Quality Management at McDonald's


Quality management is the management of activities and functions which are involved in persistence of quality policy and its implementation. It ensures that the relevant corporation, product or service is regular. The four main components of quality management are quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. The aim of quality management isn't just to concentrate on product and service quality, but also focus on the different ways to accomplish it. The primary principals of quality management as identified by International Standard for Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008) and other organizations are pursuing
  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Process approach
  • Involvement of people
  • Benchmarking
  • Continuous improvement
  • System method of management
  • Factual approach to decision making
  • Mutually beneficial provider relationship

In this work, a detailed examination of quality management of McDonald's is presented. The report are the history, strategy, quality control and the products, logistics and inventory management of the stated company.

McDonald's HISTORY

McDonald's Company was set up in 1940s (McDonald's, 2014). It was the only fast food industry in the whole world who has began a chain system in global market. The primary menu of McDonald's includes a few of the global world renowned foods like Big 1 / 4 Pounder, People from france Fries and Hen Nuggets. In breakfast they serve Sausage McMuffin with egg. Today it is one of the famous and leading food service retailer. They have more than 35, 000 local food chains (restaurants) in more than 100 different countries (McDonald's, 2014). The total employees of McDonald's are approximately 1. 9 million and it serves more than 70 million customers every day across the world (McDonald's, 2014) (Steve, Dudley, Hazen, 2012). A pictorial description of quick facts of McDonald's is shown in Fig. 1. The corporation has distributed sale approach and more than 80% of its restaurants are ran by indie and local distributors. The restaurant was started out by only two brothers Dick and McDonald's in 1940, they were beginners however now McDonald'sCorporations is one the key stakeholder of junk food industry of today world. The wonder of this string is that they did not only sale their main products however they also change the product type and its own ingredients according to the local country or region requirement. Also each year they introduce services and strategies to draw in their customers. Their recent menu includes a variety of Burgers & Sandwiches, Chicken & Seafood, various Breakfast time options, Salads, Goodies & Sides, Beverages, and Desserts & Shakes (McDonald's, 2014). For competing and to be a main stakeholder of today competitive international market, McDonald's is using an functional management system (William, 2008).

Figure 1 Quick overview of McDonald'sCorporation


The brand objective of McDonald'sis "To get our customer's favorite place and way to consume and drink" (McDonald's, 2014). The global world operations of McDonald'sare aligned around the worldwide strategy called "THE PROGRAM to Win". This strategy is devoted to the best exceptional experience for the customers. The organization comes after the motive of "People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion" (McDonald's, 2014). McDonald's desires to be the world's best quick service junk food chain which provides high quality food to its each and every customer every time, in a clean environment with extraordinary service and great principles.

The adopted strategies by McDonald's are differentiation and cost authority strategies (Businesses Management in McDonald's, 2014). McDonald's is focused on its people. It provides equal possibility to each staff. They develop market leaders and pay back them according to their achievements. This organization believes a team of well-trained people with different record and experiences, working mutually in a competitive environment with advanced of commitment is their key to success.


McDonald's has a set of management teams for the inspection of food item quality and their control for the successful business. Quality service and quality control are properly checked out by the management team. The product quality management team deals with the product quality service and quality control as listed below.

Quality service

  • The food- The grade of meat, bun, fruit and vegetables etc should be good or more to the typical.
  • The Employees- The quality management team has a glance at the timing, neat dress and sanitation of a worker. The team work is usually preferred in the McDonald's to get maximum benefits.
  • The Restaurant- The management team appears that the restaurant should be clean, tidy and sparking. While in addition they tried to supply the fast, exact and friendly service.

Quality control

The quality management team makes it sure to fulfill the basic criteria set for the procedure of McDonald's. They also listen closely and get reviews from the customer to make their business improve. They also have a romance with the technological community to provide best and safe food on the list of people. They attempted to have solutions for special medical issues among children, and make a hygienic food for the coffee lover.

There is not any bargain on quality and quality control, the main one of the explanation for the successful development of McDonald's all over the world. The inspection is performed on all McDonald's franchise and it is also a part of their strategy. HACCP (Hazard Research & Critical Control Point)is the applied system of McDonald's to keep nice and good foods to the customers. The product quality management team also talks about the diet articles and nutrition of each food items and is given in Desk 1. Medical related issues are treated by the product quality management team and nourishment is properly handled.

Table 1 Diet of McDonald's food.


The pictorial description of SWOT is shown in Physique 2. On the basis of environmental evaluation of McDonald's, the structural research of junk food industry, and the examination of internal resources of the company, pursuing advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and hazards are there for McDonald's

Figure 3 SWOT information


  • McDonald's holds a very strong brand worldwide.
  • They have large partnerships with others that provide them with their desired products; this increases the goodwill of the business.
  • McDonald's is one of the most reputed firms who are socially liable.
  • Self-service criteria save a great deal of cost.
  • Loyal employees & management & customer are their biggest power.
  • McDonald's makes certain that cultural & regional barriers are kept in mind while providing food to different countries.
  • Clean environment and play areas for children where they can enjoy their time.


  • The weakness that hits the set of employee turnover rate. Every year many of their employees are fired from the restaurant.
  • McDonald's usually advertises products and food items that targets children.
  • Health conscious people often complain that they don't provide us with the organic and healthy food. This becomes their weakness when they enter the issues.
  • They also face quality issue at times. This affects the business because they are running the electric outlet worldwide, if one franchise gets afflicted others also get a bad name.


  • It can start online services for his or her customers in order that they can certainly order their desired foods seated at home.
  • Discounts given on every food item can help them gain more customers.
  • They can get a jv with the stores they use.
  • They can present healthy hamburgers and healthy drinks for the folks who are health conscious.
  • In order to be environment friendly, they can use packing material which can be recycled later or material that does not create pollution.


  • Emerging competition of similar shops is becoming an issue for McDonald's.
  • Health issue also becomes a problem when it comes to food.
  • As this can be a multinational food shop, fluctuations in the money of other countries becomes a problem for such companies.
  • Recession in any country would definitely affect the whole outlet worldwide.
  • People facing heart disease and overweight accuse McDonald's for not providing them with the healthy food choices.
  • They have a risk of local food stores in different countries.
  • McDonald's is working in a fully-fledged overall economy where competition is increasing daily therefore they should work effectively to beat their drawbacks as a result of recession.


Reduction of staff training spending (bringing down worker turnover).

In order to reduce of employee training spending and to lower turnover, I'd like to suggest
  • To give the job simply for highly motivated people. It means, that they are heading to be loyal and not to leave job so fast;
  • New employees would be trained by employees, who will work longer. In this manner, company reduces training spending, new employees are trained by folks, who will work inside the business and do the same things every day.
  • To encourage employees and always be mindful about their objectives. It could be money premiums for good working in the end of the month (or time), some employees parties, ''Employee of the week (month)'' competition.
  • To make a line of organic and natural food in their menu and take a look what is more popular and healthy because of their customers. If it is going more popular than standard menu food, it is more well worth to make all food in organic way, even it is more costly. To begin with, people like what's natural, and then they are enthusiastic about the purchase price.
  • To make big advertisements companies declaring organic and natural food pluses and make it popular in such way. Many people enjoys McDonald's food, so it has an power and can show good exemplory case of necessity of organic food in people life and compare how organic and typical McDonald's food effect customers' health insurance and all the nature about them.

Advantages of real human health problems (improvement of products)

McDonald's is big food supplying company, and most of us know, how food influences our health. It is one of the main factors, what built our body and strength our brains. Knowing that, McDonald's should
  • Suggest just high quality, upgraded products, which is packed with vitamins and minerals. So, it means that the company must enhance their products, all the food must be certificated and fit for many healthy food standards.
  • Be in a connection with suppliers, who source products for McDonald's food and check if the products is natural, high standard and healthy for all of years customers.
  • Contact with doctors, scientist and improve their products to match for all of age group customers, even they involve some problems with their stomach. It means to make procedures and find the particular best is perfect for all possible customers.

More Healthy Choices

McDonald's should develop menu selections that are healthy and socially acceptable.

It can be done to develop a menu that people will enjoy and that also fits in to the original "Speedy Service" model the business unveiled in the 1950's.

Use local food resources where possible.

Using local sources decreases enough time to advertise, and also diminishes the use of fuel to move goods.

Increase occurrence in Asian countries

  • McDonald's has most definitely had a serious effect on China.
  • When the first McDonald's opened in Beijing more than a dozen years ago, 40, 000 people prearranged to observe a major Apple pc and get their picture used with the infamous Ronald McDonald.
  • McDonald's keeps growing faster in China than in the United States.
  • McDonald's possesses & operates more than 600 stores across 105 locations in China.
  • More than 100 more McDonald's stores will be added annually to Chinese metropolitan areas within the returning years.


McDonald's is working in Pakistan as very profitable company. In this project we struggled to review the management behaviour of McDonald's beginning with its history to its vision and mission statements in which explained the historical of McDonald's of how it moved into Pakistan's market and the extension of its business in various cities. Moreover we also described about its and services which are offered in Pakistan by McDonald's as their income generating products and services. I addition compared to that we researched almost all their product line.

We also discussed the organizational structure of McDonald's. For the reason that we discussed the hierarchal framework of McDonald's. Being a gigantic company of the world need to generate their strong organizational framework so does McDonald's. Its works based on vertical and horizontal coordination. All of the executives from up to the lower management on so that it is a successful corporation.

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