Relationship between top management and man resource management

Human Resource is utilized to spell it out individuals in the labor force of an organization, even if it is also applied in labor economics, for illustration, industries and even entire nations. Recruiting is also the name of the function in a body with overall responsibility for applying strategies and guidelines on people management

Human reference management involves the development of a perfect mixture between custom and administrative functions well-being of most employees within an corporation. Retention of employees is directly proportional to how employees are treated, in exchange for his or her know-how and experience.

The reason top supervisor caution little about individuals resource department

Top managers caution little about real human resource compared to production, marketing, money, and engineering. There are some reasons.

Marketing section is the procedure by which companies create customer affinity for goods or services. It generates the strategy behind the sales techniques, business communication and business innovations. It is a process by which organizations build strong customer connections and create value for their customers and themselves. Marketing is used to identify the client, to satisfy the client, and to keep carefully the customer. With the customer at the center of its activities, it can be concluded that marketing management is a key component of business management. The adoption of marketing strategies requires companies to shift their emphasis from development to the perceived desires and needs of their customers how to stay profitable.

However human learning resource is not comparative customer. It really is relation between director and workforce or worker, which clearly implies that human resource, must care a lot of the company's employees as well as its employees' frame of mind towards the clients, meaning the employees need to be well trained.

The finance section of a business requires responsibility for managing the financial and accounting affairs like the preparation and display of appropriate accounts, and the provision of financial information for managers. The primary areas covered by the financial team include publication keeping procedure, developing a balance sheet and profit and loss accounts, providing management information, management of pay and nurturing of finance.

The foundation of each production office is to generate goods or services. Essentially, creation included the physical assemblage of goods, however, development can likewise incorporate data-based goods such as websites, research services and order handling services. The main function of the creation department is to produce a service or product that creates profit and income for the business. Every production and operations department must function as self-evaluating entity that screens the quality, amount, and cost of goods produced. Forecasting, arranging, purchasing, design, maintenance, people management, movement analysis, reporting, assembly and testing are the common process functions in a production and operation division. Production and businesses departments typically function as a fulfillment entity that ensures the well-timed delivery of the productivity from creation to customers. Critical avenue examination, stock control research, utilization research, capacity research, just-in-time analysis of inputs, quality metrics analysis and break-even evaluation are included in standard examination functions in a development department.

Most probably for the reason that human source is harder to control since it requires handling people in the company. Other departments like marketing, finance, production and anatomist are aimed to improve the revenue whereas for individuals learning resource, it is to control the employees, to hire, to train or even to fire. Main problems would be things like turnover or stopping without informing and etc, because when such things take place, it is not something that administrator can solve per day. For instance, when the employees just stop without informing before, it is not that simple to get another employees to replace. Even when employees are found to replace, it requires time to teach them. Therefore, real human learning resource is more problematic to manage compared other department, that's why top managers service little about individual resource. And also, human resource division, in order to attain the organizational aims of the organization for talent acquisition, development assistance, while retaining their ability to determine a system to unleash it as an activity can be, meaning it is less beneficial in comparison to other departments.

Solution to improve top manager understanding in human reference department

There are some ways to improve top professionals' understanding in the human being resource department

Human resource department can help the development division recruitment the labors

Human resource division is not really a significant revenue producing department but it can help the production department with the recruitment of labors, especially the technicians. With regards to hiring individuals, they should consider about individuals' abilities and skills that they are with the capacity of.

Human resource team can help company save cost

Human resource department will not control and deal with the cash circulation of the organization, but human source of information department can help company to save cost. Human learning resource department helps the business to reduce the price. For instance, through lay off unnecessary people in the business or decrease the volume of employees, providing multi-tasks for the employees, reducing praise such as gross annual leave and reward of yr, save cost in stationary by showing with co-workers, save training cost of employees by giving job training. If the expenses are saved in such a way in Human resource department, the company will have significantly more money liquid to run the business.

Payroll can control by technology

Payroll can be managed by technology however; the knowledge can't be substituted by technology. Normally real human source of information is a challenging team in the business, with the reality that the team carries the responsibilities for interview, advertising to worker, labor legislation knowledge, and mental knowledge to be mindful the employees' problem such as what employees need and want, which needs to be coached by the human being resource division. If one of the employees in the company is not meet with the business, worker will eventually resign and this will influence the turnover, especially the marketing employees. The employees working under marketing will be pressured compared to employees working under other departments. For the reason that when there is a reduction in the company sales, they could face layoff from the company, and this is the reason why technology cannot swap in the real human resource lines.

Human resource department is not really a payroll section only

The top human resource section is not a payroll section; many special careers which can only be taken care of by human resource department cannot be substituted by other departments. Training, interviewing, recruiting the right person etc and so forth is very important. For the reason that if human reference department recruit the incorrect person and place him or her in the wrong position can make be an issue in the business. And if real human resource office cannot teach the employees well, they wouldn't have the ability to feel or really unable to improve any longer in the company.

Planning a mentoring program

One the simplest way to overcome recruiting issues is to launch a mentoring program for variety. This may entail regarding different departmental professionals in a mentoring program to coach and provide reviews to employees who will vary from themselves. For this program to run efficiently, it is wise to provide useful training for these managers or seek help from consultants and experts in this field. Usually, such a program will encourage associates of the organization to make their views known and to learn to resolve conflicts for their diversity. More importantly, the purpose of a Variety Mentoring Program looks for to encourage members to go beyond their own social frame of mention of recognize and fully exploit the productivity potential natural in a diverse society.

Human resources managers can quickly employee relationships between ministries and the range has for the lower-rung of communication with employees at different levels. The field is a derivative of system theory and organizational psychology. Recruiting have won lots of interpretations related in time, she continues to defend the necessity to ensure the well-being of employees. Every company now comes with an exclusive recruiting department to interact with representatives of all factors of creation. The section is accountable for the development and program of current research on advanced strategic while interesting end and staff training.

Question 2

1. 0 Introduction

In this assignment we went to get the application form form from other company, and we've using the Target Point Keeping Berhad to explain about their job discretion and some of the information which they have in their form. Furthermore we've used the application form form to analyze all the application form data and their company job description. After we examined all the reliable data from Focus Point Holding Berhad's form and we've think of better way to improve the job description for their company, at exactly the same time we have used other competition company's job information for comparison. We used it to equate to Focus Point Holding Berhad and choose the effectiveness of others to overcome the challenge of insufficient information in the job description of Concentration Point. Besides we also used internet options to gain more ideas on how to increase the job explanation of Focus Point Positioning Berhad. In addition, from the application form form that people get, it allow us to really know what are the basic elements that application form should have and easily detect the flaws and the weaknesses of the form. We have advanced and overcome each one of these weaknesses for the application form obtain from Emphasis Point Holding Berhad. By the end after we analyzed the application form form we recognized that we now have reasons for the company to list down the element such as previous job referrals, salary needs, family history and etc.

2. 0 Body of Contents

2. 1 Types of Information

The job application form of Concentration Point Positioning Berhad included position applied for, personal particulars, family particulars, education backdrop, employment history, guide as well as others.

2. 2 The Mistakes and the Means of Improve

2. 2. 1 Personal Particulars

In this section, there are two elements that had a need to improve.

There is not any crisis call available in the form. Concentration Point has overlooked this important section. Every company should wants the excess call which able to directly connection with their family or relatives. That is to prevent when the business encounter the employee accident incident or emergency situation and then doesn't know do a contact with who.

As for the health status revealed at the proper execution is difficult to evaluate, because they might not understand about this is of poor, average and good of the health status. Therefore, Concentration Point should put in specific choices or perhaps put a column over there to let them fill what disease they have.

2. 2. 2 Education Background

For this section, there may be including one of the columns like Name of School/ School/ College or university, but never pointed out that the candidate should jot down the consequence of the applicant as well since it can save the time for Focus Indicate browse the result of the applicant and also they have to include one more subtitle, which is Other Education, because a few of the applicants may have some training on the other place. Other than that, in the column of Field of expertise, Focus Point did not indicate what for the reason that there is already has a column called Course Taking and it in a position to show the actual applicants customized on. Furthermore, the column of the Years, the candidate might not know that is the first 12 months that they started out their research life or the entire year of graduation.

2. 2. 3 Employment History

In the column of Total Salary, those candidates might have no idea whether the salary is dependant on day, week or month because different job has different way to gives salary. Thus they have to indicate evidently. In additional, the space Reason of Departing is too small, there isn't enough for those candidates. Therefore, they must broaden it.

2. 2. 4 Reference

For this section, Focus Point provided only two columns and declare that the applicant has to provide at least two sources. In the event the applicant wants to provide three sources, then there is absolutely no space on their behalf. Hence, Focus Point should point out the sentence "provide two referrals" instead of "at least two", if not they need to give yet another blank.

2. 2. 5 Others

In the question of requesting applicant will he or her needs hostel? Target Point should put the location of the hostel as well.

2. 2. 6 Extra Requirements

Just because of Emphasis Point has provided in your free time job, they be supposed to add the info of Times and Hours Available, in order to set up well for the employees. Furthermore, they ought to ask a question, which is "Why you want to use this job?" in order to further understand what the applicants think, thus this is one of the ways in a position to get closer with employee.

2. 3 Job Information of Concentrate Point Keeping Berhad

This is the work description of the Emphasis Point Positioning Berhad and the positioning is Branch Supervisor.

Branch Manager


To lead the team to attain the sales target

To be accountable and run the shop business operations

To do daily and regular planning and management work

To keep an eye on and liaise with the company or HQ(head office) in buying stocks

To handle and solve complaints from the customer


Minimum SPM/STPM certification and above

Excellent advertising skills, customer focused, powerful and proactive

Good Communication Skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Chinese language dialects is an added advantage

Minimum 5 many years of experience in retail management, ideally in optical business or optical retail string stores

Computer literate

Applicants should be Malaysian citizens

2. 4 The Insufficient of the Concentration Point Holding Berhad's Job Description

The description of the particular which provided by Target Point Holding Berhad actually is not sufficient, therefore they should have a further move forward.

2. 4. 1 Responsibilities

For the section of responsibilities, Emphasis Point has lacking of some items. As the branch manager, they're supposed to need do the interview, selection and then recruitment. Besides that, branch manager also must provide the training and development for his or her employees in order to maintain the trustworthiness of Focus Point and also able to respond the market quickly. Besides that, branch supervisor must concern about the safety of their workers because no security guaranty, the devotion of employees will reduced. Not only the employees, the shop security also required to paid close attention to avoid exterior factors such as robbery, disturbance created by people etc, these would cause properties damage. Furthermore, branch supervisor needs has capability on allocating resources as well. It is because to assign the right worker to the right position and controlling the capital flowing are important to be able to guarantee the business operations run efficiently. Furthermore, branch director must own great communicate skill with employees and customers because these in a position to prevent high turnover rate and low loyalty of customers and also can for the long-term achievement.

2. 4. 2 Requirements

For certain requirements section, Focus Point explained that they want minimum SPM/STPM qualification, but as a branch supervisor, he or she should has minimal dependence on Bachelor's Level because although experiences in a position to cover it but they might lack of a little extra knowledge. Experience can be gained but knowledge is difficult to build if without learning. Besides that, Emphasis Point only mentioned that the branch director have to good in communication skills with three dialects, but actually good on paper skill is important as well, it is because they would required to writing down the accurately report to the headquarters (HQ) in order to let HQ to do further decisions or changes. Besides that, they didn't speak about about own move that the branch supervisor supposes to has it, since it would cause trouble for the meeting with HQ, sudden case occurred in company and need to debate there by own to check on it out, if without own transfer.

3. 0 Conclusion

In the Concentrate Point Positioning Berhad, the work description and resume form of the business have some weaknesses; therefore we were looking for a few new ways to bettering it. We've turn out with some answers to improve some of the weaknesses in the job application form and job information as well. Initially we analyzed the job information before we take into account the solution to beat the weaknesses. Besides that, we also used internet resources to search for other companies' job information for comparability and we've made some data to improve for the Concentrate Point Keeping Berhad.

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