Reliance Industries Limited Business Environment Analysis

Business environment is the constraints and opportunities that encompass our businesses. This is about exploring the type of the business enterprise in which it is being completed.

The analysis in this article will be on business environment where Reliance Industries Limited operates.

Reliance Industries Small or RIL is commonly known as Reliance. The business was founded by Shri. Dhirubhai H. Ambani in 1977 the company was initially started out as a textile company and led its evolution as a global leader in materials and the power value chain

The Company's functions can be grouped into four sections namely:

  • Petroleum Refining and Marketing business
  • Petrochemicals business
  • Oil and Gas Exploration & Development business
  • Others

There are two types of business environment INTERNAL and Exterior environment

Before coming to the external forces, the internal forces should be made clear.

The internal pushes are those makes which are manipulated by the company itself such as the resources knowledge and decision making

Reliance in the above mentioned context has a wide variety of resources such as well trained employees and infrastructure

As considerably as knowledge and decision making is concerned Because Reliance recruits perfectly qualified persons in so doing it reflects as it pertains to the decision making procedure for the company

External business environment comprises of Political, Economic, Sociable and Technological factors. These factors can have appositive and a negative impact on the company. You will discover two types of external business environment i. e. micro and macro

  • External micro factors are company's suppliers, transporters, realtors, distributers, and wholesalers.
  • External macro factors consists of Political, Economic, Public and Technological factors.

The external micro factors can be inspired by the company whereas macro factors cannot be affected by the organisation

Polypropylene market in India

Over the past forty years polypropylene development has exceeded that of other major plastics and has become the largest volume item resin. Through the entire record of PP through research work of varied companies, PP has continued to rapidly progress with new technology of catalyst and post reactor technology. Due to the improvements made to process and request technology, this polymer has developed into one of the cost-effective mass thermoplastic. Polypropylene is the world's most effective growing polymer with the average growth rate around 7-8%.

It is very important for a company to understand and make an effort to manage the exterior micro factors i. e. Infestation forces as discussed above


Political factors include federal policies relating to the industry, tax policies, laws and regulations, trade constraints and tariffs etc. As in any part of the world, political affect is highly essential to get started on a company in India. Especially if you've planned to start a multi-billion business, some sort of political patronage can be an absolute necessity. Not only for safeguarding the interest of the business but even to start the process to getting the mandatory sanctions, one requires keep in the high echelons of politics and administrative circles.

Reliance business also hold a high echelon of politics and administrative circles so as to safeguard the interest of an company and for getting the mandatory sanctions.


The financial factors relate to changes in the wider current economic climate such as economic growth, interest rates, exchange rates and inflation rate, etc. These factors include Government treatment in the free market, infrastructure quality, financial growth rate, option of labour, wage rate of labour.


Social factors often go through the cultural aspects and include health consciousness, population growth rate, era distribution, changes in preferences and buying habits, etc.

Safety of your person overrides all the creation goals' is the Health, Safeness and Environment Coverage of Reliance.

Occupational Health Centres (OHCs) have been proven to provide education on health and consciousness issues, diagnostic camps and health exhibitions are also arranged. RIL also offers periodic medical study of all the employees (including Contractors' employees) along with their family members. In case there is any hospitalisation RIL employees are reinforced by constant co-operation and cashless hospitalisation amenities in one corner of a country to some other. The business also provides fully equipped hospitals in all its major townships. The business also helps conduct Periodic potable water sampling analysis and health audits for the canteens and visitor houses.

A new initiative was launched by RIL called (CASHe) programme i. e. Change Providers for Safe practices, Health & workplace Environment. This initiative was launched to market healthy workplaces and reduce health and safety risks. It has also facilitated the Syndicate to progress its enactment on the occupational health insurance and safety forward.

The company's permanent objective is to handle all environmental initiatives as they would like to are more positive about water conservation, carbon neutral and conduct the maximum possible recycling and reuse of wastes. The company has further been strengthened in context of company's management framework with roles tasks, group specifications and defined constructions.

RIL's Patlganga flower has changed to use of an cleaner gasoline. This led to substantial reduced amount of suspended particulate product and sulphur dioxide produces in the air.

RIL has indoctrinated a practice to be in coordination with character and in this scenario, afforestation, upkeep of green belts and promoting lush green area as they are determined to planted around 1, 00, 000 plants at the OT, landscapes, vermin-compost of waste materials and its use as manure, in addition they reuse treated normal water for horticulture activities as a routine.


The scientific factors relate to the use of new innovations and ideas such as R&D activity, automation, technology bonuses and the rate of technical change.

RIL has always laid focus on R&D, technology development and invention. The reliance Group (RTG) undergoes various research and technology functions which help them produce better value source by leveraging all the talents, and creating new prospects at the interfaces.

At the time of tough economy also RIL didn't even step again their zeal to innovate helped them convert the adversity into a chance. The business launched a ground-breaking effort called "mission kurukshetra" which was aimed at appearing the organisation to go up to the occasion and also help the business to emerge more powerful.

This initiative not only helped in combatting the obstacles with a get but also discovered serial ideators; the organization facilitated them by rewarding them for his or her leadership. The Leading Expert Access Program (Step). Folks at RIL are influenced by leaders and provide them usage of global thought.

The RIL draws plans on innovation by making use of The Reliance Advancement Control Centre (RILC) which helps the business to stay between one of the most innovative companies in the world. RIL continues its trip to make improvement a means of life and want to confirm that the expansion of the next technology are led by technology.

Advantages of Infestation analysis:

PEST examination is a powerful and efficient tool, which gives a framework to the organisation for effective decision making. By causing effective use of Infestation analysis, you can ensure affirmative orientation of the business enterprise organisation. PEST examination also helps an company in avoiding decisions which should not be taken. PEST analysis helps to make lawful decisions for the firms which are prepared to enter into a new market.

Disadvantages of PEST analysis:

PEST research considers only the external business factors, but in actuality all the factors is highly recommended in order to make effective decisions for an company. Most of the data obtained through this research is based on assumptions, which sometimes might not exactly end up being productive for an company. The quick changes in the world market can also make it difficult in analysing PEST factors for an organisation.

Another factor which comes in mind is the SWOT analysis of the company SWOT means talents weakness opportunities and risks.

RIL's SWOT research is as employs:



There are just two main players of in petrochemicals and a good loan consolidation has been seen in last few years as 85% of polymer capacity has been these companies namely reliance and haldia


Low bargaining power from the suppliers:

The suggestions prices form practically 50-60% of the raw materials costs. Reliance being truly a petrochemical player does not have much of a negotiating power counter-top to the suppliers. Therefore they always stay unprotected to the costs of the raw material.

Low bargaining to from the clients:

As there is an upsurge in the source cost therefore the companies are not able to offer any price reductions or bargains to the clients.


Low per capita income:

Currently, domestic per person polymer consumption is nearly 4 kgs while if we start to see the global average it is nearly 20 kgs. This tells the fact that there is huge opportunity of volume extension in INDIA as the marketplace to be preferred is very considerable. therefore there's a massive scope of product development. Also, presently, India has a chemicals trade deficit around US$ 1. 5 bn annually, which leaves enough investment opportunities on the market.


Customs tasks:

The polymer industry has a protection from international competition by leveraging high transfer duties imposed by the government. However, of late, Import responsibility on polymers has been continuously reduced and is currently at 20%. Within its dedication to various multilateral and bilateral trade agreements, the government is likely to reduce tasks.

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