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Software development has been into lifetime for quite a long time. Today everything uses the necessity of software's and hardware's to do simple and intricate tasks. In the beginning days when the process of software development was slow-moving the use of 'code and fix' was used. This supposed that there was no plan and prepared layout to solve problems and instead included the design to be built on short term decisions. This worked well quite well for smaller systems but as the necessity and demand of software's increased atlanta divorce attorneys cycle the need for planned development became the need of the hour. The choice to the code and fix system was the use of Methodologies which made software development predictive successful and a well-defined disciplined process.

Heavyweight modelling

These models derive from the design which follows the process of necessity gathering, development of the answer followed by tests and deployment in a sequential manner. In this system of software development, an entire set of need is well prepared which is then accompanied by the structures and advanced design. A major drawback of this function of software is usually that the development becomes cumbersome when small changes are required. (Javanmard & Alian, 2015).

Characteristics of heavyweight

Predictive approach

Heavyweight methodologies involve planning of a sizable part of software process in detail for an extended span of energy. This involves a predictive and repeatable way. A lot of importance is directed at drawings that focus on the necessity of the system and the way to resolve the issues. These drawings are then handed to some other group which is then liable of creating the system. These drawings build and operates as basis to the development process.

Complete Documentation

Documentation forms a key element in the heavyweight and the big part of the methodologies is the top design upfront process. It's estimated that all the requirements of the customers can be obtained before the designers start coding. To gather all certain requirements a sign off is extracted from customer which is then accompanied by more documents in every phase.

Process Oriented

The primary goal of creating a software using a heavyweight methodology is to develop such something that can be employed by everyone. The machine involves several procedures which consists of a number of duties which would would have to be performed by professionals, designers, developers and the quality guarantee people.

Tool Oriented

There are lots of tools that are required for software development like code editors, compilers etc.

Agile modelling

The Heavyweight technique also called as traditional system experienced shown to be efficient till the business world demanded an alternative solution way of software development and in 2001 a fresh term called as 'agile' had become. Seventeen process methodologists had a meeting alongside one another to discuss the future of software development. This new method of software development works with simple designs, brief continual cycles, small deliverables.

Agile process is a blend of incremental and iterative process models which focus on client satisfaction and process adaptability. The primary advantage of the agile process is that certain requirements are changeable according to customer needs. In this manner of design consists of less planning as the jobs are split into several segments. This technique is mostly used for projects where the user requirements aren't fully understood, meaning they can transform from time to time. Some of the popular agile methods available today are Extreme coding, Lean, Scrum, Feature Driven Development, Kanban and Adaptive Software Development. (Mahdi JAVANMARD, 2015).

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