Recruitment and Selection Strategies in HRM

Strategies are made according to goals of a business. These are set of activities towards objectives.

Corporate objectives

These are the statement of intent that basically provides a firm path for the actions an organization carries out in the pursuit of its objective. Usually in organizations there exists dilemma and overlapping between the terms, aims and the company goals. This bafflement is not hard o solve only when the company tends to think of the goals as a assertion of intents and the goals as the quantifiable targets.

Sales Strategies

Sales strategy can be explained as the planned approach to the account management policy creation, prospect recognition and qualification, sales display, and order technology aimed at attaining a firm's sales quotas or targets.

Following are sales strategy Targets
  • Helps in improving client loyalty
  • Increases the closeting percentage by knowing clients hot buttons
  • Helps in shorting the sales cycle with outside referrals.
  • Proper sales strategy helps in offering best solutions to outsell the competitors
  • Helps in targeting and penetrating the most promising and profitable industries and markets
  • Helps in refining and increasing the competitive advantages and product differentiation to raise the market margin and talk about.

Helps in building a specific plan to strengthen and improve the to generate leads source: (Businessdictionary)

P-9: Devise appropriate recruitment and selection techniques.


It is the procedure of attracting, screening and selection licensed people for the work.

Selection process:

Screening Applicants

Read all applications submitted. Selecting the top individuals for interviewing must be based on the Job Information and specs. New criteria cannot be introduced to evaluate the candidates at this stage as it might be unfair. It's the responsibility of the people conducting the interviews to complete the short-listing and ensure the process remains free of unlawful discrimination. If a committee can be used, the whole committee should agree on the short list. If the committee is not used, it is appealing a second person also take part in the short-listing process. The standards used to select the top candidates and everything appropriate notes must be delivered to RECRUITING and Worker Development for processing and are maintained for an interval of six months. It is good practice that all employees that obtain a position of their division be interviewed.

Former employees who've been dismissed for misconduct can't be considered for visit. Former employees who've since retired must meet certain qualifications because of their retirement status. If there is a question about whether an applicant can or can't be considered contact Human Resources and Employee Development.

Arranging the Interview

The persons in charge of the interviews is accountable for scheduling schedules and times for interviews immediately with the brief listed prospects and notifying the individuals of any selection lab tests that will be used.

Federal rules prohibits certain questions within an employment interview and the application form for work has been developed to comply with Federal guidelines. Types of such unlawful questions might refer to the applicant's years, disability, religion, ages of children, etc. Interviewing recommendations are provided to the employing team upon referral of applications. To assure consistent treatment of each candidate, a patterned interview might be produced by the section. Such might include specific questions of job related functions, skills required, and how the applicant's educational qualifications, earlier experience, etc. might be useful in the position if preferred for job.

The Interview

The reason for interviewing is to appoint the best person for the work based entirely on merit and suitability. The Valdosta Point out University recruitment and selection process achieves this using methods that are organized, thorough, fair, impartial and predicated on logical, objective, job related conditions.

At the interview, each applicant should be cured consistently. To do this the panel should
  • Ask the same preliminary questions of each candidate
  • Supplement their understanding of the candidate's responses by following up questions as appropriate
  • Be steady in allowing access to presentation material, records and so on
  • Not allow any discriminatory questions, harassment, or any other conduct which breaches the equal opportunities insurance policy or code of conduct

Ensure that in the case of disabled candidates, the necessity for just about any 'reasonable adjustments' that would be required face to face are explored in a positive manner. Evaluation of disabled applicants should be based on their expected performance in the job, considering that any reasonable modification required was provided.

Keep in mind that information obtained throughout the selection process is cured as confidential and is well known only to gatherings involved in the selection process

Keep information of interviews and the reasons for decisions - each question should receive a grade, and a level for overall impression. The individuals will be ranked from highest to lowest based on the scores given and the positioning negotiated or offered to the highest rank candidate. The credit scoring sheets and all paperwork of the interviews must be given to Human Resources and Employee Development for filing

Panel members must be aware that it's their responsibility to ensure recruitment/interview paperwork is stored firmly and confidentially whilst in their ownership.

Selection Tests

Where selection lab tests are a valid method of assessing a applicant (i. e. effectively steps the job requirements, is pertinent, reliable, reasonable and impartial - also taking into consideration the predictive capacities of checks), they may be an extremely useful tool and are advised for use. Supervisors should talk to RECRUITING and Employee Development on the use of such lab tests.

Hiring Decision

In selecting the successful prospect, the panel must decide based on the merit and eligibility of the prospects as judged by
  • Content of request and qualifications
  • Performance at Interview
  • Outcome of any selection tests
  • Reference Checks
As part of assessing the merit of every candidate, individuals selecting applicants must fulfill themselves that the info the candidate offers is authentic, steady and honest. This includes being satisfied about information about the candidate's
  • application -- work history
  • qualifications (where a certification is a need, supporting proof or recognition must be obtained from the applicant and saved)
  • evidence presented at interview

Reference checks; sources must be called and information documented for the file

a) Identify yourself immediately, make clear your position within the organization and tell the individual why you are phoning about the candidate.

b) Ensure confidentiality

c) Ask if she or he is free to discuss the situation

d) Make an effort to establish rapport

e) Tell the person the positioning the candidate has been considered for

f) Let the person discussion feely

g) Ask the referrals the same questions for every single of your candidates

h) Always end the call with: can you rehire this person?"

Should any of these not meet up with the required standards, RECRUITING and Employee Development must discuss the issue with the Supervisor/Director. Use the Employment Research Check and Education Confirmation form situated in Appendix 10 and Appendix 11.


In an effort to give a safe and sound workplace, to comply with Board of Regents Plan and to decrease the potential litigation associated with "negligent selecting processes, " Valdosta Status University will require background checks on the top two prospects for the positioning. Employment shall be conditioned after the execution of your consent form for criminal history disclosure and after consideration of one's criminal background. The Valdosta Talk about University Police Department, after receipt of the Consent to CRIMINAL BACKGROUND Release Form, shall conduct the background check and record leads to the Department of Human Resources.

The office will notify the people whose criminal history report stops their employment. The applicant can be referred to Human Resources and Staff Development if indeed they have questions on the process The applicant is allowed seven calendar times to start corrective action of any inaccurate report. Proof of one in confirming shall not disqualify the applicant and the position will not be filled until this time period has expired.

If no action is set up, in case the statement is factual, the hiring division may continue the career process.

P-10: Evaluate the role of determination, remuneration and trained in improving sales performance.

Role of Determination in sales performance.

Whether you are a sales person or someone in a position who manages sales representatives, you should know the value of motivation. Although some it might be great to just hire self determined people who don't need any help from you to do this and make sales, you will need to realize that sales is a hardcore job and that we now have people who really can become great at it with some encouragement. Being in sales can either pay you perfectly or can cause you to go broke. The better you are in sales, the more income you will make.

So where does motivation enter into play? Well, the key reason that most people can't stand sales is because of suffering rejection. Nobody likes to be declined but if you're in a deal, that's all area of the game. The greater rejections you get, the nearer to a sale you'll be. Now because you anticipate your sales people or yourself to venture out there and make those sales telephone calls just like a machine, it doesn't mean drive should be neglected. If you are a sales rep, take the time to read and pay attention to motivation material. By doing this, you will constantly be feeding your mind with positive and motivating thoughts that may help you get through those days where everyone potential customer seems to be in a bad mood.

For sales professionals, providing your team with motivation is critical. Just look in the wonderful world of sports. Those players will be the best in the world at what they do yet when they are sacrificing and being discouraged, a simple pep talk using their coach can fire them up to the point to turn the game around. This ditto can be utilized on your sales representatives to help them see more of themselves instead of beating themselves up mentality for not making as much sales.

Motivation is important since it causes visitors to do something. Without action, little or nothing happens. The key to achieve any goal is to do this. The more action you take, the closer to your goals you will be. To be able to continually do something, you will need to come up with ways to stimulate you to ultimately do what you ought to do everyday in order to attain those goals. So whether you need to inspire yourself or your team, drive plays an extremely important role in building success.

Source (Wikipedia)

Role of Remuneration in Sales Performance

Remuneration is pay or salary, typically money that is purchased services rendered as an employee. How will you determine what remuneration packages to adopt? How do you make sure that your Remuneration packages incentives and motivate the right people? How will you make sure that the amount of pay helps your personnel with the lifestyle requirements?

These questions are essential ones to anybody hoping to perform a sales force or customer service team, when you yourself have a look at how you can actually pay back personal effort as well as maintain service. In considering any remuneration program, it's rewarding to look at a group of scales. In any job description, there can be an opportunity to examine the work required into service aspects whereby these things need to be done to keep your client, or keep up with the client romance, such as getting orders, implementing orders, handling queries, general items of customer service, and also perhaps even merchandising or assisting with displays, as well as ensuring that stock levels are adequate, these can be called service areas or service duties.

On the other side, a sales person or customer support representative could affect the worthiness of the sales through their personal sales skills, personality, and training, to either make the sale happen, add value to the sales, or sell some specific items which are on special or on bonus offer, at the point of communication, either by cellphone, by web, or face-to-face. This specific activity is recognized as personal contribution. A relatively easy formula to follow is by implementing the scales of remuneration, you can then analyze the input from the folks involved. When there is high service requirements and service levels in the performance of the job, and little chance to add personal impact, then a wages or base salary system will be the most cost efficient to make the results work. When there is a higher personal input, whereby the sales rep can strongly influence the amount of the sales or the profitability of the deal, then you can reward that personal effort by special commissions, show of gains, special incentives, and special rewards, for the sales as they happen following the event, and lessen the bottom salary or pay that require to be paid by increasing the risk factor, which of course the personal touch will conquer.

Role of Training in Sales Performance

The term training identifies the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies consequently of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate with specific useful competencies. It sorts the core of apprenticeships and the backbone of content at institutes of technology (also known as technical schools or polytechnics). As well as the basic training necessary for a trade, profession or profession, observers of the labor-market recognize today [update] the need to continue training beyond preliminary qualifications: to keep, upgrade and revise skills throughout working life. People within many professions and occupations may refer to this sort of training as professional development.

Source (Wikipedia)

P-11: Describe two techniques used to co-ordinate and control sales outcome.

Sales out put control

Outputs can be induced physically or automatically in the sales file.

Automatic perseverance requires maintenance of result condition record.

Print programs and layout sets control content which Should be displayed in the result. controls output dedication using condition


Output determination treatment is determined based on sales document type (sales order type, delivery type, billing type).

Standard output dedication process of sales order (OR), Delivery (LF) and Billing (F2) is V100000.

Output procedure consists of output types, which is often prepared when that sales doc is created. One doc can have Result types like Delivery note and Packing list in delivery.

Output controls

Medium (Like Print out, Fax, EDI)

Time of sending the productivity -e. g. immediately or in a batch

Which partner function of Business partner it could be sent


Criteria that output condition record can be looked after for automatic productivity determination

It offers versatility of changing the main element settings in the Sales documents.

Example - If order confirmation for a customer is planned to be printed out in a batch but the customer wants it immediately then time of dispatch control can be changed in the sales order.

P-12: Use given information to recommend appropriate organization structures and procedures.


One of the latest organizational structures developed in the 20th century is team. In smaller businesses, the team composition can define the whole organization. Groups can be both horizontal and vertical. While a business is constituted as a set of folks who synergize specific competencies to accomplish newer dimensions, the grade of organizational structure revolves around the competencies of teams in totality. For example, every one of the Complete Foods Market stores, the largest natural-foods grocer in america developing a concentrated strategy, can be an autonomous income centre composed of typically 10 self-managed clubs, while team leaders in each store and each region are also a team. Larger bureaucratic organizations can take advantage of the flexibility of teams as well.

Functional structure

Employees within the efficient divisions of a business tend to perform a specialized group of tasks, for instance the engineering division would be staffed only with software engineers. This brings about operational efficiencies within that group. However it may possibly also lead to a lack of communication between your functional groups in a organization, making the business poor and inflexible.

As a whole, a functional group is most effective as a producer of standardized goods and services most importantly volume and low priced. Coordination and field of expertise of duties are centralized in an operating structure, which makes creating a limited amount of products or services successful and predictable. Additionally, efficiencies can further be recognized as efficient organizations assimilate their activities vertically so that products are sold and sent out quickly with low cost. For example, a little business could start making the components it requires for development of its products instead of procuring it from an external organization. However, not only beneficial for organization but also for employees faiths.

P-13: Identify and present three types of the distinctions in the nature of sales duties and skills in a variety of context.

Sales Skills

Effective communication

Ability to listen

Ask revelent questions

Problem solver


Self basic and do it yourself finisher

Positive do it yourself image.

Well mannered and courteous

Naturally Persuasive

Person of Integrity

Sales Task

Specified amount of sales that a management sets for reaching or exceeding within a given timeframe, and allocates required resources. Sales targets are apportioned among different sales-units such as salespersons, franchisees, distributors, real estate agents, etc.

Three Types of Sales Task

Personal Sales Task

A salesman of Jazz must sell 100 contacts/Sims per week

Team Sales Task

Peshawar region must sellout 2000 cable connections in a month

Organizational Sales Task

Ufone has to cover 5 places per year.

P-14: Discuss the role of sales personnel operating within an international environment.

International sales staff have very important role within an organization.

To improve businesses image

To improve brand image

Bring International talent to domestic market

Bring new Ideas and knowledge

Create good romantic relationship between nations

To integrate the various cultures

Brining International tranquility while dealing with different people of the world

Bringing new skills and talents

With all above international sales personnel is the sign of Globalization.

P-15: Explain the goal of trade fairs and examine their contributions.

Trade fair

A trade good (trade show or expo) is an exhibition arranged so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and display their latest products, service, research activities of rivals and examine recent market movements and opportunities. In contrast to consumer fairs, only some trade fairs are open to the public, while others can only just be attended by company reps (people of the trade, e. g. professionals) and participants of the press, therefore industry events are categorized as either "Community" or "Trade Only".

Purpose of Trade Fairs

Generating sales leads

Generating actual sales at the show

Enhancing your image and visibility

Reaching a particular audience

Establishing a occurrence in the marketplace

Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing efforts

Personally meeting your customers, competition and suppliers

Prospecting for new customers

Introducing new products and services

Demonstrating your product with techniques not possible using other marketing channels

Recruiting vendors or dealers

Educating your market.

Contribution of trade fairs to Firms

  • Establish meaningful goals, masterfully plan your strategy, and evaluate your return on investment.
  • Implement powerful marketing initiatives before, during, and following the event that employ audience and generate sales.
  • Choose the best display screen booth that satisfies your marketing needs and budgetary requirements. This includes analyzing different sizes, designs, and configurations of trade show exhibits.
  • Identify the most effective visual elements for your show that portray your key emails and satisfy your brand communications needs. This includes establishing design variables for banners, custom exhibition stands, brochures, and other materials.
  • Learn about unique and interesting booth ideas that create buzz on the exhibition floor and attract visitors to your trade show display area.
  • Effectively use display accessories, signage and lighting ways to heighten visibility. This includes selecting quality booth materials, high-impact lightweight display planks and booth fittings that support your brand placement.
  • Select cost-effective giveaways and promotional products that have high-perceived value among your focus on prospects and accentuate your organization image.
  • Ensure team members who are staffing your booth job a specialist appearance and are well-trained to represent your business, generate leads, and secure sales.

source: (Businessdictionary)

M-4: Evaluate the recruitment and selection method of the chosen organization.

Recruitment at Ufone

Before recruiting a fresh employee, management inspections whether there is a need to hire a new staff for that particular job or whether it can be incorporated into an existing employees job. Recruitment in Ufone may be of internal or external nature.

Internal Recruitment

In the situation of inside recruitment folks from within the business are marketed to load the vacant vacancy. The HR office and the relevant division where the vacancy exists, examine whether there an employee within the organization prevails, who most correctly meets certain requirements of the particular vacancy. If more the other employee is eligible for the vacancy; then that employee is chosen who gets the most excellent record. Following the promotion the employee may be sent for even more training. The effect of internal vacancy is that it motivates the employee to perform their best and produce maximum end result. It also creates a wholesome competition among the employees. The employing from within may have a trickle down effect i. e. the opportunities spring and coil not only from the first vacancy but from the vacancy created whenever a person in the company fills that vacancy.

External Recruitment

If the business feels that nothing of their current employees can fill out the new vacancy they hire from exterior sources. In this case the human learning resource management considers other departments in the business that might be enthusiastic about the appointment in order to make it a joint work. They speak to relevant supervisors and especially to the people the new person will work with. A couple of expert panelists is then preferred from each relevant team to interview applicants

Direct Applicants

Ufone keeps a data bottom system i. e. HRMS (Human reference management system) for its interior employees as well as the employees that they will recruit in forseeable future. In some case certain some individuals just drop their CV's at the top office. And whenever there is an beginning or a vacancy occurs, the business may call them for an interview.


By advertising a post internally Ufone profits an added gain, which is; the existing employees may go the information to any interested friends and relations. Person to person is also a valuable recruitment way for them and they get on all appropriate contacts they have


Since most of the posts are of a specialist nature, they intend on advertising in the journals of professional physiques and the trade press. Their next thing is to learn how much adverts cost for varying amount of space and make a decision what they can afford.

The HR management has employed the services of Interflow, an advertising firm, to propagate their service and company for them. Also, they are using the services of a web designer, Eveready multimedia, to create the advertisements of the business on the web.

Private Work Agency

The private Recruiting businesses accumulate information from unemployed as well as applied people about their skills and experience. These agencies try to find somebody suitable which consists of computerized inventory database of appropriate individuals. These organizations demand Ufone for the recommendations.

Through Sellers (Outsourcing)

Ufone also do outsourcing for the purpose of recruitment they retain the services of firm, that will provide staff Ufone to work in the organization, but the worker will remain employee of that firm not Ufone, which is the most typical method followed by most of firm nowadays. Lower management at Ufone is comes through outsourcing.

Electronic Recruiting

The growth of information superhighway has opened up new vistas for organizations endeavoring to recruit expertise. Ufone is make full fledge use of the new technology, and it uses its web page to market for new job openings.

Another facet of the electronic recruiting is that folks don't have to physically go to the hq to drop their CV's. They now can simply use the e-CV format provided by Ufone on its home page. The e-CV is then transferred to the relevant repository or the HR section.

Recruitment Procedure

The HR management chooses on the length of the short-list, which include five or six people at the most. Following the advert they need help to sift through the applications. Everything is computerized and on-line rendering it easier to handle many replies. In case they run lacking time, they receive the help of other personnel, supervisors and managers in the organization. Apart from the question of time, they do that to get second views. They consider the following when reading an application

How well-matched is the candidate to the requirements

Any unexplained occupation gaps

The quality of presentation

How tailored the reply is to the particular job and Ufone as an organization.

Replying To Candidates

The candidates that not match the job are contacted as quickly as possible and dealt with courteously since the HR management is convinced in the viewpoint that these people, and their family members and friends, may be future customers or acquaintances of potential, future applicants. Those that match the work are called over to take on an on-line evaluation test.

Scheduling Interview

The candidates that go the on-line evaluation test are then needed interviews. A date and a period are set up and the candidate shows up for the interview. The questions of this interview were created especially for gauging the personality and capability of the applicant.

Screening Process

The email address details are screened by a couple of panelists in order to minimize likelihood of mistake in selecting the individuals. The HR management sometimes maintains a small variety of candidates in reserve.

M-5 : Point out the motivating factors being utilized by the selected corporation also determine the remuneration and training programs employed by the business for enhancing sales performance.

Training at Ufone

Training & Development includes improving the data, skills and capabilities of the individuals. A continuous training is conducted inside Ufone to improve the performance of the staff. You will find two types of trainings conducted at Ufone

In-house Training

External Training

In-house training is customized training which is only for Ufone employees.

External training is carried out through instructors in training institutes.

Employees at Ufone are usually trained through Rameez Allahwalla (in Karachi), Opportunities and Intec (two well-known training institutes).

Before training "Training Need Analysis" (TNA) is conducted by the supervisor of the division. And after the training reviews from the employee is considered.

Motivating Factors at Ufone

A extremely effective way to hold on to an employee is to provide him payment &

Benefits and Motivating factors at Ufone which is mentioned below

Medical Service to staff and his/her parents

Paid Vacations

Food Allowance


Promotion on Performance

Remuneration at Ufone

There are about 150 employees who will work in the Ufone Head Office and 1500 employees serving nationwide. All of them are incredibly devoted as they are given a wonderful learning environment to work, pay wanted to them is also very attractive and ample chance of progress motivates those to work more. The work analysis is performed on targets designated and daily regimens.

The employees are indeed very satisfied and encouraged.

Ufone is basically equal job opportunity organization. Almost 70% of its employees are male and 30% are feminine. The job explanation of each and every staff is predefined. Performance appraisal is done on annual basis. Average time of Ufone employee is 32 years. This implies that they like young and enthusiastic people for his or her midsection and lower level management. Visible well experienced folks are considered for top level level management. Average Salary is 12000 for a Ufone worker. Wages are increased as the government of Pakistan released the percentage.

M-7: Compare the sales duties and skills being utilized by the two preferred organization.

Ufone Sales Activity & Skills:

Successful companies have long known that a well-trained, highly encouraged and efficiently connected field force is critical to their continuing progress and success. Ufone noticed that to stay ahead of the competition, they must replace traditional paper based systems with mobile alternatives that enable usage of key information straight from the field.

Today, Ufone's sales team is armed with Psion Teklogix WORKABOUT PRO hand-held with GPRS and a software program built on the Microsoft CE Platform; the team retrieves data from the company's accounting stock system via an Oracle repository and uploads new data very much the same. Known internally as U SFA (Ufone Sales Force Automation), this program allows sales staff to create requests, add details, complete electronic outlet cards, review daily activity, and synchronize for real time information on stock availability.

Sales Responsibilities at Ufone
  • Maximum sales.
  • Brand Promotion.
  • Customer Loyalty.
  • Team Work.
  • Achievement of Assigned sales task (e. g Sales of 10 Connections & 2000 recharge balance by sole salesman).
  • Proper Demonstration.
  • Complete Information about brand & Company.
  • Taking Competitive advantage by Smooth distribution.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Public Relation.

Mobilink Sales Activity & Skills:

Our goal is to describe the sales management of Mobilink. Personal advertising constitutes a great deal in companies' profit. But Mobilink is rarely impressed by the idea of personal advertising. In cellular sector there may be large range of personal advertising. Mobilink's management declares that its sales are well maintained by local and divisional service centers and franchises and stores as is seen by looking at market position of Mobilink plus they have strong circulation channel offering them well. With this report we briefly look at the sales handled by Mobilink though sales centers and franchises.

Following are sales process at Mobilink

Maximize sales.

Brand Advertising.

Ensure effective sales activity.

Achievement through respective sales stations (franchises / Country wide Distributor / Regional Marketers Retail Distribution Officials / Option Sales Officials) in the area.

Oversee prep and dissemination of daily sales reports.

Maintain and develop comfort and ease between respected franchises.

National Distributor / Regional Marketers and stores through consistent sessions.

M-8: Measure the differences between sales staff of the picked organization employed in a domestic environment recover of operating internationally.

The sale staff of home and international environment has major difference. As local staff need order on local terms while international while international personnel need on international dialects like English. Local personnel needs local PR while international staff needs international vulnerability. Ufone is functioning just nation large so they need domestic subjection. But following are general variations of international & local sales staff.


In local market a non-educated person can also sale products. However in International market it is impossible to sale without proper education once we see advertisements in news newspaper drivers cum sales man

Presentation & Skills

For International market you need to have standard display and communication skills while in local market you can sale with lower skills.


In local market you can sell or present in Urdu, Pashto etc but for International market sales man should have command word on International languages like English, People from france etc.


Need Differences

There are dissimilarities looking for International personnel and domestic staff in life-style and facilities like clothes, foods etc.

Differences of Funds

International personnel needs large funds while local need lesser.

Salary Bundle Differences

When International staff is well qualified and talented than the staff will demand high salaries corresponding to International market. And home staff have less certification, weak skills they have less salary demand.

Allowances differences

International staff have to travel through airplane, eat and stay in five star hotels while home staff mainly travel through streets and eat in lower middle place so hey have dissimilarities in different kind of allowances.

M-9: Measure the outputs of the determined organization made by doing trade fairs and how sales have increased in so doing.

Ufone has arranged different Business Shows, Trade Fairs and Participated in college, college, Colleges and Educational Institutes Funfairs and other public Gathering as well as shopping exhibitions. This contributed a lot. It increased the sales. Advertised, promote the company brands and name. Where Ufone sales out GSM Cable connections and Recharge cards. Theses types of activities have contribution in sales about 31 percent. After these activities customer comes under the Ufone family which stimulate other people to use Ufone. And they also need to recharge for balance which automatically increase sales. In addition, it monitored that it's the most effective way of marketing and ad.

D-5: Suggest the chosen firm about improvement of recruitment and selection process and rendering it more on merit centered and unbiased.

As we realize that Ufone has were clear & translucent merit base recruitment & Selection Method but there are a few recommendation to Ufone HR office & Higher level Executives.

  • Avoid recruitment on recruitment agencies.
  • Improve HR Audit.
  • Visit Universities and Request Young Skill.
  • Simplify selection process.
  • Need transparency in inner promotion.
  • Remove unnecessary deals.
  • Introduce national skill hunt program.
  • Hire international certified professional & Coach local by them.
  • Ensure the of recruitment & selection materials (e. g. Applications etc).
  • Remove the influences on HR Division.
  • Give Self-reliance to HR Team regarding selection & recruitment.
  • Hire right person at right place with revelent certification.

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