Reflection on the change management and leadership

In 1947, MIT Teacher Harold E. Edgerton and his several students were set up EG & G and that have been involved in management of nuclear weapons to administration and also in an array of similar activities.

Perkin-Elmer was an older company then EG & G and was set up in 1930. Perkin and Elmer released it in a partnership and its procedure was split into two major divisions which was Analytical Tools & Applied Bio system.

In 1999, there is an acquisition of Perkin-Elmer and EG & G. Perkin-Elmer sold its name and Analytical Instruments division to EG & G and EG & G also sold its technical services business to Carlyle group investment firm. Then they would drop the EG & G name and take the name of the attained co. by disappearing the hyphen between Perkin & Elmer and after the approval of its shareholders then after EG & G was known as PerkinElmer.

But there was one problematic factor in the foreseeable future of EG & G & its Perkin-Elmer operations was a good leadership. A good leadership was required in EG & G to improve a company swiftly and radically.

That's why for the fulfillment of the above mentioned need. In 1998, GREGORY L SUMME brought in company. He was with the experienced a lot as somebody at Mc Kinsey & Co. , at Standard Motor's he was basic administrator of commercial motors, at AlliedSignal's Aerospace Engines and at Standard Aviation Avionics he was a chief executive and lately at the Automotive products Group at AlliedSignal he was president of it.

And because of his this background at making technology companies competitive and profitable the Co. helped bring him to turn around the business as lately the company have been faltering.

Now, PerkinElmer divided its business in two sections Human health and Environmental health. In Human health they are really dealing with the firms of Bio-discovery, Genetic Verification & Medical Imaging operating devices. Environmental health segments are coping with the lab services, Analytical sciences and diagnosis & Illumination devices.


Change management:

Change management is a structured advent to producing individuals, groups, and organizations from a present-day status to a desired future status. It is aimed at empowering the employees to secure and changes of the grasp in their current business environment within the organizational process. In Change management, project changes are officially introduced and approved.

Models of Change Management

McKinsey 7S Model

The McKinsey 7S model consists of seven interdependent factors which are

categorized as either "hard" or "soft" elements as.

I personally believe that 7s model can be related to this task as the changes were distributed in 7 elements that are as above and that are explain below according to the related company

STRATEGY: after the acquisition, the leader applied new strategies in the company.

STRUCTURE: there was a structural change because of acquisition.

SYSTEMS: New systems were implemented by the new innovator in a corporation.

SHARED Prices: there have been some ethics and new systems of work created by new leader that was shared as a main value of company.

STYLE: the style of leadership adopted by the new head to straighten out all the complicated issues of the company.

STAFF: the employees were sent out according with their capabilities and largely new staff was recruited.

SKILLS: Training programs were given to every individual from top to lessen level management.

Leadership is the "process of public esteem in which person can affects others to achieve a target and directs the business with an organization of people to accomplish a standard goal through change.

Leader: A person who has granted specialist, usually predicated on hierarchal position, within an organization.

Leaders perform this process through the use of their control knowledge and skills make it more cohesive and coherent. Command is in the end about creating a means for individuals to donate to making something remarkable happen


According to the assignment I concluded that the contingency theories are applied as this theory focus on individuals related to the environment that can be driven which particular style of leadership is most beneficial satisfied with the situation. The organization was structured in a way that "who reports to whom" rule was adopted. All of the implementations were covered by the first choice Gregory L. Summe. He distributed the complete problems in his effective control style that he centered on identifying the situational factors to fit the particular circumstances.


They possessed problem like inconsistent operating shows, weekly reputation with traders, a highly fragmented company as an organization was possessing of 31 diverse businesses with 31 different ethnicities & brands and many businesses with uncertain potential clients, no strategic coherence while there was great deal of good technology in the business, experienced executives have there been in company management however, many of them had too little the right skills, the Tempo & Priorities were incompatible with the route of the co. want to go as much of them came from the govt. services business and various professionals skills were under-developed and too small. So, they proved helpful in a single role in a single business of EG & G for a long time.


Firstly, the business focuses on enhancing their ability to get consistent earnings. So that, that they had good financial record and also restore trust of financial market segments. And for this they established a new culture which was with more ambitious about accomplishing goals and with clearer accountability.

Secondly, it consolidated its 31 businesses into five proper business units.

Five proper business units

Thirdly, they offset the charges involved in this restructuring from the deal of several businesses including two mechanical businesses Sealol and Rotron.

Fourthly, they sold all the federal government services business as it handled in a minimal margin, consolidating, declining market.

Fifthly, they improved their name to signal to their customers, traders and employee that this was a new company.

Sixthly, as they started with nine different businesses and brands but then they quickly narrowed their give attention to just three sections: specialty lighting, digital imaging and telecommunication as dealing in more selective and for healthier their stock portfolio.

Seventhly, they made seven key acquisitions and this is designed to quickly provide them complementary products, technologies and geographic coverage.

Seven key acquisitions are divided as follows:

One in optoelectronics, One in smooth sciences, Two in tools, and Three in life sciences.

Eighthly, they shifted electricity away from corporate and business center to each of the business units.

Last but not least, for those employees of PerkinElmer's they place a broad range of training programs to instruct command skills, business basic principles and guidelines and it consists of four programs targeted to develop every individual at various degrees of the organization and they were Advanced Command Institute, Emerging Leaders Program, Traveling World-class Performance Program and Skills centered Training Programs.


Company's operating margin that was less than 6% in 1997 exceeds to 11%. After concentrate on three segments, the marketplace market leaders in both niche brightness and imaging segments, which together accounts for 80% of the division's income. In telecommunications portion, they achieve an gross annual revenue expansion rate of more than 100%. The seven acquisitions made them number one in world in explosives diagnosis systems and one of the most notable three in analytical musical instruments. There is also good terms with the buyers as they understand and support their strategy to upgrade the stock portfolio. They reduce their corporate and business staff from 140 people to 65 people after taking the decision of shifting ability away from the corporate center to each of the business units.


It can be figured if you have right person leading the charges, positive thing always happen but the Important decision is to choose right person and also in the corporation they choose the right man at right time which without doubt benefitted the company a lot. On the other hand of your company, the Gregory L Summe was taking almost all right decision to carefully turn around the business as per the necessity of the company and it also gained a success by restricting it. As its operating margin was increased, its profits was increased, the co. had a tag of no. one in world in explosives, recognition systems and one of the most notable three in analytical device and in present in current year its earnings was gone up to 498. 3 million.

The major change was to change of the name of company i. e. from EG & G to PerkinElmer. The change of the name was just the part of acquisition nonetheless it was also to entice the new group of investors in the business.

The earnings has been raised in current time and it has been concluded that 2010 may be a brighter season for the business. PerkinElmer is delivering world drive productivity, quality and accuracy. Although frontward looking claims such as believes, plans, job intends are leased on management's current assumption and expectation. However, these should be assured that their expectation and assumption are proved to be exact and profitable.

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