Reflection on Personal Development Plan

"For those who plan to discover and understand, never to enjoy conjectures and soothsaying, and alternatively than contrive imitation and fabulous worlds intend to look deep in to the nature of the real world and also to dissect it -- for the coffee lover everything must be searched for in things themselves. " (Sir Francis Bacon).

It is foundation on the sensible saying that I reflect on my personal development plan. Everybody has dreams but not every person work to accomplish their child real wood dream. I've always which to become a successful business executive and I know it could only be achieve by knowing and learning the building blocks of business, that is the reason I choose to look for my postgraduate studies in Experts in business Administration, it functions as basis's for my ongoing personal development plan.

To be able to discuss my ongoing personal development plan there may be need to first discuss what my swot evaluation are, as this will form the backdrop to any developmental plan.


  • Developing strong "people skills"
  • Using the power of other people's help
  • Planning ahead to lessen stress
  • Widening the seek out solutions
  • Generating many radical ideas
  • Weighing the pros and cons of an decision


  • Lack of effective managerial experience
  • Ineffective Public Speaking and Demonstration experience
  • In adequate job experience
  • Lack of in depth knowledge along the way business has been run.


  • testing the viability of the financial decision
  • Making learning a more happy experience
  • Memory Improvement Techniques
  • Choosing by projecting possible outcomes


  • Using backward planning to set goals
  • Surviving the crises that include growth
  • Coping with uncertainty
  • Reaching for the very best with day-to-day tools
  • Communicate complicated ideas successfully

Having tried to analysis my swot examination to the best of my understanding there is certainly need to recognize how it includes contributed to my personal development plan. And a continuous review of the levels of development can help guide to obtaining our dreams. I've this dream of being an completed business businessperson. This I believe could only believe achieve by attaining managerial experience in workplace, and choosing my MBA. I really believe it could help me get the required managerial experience and experts that is required to be a successful business businessman.

1. 1


This is an extended journey that stated 2004, while i was given admission to study Open public Administration at OLABISI ONABANJO UNIVERISTY. While learning Public Administration I was taught managerial and administrative course which includes the following


foreign policy

organizational behavior

political economy

administrative law

conflict management

This course has improved my knowledge about how several aspects of organization management is being runned which includes

Improved my decision making abilities

Analysising work routine in the work place

Effective level of organization management and motivation

Organizational structure and procedure for delayering.

At the finish of my studies I had been honored B. Sc Consumer administration in April 2008.

The next thing was to put all the academics knowledge I've gained into use and gain experience face to face.

1. 2

Work Experience

From May 2008 -march 2009


Title: Assistant Procedure Manager.

My role in the organization is to generate stability and used my educational knowledge to improve production, sales and the running of the admin and sales division. My job includes the following

Handling of client need, compliant and comment about product sold to them.

Managing the company cyber caf

Working with the sales division in delivering good service to the customers.

Filling of client problem report publication, transferring those report to appropriate department

Getting reviews from client about service rendered

Coordinating the daily performing of the caf business of the organization.

Apart from my role, I still work in the next capacity in the organization

Involved in the tactical preparation on company proposal

Involved in new project execution

Business proposal preparation for the organization

1. 3 Strengths/experience gain

Creating efficient systems: This skill was significantly developed while doing work for the organization; I used to be made to create a structure which allows for effective performing of the business.

Comparing and evaluating information: I gain this experience as I have to check out the comparism of different product, using several variables which include: pricings, beneficial specification, market value, customer popular demand.

Working well in a team: I could function perfectly as a team players, as I work in almost all the division of the business.

Strategic thinking on problem dealing with: I gain experience on strategic and manipulation of problems in other to get the best solution, and exactly how better to create alternative and exceptions.

Areas of further Development

Presentation skills: While doing work for the business I discover I am very poorwith my demonstration skill which need further development.

Setting up and keeping to time schedules: My time management skill was way beyond the organization standard and it require prompt development and analysis.

Interpreting designs & diagrams: anticipated to my record in administration, I used to be in experience in plan and diagram interpretation, because the organization is actually anatomist related.

1. 4


Long term objectives

My long term aim is to build up my career in the info technology sectorand be considered a successful business executive in the info technology sector. I discovered that the world is going digital every secs, and it is going to be a very good business in the 3rd world country like Nigeria that continues to be struggles to catch up with the facet of technology development.

My aim and goal is to work & build business in the e-business, software development and advertising/data digitalization aspect of the info technology world. This sector i really believe is the most lucrative sector in IT, and I really believe the experienced gained in the organization I have worked well for will be of great help coupled with my administrative knowledge.

Short Term objectives

To develop my business and administrative knowledge with regards to the info technology world.

To develop my Information Technology Skills as related to e-bussiness, software and data development.

1. 5


In other to achieve my aims I am embarking on the following

Developing my business and administrative knowledge

Furthering my studies my choosing my masters running a business administration in another of the universities here in London.

I am doing my postgraduate diploma in management studies with LONDON MILLENIUM University, which is a two/third of mba.

After doing my pgdip in Management studies, I would use the certificate to gain access to a college or university to complete my MBA.

Developing my Information Technology skills

I am students of Oracle school (newyork) studying databases management.

I signed up with Home learning College to review Microsoft qualified system Engineer. (MSCE)

I am growing my understanding of the following request which is greatly utilized by organizations: SAP, ERP, and DASHBORD. Etc.

2. 1


The course enhance professional development have being of great impact to my profession development. The course has impacted greatly on getting of managerial competencies also to know the root techniques and methods necessary to gain personal competency action and skills in order to achieve effective performance in the business have having the ability to align and differentiate my skills and know my durability and weakness.

The course has lay out possible source for the development of my desired skills or competence, related to my personal and professional skill augmentation.

There is therefore a need to do an evaluation of the skills I have gain in my opinion and professional.


Developing strong "people skills"

Using the power of other people's help

Planning ahead to reduce stress

Widening the search for solutions

Generating many radical ideas

Weighing the pros and cons of any decision


Lack of effective managerial experience

Ineffective PRESENTING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING and Demonstration experience

In adequate job experience

Lack of comprehensive knowledge on the way business has been run.


testing the viability of any financial decision

Making learning a more pleased experience

Memory Improvement Techniques

Choosing by projecting possible outcomes


Using backward likely to set goals

Surviving the crises that come with growth

Coping with uncertainty

Reaching for the most notable with day-to-day tools

Communicate sophisticated ideas successfully

3. 1

Assignment 2 task1

In new businesses, "management" is often considered "whatever must be done merely to keep things afloat". However, for your business to develop and stay healthy, you must excel at certain basic skills in general management and control -- skills that will help you avoid the crisis situations where you have to do "whatever it takes to remain afloat".

Developing effective management skills to cope with specific problems and problems of every company is the immediate needs of several businesses and organizations in the global competitive environment, quick change of technology and environment.

2. 2


building ability and affect; (ii) communication skills (iii) goal setting techniques; (iv) managing turmoil; (v) decision making; (vi) Creative Problem Dealing with Skills (vii) Activity Execution(viii)People Skills;(ix) Inventing products and techniques

The quality of administrator and effective management styles can determine the culture of the business, the output of its staff, and, eventually, success or failing of the organization. A manager must have the capability to point, supervise, encourage, motivate, and co-ordinate, and in doing this facilitate action and guide change.

Three personal and professional skill a director must maintain. This includes

Creative Problem Solving Skills

A good and effective director must have good and exact problem fixing skills, it is think that a director always acquired problem to resolve daily at the task place, proactiveness and also have an in depth knowledge of problem solving is a superb tool in creating stability

A good supervisor must have good descriptive and analytical skills of dealing with problem, identifying the cause of the problem, developing and creative options and choosing the best plan of action. he most practical method for utilizing and evaluating to determine the success and efficiency of your choice must be known. During my brief stint working with D WAY Systems and Tech limited as an assistance operational manager, there was a time when the caf division of the business develop serious complex conditions that requires us changing our ONLINE SITES Supplier (isp) and then reconnection process which requires high quality work and it take time for us to change, this technique created serious problem for all of us gratifying our customer, I was able to solve this making use of the rule of problem fixing.

Communication Skills

A good manager must have a good communication skill such as: listening skills, demonstration skills, feedback skills and Record writing skills. All this communication skills mentions are part of what a good supervisor should posses to work at workplace. The ability to listen to suggestion, compliant, and several issues at the workplace give room for a good manage to eliminate easily the sources of problems. The presentation skills must be very good cause it is a highly effective to for business progress. Effective managers always give feedback openly - this creates an environment of trust and induces staff to most probably with you in return. Rather than all feedback is crucial - it's just as important to comment when someone has done something right.

Employee feedback is crucial in handling change. Holding concentrate groupings with employees is a great way to assess reaction and monitor the improvement of change. You also can encourage employees to provide responses through email or the business intranet. Communication is the cornerstone to successful change management. Speaking with your employees is not really a one-time event, and you will need to reinforce your meaning by communicating early on and often.

People Skills

Being a skilled people manager includes having the integrity to foster trust and the emotional intelligence to cope with different people efficiently. Effective managers are also good at empowering, coaching, motivating and expanding people. Managers become catalysts by having the right people alongside one another for a wide range of tasks. They know who can do what and who will work best with other folks. Also, they are good facilitators, able to ask the right questions to get alternatives out of others. They ask rousing questions in a supportive manner alternatively than behaving like a authorities interrogator. Management effectiveness requires clear communication and good tuning in skills.

2. 3


Task Execution

To execute complicated tasks, manage tasks and run an efficient operation, it helps to have the ability to plan, plan and keep an eye on performance. Additionally it is important to truly have a strong results emphasis, to be somebody who conveys a sense of urgency and has the perseverance to get things done under tight time pressures. This consists of the resilience to bounce back pursuing setbacks, to be somebody who is not easily defeated. Trust can be an essential aspect in the partnership of administrator and his / her team. You display your trust in others through your activities - how much you check and control their work, how much you delegate and exactly how much you allow visitors to participate. Organizing and coordinating (the administrator organizes subordinates' behaviors around jobs and coordinates interdependent romantic relationships to perform organizational goals).

Commercial perception

This group of skills emphasizes efficiency and, in the case of private sector professionals, profitability or profits on return. Managers use proper thinking to ensure that they concentrate on the right responsibilities, the ones that will add most value. They use their planning skills to prioritize in blend with the ability to understand how value is created. This means understanding the financial areas of running an organization and allocating all resources at their removal wisely.

Leadership and determination: A tag of a good leader is to be able to provide consistent motivation to his team encouraging them to attain quality and quality in their performance. A good leader is definitely researching to improve development and standards

2. 4


Having analyze both personal skills and professional skills a director need to have to work at the job, for effectiveness in the work place a good manager need to have both personal and professional skills, both skills are inter related as both help in getting together with both organizational and personal goal and purpose. A administrator that has both skills will own this following feature.

Enthusiasm: If Professionals are negative - they bring staffs down. Director with eagerness, with a bounce in their step, with a can-do attitude. Many people have a tendency to follow people with a can-do frame of mind. Enthusiastic Professionals are committed to their goals and express this determination through optimism.

Competence: Managers will be chosen predicated on their capacity to efficiently lead others somewhat than on specialized expertise, as in the past. Having a winning track record is the surest way to be looked at competent. Expertise in general management skills is another sizing in competence. The ability to challenge, inspire, allow, model and encourage must be confirmed if managers should be seen as competent and capable.

Ability to Delegate Tasks: Trust can be an essential element in the partnership of director and his or her team. You display your trust in others through your actions - how much you check and control their work, how much you delegate and exactly how much you allow visitors to participate.

Cool under Pressure: Within a perfect world, tasks would be delivered on time, under budget and without major problems or obstructions to triumph over. A leader with a hardy frame of mind will need these problems in stride. When leaders encounter a nerve-racking event, they contemplate it interesting, they feel they can impact the outcome plus they see it as an opportunity.

Team-Building Skills: A team builder can best be defined as a strong person who provides the chemical that supports the team along in common goal toward the right objective. In order for a team to progress from a group of strangers to an individual cohesive unit, the leader must understand the process and dynamics required for this transformation. He or she must also know the correct leadership style to utilize during each level of team development. The leader must also know different team players styles and the way to capitalize on each at the proper time, for the problem at hand.

Communicate the picture as a whole: If you want your employees to work hard and become committed to your business, you have to keep them informed. Start communication helps foster loyalty and gives employees a feeling of pride. It can help them understand how their work contributes to the business's success.

4. 1


Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my future career

My Ability Ranking strong / weakened / someplace in between

Using the power of other people's help

Moderate: I am relatively able to use other individuals help get things done.

Lack of effective managerial experience

Weak: i don't possess effective managerial experience

Ineffective Public Speaking and Demonstration experience

Weak I do not need enough experience as it pertains to general population speaking

Developing strong "people skills"

Moderate: I am able to demonstrate strong individuals skills to a good extent.

In enough job experience

Weak: scheduled to non-adequate job persistence.

Lack of comprehensive knowledge along the way business has been run.

Weak: anticipated to my limited publicity on how a company has been manage in the true world

4. 3

A depth action Plan

Area of further Development and leadership development


How to accomplish further management development/Review time:december 2011

Ineffective Public Speaking and Display experience

I am bad at open public specking and newspaper presentation scheduled to my lack of exposure.

I will going through constant training and being participative in conversation demonstration and would wish to achieve it by dec 2011

In sufficient job experience

Having be employed by a short period I have not having the ability to gather the relevant experience I need for my development

I plan to get employment that will improve my development and improve my command style. so as to gather more job experience

Developing strong "people skills"

I have develop my people's skill to a certain extent credited to my constant interaction with people

I could keep relating with people to enhanve my peoples' skill the more

Lack of in depth knowledge along the way business is being run.

Due to my inexperience on the job, and my non-involvement in management make me to lack and in depth knowledge on the way business

I plan to boost my knowledge by reading catalogs on business development, heading to seminars and being involve in the management of an organization.

4. 4

Impact of learning style on personal development.

Personal development of specific depends on the the type of learning styles that best sooth the the individual, while some people are sensory learner others may be intuitive. but also for personal development the best approach to achieving a explained goal is to follow the training style that best enhance its development. Growing your look of learning to handle different environments does take time and effort, but can be an essential skill for both educational study and profession development.

It is therefore essential to test the following in achieveing the best learning style for personal development.

identify the 'style' of different learning surroundings you have;

work on the development recommendations in the learning styles records;

when starting new learning responsibilities, consider what styles will be most successful - don't just use your selected style;

when employed in groups, think about how exactly each individual contributes in conditions of these learning style;

think about your learning style in group duties - what impact will this have on others?

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