Recommendations for Negative Image of Shop Front

Negative image of a shop front

Elverys Athletics Ennis Co Clare

Customer Service Meaning:

The exterior of this store is not appealing to the customer. Among the windows is totally empty as the other window is partly obscured by posters.

Recommendation:Both home windows could be outfitted and contain items with the cost clearly displayed. This would benefit the home window shopper who subsequently could turn into a valued customer. A lift or escalator would be a huge advantage to the people with restricted mobility

Emerald Alpine

Customer Service Message

PositiveThe beyond this store provides very positive subject matter for the reason that the window screen is colourful and appealing with plants beyond your door. The personnel are very inviting on entering the shop.

The interior design of the rails and shelves are good even though the shop is so small. The shelves filled with the things are laid out in various sizes, figures and colours. The things on the hangers are laid out in order of size and the staff are extremely helpful

Reference: /www. yelp. ie/search?find_desc=Sports+Shops

Screenshot of your organisations website (Positive)

Elverys Sport Website

www. elverys. ie

PositiveThere is a great website which is very easy to navigate. If one is unable to locate and product there's a search icon. Key in the item required and it will immediately pop-up. There may be free standard delivery on items over 50. You will discover over 60 brands of sportswear available on Elverys website.

Screenshot of and organisations website (Negative)

Irish Self builder

http://www. irishselfbuilder. com/

NegativeThis website is very bad. There is too much taking place and way too many pages to understand through. There is a lot of activity on the webpages and so a number of colours This makes it difficult to focus on anybody item.

The blue and green BOLD text results in as being a connect to another page but when these "links" are being picked they are not "links" whatsoever.

The lines of equivalent animated dump trucks, flags, and castle entrances ARE links.

RecommendationI recommend that this amazing site be helped bring up-to-date and a professional web development company be used to do this.

www. webpagesthatsuck. com/

Printed materials from an Organisation (Positive)


An Post Ireland provide a wide variety of sevices and these services are displayed in readable leaflets in all post offices throughout the country. A customer considering a particular service can walk into any post office and grab one of these leaflets. This sheds a positive light by using an post.

Leaflets taken from Ennis Post Office


The above flyer will not show the company in a good light.

At a glance the name of the place where these occurrences happen is not talked about on the flyer. Maybe it is the "The surface of the Town" at the top of the flyer. The only path of knowing this is if you are a local at the venue.

There is not a address on the flyer so anyone from out of town would not know getting to the place.


I would advise that the flyer should have an address for those who do not stay in the area. A picture of the place with the name externally would be more appealing.


The Limerick Advertiser

The above news article is Negative for Dunnes Stores and sheds an undesirable light on the business in regards to issues lifted about poor working conditions. The article brought these issues to the forefront, mainly the fact that Dunnes Stores refused to consult with the Union and also refused to wait a Labour Relation Commission experiencing about their concerns. http://www. independent. ie/irish-news/dunnes-staf

The above information statement sheds a Positive light on Tesco. They are the first grocery in Ireland to contribute their surplus food to charity via an application called "FoodCloud". Two Trinity school students developed the idea and since then Tesco have rolled out the programme in 146 with their stores nationwide. This is ideal for business as more customers will be inclined to shop at Tesco for their generosity to the people in need.

http://www. thejournal. ie/tesco-foodcloud-

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