternatively empowerment will encourage the employees to be innovative, creative and make judgments.

Managers believe that when they delegate careers, they can be empowering their workers; empowerment is more than simple delegation. It is supplying the employees the expert, training and resources to make decisions within identified restrictions. Through these actions, employees gain the energy and potential to both expand and fortify the company (Weiss, W. H. )

Existing employees at Regency got to undergo administrative control which direct result more bureaucratic strategies in the business. "The front-counter employees needed to seek approval from their manager before they could upgrade guests to some other group of room. The front-counter director would then have to write and submit a report to the general supervisor justifying the upgrade"

With Becker's execution of empowerment, the employees must follow his instructions if not you will see a contradictory between the employees and the overall manager.

In the previous management employees were punished for faults and they did not have the freedom to be impressive or creative or make decisions on their own. With Becker's new plan the employees might think twice to adopt directly in line with the change if relevant training and briefing isn't done correctly. So Becker should converse fully in order to build confidence among the list of fellow employees.

7. 1 Advantages of utilizing Empowerment at the Regency

Gives more freedom for the employees to be innovative, creative and make decisions

End output will be more effective

More versatility within the organization

Motivated employees - creates a good working environment

7. 2 Cons of putting into action Empowerment at the Regency

Fear about job security - when the low level employees in the organization have vitality/authority the prevailing managers will have a concern with losing their jobs.

Employees might use the power un-necessarily

There could be more people involved in the decision making process which might take more time and disagreement will surge causing divergence.

(Murrell & Meredith)

Problems and symptoms

Employees had insufficient confidence

High staff turnover rates within the organization - anticipated to delegation of authority

With the use of the new plan Becker didn't monitor the improvement of the new plan implemented

Becker did not have alternatives if the plan of putting into action empowerment failed

Becker failed to identify/study the organization culture of Thailand - didn't research the culture before employing new tools to the organization he is wii consultative leader

Assumptions were made without the prove predicated on personal judgement

Employees who exhibited effort and made good decisions in satisfying the needs of the guests hardly ever received positive reviews from the superiors

Becker did not ingest to accounts the opinions he got from several managers - the body words (nodding their heads) intended a disagreement for some extent

Delegated authority without taking into consideration the impairment that will appear within the organization

Proper organization structure was not implemented - employees didn't know to whom they should report.

Lack of managing, planning and controlling


9. 1 Having alternatives

Empowerment is not the one tool to stimulate employees in the corporate world. By using performance appraisals, superior's can reward and recognize the employees at Regency who viewed good ground breaking and good decisions to gratify customers. Employees like been loved and like to notice the superiors say they have done a good job. Praise systems for his or her achievements such as bonuses, salary increments, yearend benefit once and for all performers and deals may be used to motivate employees alternatively than only using empowerment. A administrator should always be transparent and should not be biased when evaluating ones performance.

9. 2 Carry out research

When implementing a fresh plan one should always study the culture and identify the need for change. Based on the circumstance, Regency was a income making corporation and the need for change was not always important. Without studying the culture Becker executed empowerment into the organization based on his personal judgements. To motivate employees at Regency, Empowerment had not been the appropriate tool. If previous research was conducted Becker would have presented different tools to stimulate employees. It's very important recognize that corporate culture can vary in one country to some other.

9. 3 Carry out Trainings

With the execution of empowerment employees at Regency had not been aware of what exactly they must do and was frightened to be impressive and take risks due to the bureaucratic techniques conducted by the past management. In order to build assurance in employees, trainings, workshops such as "Employee Performance Management" trainings can be conducted to educate them about how important empowerment is to succeed in the organization world.

9. 4 Take notice of the employees

By observing the employee superiors can identify what employees should stop doing, what employees should continue doing and what employees should start doing and write reviews about relevant employees to become more effective and achieve goals.

9. 5 Have a proper organization structure

Becker had shortage or planning, managing and monitoring. He didn't monitor after putting into action the new plan. Once a fresh plan has been integrated it is important to monitor the improvement to see whether it has been effective throughout the organization structure.

Close romantic relationship with the employees

According to the study Thai people tend to be relationship oriented so it is important that Becker must have a far more close marriage with the subordinates. Having conferences at least double a week is important to be able to build up a good romance. It's important to pay attention to your subordinates. Lively listening warranties that the other party understood her or him. It is essential parts of any exchange to motivate employees.

9. 7 Decrease worker turnover

To decrease staff turnover in future superiors existing should consult ex-employees and discuss the reasons for departing and make decisions to avoid turnover in future and try to maintain a lesser number of employee turnover within the business. Put into action better hiring decisions to complete the existing gaps.

9. 8 Keep employees up-to-date

It's important to keep the employees enlightened about all changes that could have an effect on them. When applying tools within the business it is important that you make them aware about every single rule and regulation to avoid stress and un-efficiency.


Considering these solutions the most likely advice is to first identify the difference between organizational cultures and when employing home based business practises it's important to train and provide sufficient information to the employees within an organization.


The purpose of this survey was to analyze the problems in cases like this using organisational behavior concepts and recommend answers to overcome or minimise the issues and symptoms in cases like this. There are many solutions identified to be able to minimise the problems and symptoms took place during the implementation of empowerment at the Regency.

Using several organizational behaviour concepts to identify the problems at the Regency, such as determination, organizational culture, staff empowerment, crosses ethnical result and change. The survey found out that what may be relevant in one culture won't always be applicable/suitable in another type of organizational culture. Empowerment was not effective in Thailand though it was effective and provided excellent results in the US.

There are lots of contradictory findings among different writers and therefore credited to too little clear findings at this time it is not possible to definitively express whether empowerment is in order to of motivating the labor force. Monitoring the progress once a new plan is put in place will greatly increase efficiency and efficiency within the company. Having alternatives will have too much to do with the organizations improvement and how it handles the many unforeseen situations such as employee turnover and low success. Planning, managing and monitoring the business are essential tools in order to succeed.

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