Research into Globalizations effect on Human Reference Management


The goal of this research work is to investigate how globalization influences human source management of MTN Telecommunication Company operating in Nigeria and other African countries.

The subject of globalization is today's development which includes come to prevail in organization's individuals tool management and overall productivity since the last century; and yes it performs an important role in the management of business organizations in general. Some authors in the field of International Human Reference Management (IHRM) such as Briscoe et al, 2009; Vance and Paik, 2006; Aimiuwu, 2004 etc. have critically analysed the effects of globalization on individual resource management so as to ensure that organizations benefit from globalisation by it properly for future business development, since it cannot be avoided, improved or prevented by the business which relies much on the overall economy.

According to Briscoe et al (2009), the globalization of business enterprise is moving with great speed and it impacts human source management by increasing the amount of competition which places great pressure on firm to develop the capability that will enable it to use at a lesser cost as well as higher speed and also provide good customer support and technology, since HR functions of recruitment, selection, development and keeping the existing workforce may be used to attain global competitiveness within an organization. However, despite the benefits of globalization in relation to the human source of information management of a business, Vance and Paik (2006) argued that individuals resource management functions of planning, staffing, training, settlement, performance management, and employee management relations are confronted with global cultural issues which affect organisation's labor force management. Way more, Aimiuwu (2004) mentioned that globalization has resulted in a big change that has effects on the physiology of individuals society on the whole through the infliction of restraints on decision making liberty for quite allotment of scarce resources and societal prices amidst other functions.

Nevertheless, the author is of the opinion that the effects of globalization on human being reference management has increased the transfer of it and also evolved the attitude of human being capital in organizations. For instance, HR services have upgraded by providing easy access to information at a limited time and never have to make long movements, and manual method of job application has drastically reduced in most organisations. Yet, the challenges brought about by this socio-economic interconnectivity is exactly what compels the author to handle this research work which intends to give attention to the effects of globalization on human reference management of MTN Telecommunication and how globalization plays a part in effective and useful management of its individuals resource.

This work will try to critically review the ideas of classic experts on the field of globalization and international real human source management (IHRM), and also take a look at orthodox viewpoints from different authors related to globalization and human being resource management in order to differentiate and determine so far as possible the magnitude where the results of the research work will buy into the derived abstractions and propositions.

The research work will be completed in MTN Telecommunication Company operating in Nigeria. The researcher is a previous contract staff of the business, working under the stringent guidance of Mr Davis Eke, who is the company's regional security planner south east region of MTN telecommunication positioned in Asaba Delta State Nigeria. Mr Davis has decided to assist the researcher with all the necessary information which will be necessary for the improvement and successful conclusion of this work, demanding a copy of the research work be posted to the business after conclusion.

1. 1 About MTN Telecommunication

MTN Telecommunication Nigeria is area of the MTN Group, a global brand which is at the forefront of telecommunication services in Africa and the Middle East, using its vision to be the first choice in telecommunication services in rising market segments, by linking countries through the provision of affordable, accessible and quality telecommunication services that will accelerate economic development (MTN Progress Article, 2010).

As one of the very most enterprising operators to enter the telecommunication industry in Africa, MTN has over 5, 290 long term and contract staff in Nigeria and also has duplicated its remarkable success from South Africa in its functions in Rwanda, Uganda, Swaziland, Cameroon as well as Nigeria, therefore ensuring that these countries get access to industry leading telecommunication that will be affordable without diminishing on quality. And with these successes in mind, MTN's eyesight is fast learning to be a reality. Hence MTN aims at facilitating change which will have a long-term domestic benefit, economic development, replacing of local infrastructure and facilities as well as uplifting the quality of life in areas through its establishment in Nigeria (MTN Improvement Record, 2010).

Since its establishment in august 2001, MTN Nigeria has progressively deployed its services in the united states plus more than $1. 8 billion (US) has been committed to building telecommunication infrastructure. Also MTN now provides services in more than 223 metropolitan areas and 10, 000 villages as well an increasing number of highways across Nigeria and several areas are being linked to the world of telecommunication for the first time ever sold (Aimiuwu, 2004).

MTN Nigeria subsist on core brand principles of integrity, management, innovation, relationship and a can do frame of mind to be able to achieve its eyesight, and also it prides itself having the ability to make possible the connecting of folks with friends, family including opportunities. And its overriding mission is usually to be an accelerator for Nigeria's financial growth and development by supporting release a the developmental potentials of the united states not only through provision of world class telecommunication but also through innovative sustainable corporate sociable responsibility initiatives which will require productive global or international real human reference management (MTN Progress Report, 2010).

1. 2 Significance of the study study

This research study is intended for creating how globalization impacts human reference management with regards to the operating business environment of MTN Telecommunication Nigeria. It'll try whenever you can to guarantee the acceleration of workers performance and efficiency, advertising of international business, global competitiveness, local equilibrium, infrastructural development and most importantly improve human standard as well as human reference competence.

The strategic significance of this work is to identify the global obstacles facing human reference management and provide practicable suggestions that will help to change the problem. It is the desire of the author that this provides HR managers with the correct knowledge when applying human reference management methodologies and also enable employees to understand the global needs and troubles of organizations in the face of globalization, by creating the knowledge which will be used to concern the pro-activeness of people, government and other stakeholders in the telecommunication industry. It is hopeful that this work will gain MTN Nigeria in handling its human learning resource through the positive request of the knowledge of globalization results on human source management in this ever before changing business environment.

1. 3 Research Objectives

The research objectives for this work are as follows;

To identify the impact of globalization on real human resource management procedures of MTN Telecommunication.

To assess if the quality of HR service delivery has transformed in the wake of globalization in MTN Telecommunication.

To furnish tips to ensure that recruiting are pro-active to ethnical challenges posed by globalization in MTN Telecommunication.

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