Science and Technology Business Models: Nanotechnology

Reviewing the business style of nanophase, we can explain that, nanophase business design always uses circuitous goods to the customers, for almost all of its interest. to solve problems the business's employ the owners knowledge and also thing or product which is produced. To discover dissatisfying wants placed of people work together, cooperate with an imminent customers. Which meet up with the needs of the favored markets, internationally and few home sales were made through discerning applied person behaving for another in business and a realtor who provides goods. To improve how big is their interest nanophase also got occupied in systematic investigation of material, machinery, grant permit and promoting strategy of formal union or relationship. Staff members made only those materials on the market which possessed high equipment and which economically gave troublesome competition. Nanocrystalline materials also promised to include the most value of providing moral benefit that can be played proper role to their performance. To the customer's question nanocryatalline materials were proven by the individual who is skilled in neuro-scientific engineering. In order that they get maximum profit most of the days in almost all of the cases. The key components of this model are

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the branch of knowledge involving systematic observation with their knowledge which is incorporating form of one thousand millionth tool that measures or records -the world smallest particle of chemical type element that may take part in chemical type reaction and group of atoms creating smallest fundamental device of chemical chemical substance.

This equipment always assures to change the way of living, the way of striving against disease, just how of producing and the way of journeying through world.

History of nanophase systems and organization.

In the mid of 1980 they founded the signs of nanophase technology by inspection. RICHARD SIEGEL a global scientists who performed the systematic analysis of materials and who elaborated the "physical vapor synthesis" By using (pvs) process, the task of nanophase was to produce the merging form of 1 thousand millionth structured materials.

-Protecting the intellectual property.

Nanophase was also booming in guarding its equipment, tools and operations with official record.

-Reducing creation costs.

To reduce processing cost, Nanophase positioned an important research on its machinery for its development on organized analysis of materials. They were also provided with money by the business to improve making of articles for their financial earnings of its production.

-Financing functions.

Nanophase has financed say about $19, 558, 069 which private company offered for collateral securities. In 1997 general public offered 4, 000, 000 common shares at $8. 00 a show to increase $28, 837, 936 for the introduction of the company.

-Transition and changes in general management.

In elaborating high technology their professionals tried to speed their condition to improve the financial income. Developing so many projects nanophase had to endure and didn't have enough products and customers also brought into living a dependable interest stream.

-The knowledge of nanotechnology at nanophase.

Using metallic cerium, copper, iron etc. nanotechnology is utilized to create nanocrystalline contaminants.

Marketing strategy used by nanophase is to build up their business with their team work that they used on nanotechnology with new applications to connect up with new customers. This stage of growth running a business included different activities such as estimating and completing suitable market opportunities. Progress of this permanent plan which known the business lead customers in each market and which efficiently made their way into the market. nanophase also formed a complex team by appointing an effective engineer in order to come out with proper solution. one-third of the staff were expertise in a variety of areas such as materials related, including knowledge of elements and their mix, ceramic products, research of properties and connections of subject and energy, applications of technology to design and uses of various machines and building. To learn precisely what sorts of functions are needed to the customers nanophase had applied nanoparticles skill and appointed the best knowledge to comprehend the needs of the customers and also their problems. The team also formed partnership deed in order to give proper services to the clients. Once they done with proper services, staff and associates transferred to sales section. By selling the products that they had also established a target in heads of the customers. To make their business success they tried out to make the maximum profit. The business's main purpose was firstly to fit its principal business strategy and then to make maximum significant customers. The role of collaborative relationship of marketing strategy with the customers started growing when the staff members started gratifying all the needs of the customers. Maintaining romance with the clients helped them in organizing systematic chemistry which helped the people to do things they cant did in any other way. To cooperate and deal with with the clients was too expensive and was also frustrating. Then for some staff members and management of the company expected that the expenditures would lower when there is production development of the business. For presenting nanoparticles to the potential customers, agents started out bringing their years of professional experience and contacts. The experience of the sales agent which were chosen by the company were very fast and they also had cost efficient way to boost the sales permanent plan of the nanophase. The business always tries to form close romance with selected agents so that that can rate with their production horizontally and can be applied on certain things. The problems faced while building this strategy was majorly observed in the year 2001. This season prove very hard for nanophase. The income of the business temporarily declined in economical activities. The company also declined in developing sector which resulted badly in companies most important customer base. Due to the ability of nanotechnology income continued to remain strong so that it was still very hard to animate the revenue of future expected customers who had been also going through different profitable difficulties and also degenerating their business activity. these were the problems in this plan.

There are numerous competition' to compete against nanophase. The technology of nanophase is not properly defined and it is also new, so there are many new competitors who can begin their business. The competition who plan their long-term insurance plan in chemical substance companies and also from the other members who form their own industry, nanophase can face competition from these challengers. You can find five types of industry who can provide competition to nanophase.

First, there are extensive chemical companies which are situated in USA, Europe and Asia. This state governments form their company and they have started manufacturing silica, carbon black and flat iron oxide nanocrystalline on an extremely large scale so that they can sell this to maximum customers. They started out their processing worldwide so that they can become famous and tie-up their companies name with Bayer AG, Cabot Company etc. They also have an sufficient amount of financial, technological wealth, big investigation, more increasing staffs and huge advertising and mechanized capability.

Secondly, there are OEMS who've started out making nanocrystalline resources which can be created only by their owners and were used limited to their products. They are trying to follow with view of overtaking some program which includes biotechnology, petroleum, processing and microelectronics etc. These businesses are capable enough to market nanocrystalline resources that are not useful in their own procedures but which are needed for outside customers.

Thirdly, these start-up companies are the main companies that may contend the strategy of nanophase. The firms are Light-year technology INC, Argonide Corporation, Tal materials INC, Nanomat, Oxonica ltd, Nanopowders industries, Nanopowder enterprises, Nano source technology these all are private ltd company. They want to develop employees in research organization to build up nanotechnology because they were trying to endeavoring to make them public because these were looked into by some researchers and designers. Fourthly, they have the ability to create nanocrystalline materials in small amounts using one out of two manufacturing process. Finally, Altair nanotechnologies are still upcoming competition who are organizing strategy to remain competitive nanophase.

Yes, there may be management strength in the corporation. Nanophase has monitored all ups and downs of the business. Nanophase has examined the business enterprise model. It includes very well maintained the marketing strategy of the company. This company in addition has faced the future problems. Company acquired faced some major problem in 2001. but it was resolved till the entire year 2002-2003. company in addition has fulfilled all the needs of customers. Many new solutions have also invented by the company. They also prepared PVS. Because of which nanoparticles were produced. Because of nanotechnology there is certain development in product marketplaces etc. It has additionally looked after health and personal products. It includes managed in all fields. In specialized, sale or developing team. This shows management of nanophase, became power of the company.


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