Research types and research strategies


Research is often described as a dynamic, diligent, and organized process of inquiry aimed at obtaining, interpreting and revising facts. This intellectual analysis produces a greater knowledge of occasions, behaviors, ideas, and regulations and makes useful applications possible. The word research is also used to spell it out an entire assortment of information in regards to a particular subject, and is also usually associated with the output of research and the clinical method.

Research Types And Research Strategies

It's essential to choose the right type of research strategy that suits the research aim and aims. It's regarded as very essential while doing a research. Regarding to Saunders et al (2000) various research strategies are Survey, experimental, case study, ethnography, grounded theory, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, action research and exploratory, descriptive and the explanatory studies. According to Collis and Hussey (2003) the research types are descriptive, exploratory, analytical and predictive research, applied and the basic research, quantitative and qualitative research and deductive research and inductive research. Before selecting the exact research strategy it's important to have complete review about the above mentioned research strategies.

Experiment is a kind of classical kind of research whatever owes in natural sciences. According to Saunders et al. (2000) this research is ideal for research related to public science especially to psychology. Survey is a form of deductive approach and this is a common strategy running a business and management type of research. Survey is dependant on questionnaires with sizable inhabitants. Sizable human population can be of any number from low numbers to large human population in the city. It can be compared easily and it is perceived authoritatively of folks in general. The reason why because why the survey based research is advised because it is understandable. It gives a good control the study process when doing the survey established research. The info when accumulated by this plan is not far reaching as the other strategies. But nonetheless it is not the sole strategy present for data collection. The perfect downside in using the questionnaire process is that it's not good for exploratory or other styles of research which required massive amount open concluded questions. But can be utilized in explanatory and descriptive types of research.

Qualitative And Quantitative Methods

The researcher adopts both qualitative and quantitative options for data acquisition. Questionnaire technique is implemented for the quantitative method and semi structured interview for qualitative method. The Quantitative research methods were at first developed in the natural sciences to review natural phenomena. Types of quantitative methods now well accepted in the cultural sciences include survey methods, laboratory tests, formal methods and numerical methods such as numerical modeling. This is primarily based on the measurements with the level of employee attitudes predicated on this issue. The qualitative research technique is widely used available management.

The talents of quantitative method are really helps to state the research problem in very specific and it helps to achieve advanced of trustworthiness of compiled data anticipated to controlled studies and other form of research manipulations. The questionnaire is prepared by the author and allocated to the respondents to gather the data for the research. It involves the use of review in gathering information about the group's view regarding the efficiency of the company. All Staffs from top management down to the junior staff participate in the survey responses. Once the data are collected from the respondents it is arranged by the researcher to used it in the research. The type of information necessary for the study is assessed with necessary conversations with the respondents of an organization. For this research the principal research methods are used to accumulate data from National FOODS Company (NFPC). From different Quantitative methodologies, questionnaire method will be used because of this research for collecting the principal data from NFPC. The questionnaire is designed based on the research objectives and it will be sent out to the staffs of NFPC for collecting the primary data of the research.

Research Design

A research design is the reasonable and organized planning and directing a place of research. A study design is considered as the framework or arrange for the study that leads as well as helps the data collection and analysis of the data.


The first work of sampling is figuring out and defining precisely the populace to be sampled. The test is any part of the population whether or not is representative or not. The most difficult task in choosing the test is to establish the populace by appropriate approach, which makes sure that the sample is the consultant of the populace and the outcome of the info is not biased at all. Since, it will always be impossible to select the actual sample size a generalization is used but the researcher has to be sure that the representative sample is generalization of the complete sample.

Even before the researcher has started his analysis, he should not have a biased result in his mind's eye because this might alter the results of the complete sample. To be able to draw representative samples that valid generalization can be produced to the population, a number approach can be used. The most regularly used sampling approach by the learner researcher is the random test. Here, after discovering the population, a representative test can be drawn. Here, each member of the populace of the equivalent potential for being chosen and collection of one object is independent of the selection of some other. The study sampling also entails another type sampling method of cluster sampling. Here, the test size would add a group as a product. The group has similarities to the rep of the whole sample. However in the cluster, sampling method is very little beneficial to the researcher if it is wide spread across an enormous geographical area. Both random sampling and cluster sampling in this research, would sample representative of completely different people of the culture thus, both methods are essential for the study.

Data Collection And Analysis

The main modes of data collection are main and extra methods.

Primary Data

The most important data are those data which are collected afresh as well as for the very first time, and thus is actually original in personality. There are many methods of collecting main data.

  • Observation Method

  • Interview Method

  • Through questionnaires

  • Through schedules etc.

Secondary Data

Secondary data means data that are already available ie: they refer to the data which have already been gathered and analyzed by someone else. When the study needs extra data, then he must look into various resources from where he can buy them.

Secondary data may be either
  • Published or unpublished data or data.

  • Company brochures and other books offering relevant information for the study

  • Company sites.

Questionnaire Method

Questionnaires will be designed and sent out to the large number of potential respondent's for collecting the primary data. It will be used for collecting large number of reviews to allow statistical examination of the results. The extraction of information from the respondents depends upon the smartly designed questionnaire. Questionnaire is visible approach to collecting main data. Questionnaire will contain multiple choice and available ended questions is defined by Graziano and Raulin (2006). Because of this research multiple choice questions will be used to collect more response from respondents the success of data collection is definitely reliant on design of questionnaire and the careful collection of questions.

Questionnaire is one of the very most reliable kinds of collecting principal data. A questionnaire is an outstanding information provider. No research is complete with out a smartly designed questionnaire. In the event the questionnaire is not properly set up it might lead to inconclusive information hence reasonable thinking, correct words and transparently of the questionnaire is essential. The Questionnaire Transcript will be fastened in Appendix-I for reference.

Sample Size

The size of the test chosen for study is 60 respondents. The researcher distributed questionnaire to the employees of Grade 5 above, to know about their take on the performance appraisal conducted in the company.

Universe Of Study

National Food Products Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Topic Of Study

The subject matter of study is entitled as "Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal System in National Food Product Company (NFPC), Abu Dhabi, UAE. "

Scope Of Study

The volume of Samples elements for Questionnaire study is 60, they are respect to the region of the research within NFPC, UAE. The business mainly has divided their employees in different marks.

Grade 1- 4: Cleaners, Kitchen Helper, Sales Helper, Development Helper, Garage Helper, Operators (machine), Tea guys, Drivers.

Grade 5 and above: Foreman, HR helper, Secretaries, Coordinators Supervisors and Senior Accountants, Assistant Professionals and above.

In this record, Level 5 and above employees are taken into account. The respondents were, Manager of different departments of NFPC namely MILCO, LACNOR, Plastic material and also their supervisors and foreman's. Respondents from departments particularly Human Source, Accounts, PR and Purchasing were also used. The Questionnaire will be distributed directly to the employees of the company in the paper format giving preceding introduction about the study in simple.


As explained in this chapter the quantitative - questionnaire methods will be used in this research for collecting the primary data. In the next chapter principal data which is gathered from NFPC, UAE using the decided on research methodologies will be talked about by the researcher with related graphs.

Objectives WITH THE Study

  1. To analysis about the present Performance Appraisal system in Country wide Food Product Company, UAE.

  2. To research about the effectiveness of Performance appraisal system implemented in NFPC, UAE.

  3. To identify the appropriate regularity considered by present performance appraisal used by NFPC, UAE.

  4. To find out the preferences regarding methods of Performance appraisal system followed in NFPC, UAE in future.

  5. To pull inferences predicated on the study.


  • The analysis is limited itself to only one organization namely, Country wide FOODS Company, (NFPC), UAE, consequently the results of the study can't be generalized to other undertakings because it might not exactly be reliable as the work environment may vary from one location to another.

  • Time constraints of some respondents pressured them to give casual response without analyzing the questions seriously because of their busy program of given job accomplishment in the business.

  • The number of respondents was limited by 60 respondents as a result of busy program of the personnel and did not respond to the questionnaire.

  • Due to company's procedures, certain information was not shared.

  • The response given by the respondents may be biased.

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