SAS Human Source of information Strategy - critical analysis

In SAS the business's stated philosophy is usually to be employee-centric- to manage its people first, as employees will be the most valuable property of the business, they of large range of benefits to employees and they have insurance policy to put into action these benefits to employees and overall these benefits become investment to the company and heightens its advantage.

Motivate employees

SAS allow its employees to work a versatile 35 hours weekly and home based, that allow employee to balance between works and other duties or family concerns or attending reaching or an important appointment, and or whatever important to staff.

We imagine a adaptable working time setup by SAS are extremely successful, leads to increase productivity, desire, reduce absenteeism, increase loyalty to the company and employee believe that they are important and cured well.

SAS also try to

Move disruption work from the job and creating challenging activity to motivate and meet employees.

Participating employees to create invention and creative idea, by that all employee feels that their participating is important and feel rewarding and over all leads to full of energy employees and motivation, SAS give employees a freedom of how they operate their job.

Employees getting reward in SAS by their creativity idea not the subject.

Employee involvements by organising Social event, fruit basket.

Also SAS provide for each and every worker an office to work in. We think that this service motivate employees, because employees allowed to have their own style and own physique print for the reason that office, they see their office as their home and feel respected and also have their own privateness and not get sidetracked by others.

SAS also give 15% of its revenue as bounces to individual, to allow them to work harder and always make an effort to get new idea.

We believe that these steps to motivate employee are crucial to keep employees thinking about their work, if employees receive same task, they will be board which may brings about employees turnover, also organising interpersonal event and party for employees give employees chance to spend good time while they get chance to know one another.

Benefit work balance life

SAS have Child good care center in the business campus

We imagine such a technique is very successful internally or externally, internally SAS show look after its employees and that leads employees to motivate and concentrate on the work, while their children are been taken care of in the children care centre in the company, and employees have chance to see their children throughout their break time.

The Childcare centre can provide 700 children with 50% cheaper compare to childcare service provided by outsider.

Externally boost brand image of the business, it is moral, and many people prepared to work in the corporation which regarded as friendly working environment.

In 1983 SAS opened A Health middle which provide free basic medical facility for staff and their customers family, we believe this step is a good way of exhibiting care for the personnel, beside it make a good image for the business but it is benefits for both, the business and employees.

The benefits for the company are to lessen absenteeism time of employees, so employees could work better while they get treatment on site.

The advantages to employees are to get treatment immediately and cost-free, so they can save time, work to get more money, because if indeed they go outside they'll spend some hours and that have an effect on their salary, also it is simpler and handy to attain the physician on site. You will find 4 medical doctors and 10 nurses available to provide employees.

Hire Hard, Fireplace Hard

Building devotion and trust between company and employees, happy worker leads to productivity and satisfying customer.

We believe this is the right technique for the business success, because you have to get the right people that fit your company, because you spend money on human resources benefits, training and recruitment, you have to check out people for their personality, experience and attitudes to fit as an associate of your small business family.

This strategy is benefit for both company and employees, beside you getting right people and saving money on training and recruitment, the company also benefit from keeping time so can concentrate on current employees and enhance their situation. Also profit to employees by appropriate the working environment which means that they may be happy, and happiness leads to satisfaction employees and customers.

Retention Experienced employees

SAS offer its employees to use for vacant position, when the positioning is offered, before posting the work to general public.

We think that this strategy is good for both, company and employees, profit to company by saving cash on recruitment and training, and present a good image to the company, also it is effective to employees by increasing desire, promotion, employees feel that they been take care of and they're valuable property to the business, and also increase employees commitment to the company.

SAS's beliefs is Work with hard Fire hard so while spending too much money on recruitment and training they believe that retention is important even in recession time, but our viewpoint about this we believe that SAS doing well even in tough economy, the revenue of the business increases every year, so in our perspective, the company didn't face tough economy or decrease in profit.

We believe increasing profits and deal need more employees, and we feel that is excatly why SAS stored all employees despite all other facts, like spending on employees. For example company's revenue in 1999 reached $1. 2 billion which amount is increased in '09 2009 to $2. 31 billion.

SAS providing sport facility for worker and make an effort to encourage them to take part, sport like (Yoga, aerobic, aerobic swim course, hockey, golf, billiard, soccer, softball, volleyball. Table tennis, tennis, also they offer Pool and gym onsite.

We assume that such facility provided by SAS are crucial, it offers benefits for employees and the business, employees are healthier, enjoying their amount of time in SAS and talk to other employees, they have chance to be personal friends.

Company also reap the benefits of these facilities, the better and more happy the employees, the less absenteeism and turnover, and much more motivation and commitment towards the company, SAS give discount membership to employees that considering becoming a member of local health club, healthy employee are incredibly important in the eye of SAS to the idea offered monetary pay back for employees who take part in sport activity.

Room For improvements

We think that SAS should give discount to its staff who joining health and fitness center with their option regardless of where is located, because currently SAS only offer discount to local health club only or free onsite.

Because some individuals may have different interest or sport are not available in the local area or onsite, or they may are already in team in their area.

SAS believe in equal pay for new and lifestyle employees when they are in same position, we assume that this plan should be evaluated and change, because it is not right, not moral and we do not view it as fairness.

We believe existence employee have exhibiting loyalty to the business, even if indeed they have same activities and certification as the new employees but they are definitely have significantly more experiences about how exactly things are working in the company and use to the conditions, the new comer beside whatever you offer them, you may maintain them but that's not definite.

We have confidence in case if new employees employed with an increase of salary than lifestyle employee, SAS should increase existence worker not only match the salary of new worker but even go beyond it.

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