Sky is the Limit Essay

Keywords: the skys the limit speech

1. Motivation

"Everyone always said, "The sky is the limit. " (Henty Cho). Pressing us to prosper in our lives so that people can achieve more, surpass, at times stumble and then go up prospered, be the best that people can be. Everybody admits that, but I declare the sky is not my limit for there are footsteps on the moon. The sky is not my limit nor is the moon. I, Ibrahim Mezher, have established my limits beyond the moon, beyond sunlight, beyond what is scarce, since there is no abolishment in learning, in accumulating just as much knowledge as you can get. To me, pushing myself beyond my boundaries is not only something that I project to do by myself, but also something that my religious beliefs favors and deems best. My motto is "Failure is no option" (Kranz Booklet).

From the time I was a kid, I was thinking about what I wanted to be once I become a man. Every person around me already learned what they desired to become. I constantly dreamed I would know the answer as well, automatically as I grew up; the time handed and I still didn't discover what I needed, until one hot sunshiney day, five years back, when i was roaming around, I found my uncle looking at folks who work and wear dark suits towards the lender in astonishment, all sorts of emotions crossed his face. I visited see what was so fascinating, so earth shattering, that nothing at all could take his attention away from it, therefore i crossed over to where he was position and appeared up, I didn't understand what was so majestic. I asked him. In that moment I had been created to the business world, from that day on, I recognized what I wanted to do: business. I commenced searching me, and each time I am more fascinated than the time before.

As I spent my life in 2 different countries, I noticed the enormous variations between Mediterranean and Western european business systems and models and I became increasingly more interested in finding out ways that we, the Mediterranean, could improve our global situation through local partnerships, global agreement, parliamentary improvements and such others ways in order to unite our countries - politically, financially and culturally. I was also beautifully considering seeing how the legislations were properly established, better and followed in europe model to be able to understand and study from all the previous omissions made since Barcelona process.

I am concerned by effectively learning from all previously-made omissions towards completing the sane "accouchement" of the Euro-Mediterranean relationship.

2. Topic

The Barcelona process intends logically to set-up original bases for the connections among the Europe that form europe and 12 other European union non-members nations which are situated on the southern and eastern factors of the Mediterranean area - in the context of globalization and of serious assimilation in the Western european region.

The thesis searches for evaluating the importance of this task, for analyzing the true triggers that lead previously to its inability and for making and creating several new grounds of research and review considered necessary for the substantiality of the task.

Thus, my last proposed job has triple aim and could be summed up by the following problematic question: The Euro Mediterranean collaboration: an unworkable nascence?

3. Reason to go after this research:

"There's a rapid expansion in global organizational principles, crystallized in worldwide business philosophy, to be as effective as possible in the most effective way. New technology involving networking information and automation affects the tendencies of business and enables significant change". (Business management personal declaration) Thus, it requires getting the most out of "efficiency and performance in such a competitive time" which is increasingly more vital to succeed and excel in the business world. As a consequent, it's undeniably a stimulating yet required "period in both commercial and economic world"[1] to be able to convert the Euro-Mediterranean task from utopia to realism also to start profiting from the amazing and "healthy" results of the job.

4. History to the research:

The goal of this thesis is never to describe the Euro-Mediterranean partnership (EMP) but to investigate the main triggers that lead to the project failure, a project that is no longer considered as a taboo aside from the European Union.

On the fifth wedding anniversary of the Barcelona process, in a written report to the Senate, Louis Pensec, mentioned the lack of enthusiasm made by this initiative regardless of the great ambition postulated in the Barcelona declaration in 1995. Today, many voices come up in order to bring a wind flow of change within the euro-Mediterranean relationship and this at different certifications. The extremists greatly denounce "the criminal hypocrisy of the EU" and the "double-faced speech of europe". Thus, it is extremely necessary to look at a new modeled Euro-Mediterranean partnership. From the medial side of the Mediterranean countries (PTM), it is asked that the European Union to reconsider and return back over their demands and desires in order to re-evaluate the complete situation and become more attentive to the southern and eastern Mediterranean countries. On the other hand, europe secretly understands and agrees on the urgent need of refueling the whole process that has shown a harshly failing since its first release.

The problem of this thesis is neither to provide an idea about the professionals and downsides of the project inability nor to illustrate and superficially express it but to deeply understand the sources of this expected inability and to figure out possible remedies to finally do well.

5. Explored questions:

  • Which barriers and obstacles mainly immobilize an effective nascence of the partnership between the two get-togethers?
  • What is to be improved?
  • Is it certainly a worthful task?
  • Would it be hard for us, the Mediterranean, guarding ourselves from individuality lost?
  • If the myth becomes a fact, does it engender more damage than good?
  • "Infertility alternatives and treatments", do they really exist? Are they likely to give the long-desired project's labor and birth?

I also assume that more researched questions are to be developed while looking and collecting the necessary data. Moreover, various other questions are likely to take place in the writing phase, while producing the collected information.

6. Put together of my proposed methodology:

I will use empirical studies, to add relevant and appropriate materials. It would also include qualitative methods, including the research of interviews and surveys.

7. Bibliography

As Guijuan Lin described in his journal titled "Higher education Research Methodology - Literature Method", the "books research methodology is to learn through, evaluate and sort literatures in order to identify the essential attribute of materials". Thus, the literature must "fully promote information, conduct literature researches to understand resources of relevant studies and scientific improvements and to understand what our predecessors have achieved and the improvement made by other researchers. " As a result, my literature is going to be assessed expansively "ahead of the empirical stage of research and during the analysis research and data collection such as grounded theory".

8. References

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  1. Business Management personal affirmation.

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